6 Great Bathroom Design Areas


After the home office, the bathroom is generally the second most neglected room in the house. This is kind of odd, considering nearly every one of your guests will end up in this room at some point. Plus, there are so many cool things you can do with this space, even if it is small. Not to mention, redecorating a small room is effortless, so you can change the look frequently. Below are a few ideas to inspire you.

  • Splash of Color - If you are going to have a white bathroom, then have a truly white bathroom. This includes a white decorative pendant light, trash bin, soap dish, etc. Now, add a super bold splash of color. A hot pink shower curtain or a pumpkin orange accent wall should do the trick.

  • Bio Fuel Wall Fireplaces - Bathrooms are the perfect environment for bio fuel wall fireplaces. They are totally unexpected. Most people expect to find bio fuel wall fireplaces in a living room, dining room, or bedroom. A guest at your dinner party walks into your bathroom and is greeted by a dancing flame. Suddenly you just became a lot more interesting.

  • Add a Statement Piece - If you are fortunate enough to have a spacious bathroom, put that extra floor space to good use. A display cabinet with glass doors can hold décor pieces along with towels or a chaise lounge will make guests feel as though they are in a five-star dining restaurant or the VIP bathroom at the hottest club.

  • Floor to Ceiling Tiles - Imagine large tiles floor to ceiling (including the tub), in a spearmint green color. Then, you accessorize with white and silver for a contemporary look, or wheat and beige for a more natural look. The tile will create a very cool rejuvenating vibe and you will never have to repaint. Plus, large tiles trick the eye into believing the space is much larger than it is.

  • Neutrals with a Modern Twist - A neutral color palette does not have to be boring. In fact, it can be extremely modern. Picture walnut wood surrounding your tub and toilet, caramel mosaic towels in the shower, and some funky art.

  • Retro Vibe - Since you never did get around to doing that 50's diner theme you wanted in the kitchen, you might as well use it in your bathroom for a playful, retro vibe.

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  • Brady Draper