Designing Your Living Space with Bold Contrasting Colors


There’s never a bad time to add a bold color to your home. One simple reason- a single bold item, piece of furniture, or color can make an entire area that was once tired much more vibrant and awake. Also, some bold changes to a home can increase the value of your house and might be the single reason it sells easier in the future.

Besides that, your home is a place for you to express your own personal style, make it yours, and design a place that makes you feel comfortable. If bold and daring is your style, keep reading. We are going to take a look at some awesome ways to simply style your home that will completely change the aspect of a certain area- from bold pieces of furniture to a unique plant.

1. White Minimalistic Elegance

Camino Bianco Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace

Okay, seriously, what is not to love about this? This White fireplace design is so simple yet so eye-catching. If you take a good look at the picture above, the fireplace steals the show and not much decor is even needed to make the area look awesome. Shades of white play an important role in the design of this living room by highlighting subtle contrasts.   This minimal, white fireplace adds a cozy touch. Regardless of how you customize it and decorate the area, this fireplace is bound to be a conversation starter.

2. Antique French Country Dining Table

Antique  French living space table
A classy and timeless look, the French country dining table is customizable and can be expensive and fancy like the picture shown above or a DIY project that you can do yourself with an old table. The French country style became very popular circa 2010 and has kept its place on the ‘trending’ list.

Everyone is saying “oui!” to this pretty and vintage design based around distressed woodwork, ruffles, both subtle or vibrant hues, and flary curves. The dining table works easily in any home style without having to change the entire design and decor of the surrounding area.

3. Bonsai Tree

bonsai tree in living room

I think I’ve mentioned how important it is to have plants in the house. Don’t remember? Let me refresh- plants or flowers placed throughout a home have been scientifically proven to boost productivity and concentration up to 15% and increase a positive mood while decreasing stress. If that isn’t enough to convince you, check out how incredible this bonsai tree looks with this living room scheme. Neutral and modern colors take over most of the area with natural hues, and modern artwork sits simply above the couch.

The bonsai tree is large and completely steals the show, but you can invest in small ones that sit on shelves or end tables. Regardless of the size, the are very easy plants to take care of and don’t require much care. It’s a unique plant that goes with nearly every decor style. Adding zen to your home is only a click away via Amazon!

4. Decorative Throw Pillows

throw pillow on couch design
Throw pillows are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to jazz up your living room (or anywhere that has a recliner, couch, or bed. Easily found at any store that has a decor section or online, throw pillows can range from bold and bright, fuzzy, and patterned. It’s surprisingly simple to mix and match pillows that you wouldn’t normally think would go together, like shown in the picture above.

This setup shows a mix of different colors and patterns, shapes and sizes, on a plain cream colored couch. Without these pillows the area would be significantly less exciting and not a warm and welcoming area for company. The pale blue throw blanket adds to the coziness, making throw pillows and blankets a recipe for a gorgeous contrasting-color haven.


5. Modern yet Cozy Matte Black Fireplace

Eco Feu Wynn Matte Black Biofuel Fireplace,

When you think of matte-colored anything, your first thought might be electronics and cabinets of this color.  Picking up popularity in 2017 matte black has become the new black. Matte gives black a warmer, more inviting look than its glossier, sharp counterpart.  But its appeal isn’t confined to just products: Matte black is gaining popularity as modern, yet cozy, interior finish. The finish is intriguing when used in an interior space, but not in an outrageous way.  Matte black can make a small space seem more regal, and a larger space seem more dramatic, yet still approachable.  

6. A Pink Couch

pink couch

Okay, please. Just hear me out on this one. I really shouldn’t have to explain why a pink couch is so important, yet here I am. Men, if you’re reading this, it might not be for you. But if you’re someone who loves pink decor and you don’t have a pink couch, what exactly are you doing with your life? I’m not talking about a vibrant fuchsia or a tacky hot pink you’d find in a Las Vegas chapel- I’m talking this subtle yet eye-catching pale pink couch fabric.

You can easily dress this up or dress it down with pillows and natural-colored decor and a pretty shag throw rug like pictured above. If you decide to go for a pink couch, it would be best to put it in an area where there aren’t too many other bold objects. Your pink couch should add contrast, not look loud and obnoxious.

7. One Accent Wall

Recessed wall ethanol Fireplace
An accent wall has been the ‘thing’ forever now. It’s an easy way to transform a plain and boring room into a much more vibrant area. The coolest thing about an accent wall is that there are zero limits. Bright red, dark blue, black, purple? Do it. My accent wall is a firetruck red and it goes with my eclectic style with random trinkets and decor all over the place. There really isn’t a limit. Also, it’s a contrast style that you can do yourself- all you need is painting tape, paint, paintbrushes, and a step stool or ladder. This is (obviously) best done to contrast from other wall colors; so add a pop of color to one of your white walls. Click on the picture above to learn more tips and tricks to optimize an accent wall.

8. Eccentric Red Fireplace

Chelsea Red Wall Mount, Anywhere Fireplace
First and foremost, I have to brag about this setup. The red fireplace surrounded by eccentric lighting and accessories. This is probably as fun as it gets, and what’s even more important is that this fireplace is free-standing electric even though it looks like it’s built into the wall. As you can see, there is no decor on the walls, it steals the show on its own. This is the ultimate way to contrast decor in your home in a simple fashion- most likely why I saved the best for last. It really is as effortless as buying a free-standing colorful fireplace.


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