Awesome Built-In Ideas for Your Living Room


Contrary to popular belief, a focal point does not have to be made with an extravagant or abstract piece of art. Every room needs a centerpiece, but that centerpiece certainly is not required to be in the center of the room. Whether you call it a focal point, centerpiece, or anything else, this crucial element is simply serving one primary purpose; to give the eyes a place to come to rest when you enter the room. However, sometimes the focal point is also exciting enough to be the topic of conservation with every guest that visits, as well. If you want a focal point that is a little over-the-top, these built-in ideas for your living room will definitely do the trick.

See-Through Fireplaces

If you have an interior wall dividing your living room and dining room or dining room and kitchen, see-through fireplaces may be the perfect option for you. These eco-friendly fireplaces get installed in a wall, and their glass box allows you to look right through to the other room. They burn bio ethanol and create no smoke or toxic fumes, so they are perfectly safe.


Turning a wall into a library means you get to have fun filling all the shelves with fascinating books. Sure, everyone has a tablet these days, but an electronic device can never replace a real book. You could even add a sliding library ladder to the wall, if you want to.

Art Niches

Some refer to art niches as shadow boxes. These built-in areas are designed to display art, collections, photos, and trophies. If you have track lighting, you can draw attention to these by directing the light towards the box.

Window Seat

Do you have a gorgeous wall full of windows? Why not turn the entire wall into seating with a bench and super comfy cushions and pillows. It will come in handy when you entertain guests and need extra seats. The rest of the time it will serve the very important purpose of being a cat bed, especially during the time of the year when those windows welcome the most sun.

Entertainment Center

Have your big screen mounted into the wall, and then add shelves on the wall for the other accessories, like your cable box, DVD player, Internet modem and Wi-Fi, etc. Either that or you can use one of the shelves for your TV, if you prefer not to install anything in your wall.

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  • Brady Draper
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