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5 Accessories to Spruce Up Your Home Office

This is a list of accessories to spruce up your home office.

6 Design Ideas to Upgrade Your Entryway

This is list of 6 design ideas to upgrade your entryway.

5 Media Room Design Ideas

This is a decorating tip for a media room.


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  • 5 Accessories to Spruce Up Your Home Office

    If you have the pleasure of working at home then you probably also know how easy it can be to get distracted. Maybe something is just constantly luring you out of your home office. You know you need to get some work done, but you have no desire to be in there. Sound familiar? Well, have you considered that maybe your subconscious is just really bored with your surroundings? A lot of people don't even decorate their office because no one else sees it. You see it! You look at this space all day long. Your home office should inspire you. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


    • Table Fireplaces - If you have ever sat in front of a warm fire you know how hard it was to get up. The flame just sort of keeps you there like a magnetic force. Table fireplaces have the same effect. You won't want to leave your desk with you have one lit. Table fireplaces that burn bio ethanol don't create smoke or emit any toxins either.Contemporary Style TableTop Fireplace


    • Paperwork Accessories - You need a letter tray, file holder, magazine holder, etc., so you might as well have a little fun with these essentials. Why have boring things? There are so many colorful and printed options available. Make sure your pen cups and containers for paperclips and other accessories are exciting, too.Office Table Clutter


    • Water Fountain - The sound of cascading water has a calming effect. It is a sound you will be naturally drawn to, so staying in your office will be easier. Plus, it will mask some neighborhood noises that generally ruin your concentration.Water Fountain


    • Colorful Drapes - Your home office doesn't have to be so proper. One of the perks of working at home is that you don't have a boss hovering over your shoulder. You might as well introduce a really vibrant fabric to your space. Sure, the window is nice to look out, but when this afternoon sun is beating in or you have a day when everything outside is distracting you, it is nice to be able to shut the curtains and still have something exciting to look out.HomeOffice Drapes


    • Wall Shelves - If your home office is like most, it is not nearly large enough. Maybe you can barely find your desk half the time because of all the clutter. Take advantage of the walls. Mount some shelves and fill them with colorful decorative boxes to hide everything in. You will be more organized and the clutter won't distract you.Wall Shelves
  • 6 Design Ideas to Upgrade Your Entryway

    When you think about it, your entryway offers the first impression of your home. Sure, guests form an opinion based on the exterior, but the weeds growing through the cracks in your driveway will be forgotten about once they walk through the door. Well, at least they will be, if your entryway provides a stylish welcoming to your home. Of course, if you are like many others, you are looking at your entryway and saying, "What in the world am I supposed to do with such a small space?" These tips should provide all the inspiration you need.


    Entryway Wall Painting Fun

    • Painting Fun - Painting an accent wall is always an easy option, but why not get a little more creative? As long as the entryway is a little closed off from the next room, you could just paint the bottom half of the space a bold color and leave white on top. You could also paint stripes or a chevron pattern, or add a little detail with a stencil.


    Entryway Wall Mirror

    • Oversized Mirror - An extra-large mirror will make the entryway feel spacious. If it's tall enough to stand on the floor, you could also place a side table in front with a vase of fresh cut flowers. The color of the flowers will really pop in front of the mirror. You don't want to do this, if your entryway gets a lot of direct sun though. Walking through the door and being blinded by the sun's rays bouncing off the mirror is never pleasant.


    Entryway Wall Ethanol Fireplace

    • Real Flame Fireplaces - What would your first impression be if you entered a house where you were greeted by a warm inviting fire? Real flame fireplaces that burn bio ethanol don't create smoke or release toxins into the air. A wall-mounted variety would be perfect. Just light it before guests arrive.


    Entryway Gallery Wall

    • Gallery Wall - Do you have a lot of photos that are nice enough to be postcards? Have them printed in a variety of sizes, and then frame and mount them on the wall.


    Entryway Wallpaper

    • Wallpaper - Wallpaper has really made a comeback in recent years. You can find a variety of exciting patterns. You may even want to go with wallpaper that creates a brick-looking wall. This will be perfect behind your real flame fireplace.


    Bold Color Design

    • Strong Theme - Have you played it safe with the décor in the rest of your home? This is the ideal space to have fun with a theme, such as safari, Asian, Mediterranean, or romantic. Alternately, you could just go with some bold colors that won't complement the rest of your home.
  • 5 Media Room Design Ideas

    If you think that family movie night is exciting now just wait until you have a media room in the house. Are you living the single life? All your friends will want to hang out at your house, when everyone's favorite weekly TV show is on, so it can be watched together. Of course, this space will come in handy where there is a big game you don't feel like going to the bar to watch. A little careful planning will help make this room deserving of all the attention it is going to get.

    • Plan Ahead - Before you just start shopping, have a plan. How many people should it comfortably sit? Will you be mounting a TV on the wall? Is stadium seating something that you are considering? Keep the answers to these questions in mind when you proceed.




    • Multipurpose Room - Is this going to solely be used as a media room? Do you want it to be a game room, too? Will you get a lot of use out of a poker table? Perhaps you want to combine your media room with a home bar.



    • Comfortable Seating - No one is going to want to sit for a movie marathon, if they are aching after the first one. Do you plan on creating stadium seating? If so, understand that the flooring project to pull this off can be a lot of work. Are your ceilings high enough to produce enough space for the tallest tier? Bean bags are always a great option for media rooms because you can sit in them for hours and not get sore. Keep in mind that some people like to sit on the floor, so toss a few floor cushions on the corner for these folks to grab.



    • Eco-friendly Fireplaces - A warm, dancing flame and a good movie just go perfect together. Eco-friendly fireplaces that burn bio ethanol will create the perfect ambiance. Plus, if your media room is in the basement like most are, you will appreciate the extra warmth in this space.

    Eco-Friendly Fireplace


    • Side Tables - You want to make sure there are plenty of side tables. Everyone should be able to set their beverage down without having to get out of their seat to do it. Not to mention, if you are serving snacks, these tables can hold them, too. Make sure the tables do not block any walking aisles. Guests should still have plenty of space to around.


  • 6 Ways to Save Money on Your Living Room Renovation

    Money is the main reason most people put off a remodel they have been longing to do. With the high cost of living, it is hard to squeeze the extra funds for a remodel into the budget for some people. If this sounds like you, have you considered that maybe you are expecting to spend a lot more than you need to? You can give your home a fresh look without breaking the bank. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

    • Know the Price of Materials - Before you just spend money on flooring, windows, molding, doors, etc., know the market price on these things. Purchasing certain items from different places may seem like a giant pain, but if it saves you money it will be well worth it.



    • Do Your Own Demolition Work - As long as you don't just start madly hacking through walls with an ax, there is no reason why you can't handle your own demo work. Electrical wiring is the only thing you need to be mindful of, so move slowly, and take moments to inspect your workspace as you continue.



    • Make the Most of that Wood Fireplace - You love the look of a fireplace, but you never use it because you hate the toxic, dirty, and smelly effects. Well, before you say goodbye to it for good and cover it with a new wall, consider converting it into an eco-friendly version. Ethanol fireplace inserts can make this happen. Clean it out one final time, and you won't have to clean it again. Ethanol fireplace inserts sit right inside and offer a real flame, but they don't create smoke. Plus, you won't have to maintain a wood pile.



    • Light Tube - Thinking of adding more windows to increase the amount of natural light you get? A light tube offers a less invasive way to brighten up a space. Install one between roof rafters and you will instantly have a brighter space at a fraction of the cost of windows.

