US Ethanol Fireplace Regulations - What You Need to Know

US Ethanol Fireplace Regulations - What You Need to Know

Ethanol fireplaces are quickly becoming the #1 alternative to traditional fireplaces.  These clean burning fire features give you the ability to enjoy real flames and supplemental heat almost anywhere.  Ethanol fireplaces are also more efficient than natural gas burning alternatives and they require much less installation.

Ethanol fireplaces don't produce harmful smoke or toxins when in use, making them ideal for almost any area.  Traditional fireplaces can ruin your home and leave your furniture smelling like burning wood.  Water vapor is the main by-product produced from burning ethanol, so you can enjoy your bio-ethanol fireplace without worrying about damaging your clothes, drapes, or furniture.

Ethanol Fireplaces do not have any regulations as of yet but it is important that you take into consideration some safety practices to prevent injury or damage to your personal property.  Remember, Ethanol fireplaces, like Bio Blaze Valetta Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace  produce a real flame that can light other items on fire if not properly monitored and installed away from fire hazards.

Ignis Harbor Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace

The US Fire Administration has posted some helpful tips to keep you safe while enjoying your new fire feature.  While most of these tips are the same for traditional wood-burning fireplaces, you should be fully aware of each of these safety regulations and implement them into your own home.

Ethanol Fireplace Safety Regulations

    • You should always store your ethanol in the container sealed and in a safe location that is away from kids.
    • Ethanol burns clean, therefore it can be difficult to see if the flame is still lit.  Be sure to double check before you attempt to move or refuel your fireplace.
    • Only use approved fuel in your fireplace.  Using un-authorized types of ethanol can result in personal injury as well as fire damage to your personal property.
    • Always clean up spilled ethanol immediately.  You don't want to have flammable liquid spilled on your possessions.
    • Use a long match or lighter to get your fireplace lit.  This is important as in some scenarios your fireplace can light on fire in a flash that can burn your hands.
    • Never move a lit ethanol fireplace.  This is such an important tip to follow as any spilled ethanol could ignite a much larger fire that could put your home and self at risk.
    • Never refuel your fireplace while it is still lit.
    • Never leave your fireplace lit and unattended.


Oasis Tabletop Gel Fireplace - Anywhere Fireplace


US Ethanol Fireplace Regulations - What You Need to Know

Considering how new ethanol fireplaces are to the marketplace, it's not a huge surprise that there are no regulations as of yet.  As these innovative fire features continue to gain popularity amongst homeowners, it may not be too long before there are some additional regulations put in place.  

Be sure to follow the safety tips in this guide and you will enjoy your ethanol fireplace for years to come.  Your friends and family will be thrilled at your new fire feature and the cozy atmosphere it provides for everyone.

Why An Ethanol Fireplace May Be The Right Move For You

Why An Ethanol Fireplace May Be The Right Move For You

Ethanol fireplaces are gaining in popularity at an alarming rate and it only takes one look at these unique fire features to see why. Ethanol is a clean-burning gas that allows you to operate in a ventless scenario.  Traditional fireplaces can leave a sticky smog grime on all of your furniture and drapes.  Ethanol foregoes this problem and because it burns clean, it is safer for the environment as well.

What is an Ethanol Fireplace?

An Ethanol fireplace is a clean-burning alternative to traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Ethanol units are less expensive to run than natural gas and they are much safer than traditional fireplaces.  The best part is, there is no wood to chop.


Ethanol is clean burning liquid that when ignited produces heat, carbon dioxide, and steam. Ethanol is not intended as a main heat source but rather as supplemental heat and because of its unique burning characteristics; ethanol is perfect for small living spaces such as tabletops or bedrooms.

Types of Ethanol Fireplaces

There a wide variety of ethanol fireplaces available to you and depending on the size of the space and your exact needs, some may be better suited for your home than others.  Below are some of the most common types of ethanol fireplaces:

  • Burners

EHB1400 - Eco Hybrid Bio Ethanol Burner 

EHB1400 - Eco Hybrid Bio Ethanol Burner


Burners resemble mini-torches and they project the flames from your ethanol fireplace upward.  This type of design can be mounted on the floor or even in water or sand to give the ultimate flame effect.

