Decorating Ideas for Tight Spaces


An increasing number of people are trading in their large homes for something considerably smaller with less of a carbon footprint. A smaller home typically has less of an impact on the environment. Then, there are also some who live in highly populated areas where it is nearly impossible to find housing much bigger than a matchbox. New York City is a prime example. Whether living in a cramped quarter is your personal choice or not, you are sure to appreciate these helpful decorating ideas for small spaces.

Flush Mounted Fireplaces

Everyone should be able to relax next to a warm fire on a cold night. However, if you have a small home, then you may not have the table or floor space available to accommodate a fireplace. Not to mention, sometimes even mounting things on the wall poses a problem if it is positioned where people can walk into it. Flush mounted fireplaces are the perfect solution because they don't extend beyond the wall's surface.

Flip Down Table

How often do you sit at your table? If you are a busy professional, you probably grab a smoothie for breakfast and eat on the run. Why have a table taking up space? You can get one with a hinged mechanism that mounts on the wall, so you just fold it down when you want to use it. This can double as a desk, too.

Get Creative with Storage

When you really put your mind to it, you can find slivers of available storage space even in a small home. Let cloth bags be your go-to storage solution. You can hang several on the back of bedroom and bathroom doors, and they can hold a wide variety of things.

Pot Rack

You don't have to be a master chef of have a gourmet-inspired kitchen. Hanging your pots from a ceiling rack looks like you know your way around a kitchen, and it frees up a considerable amount of cupboard space. Do you have a staircase in your home? Put shelves in there and use cloth bins and lidded plastic containers to get organized.

Make the Most of Short Walls

Don't let that short wall or corner sit empty. You need to make the most of every inch, so mount shelves there for books or art. A narrow wall is a great place for a wall fountain, side table, and a plant, too.

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