    Light Tubes


    • Compare Payment Options - That lucrative no interest financing deal may look great on paper, but what if you're not done paying it off in time for the deal to end? Are you getting charged interest for the amount owed dating all the way back to your purchase? This applies to low interest credit cards, too. You can end up paying a lot more, if you are not completely educated about the financing option you choose.

    Payment Options


    • Consider Lookalikes - Is anyone going to tell if you go with Lyptus, a sustainable eucalyptus hybrid, instead of mahogany? Can you even tell the two apart? Well, your pocketbook will considering mahogany is more than twice the amount. There are a lot of replica materials that can save you money, and no one will be able to notice that they are not the real thing.


  • 6 Exciting Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen

    Every year you swear you are going to build an outdoor kitchen. You know you will want to do a lot more entertaining and you won't have to exhaust yourself carrying everything you need back and forth from in your home's kitchen to the grill outside, if you can just get this kitchen built. This is finally the year you are going to do it, and you couldn't possibly be more excited. These ideas will help you create your perfect outdoor space.

    • Horseshoe Counter - Rather than have your back to your guests while you are grilling create a horseshoe-shaped breakfast bar and grilling area. Place the grill near one of the ends. Then you can position chairs all around the horseshoe area.

    Horseshoe Shaped Counter


    • Embedded Glass Concrete Counter - Cast concrete is a popular material used for outdoor counters. It is easy to maintain, and it can stand up against the elements. It's not necessarily the most attractive option though. So, if you use concrete consider having it enhanced with glass embeds. Choose from a wide variety of glass chips. If you are using varying sizes apply large, then medium, and finish with small. There are glow-in-the-dark chips, too.

    Glass Embedded on Concrete Counter

    • Ethanol Fireplace for Outdoors - Since everyone will be gathering in this area, you might as well have an ethanol fireplace for outdoors to keep folks warm when the temperatures dip a little. Plus, a fire will go a long way in creating ambiance for your gathering.


    ethanol fireplace for outdoors

    • Shade - Standing in the hot sun can already be unbearable, but standing in front of a hot flame in the sun is even worse. An umbrella can be helpful if the sun is coming at you from an angle, but you don't necessarily want an umbrella directly over your grill. You could turn this space into a room-like environment with a gazebo or canopy tent, too.

    Gazebo for Outside Kitchen


    • Dining Room Table - Dining outside actually can be quite elegant without looking like you are trying too hard. An old farm table with a distressed finish will pair nicely with vintage-inspired seating. Add the right table cloth and centerpiece, and you have a sophisticated yet surprisingly welcoming and laidback table for a formal gathering.

    Outdoor Dining Table


    • Bar - If your goal is to avoid making countless trips inside, you might as well build a small bar, too. Even if you don't drink or serve alcohol, this can be a smoothing station or just used as a place to hold bottled water, coffee, juice, or punch.

    Outdoor Bars

  • 5 Tips for Overcoming Common Bedroom Decorating Dilemmas

    Not all bedrooms offer the perfect layout or an attractive base to work with. Depending on the age of your home, size of the room, and if you rent or own, you could face different decorating dilemmas. For example, a very small room can pose decorating challenges, especially if your furniture doesn't all fit. A large bedroom can often be hard to connect with, and of course, if you are a renter, you may not even be able to put holes in the walls to mount art. You can overcome the decorating dilemmas you are facing with a little help from this guide.


    Headboard Wall

    • No Space for a Headboard - If adding a headboard means you won't be able to open your dresser drawer on the opposite wall, you will have to go without one. This doesn't mean the space has to be boring or feel as though it's missing something though. Grab a paintbrush, paint, and a stencil, and add a headboard to the wall. You can also just use thumbtacks to secure some vibrantly colored fabric there to act as a headboard, as well.


    Corner Ethanol Fireplace

    • No Focal Point - You know you need a focal point, but you are just not sure how to achieve it. Maybe you feel as though the room is too small for art, or perhaps it is so large that all the art you have just sort of blends together. Modern ethanol fireplaces are perfect to use as a focal point. Can you think of anything that will attract more attention than a glowing fire? Modern ethanol fireplaces are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. So, whether you want one to mount on your wall or to take up space in a boring corner, you won't have a hard time finding one you love.


    Bedroom Open Wall Shelving

    • Minimal Closet Space - It really doesn't matter how large your closet is, it will never be enough. Make use of the walls. Open shelving on the walls gives you a lot more space for decorative boxes that can hold odds and ends.


    mounting a mirror on the wall across from the window so the light will bounce off it

    • Not Much Natural Light - Is the natural light in your tiny room nearly nonexistent? You can supersize this light by mounting a mirror on the wall across from the window. The light will bounce off of it.


    Layered Carpet and Rug

    • Old Carpeting - If you a renter and just moved into a house or apartment with some seriously questionable carpeting, you can ask your landlord to replace it, but don't count on them doing so. Rent a carpet cleaner just so you know it's clean for peace-of-mind, but then you simply need to lie down a few rugs to cover the unattractive display. They don't all need to match either, and if you are feeling really daring, you can always layer a couple.
  • 7 Essentials to Have for Summer Entertaining

    In the winter folks probably call or text before they stop over. After all, no one wants to make a trip out in the cold for no reason. Besides, you could be bundled up in your PJs before the sun goes down. In the summer, you likely have people stopping by unexpected all the time. They are out and about anyway, so why not? Well, this means there are a few essentials you should always have on-hand for entertaining.


    Food Cover Tent

    • Food Cover Tents - No one wants to deal with flies, mosquitoes, or bees in the food. Pop-up mesh screen food cover tents are inexpensive and reusable, and come in a variety of colors and sizes.


    Outdoor Fireplace

    • Fuel for Ethanol Fireplaces - Whether you are trying to create ambiance or keep everyone warm when the sun goes down, you will probably want to have plenty of fuel for ethanol fireplaces on hand.


    Citronella Candles

    • Citronella Candles - The food cover tents will protect the snacks, but you want to protect everyone from getting eaten alive at night. Citronella candles should always be stocked.


    Reusable Ice Cubes

    • Reusable Ice Cubes - You will never have to send someone to the gas station for ice or serve warm drinks, when you realize no one in the house has been refilling the ice cube trays, if you have some reusable ones in the freezer. There are all sorts of colorful and novelty ones available.


    Outdoor Toy Box

    • Kids' Stuff - Whether you have kids or you have family and friends who do, you want something fun that will keep them busy, so adults can relax. Create an essentials box for kids with sideway chalk, bubbles, balloons, jump ropes, etc.


    First Aid Kit

    • First Aid Kit - You might not think much about your first aid kit the rest of the year, but in the summer you likely reach for it rather often. You need to keep a few important essentials stocked, such as bandages, antiseptic cleaner, bite relief stick, allergy pills, saline to clean out eyes, aspirin, and aloe vera or some type of soothing gel for burns.


    Food Storage

    • In the Pantry - Guests always seem to stop by the day before your weekly trip to the grocery store. Well, you may not be able to prepare a large meal, but keep a few essentials in the pantry, and you will at least be able to put out a few snack trays. Think nuts, trail mix, tortilla chips, salsa, and assorted crackers. You may want to keep a few quality baguettes in the freezer, and you can serve them with olive oil and herbs. Hard cheeses, marinated and spiced olives, and cornichons can be stored in the corner of your fridge.
  • 2015 Chic Design Trends for the Living Room

    If you like to keep up with the most cutting edge decorating trends then you probably love being the topic of conversation with your circle of friends. You genuinely get excited over seeing the look on their face when they stop over and you have switched things up a bit with your décor again. If this sounds like you this list of chic design trends is definitely something you will be interested in.


