Low Cost Living Room Decorating Ideas


You are suddenly feeling very creative and you are ready to tackle the living room you have wanted to redecorate. You don't want to dip too much into your savings, but you do want to create a whole new look. These tips should come in handy, or at least inspire a few ideas of your own.

  • Paint a Canvas - Okay, you don't even have to paint anything interesting on the canvas. You can simply paint it one solid color. This could be a contrasting shade to the wall color or it could be similar, but a few shades lighter or darker to create depth.

  • Hang Plates or Baskets - Forget buying expensive art pieces. Go to a garage sale or flea market and find a few unusual plates that are different yet similar hues, sizes, and patterns. Attach wire plate hangers and mount them using picture nails. Always put the most dramatic one as the centerpiece and hang the others around it. You can also do this with decorative baskets from the craft store. You may want to paint the baskets different colors.

  • Tabletop Fireplace - You need one transforming focal point that won't break the bank. A tabletop fireplace is perfect. It will create the same wonderful ambiance as a wood burning fireplace, only it is cleaner, safer, and eco-friendly.

  • Do Some Sewing - Before you spend a lot of money on new curtains, decorative pillows, etc., hit the fabric store and make them instead. They will cost a fraction of the price and you have a lot more fabric options to choose from. You do not need a sewing machine. It is a small amount of sewing that you can do by hand. It is highly unlikely anyone will examine your stitching this closely, and if they do it can be a great conversation starter that you will both have a good laugh over.

  • Mix Patterns - Mixing patterns is very popular right now. You no longer have to pick one pattern and stick to it. In fact, this is frowned upon. Go ahead and have a striped rug paired to both polka dot and chevron patterns. As long as the colors are cohesive, mixing patterns is perfectly acceptable.

  • Repurpose Furniture - You don't have to spend money on new furniture pieces. Pick up an old chest to refinish as a coffee table. Even an old kitchen chair can be made into a charming nightstand.

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  • Brady Draper