  • Inserts

Eco-Feu 2.5L XL Insert

Eco-Feu 2.5L XL Insert

Inserts use ethanol metal inserts that are usually recessed into your wall to create a torch like appeal.  This style of ethanol fireplace can be the perfect way to light up an outdoor walkway.  Say goodbye to the smell and smoke from traditional torches and add some ambiance to your décor with this unique fire feature.

  • Freestanding

Bio-Blaze Keops Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Bio-Blaze Keops Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Freestanding units are usually designed to be set on a countertop or patio.  These units are self-supportive and they can vary in size from small tabletop units to large outdoor heating spaces.  Freestanding ethanol fireplaces give you the ultimate flexibility when deciding how to use your fireplace. Take the Bio-Blaze Keops Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fireplace. Perfect for small areas that can't house a large fireplace or one that doesn't have the option for hanging on a wall, this pyramid-shaped avant garde piece from Bio-Blaze features a sleek and modern free-standing design that makes it easy to place virtually anywhere - on the floor or on top of a low coffee table. 

  • Retrofit Units

There is nothing sadder than seeing a beautiful fireplace not being used because either the workload was too much for the homeowner or because the smoke was damaging the other furniture in the home.  Ethanol fireplaces give homeowners a real alternative to traditional fireplaces without giving up the real flame. If you are the type of person who wants to relax next to a real flame and not an LED generated flame effect, this is the type of fireplace you should be considering.

Retrofit units are designed to replace your traditional fireplace.  Most people use ethanol in the fall when the temperatures are not yet freezing. Retrofit units can come in a variety of sizes and most just require you to remove all items from your fireplace and check that there is no damage to the flameproofing.

Modern Design

Ethanol fireplaces look modern and adding one to your home can be a great way to add a little elegance and comfort without breaking the bank.  This fire features come in a wide variety of modern designs to give your home the crisp look you desire.

The Truth About Ethanol

Ethanol is an awesome way to add some supplemental heat to your living quarters. Ethanol will not provide enough heat to heat your home without the use of some other form of a heating system.   Don’t expect to cancel your heating services because you bought yourself an ethanol fireplace but you can enjoy a bit more comfort when you use this heating element properly.

Real Flame Effects

One of the best features about ethanol fireplaces is the fact that they use real flame effects.  There are many manufacturers selling LED or flame effect fireplaces that are nothing more than lighting or fabric.  Ethanol gives you the best of both worlds as you get a real fire and heat without all the harmful smoke.  

Out with The Old in With the New

One of the best features about ethanol fireplaces is the ease in which they can be installed. Ethanol fireplaces require no special tools to be installed and there is no need to run expensive gas lines such as with natural gas alternatives.  In most instances, an ethanol fireplace can be just dropped in place of your traditional wood burning fireplace with very little effort.  With all of these benefits, it's easy to see why ethanol fireplaces continue to gain in popularity globally.  

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10 Reasons Why a Bio Ethanol Fireplace is the Right Move for Your Home

10 Reasons Why a Bio Ethanol Fireplace is the Right Move for Your Home

A bio ethanol fireplace can be the perfect addition to your home and with just a little research, you are sure to find the perfect fire feature to suite your needs.  Wouldn't it be great to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a fireplace without all the maintenance, smoke, and labor?   Thanks to modern technology, you can get the joys of a real fireplace without all the hassle.  

Traditional fireplaces are messy and they can require a lot of labor.  This is especially the case when dealing with wood burning fireplaces that require you to split firewood or constantly purchase precut logs in order to enjoy your fireplace.  While there are now many alternatives to your traditional wood burning fireplace, most lack essential characteristics one would desire in a fire feature.