    Birds Nest Chairs

    • Bird Nest Chairs - Suspended seating options are going to continue to increase in popularity. Bird nest chairs are fun and stylish. Hammock chairs are a more budget-friendly option, and you can buy them with their own stand, if you don't want to deal with having them suspended from the ceiling. Bubble ball chairs and rattan swing bed chairs are options, too.


    Stones camini 0032

    • Freestanding Ethanol Fireplaces - An eco-friendly, realistic flame brings warmth and ambiance to any room in your home. Freestanding ethanol fireplaces are exceptionally perfect for empty corners. You don't know what to do with that vacant space anyway, and they look great sitting there out-of-the-way of foot traffic.


    Circular Bookshelf

    • Circular Bookshelves - If you are going to add a library-like feel to a space with shelves anyway, create a large circular one with individual cubbies. You can even have one built into an exterior wall of your home and have a circular window installed in the middle.


    Vibrant Living Room

    • Colored Furniture - It is time to stop playing it safe with black, neutral, or gray furniture. 2015 is the year for bold, vibrant colors. So, buy that turquoise velvet loveseat or bright yellow modular sofa, and pair it with a striped chair.


    Living Room Gallery Wall

    • Gallery Walls - Every home can have an art gallery-feel with a gallery wall. It used to be that you only mounted one painting or photo on a wall, but for this year designers are dedicating a wall to art. Maybe you want to cover it in old propaganda posters or perhaps you have a huge collection of bird photos you have taken from around the world that would look stunning framed and mounted.


    Living Room Tripod Lighting

    • Tripod Lights - If you have flipped through interior decorating magazines or watched home makeover shows lately, you have probably noticed that tripod lamps are becoming a hot new trend. They do take up a little more floor space, but the fashionable look they provide is well worth rearranging some furniture to accommodate one.
  • 6 Tips for a Rustic Contemporary Space

    Are you drawn to the inviting and comforting feel of a rustic space, but something inside of you is itching to give your home a contemporary edge? Rustic contemporary spaces are becoming quite popular, but they are not all that easy to pull off without the right tips. This guide should help you combine the two looks to create a space you will definitely be proud of.


    • Rustic Color Palette - Choosing the color palette can be a challenge. You could go with the trendiest modern colors, but quite honestly it is the familiar shades of a rustic color palette that tend to make a space magical. You will probably be happier, if you stick with deep, rich rustic shades, like rust, beige, and coffee, and then go a little heavier on the contemporary décor.

     medley of warm woods and sophisticated metals

    • Warm Wood and Industrial Metal - Include a medley of warm woods and sophisticated metals. For example, a reclaimed tall, bar-like table in the dining room can be combined with stainless steel or wrought iron chairs. If you can find a way to combine all three, even better.

     Wall-mounted ethanol fireplace

    • Wall-mounted Ethanol Fireplaces - Creating a focal point in a rustic contemporary space is not easy to do. If you go with an art piece from either genre it will look like you are favoring one or the other. Wall-mounted ethanol fireplaces are ideal because they create a natural focal point that is completely neutral. A wall mounted fireplace will complement both the rustic and contemporary elements.

     pretty patterns all mixed nicely together

    • Mixed Pillows - Corduroy tends to be a favorite material in rustic spaces. Of course, you will also want to mix in a few modern fabrics on some pillows, too. The great thing about doing this is that the mix of fabrics creates a lot of depth in the space.

     Mixed Furniture

    • Mixed Furniture - The dining room was already touched on earlier, but if the living room is still in need of furniture, try to avoid having all matching piece. In a space like this, you can easily have a streamlined modern modular sofa with a set of reclaimed wood tables.


    • Exceptional Lighting - Since the rustic theme dominates in the color palette, you might as well add strong contemporary lighting pieces for balance. A wrought iron chandelier and brushed nickel track lighting should help create the look that you are going for.
  • Small Balcony Décor that Offers a Big Impact

    You may not have a big backyard, but that doesn't mean the potential isn't there to have an outdoor space you love to use. When you look at your apartment balcony it probably looks hopeless. Is there really anything you can do with that small space? Sure there is! You may be surprised at how cozy and functional you really can make this area.

     plant stand in a balcony corner

    • Plant Stand - You might as well make the most of that natural light. Place a plant stand against the back wall or at one of the ends. You can grow everything from flowers to herbs to fresh greens for your salad.

    small bio fuel fireplace for the table will create a relaxing ambiance and keep you warm out there when temperatures dip

    Bistro Set Textiline Balcony

    • Bistro Table - These table and chairs sets are streamlined and take up minimal space. You and a guest will be able to enjoy breakfast or a bottle of wine on the balcony.

    L-shaped bench made of wood pallet placed against two walls

    • Bench Seating - Hoping to squeeze a few more guests on your balcony? Create an L-shaped bench against two walls. You could buy something, or you can probably build them with old pallets. Then, just put a couple outdoor cushions on top.

    folding terrace tables hang over the balcony railing

    • Folding Balcony Table - Folding terrace tables hang over the balcony railing and come in a wide variety of styles and colors. You can leave them down all the time to hold small plants, or just unfold one when you need somewhere to set your beverage or laptop.

    patio umbrella on a a balcony

    • Umbrella - To make your balcony a lot more comfortable, an umbrella should be at the top of your list. You can even buy umbrella mounts that fasten to the railing.

    railing planter for balcony corners

    • Railing Planters - If you don't want a plant stand, balcony railing planters will give you lots of growing space, too. Of course, you can certainly have both!

    a balcony that is warm and inviting and will draw people outside to relax and unwind

    • Meditation Accessories - You don't need traditional seating on your balcony. Perhaps you would rather place a rug on the ground with some cushions, and use this as a meditation space.

    solar string lights

    • Solar Lights - If you are going to use solar lights, you want to make sure they don't bother any neighbors. A strand of string lights around your sliding door should be fine. You can also buy lights that mount inside your umbrella.

    DIY key wind chime

    • Wind Chimes - You might not notice noise from traffic, if you have some beautiful wind chimes to listen to.

    Tanner the Cat Garden Statue on a balcony

    • Statuary - You don't need a backyard to have a gnome collection. Not a fan of gnomes? A few smaller statues of frogs, geckos, squirrels, elephants, or any other animal you love will put a nice personal touch on the space.

  • Eco-Friendly Finds for Your Kitchen

    Whether you are trying to get through a chaotic morning of getting the kids to school on time or you are enjoying a coffee with an old friend, the kitchen is the room that typically sees the most action. It just makes sense to create an environment that is warm, inviting, and healthy. Of course, healthy for you generally means it will be good for the environment, as well. Here are a few eco-friendly ideas for your remodeling or redecorating project.

    Olive Wood Salt Keeper

    • Olive Wood Serving Ware and Utensils - Pieces crafted with olive wood are rustic and stunning. Since the wood grain varies greatly with these trees every piece is unique. The wood gets pruned from young trees that have stopped producing olives. They are harvested in a way that causes no harm to the grove.

    ethanol wall fireplaces

    • Bio Ethanol Fireplace - Having a dancing flame in the kitchen is the hottest trend. You can buy a bio ethanol fireplace in a freestanding, tabletop, or wall-mounted variety. They create no smoke or odor and emit zero harmful toxins. The fuel is made from sustainable crops.

    IceStone Counters

    • IceStone Counters - Move over slate; there's a new counter trend in town! IceStone is cement that is infused with pieces of recycled glass. The company is waste-free and the end product is gorgeous.

