Eco-Friendly Finds for Your Kitchen


Whether you are trying to get through a chaotic morning of getting the kids to school on time or you are enjoying a coffee with an old friend, the kitchen is the room that typically sees the most action. It just makes sense to create an environment that is warm, inviting, and healthy. Of course, healthy for you generally means it will be good for the environment, as well. Here are a few eco-friendly ideas for your remodeling or redecorating project.

  • Olive Wood Serving Ware and Utensils - Pieces crafted with olive wood are rustic and stunning. Since the wood grain varies greatly with these trees every piece is unique. The wood gets pruned from young trees that have stopped producing olives. They are harvested in a way that causes no harm to the grove.

  • Bio Ethanol Fireplace - Having a dancing flame in the kitchen is the hottest trend. You can buy a bio ethanol fireplace in a freestanding, tabletop, or wall-mounted variety. They create no smoke or odor and emit zero harmful toxins. The fuel is made from sustainable crops.

Freestanding Ethanol Fireplace

  • IceStone Counters - Move over slate; there's a new counter trend in town! IceStone is cement that is infused with pieces of recycled glass. The company is waste-free and the end product is gorgeous.

  • Copper Sinks - Recycled copper pipes and wires are used to make these industrial-looking sinks. Copper is naturally antimicrobial, which means it fights against fungi, E. coli, and other kitchen culprits.

  • Modwall Tiles - Colorful tiled backsplash is very in style right now. Many people are literally covering one or two full walls in it. The various patterns bring a tremendous amount of depth to the space. Modwall is committed to the environment. Its tiles are crafted from cork, natural pebbles, and recycled glass.

  • Green Cookware - Nonstick pans have everyone a little on edge these days, since some suggest the coating is toxic, especially when it starts peeling. Cuisinart makes Green Gourmet Cookware that is made from ceramic. So, the nonstick surface is nontoxic, and it won't chip or peel.

  • Reclaimed Wood - Whether you are replacing your cupboard, adding an island, or shopping for a table and chairs, look for items that are made from reclaimed wood. Recycled pine is a popular pick with those trying to create a natural or country kitchen feel.

  • Eco-Friendly Appliances - Energy-efficient appliances are probably already on your list, but just in case they aren't, now is the time to add them. Not only are environmentally-friendly appliances good for the environment, they help keep your energy bill low.

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  • Brady Draper