Essentials for an Urban Chic Loft


Former factories and warehouses across the country have been converted into lofts. These are coveted pieces of property because they are generally incredibly spacious with open floor plans, and most welcome an abundance of natural light. It is also very common for there to be exposed piping, brick walls, and other industrial elements. Interestingly, all the reasons people are drawn to them are the same reasons many struggle, when it comes to decorating them. If you are stumped and searching for ideas, urban chic may be the way to go. Here are a few tips to get the look.

  • Rolling Bookcase - Of course, you can go with stationary bookcases, but there is just something about a rolling one that turns the "chic" up a notch. Think mango wood with an iron frame! If you own the space, you could always build a mini library wall with a rolling ladder to expand on this idea.
  • Utility Stool - A welded steel utility stool can be used as a side table or an extra seat when you have people over. Of course, it can also serve the purpose of a stool.
  • Painting Easels - Lofts first became popular when artists started renting and buying them for their natural light and abundance of space. It just makes sense to use painting easels to display paintings, even if you didn't make them yourself. These are especially handy, if your walls are brick.
  • Console - You may be saying consoles are so 1970's, but there are modern ones that complement a space like this nicely. They generally have front sliding doors for plenty of storage and a hard surface that can hold a tea set, flat screen, art, or a small personal ethanol fireplace. Picture lacquered white paired with solid cast bronze legs.
  • Graffiti Walls - Dare to be different? Get a can of chalkboard paint to cover one wall with. Buy some chalk and have fun adding graffiti to it. When you want to switch things, just erase and repeat.
  • Carved Mirrors - You can add a lot of urban glam to a space with carved mirrors. Quite often you can find these at garage sales and flea markets. Sure, the finish may be peeling, but that's what a can of spray paint is for.

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  • Brady Draper