    Copper Kitchen Sink

    • Copper Sinks - Recycled copper pipes and wires are used to make these industrial-looking sinks. Copper is naturally antimicrobial, which means it fights against fungi, E. coli, and other kitchen culprits.

    white horizontal tile backsplash

    • Modwall Tiles - Colorful tiled backsplash is very in style right now. Many people are literally covering one or two full walls in it. The various patterns bring a tremendous amount of depth to the space. Modwall is committed to the environment. Its tiles are crafted from cork, natural pebbles, and recycled glass.

    Green Gourmet Cookware

    • Green Cookware - Nonstick pans have everyone a little on edge these days, since some suggest the coating is toxic, especially when it starts peeling. Cuisinart makes Green Gourmet Cookware that is made from ceramic. So, the nonstick surface is nontoxic, and it won't chip or peel.

    Kitchen With Reclaimed Wood Cabinets and Island

    • Reclaimed Wood - Whether you are replacing your cupboard, adding an island, or shopping for a table and chairs, look for items that are made from reclaimed wood. Recycled pine is a popular pick with those trying to create a natural or country kitchen feel.

    kitchen after

    • Eco-Friendly Appliances - Energy-efficient appliances are probably already on your list, but just in case they aren't, now is the time to add them. Not only are environmentally-friendly appliances good for the environment, they help keep your energy bill low.

  • 6 Ways to Add Art to Your Space on a Budget

    Not everyone has credit cards with high limits or endless cash flow to access when they want to do a little redecorating. Most people work very hard for their money, so just thinking about refreshing the home takes a little thought and a lot of discipline. You shouldn't have to max out your credit card to have a home you love. In many cases, furniture can be made new again with covers, and tables can even be painted. This just leaves the task of adding new art to the space, and you are all set.

     Salt Lake Culinary Center has installed both a gallery wall and a chalk mural area to showcase local talent

    • Emerging Artists - Some of the best art is made by emerging artist. Many galleries and high-end cafes offer rotating exhibits of local talent. If you have any annual art festivals in your area these offer a great opportunity to find fantastic pieces, too. You never know; that painting by a no-name artist could end up being worth a fortune one day.

    photo wall display

    • Enlarge Your Photos - If you go through your personal pictures, you probably have some great shots of nature, sunsets, etc. You can either print them as a standard paper size and frame or have one really great one enlarged. You could also get a collage frame and make a collage with your own photos.

    love box ethanol tabletop fireplace

    • Budget-friendly Fireplace - Art does not have to be limited to paintings and sculptures. Modern fireplaces make exceptional art pieces as well, especially when they are lit. You may be surprised to learn that finding a budget-friendly fireplace is a lot easier than you probably think.

    kids craft corner

    • Craft Day with Kids - If you have seen some modern paintings and sculptures then you probably feel that your kids could easily create the same thing. Head to the craft store for supplies and have an art day. Nothing has to be perfect. Art rarely is.

    fabulous art pieces at garage sales and flea markets

    • Garage Sales - One man's trash is another man's treasure. You can often find fabulous art pieces at garage sales and flea markets.

    recycled CD wall art

    • Revise - Anything can be art, if it is presented the right way. Mount and frame old LPs or hang decorative baskets or plates on a wall in a scattered or uniformed pattern. There really is no wrong or right way to decorate. You can even hang a patterned throw blanket on a wall like a picture or drape it from the ceiling in a corner.

  • Eco-Friendly Home Décor Accessories

    Some people hear the term "eco-friendly" décor and picture dollar signs or boring pieces, or a combination of both. Eco-friendly is certainly not boring, and it does not have to cost a small fortune to accomplish either. Regardless of your taste, you will have no problem finding décor pieces that will complement your personal style.

     eco-friendly bean bag chair

    • Bean Bag Chairs - A bean bag chair is one of the most eco-friendly pieces of furniture that you can buy; this is especially true if you opt for one that is filled with recycled material. Even if your stuffing is not from a recycled source, these chairs are naturally more environmentally-friendly than traditional pieces of furniture because they last longer. This means they won't end up in a landfill sooner than necessary.

    a bio fuel fireplace creates a clean-burning fire

    • Clean Burning Fire - Anyone can appreciate the warmth and ambiance provided by a dancing flame. However, as you know there is absolutely nothing eco-friendly about a wood-burning fire. Fortunately, a bio fuel fireplace creates a clean-burning fire. These fireplaces are available in wall, tabletop, and floor varieties, so finding one to complement your space won't be difficult.

    hand-braided jute rug

    • Jute Rugs - Jute is a sustainable and incredibly versatile natural fiber harvested from crops that enrich the soil. Manufacturing jute produces minimal emissions and waste. Many assume jute is only available in a natural shade, but there are some available in colors, too.


    • Bamboo Message Board - Dry erase boards are a thing of the past. Today, you can buy dry erase boards, but just think of that plastic that is going to eventually sit in landfills. Not to mention, there is nothing attractive about a plain white board. Bamboo boards get a veneer finish that can just be wiped clean.

    Hobbit Inspired Terrarium

    • Terrariums - Living art pieces are the best way to decorate an eco-friendly space. Rather than go with plants that constantly need watering, create a few terrariums. After the first few waterings the plants live off their environment, so you use less water.

    Reclaimed Barn Wood Entry Table

    • Reclaimed Wood - Coffee tables, planters, vases, and serving dishes are just a few elements that are manufactured today using reclaimed wood.

    organic throws

    • Throw Blankets - Throw blankets serve many purposes beyond curling up under. Toss one over the back of the sofa, use one to hide a stain on the chair, fold a pile to put on display, or use a few as curtains. Of course, not all throws are eco-friendly. Organic cotton, wood, and linen are recommended choices.

  • Must Haves for a Mid-Century Modern Space

    Do you love the look of contemporary homes, but you don't even want to think about giving up some classic pieces you have? Maybe you want to create a modern look that is not quite as contemporary or simplistic as what you usually see. Why not go with a mid-century modern look? Incorporate elements popular from the 1950s and 1960s paired with today's trendiest elements for a personalized space guests will be eager to try to duplicate the look in their own home. Below are a few ideas.

     the striped rug is obviously trendy before your time but it may provide the personality you are looking for

    • Pieces Older than You - Don't be scared to pick up a chair, table, lamp, or rug that is clearly older than you. This does not include vintage pieces. Opt for something that was obviously trendy before your time, like a striped couch or borderline tacky rug. It may provide the personality you are looking for.

     mid-century modern living room with ethanol fuel fireplace

    • Ethanol Fuel Fireplace - The great thing about an ethanol fuel fireplace is that even the most modern one can complement contracting pieces in the room. Plus, a fire makes a space look and feel more inviting, which is definitely what you want in a mid-century modern room.

     mid century modern living room with mustard yellow corduroy pillow, frame, rug and stool

    • Corduroy - It's always a good idea to incorporate a variety of materials into a space to create texture. If one of the materials can be corduroy this is an added bonus. Even a small mustard yellow corduroy pillow will make a strong statement.

     mid-century sewing box

    • Sewing Box - You don't need to have a sewing machine to put a sewing box to use. Mid-century sewing boxes often have skinny legs that form a triangular shape, along with a hard top that opens. Despite their age they can look quite modern. You can hide remote controls, video games, or magazines inside, and it can double as a table for a lamp or piece of art.

     mid century modern sunburst wall clock

    • Wall Clocks - When was the last time you saw someone with an actual wall clock. Today's digital world has no need for a battery operated clock, but this is the perfect finishing touch. A contemporary sunburst one will give you the perfect blend of modern and mid-century in one.

     mid century modern pendant light in a retro ball

    • Pendant Lighting - A pendant light in a retro ball, flower pot, or single tier shape will be ideal. If you have low ceilings, you can also go with a flush mount pendant, but make sure it is not just a boring ceiling light with a glass globe, like those often found in apartments. You can also go with something in the middle that suspends just slightly from the ceiling.
  • Expensive Design Mistakes to Avoid

    Style is a personal preference, so there are not necessarily any concrete right or wrong decorating rules to follow. However, there are a few mistakes that people commonly say they wish they wouldn't have made. These are the expensive mistakes that you really kick yourself for later. Now, you may absolutely love some of these mistakes. Then again, you may be incredibly grateful for the tips, so you can avoid them.


