Six Good Reasons to Add a Backyard Ethanol Fireplace

With people spending more time at home than ever, a backyard fireplace offers a lot of comfort for a small investment. No longer limited to wood, coal and charcoal burning, today’s exciting backyard fireplace ideas are more extensive than ever. A backyard outdoor fireplace fueled by ethanol, also referred to as bioethanol incorporates art, function, style and durability to the once simple firepit choices.

There are SIX good reasons to add an ethanol backyard fireplace among the many.

  • ) Warmth- As more and more home time is being enjoyed by homeowners, extending the outside season is easy by adding warmth. Among the many backyard fireplace ideas are a central hearth setup. The center outdoor fireplace offers a warming flame that can be enjoyed equally on all four sides allowing up to twelve seats depending on its overall footprint. These center style open hearth ethanol fireplaces for outdoor living range in size from intimate to extensively large party size. Backyard fireplace ideas including, purchase and installation (which usually means unpacking from carton, choosing a spot, and reading the instructions) begin in the low hundreds of dollars. These outdoor backyard fireplaces will extend the outdoor entertaining season by many weeks at the beginning of Spring and in Late Autumn.
  • ) Convenience – The ethanol-based backyard fireplace is easy to use, easy to set up and requires almost zero maintenance.
  • ) Mood Enhancer- To relax alone with your partner, family, friends, or co-workers an outdoor fireplace can set the mood. Along with providing more or less heat, adjusting the flame can change the ambience from intimate to raucous.
  • ) Entertaining – End the restriction by turning the backyard into the new outdoor entertaining space. As the world has changed overnight, outdoors is now the hot spot club. Any backyard can be an entertainment mecca with a variety of outdoor backyard fireplace ideas. From a single backyard fireplace to many, ethanol backyard fireplaces can make any space an entertaining one.
  • ) Aesthetically Artistic – As the demand for technologically advanced ethanol backyard fireplaces continues to grow, so do the number of shapes, sizes, designs, and artistically enhanced backyard fireplace ideas. Ethanol backyard fireplace ideas include fires enhanced by surrounding sculptures including spheres, cubes, as well as other geometrical shapes.
  • ) Customizable – When looking to create a unique backyard fireplace ethanol technology makes it easy, safe, and secure. Ethanol burners complete and ready to install into any fireproof sculpture or design of choice are available at affordable prices. This option allows artistic home decorators to create a unique backyard fireplace.

Why Choose an Ethanol Backyard Fireplace?

Ethanol (denatured alcohol) can be made from biomass (organic materials, grain, vegetables, wood, and other organics). What separates denatured alcohol is made unfit for human consumption by adding chemicals called denaturants.

This process of denaturing alcohol does not affect its hot, rich burning flame. Because it is made from various plant materials which together are called biomass it is a 100% renewable fuel. People today are familiar with using ethanol as a fuel. Gas pumps throughout the USA and around the world state clearly, this product contains, 10%, 20% or 30 % ethanol. 

Ethanol-gasoline mixtures are a cleaner burning fuel; however, the evaporative rate is higher because of the ethanol. Enjoying a backyard fireplace fueled by ethanol is better for the environment. Unlike wood, ethanol burning backyard fireplaces do not fill the area and neighborhood with black grimy smoke that can sometimes be smelled for blocks.

An outdoor fireplace fueled by coal or charcoal are also highly polluting to the surrounding area. Wood, coal, and charcoal fireplaces require heavy lifting. Carrying 25 lbs. bags of coal and charcoal to the outdoor fireplace can be exhausting. If chopping wood, it can be an all-day project for a couple nights use of the backyard fireplace.  Looking for less work backyard fireplace ideas, choose ethanol. Easy to carry bottles of ethanol are available at most local garden centers as well as all the big box hardware stores and general merchandise ones.   

The How of an Ethanol Backyard Fireplace

An ethanol backyard fireplace is not a novel technology. Their increased efficiencies and controllable burn times, flames and safety enhancements do however feature the latest technologies. The principles on which an ethanol backyard fireplace work is as simple as the oil candle used for thousands of years.

In an oil lamp or a lamp or candle that burns liquid fuel is based on a simple process. The reservoir is filled with the fuel, a wick is used to absorb the fuel and draw it up as needed when lit. The flame can be adjusted by raising or lowering the wick that sticks out.

This simple process of feeding a wick with fuel is the same process for the backyard fireplace ideas today. The ethanol backyard fireplace has a reservoir which is lit with a long lighter. The flame can be adjusted for a larger or smaller fire.

Most ethanol outdoor fireplaces have reservoirs that will provide continuous flames for hours on one container of fuel. Ethanol fuel for backyard fireplaces is available in a variety of container sizes, pints, quarts, half-gallons, and gallons are most common. Ethanol is a volatile fuel; all safety precautions should be observed when storing extra containers of fuel.

Caution: Never store bottles of ethanol fuel near the backyard fireplaces. Do not store in any room that has an open flame source. Do not store near hot water heaters or furnaces. Only store extra ethanol bottles or containers in cool, dry, places free of sparks and open flame sources.

Enjoying Backyard Fireplaces

Throughout recorded history fire has been an important revered element. The fireplace has been an essential gathering spot for tribes, family, and friends, so it is again. In these changing times the circle goes unbroken as more people turn back the page and enjoy the primal fireplace once again. Today, the backyard fireplace is easier to light, keep lit, enjoy, and supply it with clean fuel to protect the climate.