Create Quiet Place in the Attic


If you have an attic just sitting there collecting dust, then you are not using your property to its fullest potential. You pay good money for the square footage of your home, so you should use very foot! As long as you can stand up there that space can be transformed into a reading room, office, or simply a place to sit and relax when you want some quiet time way from the kids. Here are a few essentials to consider adding to make this space as inviting and comfortable as it can possibly be.

  • Environmentally Friendly Fireplaces - You probably will not have a heat vent up there unless you do a serious remodel to add one. Environmentally friendly fireplaces are the perfect alternative to adding a vent. A tabletop or freestanding ethanol fireplace will keep you toasty when it is chilly, and this warm and inviting fire will not create smoke or a mess.
  • Bean Bag Chair - This is the room you will retreat to for lounging, so it makes sense to buy a chair that you can literally melt into. The beans in these chairs disperse around your body to cradle every inch of you. Seriously, you will crave your secret hideaway all day while you are at work!
  • Soft Blanket - Even with an environmentally friendly fireplace there is nothing that can compare to a soft blanket to curl up under.
  • Portable Air Conditioner - As long as you have a small window up there you can vent a portable air conditioner out of it. In the summer you will need something to cool you down.
  • Water Fountain - To create the most tranquil environment, you will need a water feature. A small tabletop or freestanding one will do just fine. The cascading water will relax your mind and help drown out the loud television everyone is watching downstairs.
  • Mini Fridge - Keep a mini fridge stocked with water, snacks, and cups of chopped fruit and veggies up there so you do not have to go up and down when you get thirsty or need a quick bite to satisfy your growling stomach.
  • Lamp - You probably will not have overhead lighting, so you will need a few lamps. Since you are using an environmentally friendly fireplace, you might as well complement this with solar lanterns for lighting. Stick them outside during the day, and when you are ready for them in the evening they will be charged.

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