Faux wood fireplaces offer real fire but they can require expensive installations including running new gas lines to the fireplace.  In addition they are not portable so you can only enjoy your fireplace when in that specific area of your home.   Hanging fireplaces look great but because they are flameless, they do not have the same natural appeal found with traditional fireplaces.   Tabletop bio ethanol gives homeowners a real flame alternative to these problems found in other fireplace types.  Below are 10 reasons why a bio ethanol fireplace is the right move for your home.

Ignis Tower Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace


Ignis Tower Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Small Spaces

You can't beat the compact nature of a tabletop bio ethanol fireplace and if you live in apartment this can be smart option to consider.  Table top units come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs and the gentle glow of your new flame feature is sure to be the perfect conversation starter.

Real Heat

Tabletop bio ethanol fireplaces provide a good amount of ambient heat to your room.  This supplemental heating system can transform your home or apartment into a cozy relaxation zone.  The heat provided from your flame feature is just enough to keep you toasty in the winter months.

Eco-Feu Toulouse Biofuel Fireplace

Eco-Feu Toulouse Biofuel Fireplace

Save $

Tabletop fireplaces do not require expensive installations and anyone can use these easy to learn functional decorations in minutes.  Gas fireplaces can leave your pocket hurting as your bills rise in the winter and traditional wood burning fireplaces are not a realistic option for renters.  Tabletop fireplaces provide homeowners with an affordable alternative to traditional fireplaces.


Bio-ethanol burns clean making it ideal for indoor use.  This also makes these amazing décor additions much more eco friendly than traditional fireplaces that produce carbon dioxide as they burn through your firewood.  Even gas fireplaces cannot compete with this innovative green technology.

Amazing Gift Idea

Tabletop bio ethanol fireplaces make the perfect gift for family and friends.  These space age fire features are sure to please the pickiest of people as the enchanting flame feature can be easily added to any counter or table top in minutes.  You will also get a great joy out of seeing your gift get extended use.

Modern Styling

Nothing says modern like a tabletop bio ethanol fireplace.  The styling on these futuristic fireplaces is an excellent fit for modern décor.  The sleek lines and crisp styling is sure to bring any modern décor to the next level and you will appreciate this fireplace even more as it looks stylish once placed in your homes décor.

Clean Burning

Say goodbye to that wood burning fire smell.  When smoke exits a traditional fireplace it can stick to your clothes, drapes, furniture and just about anything that it comes into contact with.  The clean burning flames you get from a bio ethanol fireplace leave no smog or suet to be cleaned later.  This also makes this the perfect fireplace for homes with light décor.

Lexington Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace - Anywhere Fireplace

Indoor / Outdoor Use

One of the best features about tabletop fireplaces is their ability to be utilized in the area you need most.  A great example would be the Bio-Blaze Veniz Bio Fuel Fireplace. This means you can take your new fire feature and place it on your patio table so that you and your guests can enjoy the soothing fire features and supplemental heat provided, even when you are in your yard.  You do need to be careful as to not leave your tabletop unit outside as it can rust if moisture is allowed to accumulate on its surface.

Endless Styles

Bio ethanol fireplaces come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes to fit your styling needs. This is one of the best reasons to consider a tabletop fireplace as you have almost endless options to consider.  This style of fireplace is designed to be modern and even space age in its appearance.  This means that designers have been extremely creative when considering the layout of their units; leaving you with options to choose from.

Conversation Starters

Due to the high tech appeal and ability to be placed in tight spaces, guests are sure to be amazed at your new fire feature.   This is the perfect conversation starter as most of your guest will be compelled to ask you questions in regards to the functionality and place of origin of your new tabletop fireplace.

Final Thoughts

Go Green and add style to your home through the incorporation of a bio ethanol fireplace. These units are more affordable than ever before and now is the perfect time to add a little comfort and style to your home through the incorporation of these unique fire features.   

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How Much Heat will My Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Produce

How Much Heat will My Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Produce

A bio ethanol fireplace can be the perfect addition to your home or office. The sleek styling and ease of use make it ideal for any modern décor and your guest will always have a comment or two in regard to your new space age fire feature. While bio ethanol fireplaces are becoming more common many new buyers have questions in regards to the amount of heat they can get from one of these units.   

