5 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Bathroom


If you are remodeling a bathroom, adding one somewhere in your home, or building a new house, you have the chance to create the ultimate bathroom. This doesn't necessarily mean you need to invest a crazy amount of money on marble counters or a frameless shower, but you can create a space you will actually want to show off to guests.

  • Have a Plan - Before you have a tub, shower, toilet, or anything else installed measure and create scaled jigsaw pieces of things you are adding to the space. Then, you can try a few different scenarios with them to see which layout makes the best use of the space. Regardless if the bathroom is big or small, you don't want to waste any valuable real estate.
  • Choose Materials - What material are you using for the flooring, counters, etc.? Do you want materials that will complement one specific color palette you have in mind or would you rather stick with finishes that will look good with a variety of colors for flexibility? What about fixtures? Brushed nickel is very popular right now.
  • Add Heat - There is nothing worse than a cold bathroom. You will need some type of heat source in there, even if it is just a space heater. You may also want to consider adding a ventless fireplace as a secondary heat source. It is not practical for a primary source, but soaking in the tub by a warm glowing flame is a pretty nice way to end a day. Plus, if the power goes out at least you can light your ventless fireplace to warm the bathroom, whether you are using it or just trying to keep your pipes from freezing.
  • Lighting - You want a bright light for getting ready for work in the morning, especially if you are putting makeup on. However, you don't want that to be the only light you are stuck with when you are relaxing in the tub or you get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Add ambient lighting, too. Recessed lights under the medicine cabinet will be perfect. Alternately, you can put your bright light on a dimmer.
  • Accessories - You already know you need a shower curtain, rug, trash bin, soap holder, etc. What about the bathroom accessories that will make your room unique?  A towel warmer, monogrammed hand-blown glass jars with lids, and a water fountain are a few ideas.

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