    • Installing a Fireplace - You dream of having a warm fire to relax next to, so you have one installed. Then, you realize the smoke is triggering your child's allergies and asthma, you hate washing soot off the walls, and you are tired of dealing with wasps and mice in your woodpile. Not to mention, you have a hard time selling your home because folks today don't want something that is harmful to the environment. Do yourself a favor and buy a stylish freestanding fireplace instead. These eco-friendly options burn bio ethanol, which is odorless and smoke-free.

     Cordless Roman Shades For Kitchen Windows

    • Shutters in the Kitchen - There is no denying that plantation shutters can give a space a sophisticated vibe, and they do a great job of blocking the heat in the summer and drafts in the winter. However, many say they regret getting them in the kitchen, and end up removing them. This is the one room you really want natural light pouring in. Roman blinds are an outstanding alternative.


    • Not Properly Lining up Wallpaper - Wallpaper is definitely making a comeback, and is available in a ton of modern and refreshing patterns. Far too often folks don't take the time to really line up the pattern when they apply each piece. It may seem like being just a hair off wouldn't make a difference, but it really will, especially if there are several seams not lined up. Take an extra few minutes to do it right.

     buy furnitures based on your lifestyle not their looks

    • Buying Furniture Based on Appearance - Obviously, you have to like the way furniture looks to buy it. However, it is even more important that you buy for your lifestyle. That white sectional may be beautiful, but if you are a red wine drinker and have kids and pets you will likely regret your decision within a day. If you have a small living space and never do any entertaining, don't feel the need to cram a sofa in there you probably don't need. A loveseat or large bean bag is all you likely need, and you will have a lot more living space to enjoy, so you don't feel like you are living in cramped quarters.
  • Bedroom Decorating Trends You Will Love

    Depending on your age, you may have seen some decorating trends come and go you wish you could erase from your memory. Maybe you even loved a few of these trends until you incorporated them into your space and had a "What was I thinking?" moment. Fortunately, new bedroom decorating trends are fresh, elegant, and timeless. You won't be in a hurry to remodel or redecorate when you enjoy some of these trends in your space.

    floral wall art

    • Floral Wall Art - Your environment can have a huge psychological effect on your mental state. If you have a hard time sleeping or you are always stressed, you need soothing elements in the room that are pleasing to the eye, and calming to the brain. Flamboyant and extravagant floral art is fresh and fantasy-like. For example, a large branch of cherry blossoms over the bed or a painted retiring dandelion with seeds blowing across the wall like they encountered a gust of wind will definitely make a statement.

    calm pure simple and functional bedroom design in various shades of gray

    • Shades of Gray - Gray is really popular this year, and it has nothing to do with the movie. It works best when you incorporate a variety of gray shades into the space, you can finish the look with elements of black and white. Take this one step farther and add a few details with a bold color. Bright yellow and lime green are great options.

    a modern fireplace is perfect for the bedroom since it burns a clean fuel source and require no venting

    • Modern Fireplace - You will find you want to spend a lot more time in the bedroom when the environment is warm and relaxing. Why sit on the sofa and watch TV? You can lie on your comfortable bed while being warmed by your modern fireplace instead. Bio ethanol fireplaces burn a clean fuel source and require no venting.

    romantic bedroom chandelier

    • Romantic Chandelier - You don't need to have a significant other to appreciate the beauty a romantic chandelier can bring to a space. Boring ceiling fans with lights are out and dramatic chandeliers are in. This gives you a great opportunity to introduce a different metal to the space. Copper, brushed nickel and brass are all popular.

    danish bed

    • Danish Beds - Okay, platform beds are still very much in style, as are four-post and canopy varieties, but there is something special about the organic lines of Danish beds. The low, streamlined frame oozes of sophistication while the curved headboard brings a softness to its surrounding environment. Complement the look with an uncluttered room.


    • Moroccan Accents - The Moroccan theme has been growing in popularity the past couple years, and is officially the style to have now. Choose curtains, bedding, canvas prints, etc., with Moroccan patterns. Don't feel as though they have to match!
  • Essentials for an Urban Chic Loft

    Former factories and warehouses across the country have been converted into lofts. These are coveted pieces of property because they are generally incredibly spacious with open floorplans, and most welcome an abundance of natural light. It is also very common for there to be exposed piping, brick walls, and other industrial elements. Interestingly, all the reasons people are drawn to them are the same reasons many struggle, when it comes to decorating them. If you are stumped and searching for ideas, urban chic may be the way to go. Here are a few tips to get the look.

    there is just something about a rolling bookcase that turns the chic up a notch

    • Rolling Bookcase - Of course, you can go with stationary bookcases, but there is just something about a rolling one that turns the "chic" up a notch. Think mango wood with an iron frame! If you own the space, you could always build a mini library wall with a rolling ladder to expand on this idea.

    personal ethanol fireplace

    welded utility stool

    • Utility Stool - A welded steel utility stool can be used as a side table or an extra seat when you have people over. Of course, it can also serve the purpose of a stool.

    painting easel used to display a painting

    • Painting Easels - Lofts first became popular when artists started renting and buying them for their natural light and abundance of space. It just makes sense to use painting easels to display paintings, even if you didn't make them yourself. These are especially handy, if your walls are brick.

    console table

    • Console - You may be saying consoles are so 1970s, but there are modern ones that complement a space like this nicely. They generally have front sliding doors for plenty of storage and a hard surface that can hold a tea set, flat screen, art, or a small personal ethanol fireplace. Picture lacquered white paired with solid cast bronze legs.

    chalkboard wall

    • Graffiti Walls - Dare to be different? Get a can of chalkboard paint to cover one wall with. Buy some chalk and have fun adding graffiti to it. When you want to switch things, just erase and repeat.

    carved wood Indian mirror white on white

    • Carved Mirrors - You can add a lot of urban glam to a space with carved mirrors. Quite often you can find these at garage sales and flea markets. Sure, the finish may be peeling, but that's what a can of spray paint is for.
  • 7 Must Haves for a Romantic Home

    Whether you are planning a romantic dinner for a new love interest or you and your significant other try to make a point to actually have a sit down meal alone once a week the right environment can make a huge difference in the experience. Don't wait until Valentine's Day or a special occasion to start thinking about creating a more intimate setting.

    cozy bedroom with a small fireplace that burns bio fuel on the wall

    • Small Fireplace - This should be at the top of your list of essentials because nothing creates romance better than a dancing flame. If you traditionally eat in a dining room then you could mount a small fireplace that burns bio fuel on the wall. You could also go with a tabletop variety that you could move to whichever room you happen to be occupying. You could even carry it out to the patio to enjoy under the stars.

    French Press coffeemaker

    • French Press Coffeemaker - Why do you need a French Press coffee maker? Just because! Anything French automatically swoons of romance. Not to mention, if you have a new love in your life they are sure to be impressed by your good taste.


