6 Ways to Add Art to Your Space on a Budget


Not everyone has credit cards with high limits or endless cash flow to access when they want to do a little redecorating. Most people work very hard for their money, so just thinking about refreshing the home takes a little thought and a lot of discipline. You shouldn't have to max out your credit card to have a home you love. In many cases, furniture can be made new again with covers, and tables can even be painted. This just leaves the task of adding new art to the space, and you are all set.

  • Emerging Artists - Some of the best art is made by emerging artist. Many galleries and high-end cafes offer rotating exhibits of local talent. If you have any annual art festivals in your area these offer a great opportunity to find fantastic pieces, too. You never know; that painting by a no-name artist could end up being worth a fortune one day.

  • Enlarge Your Photos - If you go through your personal pictures, you probably have some great shots of nature, sunsets, etc. You can either print them as a standard paper size and frame or have one really great one enlarged. You could also get a collage frame and make a collage with your own photos.

  • Budget-friendly - Art does not have to be limited to paintings and sculptures. Modern fireplaces make exceptional art pieces as well, especially when they are lit. You may be surprised to learn that finding a budget-friendly fireplace is a lot easier than you probably think.

Freestanding Ethanol Fireplace

  • Craft Day with Kids - If you have seen some modern paintings and sculptures then you probably feel that your kids could easily create the same thing. Head to the craft store for supplies and have an art day. Nothing has to be perfect. Art rarely is.

  • Garage Sales - One man's trash is another man's treasure. You can often find fabulous art pieces at garage sales and flea markets.

  • Revise - Anything can be art, if it is presented the right way. Mount and frame old LPs or hang decorative baskets or plates on a wall in a scattered or uniformed pattern. There really is no wrong or right way to decorate. You can even hang a patterned throw blanket on a wall like a picture or drape it from the ceiling in a corner.

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  • Brady Draper
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