FAQ Part 2: Ethanol Fireplaces


There are a few great alternatives to the tradition, wood burning fireplaces we’re all familiar with. For example, there’s electric nits which have become widely popular over the years and boast tons of great styles to fit any home. But there’s also ethanol fireplaces, which is really one of the better options in terms of safety, appearance, and environmentally friendly features. But, like anything new, the world isn’t quite sure how to take them. Ethanol isn’t a common household name, and not everyone is educated on the fireplace side of it. We’ve answered questions here before, but there’s just so many. So here’s another list of commonly asked questions in regards to ethanol fireplaces.

1) Are They Safe to Touch?
Yes, and no. Bio-ethanol fuel burns differently than that of natural gas or wood feed flames. You won’t ever scald yourself or get severe burns, but the burner itself can get a bit hot. It’s recommended not to intentionally touch it, although it’s quite safe to have close to people or objects.

2) Can They Really Be Installed Anywhere?
Yes! The beauty of an ethanol wall insert is that it can be installed anywhere you please. In a wall, a piece of furniture, under the TV, in the bathroom, etc. Because ethanol fireplace requires zero venting and give off no emissions, they’re safe to stick wherever you please!

3) Can They Be Installed Outside?
You bet! Ethanol fireplaces make great outdoor heat sources and look beautiful at night. Sit back and relax without having to keep feeding the fire with wood. And because they don’t produce smoke, you won’t worry the neighbours.

4) Are They Portable?
To an extent, yes. Inserts are actually installed within their structure, so they become a permanent fixture. But because there’s no venting involved, you could remove it and place elsewhere.

5) Where Do I Buy the Fuel?
Lots of places! Where you purchased the fireplace itself, retailers often sell a recommended brand with their products. You can also find it wherever fuel products are sold like hardware stores and some major gas stations. The fuel itself doesn’t expire or go bad, so if you plan to use your fireplace on a regular basis, then purchasing it in large quantities is the best way to do it.

Hopefully these answer your questions and set your mind at ease when considering an ethanol fireplace. They’re really great, easy to maintain, and environmentally friendly. You can’t go wrong! Click here to browse a great selection of bio-ethanol fireplaces and fireplace inserts.

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