Create an Outdoor Dining Room in 5 Simple Steps

Create an Outdoor Dining Room in 5 Simple Steps

Summer’s here and we all know what that means. Fire pits, BBQs, and warm evenings sitting out on the patio. So why not create an actual full-on dining room out there to enjoy the limited time we get to spend outside during the warmer months? It may seem like a lot to take on, but it’s actually a very simple project, one you can achieve in 5 simple steps.

1) Furniture

You may already have some folding patio chairs but if you want a nice outdoor dining room then set those aside and invest in a nice patio table set. They come complete with a table, stylish chairs, and sometimes an umbrella. Arrange the set on your patio like you would in a dining room.

2) Storage

Have a plastic tote or a waterproof outdoor cabinet off to the side to store the dishes, silverware, and napkins. Often, depending on the make and model, the storage unit can double as an extra prep surface where you can set condiments or make drinks.

3) Coverage

At this point you just have a fancy patio table set happening. In order to move this project into the dining room look we’re going for, you need to have some sort of coverage. This could be an outdoor veranda, a folding gazebo with curtains, or even a nice pergola overhead. This focuses and center the space as one room and you can hang beautiful flowers from it, too.

4) Centerpiece

No dining room table is complete without a gorgeous centerpiece, and that includes outdoor ones. Something as simple as a bowl of fruit or a tray of flowers would do the trick but can tie the whole scene together so beautifully.

5) Ambiance

There are a few different ways to create ambiance in an outdoor setting; string lights, fire torches, etc. But one of my favorites is to use an ethanol fireplace. You can buy a free standing unit or get a bio-ethanol burner insert to install in a custom cabinet. They’re safe and super easy to use while helping to create a beautiful glow and a slight warmth to sit around and enjoy.

So there you have it! 5 super easy steps to follow in order to create your very own outdoor dining room. It doesn’t take much and with it you can sit outside and enjoy those few Summer days (and nights) longer than you would have before. In style!

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  • Candace Osmond