7 Hot Fall Trends for the Home


If you love keeping up on the latest home trends then you are probably just itching to give your home a facelift for the fall/winter season. This is especially true if the holiday season for you starts with Halloween and seems to go nonstop till after the new year. You probably can't wait for guests to notice your new additions to your home! Below are a few hot trends you don't want to be caught without.

  • Freestanding Fireplaces - One of the hottest things you can showcase in your home this season is a dancing flame in a modern display. Freestanding fireplaces come in an array of styles, and they are a lot more affordable than you might think. Fill an empty corner with one or pull it up next to your sitting area when you serve tea to keep everyone cozy.
  • Marble - Technically, marble has always been in style, but it is very trendy right now. Marble clocks, coasters, candle holders, and shelves are easy additions to your home. For a dramatic statement, consider a marble water fountain.
  • Gray - Okay, technically gray is not an object, but it is one of the hottest colors this season. Shades of gray are ideal. If you want to add a splash of color, designers are saying yellow or plum are ideal, depending on if you are after a cheerful or sophisticated look.
  • Metal Floating Shelves - Yes, you could pay a fortune to buy metal floating shelves, or you could just buy metallic wallpaper and create your own out of shelves you have or cheap ones you find at the craft store.
  • Farmacia Bottles - What are Farmacia Bottles? Quite honestly, they look like old, ugly medicine brown bottles that have been partially melted into wrinkled and unusual shapes, which make them quite fascinating. Set them on a shelf or use them for a vase. They will get noticed wherever you put them. Anthropologie is the creator, but they are pricey.
  • Mixed Metals - How many metals can you squeeze into one space? Well, there is no wrong answer. The more the merrier. Puckr Vases from CB2 in gold or brushed copper will complement your wrought iron chandelier or brushed nickel kitchen fixtures nicely. Copper serving trays are ideal, too.
  • Velvet - You probably never thought you would see a day when velvet would be back in style, right? Well, don't dig out your old bell bottoms quite yet, but velvet pillows are a must on the sofa. You can buy covers for the pillows you already have, or if you're handy with a needle and thread, you can always make your own.

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  • Brady Draper