There is no reason why the traditional wood-burning fireplace and gorgeous hearth in your home should go to waste. You can quickly and effortlessly transform it into a clean and environmentally-friendly fireplace with a burner! These modern-looking inserts simply get placed right on the floor of your fireplace. We even have smart bio ethanol electronic burners that can be controlled by your smartphone!  You can instantly enjoy a brilliant dancing flame. Burners are a great option if you have an existing fireplace or if you are planning on designing your own surrounds.



Out with the old and in with the new is not always a good thing, unless we’re talking about adding an ethanol burner to your fireplace. The old fireplace is romantic and sets just the right atmosphere. But if burning wood is too smoky and too much work, don’t throw out the fireplace – simply add an ethanol burner!

The burners that you see here are designed to fit into your existing fireplace. These burner inserts come in many sizes to fit just about any fireplace, and in different heights, shapes, and grates to suit your aesthetic sense.  They are maintenance free. The only work required is refilling the biofuel tank.


An ethanol burner produces realistic flames that few gas or electric fireplaces can match. Burning ethanol is eco-friendly because it doesn’t produce soot, smoke, or any harmful gases.
The only greenhouse gas that it produces is CO2. In comparison, burning wood also produces methane and nitrogen dioxide, both of which are believed to contribute to climate change many times more than CO2. This is a great way to make your home greener!

Heating Is Not an Afterthought

Burners are highly functional heaters. The heating output starts from 6,000 BTU to well over 20,000. The burner itself comes in a stainless steel enclosure (in various sizes and shapes). You can insert the burner into your fireplace as is or add to it a decorative block (in fireplace grate or other designs).

The Ignis EBG1200, for example, is a burner within a structure that looks like a fireplace grate. This economical burner produces about 6,000 BTU of heat. It has a 1.5L capacity, enough to burn for about 5 hours between refills. If you have a larger room, these Ignis burners with fireplace grates come in larger sizes, up to a 42.25” wide grate with 36.5” burner that outputs 20,500 BTU of heat. This one holds 10L for 9 hours of use.

At the top of the range is the Ignis Smart Bio Ethanol Electronic Burner series. Each burner is made-to-order by Ignis Products (based in New York City). There are 7 models in the series from an 18” burner with a 3L capacity to the massive 72” burner with 20L capacity. Each smart burner can be controlled in the traditional fashion or you can go for the smartphone connect and Wi-Fi option that turns it into an Internet of Things device. It is equipped with CO2, temperature and shock sensors. 

The other popular brands that you should definitely check out are Eco-Feu, Bio-Blaze, and Nu-Flame.