Tips for Creating a Gothic Bedroom


Many years ago the word "gothic" became associated with people who went out-of-the-way to have pale skin, which provided a perfect contrast to their black wardrobe. Gothic began to take on a meaning that was dark and even creepy. This is no longer the case. A gothic theme is now being appreciated for how mysterious, beautiful, and enchanting it can be. Can it still be dark and scary? Absolutely! If that's the look you are going for then take some of these tips and put them to use. If you want a dark Victorian theme, these tips will help you, too.

Clean and Declutter

A gothic theme can turn into a hot mess, if the space is dirty and/or cluttered. This may be a good time to finish filling that donation box you have been meaning to drop off at Goodwill.

Pick Your Color Palette

Although gothic is typically associated with black, you are not restricted to this one color. Maybe you want to add royal blue and silver accents. A deep purple shade with black accents can pull off the look well, too. You could also create a fantasy-like room with silver walls and whimsical but slightly dark elements.

Add Bedding

The bedding you choose will obviously be influenced by your color palette. Many prefer to stick with black because it is simple, and it will match any décor pieces added. However, black doesn't have to be two-dimensional. Velvet, silk, and lace are nice to mix together. Maybe you even want to do a colored comforter, and add black lace over it. Hanging sheers from a canopy above the bed is a must.

Consider New Furniture

You certainly do not have to buy new furniture, but if you are in the market anyway, maybe you want to look at a black wrought iron bed. Alternately, you can go with white Victorian pieces with excessive ornamentation, too. Four poster beds are perfect, as well.

Add Décor

Antique shops and oriental stores are often the best places to find things like metallic frames, candle stands, large mirrors, and unusual statues. A bio ethanol fireplace is a must for the room. The glow of the flame will cast a shadow on the walls for the perfect finishing touch. Plus, if you choose a black one it will fit right in with the rest of your décor. You can buy a bio ethanol fireplace in a freestanding, tabletop, or wall-mounted variety, so finding one to complement your current décor won't be difficult.

Colored candles look great in metal candle holders. Go ahead and splurge on them. As long as you have a bio ethanol fireplace, you won't be tempted to light them, so they will just act as décor.

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  • Brady Draper