The Pros & Cons of Ethanol Fireplaces

The Pros & Cons of Ethanol Fireplaces

While we would love to say that there are no cons to having an ethanol fireplace, just many, many pros, that would be a lie. Just like everything in this world, there are positives as well as negatives to any product or situation. Here, we’ll outline the basic pros and cons of ethanol fireplaces so you can decide for yourself if it’s a good fit for your home.

Cons: We’ll Start with the Negatives and Get Those Out of the Way!

1) Not a Primary Source of Heat
Unfortunately, ethanol fireplaces are not meant to replace your primary source of heat, just supplement it. You would have to have a massive ethanol burner in every room of your home in order to adequately heat it. So for now, just stick to using ethanol burners for a supplemental source of heat and enjoyment.

2) Can Be Dangerous
There are not many dangers to having ethanol burners in your home, they’re relatively safe. But if the fuel is spilled and caught on fire, that would be cause for concern. But if you make sure to invest in a quality ethanol burner, one designed to prevent tipping and spilling, then you will be fine. There are lots of cheap, mass-produced models out there that aren’t regulated for these features, so make sure to check the model for specs. Here’s a great collection of affordable and high quality ethanol burners to check out.

3) Consumes Oxygen
Like any flame burning source of heat, an ethanol burner consumes the oxygen within the room its in. So make sure to have adequate air flow when using a burner. Now, this isn’t a con of just ethanol fireplaces, it applies to any flame burning source of heat.

Pros: Now onto the Positives!

1) Zero Emissions!
Bio-ethanol fuel burns clean like the natural substance it is. No worries about CO2 emissions or any other harmful airborne fumes.

2) Mess Free!
The fuel burns clean and produces zero left overs. No ashes, no dirt, no crumbs of anything. Not even an oily residue. Ethanol burners really only need a quick wipe a few times a year and they’re good to go.

3) No Venting Required!
The real beauty in ethanol fireplaces is that they literally require no venting. No chimneys, no hassle of cutting holes and installing vents. Simply choose where you want it and put it there. Done and done! This opens up so many possibilities and creates unique locations throughout your home in which to have a fireplace.

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  • Candace Osmond