    • Bud Vase - No need for a large vase with an elaborate arrangement. Get a charming bud vase, and then it is more realistic to have a fresh flower all the time. If you cut them from your own garden you will be able to leave more to enjoy outside.

    luxurious bedroom in black with quality beddings and soft rug

    • Soft Textiles - Scratchy, poor quality fabrics are definitely not romantic. Who wants to get cozy under a blanket in front of the fire, if the blanket feels awful against your skin? Splurge a little extra on soft throws, decorative pillows, and bedding.

    a chandelier will create a suspended centerpiece

    • Chandelier - A chandelier is a must above the dining room table. It will create a suspended centerpiece. Ideally, the chandelier will have a dimmer, so you can create mood lighting.

     white breakfast tray with raised edges

    • Breakfast Tray - Breakfast in bed anyone? Maybe you just need a tray to hold your snacks for movie night. Either way, a breakfast tray that has raised edges will hold plates and glasses securely.

    record player

    • Record Player - Sure, you can turn on your playlist on your computer or place your iPod on a docking station, but nothing can compare to placing the needle on the record and hearing that initial scratching in anticipation of the music. There are LP stores all over. You just need to look for them.
  • 7 Guestroom Essentials

    If you have a lot of friends and family who live out of the area then your guestroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. You want to make sure those you care about and cherish spending time with feel comfortable during their stay with you. You certainly don't want them to feel as though they have to book a room at a hotel room for a decent night of rest. Below are a few essentials for your guestroom that will have them eagerly planning their next visit before they even leave.

     small tv

    Small TV - They may not feel comfortable staying in the living room watching TV when everyone goes to bed, but maybe they are used to going to sleep much later. Perhaps they have a late-night TV show they really don't want to miss. A small TV will be appreciated. You could even just put a Roku in there. Newer models have headphones that plug into the remote control.

     Manhattan Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace - Anywhere Fireplace

    Tabletop Fireplace - You may be used to the frigid temperatures of New England or Alaska, but your guests from Florida may find your "warm" home to be quite cold. A tabletop fireplace on the dresser will be appreciated. Just add a little fuel before they are ready to retire for the evening, and have it lit and waiting for them.

     small fan in the guest bedroom with awesome wood pallet headboard

    Small Fan - If you are someone who can't sleep without the sound of a fan, then you understand how important this is. It is hard enough trying to fall asleep when you are not in your own bed, but to have to listen to your own thoughts while you stare at the ceiling is pure torture.

     reading lamp

    Reading Lamp - A small reading light next to the bed is a lot nicer than a bright ceiling light above.

     DIY bedside table with books and magazines

    Books and Magazines - While on the subject of reading, you might as well have a few books and magazines handy. Those only staying overnight probably won't start a book, but someone staying for several days will have more than enough time to enjoy one.

    mini fridge

    Mini Fridge - Waking up in the middle of the night and dying for a drink of water is never fun, when you are a guest in someone's house. You know the second your foot hits the hallway and the floor creaks you will wake everyone up. Stock a very small mini fridge with a few bottles of water. Add a couple apples and a piece of dessert from earlier, too, for their late-night cravings.

    quality sheets and soft pillows are a must in a guestroom

    Quality Bedding - If your guests are taking time off work to visit you, they should feel like they are on vacation. Quality sheets that wash well and soft blankets are essential.

  • Easy and Affordable Updates for Your Home

    Whether you are doing your spring cleaning or trying to make your space a little cozier in the fall in preparation for the long winter ahead, you don't have to spend a fortune to update your look. You certainly do not have to exert a lot of energy either. You may be surprised at what a huge impact small details and changes can have on a space.

    a portable table fireplace that burn bio ethanol fuel

    • Eco Friendly Fireplace - A cozy little fireplace is just what you need in the fall and winter, but you don't have to wait to get one. There are plenty of spring nights where it is a little chilly, but you hate to turn the furnace on. Plus, if you get a tabletop eco friendly fireplace that burns bio fuel, you can carry it outside to use on your patio.

    cloth napkins in different colors

    • Cloth Napkins - Changing cloth napkins that line a candy bowl or a dish with stones, acorns, pinecones, etc., is about the easiest thing you can do to create a new look. Keep a few cloth napkins on hand in different colors and rotate them. They can be used as a mini "tablecloth" beneath art, candles, photos, etc., too.

    mirror with a ribbon

    • Ribbon - Spools of ribbon are very inexpensive at craft and fabric stores, and you can do so much with them. Make a border on your mirrors and swirl it around pole lamps and cabinet handles. You can even attach ribbon to garden stakes and put them in your plants for a colorful display.

    a rug with a bold pattern will give your space a fresh look

    • Rug - Even in a beautifully decorated space, rugs tend to be one of the first things noticed. A new rug with a bold pattern will give your space a fresh look. You can layer rugs, as well.


    • Lampshade - Believe it or not, you do not have to keep the same lampshade on your lamp that came with it 10 years ago. You can pick up a new lampshade in a different color on sale for a very good price. You can also staple fabric to the shade, if you prefer. Sometimes, just vacuuming off that old lampshade that accumulates a lot of dust can help, too.

    chalkboard with favorite quote

    • Chalkboard - A chalkboard may seem like a peculiar thing to have on this list, but you can write a new quote or inspiring phrase on it daily or weekly. Chalkboard paint and a blank space of wall is really all you need.
  • Stylish and Functional Room Divider Ideas

    If you have a very large room, sometimes the best thing you can do is turn it into two separate spaces. For some, this is the opportunity to create an office space or reading nook when an extra room is not available. For others, this means creating definition in a large studio apartment. These ideas will get you started.

    Permanent Wall

    In some cases there may already be a "half" wall that is providing a bit of definition. This is an interior wall that does not fully separate the two areas. If you have a wall, or don't mind installing one, there are a few things you can do that will be admired from either room.

    double sided bio ethanol fireplace

    • Ethanol Burning Firebox - Having an ethanol burning firebox installed in this wall will create a focal point from any angle. Not every ethanol burning firebox is viewable from both sides. You will need a double-sided one.

    large wall mounted aquarium that serves as a room divider

    • Aquarium - Here is another thing that can be installed into the wall and admired from both sides. Keep in mind that an aquarium will be a lot more work than an ethanol burning fireplace, but it is something your guests will definitely notice.

    flat screen tv that serves as a room divider

    • Flat Screen TVs - Depending on the positioning of the wall it may or may not be the perfect place for a flat screen TV on either side. All the wires can be hidden inside the wall.

    No Wall Present


    • Shelving Unit - A very large shelving unit can make a great room divider. If you need privacy in both rooms, you may want to fill the shelves with old, charming books to create an actual wall. If you are just trying to create a little definition, but are not overly concerned with privacy then these shelves can be used for art pieces and photos.

    bubble design folding screen

    • Folding Screen - It does not get much easier than just putting a freestanding folding screen there. These screens are available in a huge variety of styles, so it is not hard to find one to complement your space. The only thing to keep in mind is that they are not as sturdy as having an actual wall. If you have a high-energy dog this may not be your best option.


