Keep Your Home Warm Without Heating Up the Planet with an Ethanol Fireplace

Keep Your Home Warm Without Heating Up the Planet with an Ethanol Fireplace


Do you want all the benefits of an open log fire without the extensive maintenance of sweeping a chimney or the concerns about polluting the atmosphere? A wood fire is expensive to fuel and even more difficult to maintain.

A bio ethanol fireplace not only gives you the heat and ambiance of an open fire but it can be put into any space with minimal effort or disruption.

What is bio ethanol?

Bio ethanol is a renewable, easily available fuel source which can be even be used to power cars instead of petrol. The fuel is mainly produced as a side effect of fermenting sugar but it can also be produced in factories.

Crops like corn, maize and even willow are grown purely to become bio ethanol fuels. There is also research ongoing to come up with a way to create bio ethanol from solid wastes.

It has so many advantages over using wood or coal. It comes from a renewable supply which means it is better for the planet. By growing crops to make bio ethanol fuels, more carbon dioxide is absorbed from the atmosphere – offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

To look at, bio ethanol is a clear liquid which is biodegradable. When it is burned, it produces carbon dioxide and water. It can also be mixed with petrol to make the fuel burn better and reduce the amount of polluting gases released.

Why get a bio ethanol fireplace?

On a purely aesthetic level, a fireplace is a beautiful statement feature for any home. Put simply, a home with an open fire feels more inviting and cozy. With many modern designs, you can choose something which will really add the wow factor to your room without breaking the bank.

You might think you’d need to build a chimney or install a complicated flue system if you wanted a fire, and you’d be right if you were looking for a design which uses traditional fuels. But the biggest advantage of having a bio ethanol fuel source is you don’t need to put in any cables or a flue. This means your bio ethanol fireplace can become a stunning feature – even in the middle of your room.

There is also the very important point that a bio ethanol fireplace doesn’t emit dangerous fumes – unlike traditional wood burning stoves. The amount of carbon dioxide and water produced is very small.

Converting your existing fireplace into bio ethanol

If you already have a fireplace, or are renovating a house with one, then converting your existing setup to take bio ethanol fuel couldn’t be simpler.

Even if your fireplace can no longer burn wood you can integrate a bio ethanol design right into your existing space.

So if you’ve been thinking about getting a new fireplace, or wondering how you can resurrect that statement area of your home, then consider bio ethanol. Not only is it cheap, safe and easy to maintain you’ll also be saving the planet and doing your bit to make our world

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  • Candace Osmond