Weekend Project: Create a Contemporary Living Room


Do you constantly look around your living room and wish that you had the time to transform the space into a much more modern environment? Maybe you want a contemporary space, but do not even know where to begin. Well, creating the look you crave is not as challenging or time consuming as you might think. Gather everything you need and order décor essentials ahead of time and you can bust out this project in a weekend with plenty of time to kick back and relax with a movie Sunday night.


The first thing you will need to do is decide what elements will be removed from the room. "Less is more" is the motto to live by to achieve this look. Any décor or furniture pieces you remove can always be used in that home office that is so design neglected. Alternately, you can box them and save in case your taste changes in the future. If you know you do not need the stuff, donate it or sell it in your next garage sale.

Pick a Palette

Most people associate contemporary with black furnishings. However, neutrals can work just as well. Ideally you will incorporate one bold color into the room to really make the space dynamic. This is easiest done by painting a wall this contrasting color or purchasing a vibrant area rug. Whatever the case is, you will want to pick your color palette ahead of time. This will be your guide when you start shopping for your essentials. Remember that there are no rules. Do not feel as though you have to mimic a magazine photo perfectly.

Buy Your Essentials

If you are going to transform your living room space in one weekend then you need to buy and/or order your essentials ahead of time, so you have it ready. Obviously, if you are painting you will need paint and supplies. Additional must-haves include:

  • Wall Mounted Bio Fuel Fireplaces - No other décor piece can instantly give a space a modern feel quite like wall mounted bio fuel fireplaces. Ideally, the one you purchase will be scaled appropriately to the wall size, and it should be the only thing mounted on that wall.
  • Lighting - Pendants and sconces are perfect lighting options for a contemporary living room. Track lighting can also look fantastic mounted from a rafter or used to highlight an art piece.
  • Glass Floor Fountains - Wall mounted bio fuel fireplaces are complemented beautifully by glass floor fountains. Glass will match any color palette you choose and offer a clean and polished look. If your décor is all black, then black spider marble would be another material worthy of consideration.
  • Fabrics - Everything from curtains to pillows will need to be purchased. Do not be afraid to incorporate a pattern into the room. A watercolor floral pillow will add a variety of colors, and then you could choose one of those colors in the pattern to be your accent one for paint, rugs, curtains, etc.

Get to Work - This should be a fun project, so try not to worry too much about if your look is contemporary or not. Nearly everyone has their own definitely of this anyway. Paint early so you can see if there are any parts that need an extra coat while you still have sunlight. Mount your fireplace at eye level. Lastly, break the rules! Furniture does not have to rest against the walls. If you want to the sofa in the middle of the living room, and a display of plants with the water fountain on the wall behind it then this is what you should do.

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  • Brady Draper