    • Curtain - Suspend a curtain rod from the ceiling or have the rod mounted to the wall with a ceiling support at the end. A curtain or long piece of fabric can create a perfect divider that can be easily opened and closed.

    black beaded curtains

    • Beaded Curtains - Remember those beaded curtains that were all the rage in the 70s? Well, they are back again, but in a ton of modern patterns. You can even make them, if you are feeling crafty.
  • Top Kitchen Trends for 2015

    Is this finally going to be the year you have the kitchen you have always wanted? For years you have been saying you would entertain more or be inspired to tackle new recipes, if you had the right kitchen. If you are ready to remodel, or even do a little redecorating, this list of the hottest trends in the kitchen will come in handy.

     modern kitchen in bold red colors

    • Go Bold with Color - Whether you want to paint a wall red or put a coat of bright turquoise on your cabinets, 2015 is the year of bold color. If you rent and can't make permanent changes just incorporate bright colors in your décor.

     a smokeless fireplace will create the right ambiance without the smoke, odor, or mess of wood-burning varieties

    • Wall Mount Fireplace - Everyone gathers in the kitchen, so it just makes sense to make sure it is as cozy and inviting as possible. Just imagine a friend pops by for tea. Think of the look on their face when you light the wall mount fireplace by the kitchen table. It is sure to be the topic of conservation.

     modern kitchen with industrial lighting

    • Industrial Lighting - As with other rooms in your home, lighting plays a huge role in the overall feel. It is one of the first details people notice. Industrial-style lighting is popular for 2015 in the form of rivets, wire caging, old-fashioned lightbulbs, and black, copper, brass, or stainless steel finishes.

    kitchen island with built-in seating

    • Island - If you have the room to add an island this is a must. An industrial kitchen island is one of those things you will refuse to ever be without again, after you actually have one. It does not have to be a permanent fixture though. Mobile islands are all the rage, thanks to their efficiency.

    functional kitchen drawers

    • Functional Drawers - Cabinets are no longer expected to be stationary and horizontal. If you are remodeling make the cabinet space work for you. Pull out drawers allow you to maximize every shelf since you won't have to practically climb inside to find something in the back. Vertical shelves are also convenient for storing cutting boards, tall bottles of olive oil, etc.

    ultra modern kitchen with porcelain flooring

    • Porcelain Flooring - Available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns, porcelain flooring is as durable as it is beautiful. It also happens to be a bit more budget-friendly than some other options.

    kitchen with cool and elegant backsplash

    • Colorful Backsplashes - For 2015, backsplashes are used to really kick things up a notch. If you want to cover an entire wall in colorful tile go ahead and do it. Tile brings a unique depth to a kitchen that paint simply can't.
  • Decorating Ideas for Tight Spaces

    An increasing number of people are trading in their large homes for something considerably smaller with less of a carbon footprint. A smaller home typically has less of an impact on the environment. Then, there are also some who live in highly populated areas where it is nearly impossible to find housing much bigger than a matchbox. New York City is a prime example. Whether living in a cramped quarter is your personal choice or not, you are sure to appreciate these helpful decorating ideas for small spaces.


    Flush Mounted Fireplaces

    Everyone should be able to relax next to a warm fire on a cold night. However, if you have a small home, then you may not have the table or floor space available to accommodate a fireplace. Not to mention, sometimes even mounting things on the wall poses a problem if it is positioned where people can walk into it. Flush mounted fireplaces are the perfect solution because they don't extend beyond the wall's surface.

    Space Saving Flip Down Table

    Flip Down Table

    How often do you sit at your table? If you are a busy professional, you probably grab a smoothie for breakfast and eat on the run. Why have a table taking up space? You can get one with a hinged mechanism that mounts on the wall, so you just fold it down when you want to use it. This can double as a desk, too.

    creative DIY storage solution

    Get Creative with Storage

    When you really put your mind to it, you can find slivers of available storage space even in a small home. Let cloth bags be your go-to storage solution. You can hang several on the back of bedroom and bathroom doors, and they can hold a wide variety of things.

    a pot rack frees up a considerable amount of cupboard space

    Pot Rack

    You don't have to be a master chef of have a gourmet-inspired kitchen. Hanging your pots from a ceiling rack looks like you know your way around a kitchen, and it frees up a considerable amount of cupboard space. Do you have a staircase in your home? Put shelves in there and use cloth bins and lidded plastic containers to get organized.


    Make the Most of Short Walls

    Don't let that short wall or corner sit empty. You need to make the most of every inch, so mount shelves there for books or art. A narrow wall is a great place for a wall fountain, side table, and a plant, too.

  • Easy Ways to Add a Rustic Feel to Your Space

    Even those who are generally drawn to contemporary spaces in magazines and on design shows often choose to create a rustic environment for their own personal home. Bold, elegant, and daring rooms are all going to make a lasting impression with guests, but there is just something about a rustic space that is irresistible. It is important to note that rustic does not have to mean traditional or country like some assume. When done correctly, you can easily incorporate rustic elements in a very modern environment.

    rustic indoor space with fireplace

    Start with a Fireplace

    A roaring fire is a must if you want to create a room with a welcoming and cozy feel. However, a wood-burning fire is something you want to avoid. Smoke emits countless toxins that adversely affect your health and the environment. Not to mention it smells awful. You want an odorless fire. An ethanol fireplace burns clean bio fuel made from sustainable crops that gives you an odorless fire that emits no toxins into the air. It will not compromise your health or the planet.

    glamorous rustic bedroom with exposed wood beam

    Address the Ceiling

    Something as small as adding an exposed wood beam can give you the rustic look you are longing for. You don't have to actually need a beam to have one. False construction elements make great décor pieces.



    If you are not quite sure how to decorate for a rustic theme, focus on the furniture. A few wood pieces will create a homey feel, especially if it is weathered, or at least a little aged. Wood tables don't have to be glossy and perfect. A few scratches or blemishes add character, so don't pass up that great find at the yard sale.


    Fans and Fixtures

    Chances are pretty good that you have ceiling fans in your home. Swap that modern fan for a wood one. You might want to replace that crystal chandelier with one made from naturally shed antlers, too. Even lamps can be replaced with lanterns.


    Small Details

    From wicker baskets to end grain cutting boards, there are endless things you can decorate with that will add a rustic vibe to your space. Even old suitcases or a stack of encyclopedias can be used as art. You can even get old shutters that would normally go on the outside of your house and paint and mount them by your windows inside your home.

  • Awesome Built-In Ideas for Your Living Room

    Contrary to popular belief, a focal point does not have to be made with an extravagant or abstract piece of art. Every room needs a centerpiece, but that centerpiece certainly is not required to be in the center of the room. Whether you call it a focal point, centerpiece, or anything else, this crucial element is simply serving one primary purpose; to give the eyes a place to come to rest when you enter the room. However, sometimes the focal point is also exciting enough to be the topic of conservation with every guest that visits, as well. If you want a focal point that is a little over-the-top, these built-in ideas for your living room will definitely do the trick.


    See-Through Fireplaces

    If you have an interior wall dividing your living room and dining room or dining room and kitchen, see-through fireplaces may be the perfect option for you. These eco-friendly fireplaces get installed in a wall, and their glass box allows you to look right through to the other room. They burn bio ethanol and create no smoke or toxic fumes, so they are perfectly safe.

    grey and blue book shelves


    Turning a wall into a library means you get to have fun filling all the shelves with fascinating books. Sure, everyone has a tablet these days, but an electronic device can never replace a real book. You could even add a sliding library ladder to the wall, if you want to.

    art niches

    Art Niches

    Some refer to art niches as shadow boxes. These built-in areas are designed to display art, collections, photos, and trophies. If you have track lighting, you can draw attention to these by directing the light towards the box.

    window seat

    Window Seat

    Do you have a gorgeous wall full of windows? Why not turn the entire wall into seating with a bench and super comfy cushions and pillows. It will come in handy when you entertain guests and need extra seats. The rest of the time it will serve the very important purpose of being a cat bed, especially during the time of the year when those windows welcome the most sun.

    wall mounted entertainment center

    Entertainment Center

    Have your big screen mounted into the wall, and then add shelves on the wall for the other accessories, like your cable box, DVD player, Internet modem and Wi-Fi, etc. Either that or you can use one of the shelves for your TV, if you prefer not to install anything in your wall.

