Essentials for a Contemporary Patio


Even if you have a modern environment indoors you may still need some decorating ideas for your outdoor living space. However, you certainly do not need a modern home to showcase this theme outside. You can have a country cottage kitchen and a safari-themed living room and still decorate your patio with contemporary furniture and décor. Below are a few ideas to get your started with the shopping process.

  • Outdoor Fireplaces - Shopping for outdoor fireplaces must beat the top of your priority list. You absolutely cannot create a modern environment without at least one. These artistic pieces are beautiful to look at when there is no fire, but add a flame and magic is created. Bio ethanol burns clean, so you do not have to worry about polluting the environment and you do not have to maintain a dirty wood pile.

  • Conversation Set - You do not need to buy a traditional round or square table with chairs. Conversation sets are much more modern. There are even sectionals with chaise lounges on either end. The furniture is the heart and soul of your patio, so pick pieces you can see you and your guests lounging on.

  • Urn Fountain - Although any water fountain will certainly provide benefits and bring beauty to the space, there is just something very mysterious and intriguing about those in the shape of an urn. You may find this unusual, but urn-shaped art has become very popular. If you are not sold on the urn idea, choose one made of a sphere, square, or other geometric shape.

  • Prince AHA Stool - Who says contemporary can't be functional? The Prince AHA Stool by Kartell will argue this theory. These unique stools can indeed be used for seats when extra guests come over, but they also make fantastic tables to scatter around so everyone has a place to rest their beverage. When not in use, you can stack them as art.

  • Eva Solo Bird Table - Do not forget your feathered friends. When you think of birdhouses you probably picture rustic, charming things. Well, the Eva Solo Bird Table Standing is nothing short of fabulous. It looks like a cool piece of art, but it is actually made to pour bird seed inside. It has its own stake, so you can place it in the ground anywhere.

  • VIENTO Curved Pinwheel - If you have a flowerbed next to your patio or at least a large planter then you must check out the VIENTO curved pinwheel. You are going to add a spinner anyway, so it might as well be one that looks like art. VIENTO makes several styles that will create a nice conversation starter.

  • California Umbrella - A patio umbrella serves the very important purpose of keeping the sitting area shaded and more comfortable. However, a California Umbrella also adds an artistic element to the space. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles and well worth the investment.

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