How to Clean and Care for Your Ethanol Fireplace


Maybe you already have one, or perhaps you’re considering purchasing a bio-ethanol fireplace. Regardless, I’m sure you’re wondering about how to keep it clean and maintain your investment so it lasts for years to come. While it’s true that ethanol burners produce far less mess than that of traditional wood burning ones, they still require a little bit of cleaning to maintain their appearance and functionality.

Step One: Remove the Burner

Make sure the fireplace has been off and cool for quite some time. Take out the actual burning unit form the fireplace and drain out any left over fuel. Get a dry cloth and wipe the remaining residue of fuel that maybe left until the surface is somewhat dry.

Step Two: Clean the Burner

With a damp cloth, warm water, and very mild soap, proceed to wipe and clean the burner until zero residue is left. Wipe with a dry cloth and hen set aside to air dry completely.

Step Three: Wipe the Insert

Like you did with the burner, wipe down the insert and remaining pieces with a dry cloth to remove any residue.

Step Four: Clean the Insert

Using the same type of mild soap and warm water, get a clean cloth and begin to wash the surfaces of the insert. Wipe with a dry cloth and then set that aside to air dry, too.

Step Five: Reassemble and Refill

Once everything is squeaky clean and air dry, begin to put your pieces back together. Carefully refill the burner with new bio-ethanol fuel and voila!

Like we said before, ethanol fireplaces are definitely far less involved than a wood burning one and you’ll get a lot less hassle from it, too. It may require the tiniest bit of maintenance a few times a year, but it really doesn’t get any easier than this.


-Never submerse your burner under water. Always wipe clean with a damp cloth.

-Make sure your burner has been off and cooled before attempting to clean.

-Use the proper bio-ethanol products and you should keep your maintenance limited.

-Never use hard abrasives when cleaning the fireplace. Stick with mild soap and warm water.

-Invest in a good stainless steel polisher.

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