Tips for Creating a Transitional Kitchen


Who says you need either a classic or contemporary home? The transitional look is very in style right now, so if you are drawn to both timeless and modern pieces this might be the best theme for you. Transitional style marries contemporary and traditional finishes, furniture, fabrics, and materials in one space to create a timeless look. Below are a few elements you may want to include, or use for inspiration.

  • Breakfast Nook - A breakfast nook can really come across as classic or modern as you want it to be. Wood benches create a farmhouse feel, but what if you cover the seating with a zebra banquette, and add a classic chandelier and some modern throw pillows? You now have old and new in one inviting space.

  • Bookcases - Bookcases are not reserved specifically for books. Although, if you add one to your kitchen this would be a good place for your recipe books. A contemporary kitchen can be softened by bookcases that hold metal tins and baskets, which can also double as storage.

  • Mix of Materials - If you combine hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, subway tile backsplash, white cabinets, and granite counters, you have a foundation for a transitional space. You also have a tremendous amount of depth created by the different materials.

  • Ethanol Wall Fireplaces - You rarely see a fireplace in the kitchen, but there is really no logical reason to not have one. Chances are good that friends and family typically gather in this room, so a warm dancing flame that provides ambiance would be a welcome addition here. Ethanol wall fireplaces are generally incredibly modern, so add one to a classic space to mix things up a little.

  • Lighting - Choosing your lighting can be tricky. A boring ceiling light is definitely not what you want in a transitional space. If you have a mostly modern kitchen, opt for a classic chandelier or a hanging light made of antlers or burlap. If your kitchen is lacking modern décor, choose a bizarre pendant light instead.

  • Faucets - You might not think your kitchen faucet will play too big of a role, but it is a final detail that can make a huge difference. Faucets, sink stoppers, soap dispensers, and other accessories should defy aging. Natural and organic forms should be used for inspiration. One might think chrome or stainless steel would be the material of choice, but brushed nickel and Venetian bronze are quite popular, as well.

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