Ethanol Fireplace Design Ideas: Work it with White

Ethanol Fireplace Design Ideas: Work it with White

White is a classic, universal color that goes with just about everything else. It reminds one of an innocent, unblemished beauty that is a spectacle to behold. A white interior design is timeless; perfect for chameleon homes, whose owners' moods change from season to season. Like a canvass, white is a perfect backdrop to decorate your space. It doesn't matter what style of ethanol fireplace you possess; whether it's free standing, wall-mounted or recessed, we have outstanding white interior ideas to suit your taste!

Go All White

With a free-standing, white framed ethanol fireplace, you can create a flawlessly white living space without a blot. Use this as a room divider, or as a decorative ornament situated nearby the wall. Use white bricks or wooden panels for the walls; the weathered finish adds an interesting touch to the whole setting. Delicately embellish the room with soft, feminine furniture: white colored couches, minimalist lamps and ceramic vases.

Subtle Prints

Create a wonderful imagery by mixing up white with prints for that much-needed splash of color. Highlight subtle contrasts. You can use soft, gray and sky blue undertones as accents, or stock on a surprisingly vivid hue, like fiery reds or indigo. Decorate the setting with a tabletop fireplace for an added charm. Leave it alone on one of the accent tables, or place it atop the center table as the main highlight.

Never Forget the Neutrals

Beige, sand, almond and cream; all these and the likes are perfect accent colors for white. Design your living room around these colors and you'll never go out of style. At best, pair it with wood textures for that highly-romantic effect. Limit your color pickings to three to four shades and stick with the motif.

Tiled and Titled

Tiles work lovely inside an immaculately white space. This is a great foundation for a more dramatic decoration, like a brightly colored landscape painting, or highly ornate armchairs. Take note of the colors of your focus feature and base the rest of the decorations there. For a more glamorous effect, how about an indulgent quatrefoil tile on your wall-mounted ethanol fireplace?

Strip It With Stripes

A classic white room looks more comfortable with stripes—creating a marine-inspired look for the sea-loving folks. Decorate your room with bold red and blue strips for that navy motif. Complete accessorizing the space with prominent seaside decorations, such as shells, ocean paintings, and caged bunker lights.

Bold in Black and White

Create a sharp, crisp interior design with two opposing colors in this black and white inspiration. Black, luxurious leather furniture set against the white wall creates a basic, minimalist setting. Add some colors with your metallic ornaments for a more sophisticated style. You can also turn this the other way around: white furniture against the white backdrop for a more masculine look! Among the best accents for this interior: glass, metallic, and a few pops of reds.

Many homeowners avoid white interiors because it is quite tricky. However, once you know the many ways to play around this motif, you can create a dazzling living area in white as a base canvass. Go on, paint your room with creativity, and discover the timeless beauty of white interiors!

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