How Much Heat?

It is first important to mention that bio ethanol fireplaces are intended as supplemental heating systems. This goes for all fireplaces as none are made to heat an entire house but rather cozy up to the temperature in the room you have the fire feature installed in.  

As bio ethanol fireplaces do not require any special installation, they can be moved to add that extra comfort to whatever room you desire. Many people even use their tabletop bio ethanol fireplace on their patio furniture to add a little bit of comfort during the colder fall nights.

There are a lot of determining factors that must be examined before one can determine how much heat they can expect from their new eco-friendly fireplace option. As this heating option is supplemental, personal preferences and requirements can vary greatly between homeowners. Remember that each home and fireplace user has their own particular features, be sure to consider these when making your purchase. Below are some of the most important things to consider when trying to get the best bio ethanol fireplace for their home or apartment.

Burner Inserts

The size of your burner inserts is going to play an important role in the heat production your tabletop fireplace can produce. You should examine the size of your burner inserts to determine what type of bio ethanol fireplace you are looking at.  Most modern models will utilize a 1.5-liter ethanol burner. This is a great size to consider as it produces a decent amount of heat from a compact design.


The size of your burner of your burner inserts will also determine your total BTU.  A 1.5-liter burner can produce up to 6000 BTUs per burner. This means that if you are looking for a little more heat production that you may want to consider larger burners like EB6200 - Ignis Bio Ethanol Insert (see image below) or a unit that incorporates multiple burners as each burner double the heat production of the unit. This means you get 24,000 BTU from a bio ethanol fireplace with four burners.

EB6200 - Ignis Bio Ethanol Insert

EB6200 - Ignis Bio Ethanol Insert

Ethanol Fuel Type

This determining factor to consider is the purity of the fuel you are burning. The purity level of your ethanol fuel will tell you how clean and how strong your flame production will be. The cleaner the fuel the more heat you can expect to get from your burners.Through the use of large or multiple burners and pure ethanol, you can enjoy the maximum amount of supplemental heat your fire feature can produce.

Square Footage

You should always consider the size and layout of the room you are heating. The larger and more open the room the harder it will be to capture the heat produced by your fireplace. Tabletop units will help you to get a concentrated heat source close to where you sit but large open rooms will require many large burners than an apartment living room.

Nu-Flame Cristallo Glass Pillar Stainless Steel Tabletop Fireplace

Nu-Flame Cristallo Glass Pillar Stainless Steel Tabletop Fireplace

Ceiling Height

Hot air rises and because of this rooms with tall or vaulted ceilings will be more difficult to heat than rooms with standard sizes.This is another reason why bio ethanol fireplaces are a great option for apartments where there is usually a more contained living space.


The ventilation in the room is going to be one of the main ways your heat is escaping. To maximize your bio ethanol fires heat production try to keep your unit in a smaller area where the heat can concentrate and build up. Remember, all fireplaces are intended a supplemental heat. This means that you will need some other form of heating system in your home to get the most from your fireplace.  You should also close all of your windows before you use your fireplace if you are attempting to get the most heat production from your device. 

Bio-Ethanol - A Smart Choice

Bio Ethanol fireplaces are quickly becoming a go-to option for homeowners looking for a little more style and comfort in their home. These units come in a wide variety of styles and sizes to fit your needs, so you are sure to get the perfect fit for your home or apartment. Remember to follow the tips in this guide and you are guaranteed to get a nice amount of heat from whatever type of bio ethanol fireplace you choose.

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Ethanol Fireplace Conversion - How Hard is It?

Ethanol Fireplace Conversion - How Hard is It?

Converting your old and dirty wood burning fireplace into a high-efficiency ethanol unit is easier than ever before.  Nothing adds elegance to a room like a warm fire and enjoying time with loved ones around this welcoming glow can be the perfect way to spend those chilly winter nights.  

What is an Ethanol Fireplace

An unused fireplace is truly a waste and considering that it doesn't take much time to make the conversion to clean-burning ethanol fuel; more people are making the upgrade to bio-ethanol fireplaces than ever before.   Ethanol is also called simple alcohol.  

