Tips for Creating a Simplistic Home


Displaying a simplistic theme in your house is a trend that has really grown in popularity. However, it is quite common for the environment to come across as boring. Simplistic should not equal boring! Many people assume that you cannot display much (or any) décor with this theme, but this is not true. Although you certainly do not want to go overboard your living space can welcome a little decoration without straying away from the simplistic theme.

Clear the Clutter

Getting rid of the clutter is the most important thing you will do. Sometimes, you don't really realize how much is in a space until you start evaluating if you need each individual item. Ideally, you will work on one room at a time. If you can, clear absolutely everything from the space to start with a clean slate.

Really think about if you need each piece of furniture before returning it back to the room. Everything you are getting rid of can be sold, donated, or simply given to friends. You may even want to hold a yard sale to make money to buy new décor or furniture you might need.

Add a Focal Point

Even a simplistic piece needs a focal point. In fact, it may need one more than a busy space does. Since there is not much to look at in one of these environments, there absolutely needs to be one dynamic piece for your eyes to come to rest on. Otherwise the atmosphere can actually feel a little uncomfortable. Smoke free fireplaces are perfect to use to add focal points to any room in your home.

Smoke free fireplaces burn bio ethanol fuel, which is clean-burning, odor-free, and maintenance-free. Plus, bio ethanol does not create smoke, which means there are no toxins. There are an alarming number of toxins in smoke. Smoke free fireplaces are safe, clean, and convenient to use anywhere.

Quality Over Quantity

Whether you are adding furniture and décor or shopping for new pieces, the one thing to keep in mind is that quality is better than quantity. Don't be afraid to splurge on one piece that you really love. Since there is not a lot to view in the room whatever you do have on display will inspire people to take a closer look at the pieces that are there.


Now that you reduced the clutter, you need to take necessary steps to keep it this way, and one way to ensure the space doesn't get cluttered again is to make sure everything has a home. When everyone in the house knows where things go, there is no excuse not to put them in their rightful spot.

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