Be Ready to Entertain When it's Unexpected


In a perfect world, you will always know when guests are going to stop by at least 48 hours in advance. This gives you the chance to get to the grocery store, prepare snacks and dessert ahead of time, clean, decorate, and maybe even grab a bottle of wine and fresh flowers for the table. As you know, this perfect land does not exist, at least not in your world anyway.

If you are like most, the doorbell rings at the most inconvenient time. The house is a mess, you haven't been to the store in a week, and you certainly don't have dessert prepared. You do have wine, but you were drinking out of the bottle while soaking in the tub earlier, so it's probably not the best option to share. These tips will help you be prepared for guests at any time.

Power Clean 15 Minutes Daily

Don't wait and do all your cleaning on one day. Not only do things get out of control, at this point it takes you half the day to do. Set the alarm on your phone or the timer on the stove and power clean for 15 minutes. You may be surprised at how much you get accomplished when you are racing against the clock.

Go-to Outfit

Do folks always come by when you have the most distressed old sweats on or days when you haven't done laundry in a week? Have a go-to outfit only for emergencies. This can be casual lounge clothes you can slip into fast, but they will always be clean and free of holes.

Bottle of Wine

It may be tempting, but try to resist drinking the bottle of wine you buy for unexpected guests. Get one or two bottles and put them away. If guests come over and you use them, make sure you restock.

Bio Ethanol Fuel

Are you scratching your head trying to figure out why you need to stock up on bio ethanol fuel? Well, hopefully you already have a bio fuel fireplace. If not, it is time to get one. As long as you have bio ethanol fuel on hand you can create ambiance. You will never have to dig for candles. Plus, if you have a tabletop fireplace then you instantly have a centerpiece. No fresh flowers needed.

Pantry Items

Designate a shelf in the pantry to hold your emergency entertaining stash. Chocolate covered graham crackers can be quickly put on a nice tray. If you have a can of whipped cream and some sort of berries you can quickly dress them up. Have an assortment of nuts, pretzels, and other easy snacks handy. Make sure you have coffee, tea, sweetener, non-dairy creamer, and bottles of water, too. A box of crackers and a jar of raspberry preserves can also be turned into a snack. If you rob your stash at any time, just make sure to replace what you use.

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