This clear colorless liquid used to be produced primarily by fermenting sugars by yeasts but now more advanced petrochemical process exist that allow for impurities to be removed and better energy production.  

While Ethanol is the primary ingredient in many drinks it is also used as a fuel additive with the world largest ethanol producer Brazil known to add up to 25% ethanol into their gasoline mixtures. This amazing fuel has even powered rockets into space and is currently used by multiple rocket-powered racing aircraft. 

Bio-Blaze Design Table Ethanol Fireplace Insert

Advantages / Disadvantages of Ethanol Fireplaces

Ethanol fireplaces burn clean meaning that you will not have to contend with harmful smoke that can damage your window fixtures or leave your furniture smelling appalling.  Ethanol allows you to place supplemental heat where ever you desire and many units are portable, especially our tabletop fireplaces, or many are hung on the wall.

Ethanol fireplaces are easy to install; making them ideal for personal use and because they burn clean, they can be placed in small spaces such as hallways and bedrooms. Manufacturers have created units specially designed to convert your fireplace in minutes. 

Ethanol fireplaces can burn for hours and on average and you can expect to get 4 - 6 good hours of burn time out of your ethanol fireplace fuel.  This can be reduced if you burn at full strength the entire time. 

The main disadvantage of an ethanol fireplace is the fact that it is intended for supplemental heat.   This means you will need some other form of heat to keep you ambient temperature comfortable.

Operating an Ethanol Fireplace

It is important to understand that ethanol fireplaces produce a real flame that must be treated as so.  You should never be careless with fire, especially in your home.  The great news is an ethanol fireplace will never cause damage to your property if used correctly. 

The most common causes of ethanol started fires result from bad practices such as pouring ethanol fuel into the fireplace while the fire is already burning or spilling ethanol and trying to start the fireplace prior to cleaning up you’re the spillage.

Requirements for Conversion

Prior to making your conversion, you need to ensure that your fireplace is fully functioning with wood.  Is your fireplace an open or closed design?  Ethanol fireplaces work better in open fireplace scenarios as closed fireplaces can cause the ethanol to burn faster and the flames tend to get more uncontrollable. 

Inspect the interior of your fireplace to make sure that all interior non-flammable material is still in good shape and without holes or damaged.  Steel, stone, and plaster can be used to repair any non-flame retardant materials such as wood.

EB2100 - Ignis Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert

Take Your Measurements

You need to know the dimensions of your fireplace in order to get the perfect sized ethanol burner.  Never try to put a burner like EB4800 Black - Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert (see image below) meant for larger fireplaces into a smaller space as it can cause significant damage.  The only exception to this is small wood burning locations that are specially designed to handle the added heat that will be produced from your ethanol burner.

EB4800 Black - Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert

Flexible vs Permanent

The final thing to consider is if you want your unit to be permanent or if you intend to switch back and forth between wood and ethanol depending on the season.  The later decision is common in areas where the winter gets extremely cold and the added heat and cost-saving benefits produced from burning wood is required.  In this scenario, a flexible ethanol fireplace conversion kit would give you the maximum usage from your investment. 

If you are lucky enough to avoid freezing weather where you live than a permanent ethanol solution is advised.  You are going to get all the benefits of a real fire without all of the mess and harmful carcinogens wood burning alternatives produce.

Ethanol Fireplace Conversion - Easier than Ever

Ethanol conversion has never been easier for the average consumer and for the first time in history, everyone has the ability to burn cleaner ethanol fuel as an alternative to traditional wood.  Now that you know how easy it is to convert to ethanol, you are ready to start living a healthier life today.

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5 Reasons You Need an Outdoor Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

5 Reasons You Need an Outdoor Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

Winter is quickly approaching but that doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying your yard.  Instead, this year try a different approach to the chilly weather by adding a bio-ethanol fireplace to your backyard décor.  Bio-ethanol fireplaces are eco-friendly so they can be enjoyed without worry of hazardous smoke inhalation found with traditional fireplaces or your backyard fire.

