Give Your Garden a Unique Twist with a Bioethanol Fireplace

Give Your Garden a Unique Twist with a Bioethanol Fireplace


Sitting outside under the stars is a lovely way to spend the long summer evenings. But as the chill draws in, you can end up retreating indoors to escape the cold.

Make the most of your garden and extend the amount of time you can spend out there by getting a bioethanol fireplace.

Fire pits and open fires have been common in back yards for decades but they are not safe for families with small children or even pets. An open fire needs constant supervision which can stop you relaxing and enjoying a family get together.

A bioethanol fireplace is the perfect solution. Not only does it give off enough heat to allow you to enjoy the outdoors for longer, it is also safer than an open wood fire or fire pit.

Coming in contemporary or traditional designs, you can get a freestanding fireplace which will give you the comfort you want without needing fossil fuels or constant maintenance.

It is also ideal for people who suffer from breathing difficulties or chronic conditions such as asthma because the fuel doesn’t produce any smoke, odours or ash. The lack of charcoaled wood or hardened coal means there is no more sweeping out an old fire pit or struggling to get rid of embers that haven’t cooled.

If you enjoy nature, then you can also rest easy knowing that a bioethanol fireplace only produces as much carbon dioxide as burning three candles.

As well as keeping you warm and cozy, an outdoor bioethanol fire will also create an instant atmosphere in your garden. Some are designed to sit atop columns giving your garden a Roman-esque feel and harking back to the days of the gladiators!

You don’t have to fit them to a wall, or worry about finding a place to inset the fireplaces, there are hundreds of freestanding designs. They can add a dramatic effect to your garden and are a brilliant focal point for decking or a patio.

For a smaller garden, you can get tabletop designs which emit heat as well as providing an interesting talking point.

With a bioethanol fireplace, the flame is usually contained within glass which makes it safer than a traditional fire. A glass surround also protects the flames from the wind helping it to burn stronger for longer.

You can even get bioethanol fireplaces built into tables. There are several designs which have a fireplace sunk into the middle of a table to give an incredible centrepiece. Another option is to have the fireplace on one end of a table with a long bench where you can eat and drink.

The partnership of furniture and fire is definitely an eye catching one. You can invite guests around for a meal outside or just settle down in front of the flames with a glass of wine and a good book.

So if you’re thinking about revamping your garden and not sure how to make it stand out from the rest, a bioethanol fireplace could be an eye-catching and eco-friendly way to get what you want.

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  • Candace Osmond
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