Patio Décor Pieces You can Enjoy Indoors


Some people avoid buying too many décor pieces for their patio because they are only enjoyed part of the year. Others simply do not have a garage or anywhere to store everything over the winter. If this sounds like you then perhaps you want to purchase items that you can bring inside to enjoy, as well. Some items you can bring in nightly while others you probably will not remove from the patio until mid-autumn.

  • Portable Bio Ethanol Fireplaces - These are essential for an outdoor living space. Portable bio ethanol fireplaces burn a clean fuel source that doesn't emit toxins or compromise air quality, so it is safe to use inside your home and on your patio. Portable bio ethanol fireplaces are available in an array of styles, so there is one to complement any space.

  • Outdoor Canvas Art - You will love the look you see on the face of your guests when they first notice your outdoor canvas art mounted on an exterior wall. There is a very diverse selection of these masterpieces. They are just as eye-catching as canvases you display inside your home, only they are given a protective coating. This resists UV rays and other environmental elements, and it can be easily wiped clean. At the end of season mount the picture in your home office, finished basement, a boring hallway, or anywhere else you need to freshen things up a bit.

  • Bean Bag Chairs - You may be surprised to learn that there are bean bag chairs suitable for outdoor use. These fun pieces of furniture are inviting, and your body literally melts into them. So, whether you are lounging with friends or reading a good book you will never find yourself in an uncomfortable position. Make sure you purchase one with a removable and machine-washable cover.

  • Blankets - Even if you have a few portable bio ethanol fireplaces scattered around sometimes it is just nice to get cozy under a super soft blanket. All you have to do is wash them and they are ready to enjoy indoors.

  • Mini Fridge - If you have a mini fridge outside that you use to hold bottles of water or other beverages, it can be put to good use elsewhere when the season is done. Grant it, this is an appliance, not a décor piece, but it is still something that can be used indoors and outdoors. It can always go in the game room, finished basement, home office, or man cave.

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  • Brady Draper