While nobody can argue the benefits of snuggling up next to a cozy fire pit with your loved ones, you may not want to have to chop, split, and move fire wood every time you are trying to enjoy your backyard during the winter months.  Chopping wood is extremely tedious and in many cases just transporting the logs from the chopping area to your fire pit can be labor intensive.   A bio-ethanol fireplace can take the work out of this process by giving you push button access to comfortable and warming fire.

There are endless reasons to make the move to a bio-ethanol fireplace and it only takes one glance to be mesmerized by these impressive yard fireplaces.  Bio-ethanol fireplaces are cheaper than traditional outdoor fireplaces and you get the benefits of a real flame.  Below are 5 reasons you need an outdoor bio-ethanol fireplace.

Bio-Blaze Pipes Small Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

Bio-Blaze Pipes Small Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

Modern Design

Are you looking to make a statement with your yard décor?  A bio-ethanol fireplace can transform your backyard into an elegant relaxation zone.  These unique fire features are sure to spark conversation from anyone who happens to glance upon their hypnotizing flames.  The sleek styling and futuristic control features make these fireplaces an impressive addition to any yard. Take a look at this stunning recessed fireplace in the photo below.

Eco-Feu Santa Cruz 2-Sided Biofuel Fireplace

Eco-Feu Santa Cruz 2-Sided Biofuel Fireplace

Supplemental Heat

An outdoor fireplace is a smart way to maximize your patio usage during the chilly fall and winter months.  These portable fireplaces can be moved to suit your needs and they add enough heat to turn a chilly patio into a comfy living space. 

Say goodbye to the woes of firewood.  No more chopping logs in the freezing snow.  With a bio-ethanol fireplace, you can get the same results with the push of a button.  Unlike fire simulators the flame is real so the heat you feel is genuinely produced by the fire instead of a blower system located out of sight. 


Bio-ethanol fireplaces burn clean and utilize a specially made ethyl alcohol fluid that is derived from fermented plants such as corn, switch grass, and sugarcane.  Amazingly this gas produces almost no carbon dioxide and studies have shown that the amount released by these fireplaces is comparable to the amount of carbon dioxide we exhale in a breath. 

The first thing you notice with a bio-ethanol fireplace is that there is no more suit or smoke produced.  This means no more stains to your window treatments or furniture.  More importantly, you spare your lungs the damaging smoke produced by a traditional log burning fires.  This smoke can be hazardous especially if inhaled in large quantities or over extended periods of time.  This is not the case with clean burning fuels such as bio-ethanol that produce relatively low emissions.

Eco-Feu Sunset Biofuel Fireplace

Eco-Feu Sunset Biofuel Fireplace

Easy to Install

Bio-ethanol fireplaces; like Eco-Feu Sunset Biofuel Fireplace, are standalone units meaning there is no installation required.  Simply place your unit where you desire and turn your fireplace on whenever you are ready to start enjoying your new winter living space.  You don't need any tools to start enjoying these awesome fire fixtures and these durable and long lasting units can provide with years of use without any problems. 

Easy to Use and Maintain

In terms of ease of use, traditional fireplaces get blown away by these new hi-tech innovations.  It's difficult to compete with no installation and push button flame activation.  You literally walk out of your door and turn your fireplace on with a button. 

Some manufacturers have taken this theory a step further and many units now include a handy remote control to increase functionality and giving you the power to control all aspects of your fireplace from anywhere in your home.  This is a great feature to consider and there are few moments as cool as when you step outside and a flame sparks up from a bed of pebbles to greet you. 

5 Reasons You Need an Outdoor Bio-Ethanol Fireplace  - Final Thoughts

Now that you know some excellent reasons to consider purchasing an outdoor bio-ethanol fireplace, you are ready to go out and choose the perfect addition to your backyard patio décor.  Owning an outdoor bio-ethanol fireplace makes both an elegant and eco-friendly statement that showcases a high- level of sophistication to anyone that enters your yardscape. 

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