7 Must Have Eco-friendly Home Accessories


You want a stylish and comfortable home, but you also want to be kind to the environment. Well, years ago, you may have had to make a decision and choose style "or" the environment, but today you certainly don't have to. Designers and manufacturers are focusing on ecofriendly accessories for the environmentally-conscious consumer. Whether you consider yourself a true environmentalist or you are just starting to take steps to reduce your carbon footprint, this list of must-haves will come in handy!

  • Eco-friendly Fireplace - Is it even possible that you can really have a safe fire? You know how toxic wood-burning fires are, but you still miss the comfort and ambiance of a dancing flame. Now, you have a solution, an eco-friendly fireplace that burns bio ethanol won't create smoke or emit toxins. It's warm, cozy, and maintenance-free.
  • Natural Bamboo Screen - Add serenity to a reading nook or provide a studio apartment with a bit of separation with a natural bamboo screen. Make sure it is made from pesticide-free plants. Some are even flexible to create any shape you want.
  • Reclaimed Wood - It is fine to have a wood table, chest, cabinet, desk, etc., as long as it is reclaimed wood. Even places like the Pottery Barn are making these pieces. You can also have a local artist custom make something for you.
  • Recycled Fabric - Everything gets reused today. Old sheets can be transformed into café curtains. Old blankets or sweatshirts can get sewn into pillow coverings, pet bedding, and even fabric gift bags (even though this is not a home accessory).
  • Chandelier - Chandeliers are once again a hot option for lighting, but it is no longer cool to buy a new one made of shiny crystal. A chandelier crafted from recycled encyclopedia pages, silverware, and other reused items are lighting options that are attracting all the attention.
  • Recycled Seatbelt Cushions - Finally, all those seatbelts that would simply sit, rotting in landfills are being put to good use. Weaved cushions give you an extra seating option.
  • Natural Elements - An old bowl or basket can make a brilliant piece of art by simply filling it with rocks, pine cones, driftwood, seashells, and other natural elements. Even fruit can make a nice centerpiece, and in the autumn you certainly can't go wrong with using pumpkins and gourds as art. Leave them as-is, or paint them.

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  • Brady Draper