The Benefits of Ethanol Inserts

The Benefits of Ethanol Inserts


Sometimes people find it difficult to give up their old ways and move onto more modern ideas. This can be a good thing, or it can be a bad thing. In the case of fireplaces, it is not a good idea to hang onto a traditional wood burning stove just because you are stubborn. There are easier ways to have a fireplace, including using an ethanol insert.  

What is an ethanol insert?

An ethanol insert can be added to an old fireplace to revamp it. The insert can be installed in most fireplaces, and is run off ethanol fuel. Modern inserts usually come equipped with safety features. For example, the front of the glass may be prevented from getting overly warm. As well, there are typically sensors within the insert that indicate when there is a problem with the unit. When this happens, they are designed to shut off right away. These features are beneficial for the protection of you and your family.

The benefits of ethanol inserts

Ethanol inserts provide all the warmth of a real fire, without any of the real hassle. Seeing as the inserts are run off bio ethanol fuel, it means that they are eco-friendly, and do not emit harmful by-products. Bio ethanol is renewable, and is made from agricultural by-products. With an insert, there is no need for chimney to be connected. This means that they can be placed anywhere. They are not restricted by where the pipes are located. These inserts are also energy efficient, as they do not allow heat to be removed through a chimney.

Designing with an ethanol insert

An insert is very easy to fit into the design of a home. They can be placed into an interior that goes with the style of the home. The interior can be customized to reflect your individual style and likes. Ethanol inserts are typically powered with a remote, making it easy for you to control the level of flames and temperature. As well, inserts are not only able to be inserted into a fireplace. They can be placed within other areas in addition to this. For example, you could place an ethanol insert into a coffee table in the living room. There are few restrictions when you are working with an insert.

Ethanol inserts are incredibly flexible in their functionality and design. They can be placed within old fireplaces to give them a modern face lift. They can also be added underneath televisions, or within surfaces. Ethanol inserts are modern sources of heat that give your home a stylish look. They are also functional and efficient, providing heat and not allowing any of it to escape out a chimney.

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  • Candace Osmond