  • Big Decorating Ideas for a Small Bedroom

    Sometimes, even a master bedroom does not allow for much more than a bed and dresser. That being said, some have huge bedrooms and still feel cramped and don't know how to decorate. Making a small room feel both personal and stylish can be a challenge, but it is definitely not impossible. These tips will help.


    Do You Need the Room to Appear Larger?

    Do you have plenty of room for essentials, but the space just looks small because it is full? Maybe you just need some mirrors strategically placed on the walls. The reflective nature of mirror makes a room appear larger. Perhaps you need to lighten your color palate or exchange your furniture for different pieces. Maybe you really don't need the room to look larger at all. Small spaces often feel more welcoming and comfortable.

    reduce clutter by giving everything a home

    Reduce Clutter

    You have to be extra careful about having things out of place in a smaller space because it will look cluttered and feel busy quite easily. Even a stack of movies on the nightstand and a few pair of shoes in a pile can create clutter. Give everything a home. You can "fake" this, too by having an attractive fabric bin you just toss your odds and ends in, so they are out-of-sight.

    double sided fireplace and revolving tv set

    Large Scale Items

    You do not always have to use small furniture or décor in a small room. You can use large and bold pieces, just keep them to a minimum. For example, a large platform bed with drawers under gives you extra storage space. A zero clearance fireplace is another great idea. You can install a zero clearance fireplace in an interior wall and you will have warmth and a focal point. You really don't need much art with one of these fireplaces present.


    You can add a lot of depth to a room by painting a rich, deep color on one wall. Leave the other walls a pale color, so they "fade" away. Keep in mind that yellow, red, and other warm colors close in a space while cool shades like blues, greens and light purple colors recede the eye.


    It's not always necessary to make a room appear larger. Sometimes, people want a room to seem bigger just because they think it will look better, but bigger is not always better. Don't focus on the size of the room. Address your attention to creating the feel you are looking for.

  • Quick Home Makeover Ideas

    Are you feeling a little bored with your living space lately? When you look at the same walls every day, it is quite common to become less inspired by a space that you once loved. Some people just deal with these feelings for a while until they have the extra money to do a full makeover or remodel, but this is not necessary. There are quick mini makeovers that you can do to freshen up your space, so it feels new again.

    follow the Keep, Toss, Donate system when organizing spaces

    Clear the Decor

    Sometimes, you just need to start with a (semi) fresh palette. Clear all the knickknacks, pillows, etc. out of the room and pack them all in boxes. You may want to use them again in the future, or  you could end up just donating them all. Either way, it is hard to imagine a new look when you are staring at the old one.


    Cover the Walls

    Even if you rent your place and not permitted to paint, there are still creative things you can do with the walls. Use thumbtacks to attach fabric to a wall from floor-to-ceiling, or look into removable wallpaper and adhesive decals. You can always just place shoji screens in front of a wall, too.

    Bronze Hardwired Standard Multi-Pendant Light with Clear Shade

    Change Hardware

    The quickest way to give your kitchen a facelift is to change all the hardware. Brushed nickel s very popular right now. While you are doing this you might as well address the lights, too. Swap your ceiling light in the bedroom for a chandelier and hang a few pendants over the breakfast bar. It is time to change your lamp shades, too.

    bio ethanol fireplace

    Add a Focal Point

    Every room in your house needs a focal point. If you choose the right item, you won't have to fill the room with an abundance of décor just to cover walls and shelves. One solid piece can take the place of many. This is the case with a bio ethanol fireplace. Whether it is lit or not it is going to attract a lot of attention. They are available in wall, tabletop, and freestanding varieties, so there really is one to accommodate every space.

    chevron area rug

    Add a Rug

    If you have ever seen the movie "The Big Lebowski" then you know that a good rug truly does tie a room together. Not to mention, you can cover up a stain or a high traffic worn down area until you are ready to replace it.

  • Simple Wall Decorating Ideas on a Budget

    Despite what you may have been taught to believe, you do not have to invest thousands of dollars on a piece of wall art just to make your space gossip-worthy. Decorating the walls in a home is often a dilemma with people, especially those with a smaller budget, but there are countless things you can do and buy to make it look like you spent a fortune on your décor, even though you didn't.


    Focus on Large Scale Items

    One of the biggest mistakes people make is buying numerous cheap items to fill the walls. You don't have to put something on every wall. Take that money and buy one quality thing that will become a focal point. There is such a thing as over-decorating. So, dressing every wall could make the space feel busy.

    maintenance free Quadra Bio Ethanol Wall Fireplace

    Consider a Fireplace

    A fireplace that produces clean flames is the perfect wall décor for any size room in your home. You can find these fireplaces that burn bio ethanol fuel in a variety of sizes, styles, and prices, so there is one to complement every living space. Since bio ethanol produces clean flames, you do not have to worry about smoke, odor, or toxins being emitted into the air. Not to mention, these fireplace are virtually maintenance free, which is always a bonus.


    Take Advantage of Shelves

    Shelves are also ideal for any size space. In a small room, they can double as storage, but in a large home, they give you a place to display art, photos, collections, books, etc. Do not feel as though you have to make sure every shelf is perfectly lined up with the others. Sometimes, the display that is created looks a lot more interesting, if it does not look like you tried to make it perfect.

    wall painting

    Have Fun with Paint

    There does not have to actually be something on a wall for it to attract attention. Painting a bold accent wall gives a room an instant facelift, but it does not have to stop there. Sponge paint, create stripes, or paint a mural. You can also wallpaper a wall with paper that looks like bricks, boulders, wood, etc. You may also want to consider one of the many decals that are available to buy online, as well. You can find everything from nature to meaningful quotes. If you are a renter, make sure you pick the type of decals that can be peeled away without damaging paint.

  • Green Home Design Tips

    Many years ago, if someone told you they were buying a large piece of land and having a micro-home built on it, people would probably have thought you were losing your mind. Today, you tell someone your plans and they turn green with envy before your very eyes. The newest trend is to have a living space that has the least possible impact on the environment. As exciting as it is to escape the chaos that is often associated with a large space, it can also feel a little overwhelming when it comes time to do a little decorating.

    energy efficient home design

    Choose the Right Location

    If you are having a home built, make sure that you choose the perfect location. If you plan on doing a lot of gardening maybe you want land with rich soil. Does the site offer enough wind or sun for a renewable energy source?

    If you plan on living off-grid, you may want to really think about how far you want to be from the city in case there is an emergency. Does the road get plowed in the winter or will you have to handle getting it done, if you need to go somewhere?

    Thoughtfully Choose Your Building Materials

    When you choose materials for your ceilings, floors, walls, insulation, windows, furniture, and even décor, you want to determine the answers to two questions:

    • Is the material from a local source? This may not seem like a big deal, but packaging and shipping contributes to carbon dioxide.
    • Is it sustainable? Bamboo, clay, cord wood, etc., are sustainable. If you plan on getting a maintenance free fireplace, you will be thrilled to know that bio ethanol fuel is sustainable, as well.

    Make it Energy Efficient

    When one thinks of energy efficiency, appliances are often the first things that come to mind. Well, although energy efficient appliances are a good place to start there are other considerations. Maximize insulation to control temperature in the home easier and make sure you use energy efficient windows, too. Thermal curtain can also make a huge difference. While on the topic of preservation, water-saving faucets and showerheads should be used, as well.

    Heating and Cooling Systems

    In addition to solar energy, you will also want to consider eco-friendly heat sources, such as heat pumps, straw burners, wood pellet burners, corn stoves, and maintenance-free fireplaces. For cooling, opt for convection cooling techniques, roof ponds, and condensation and fog fans.

  • Must Haves for an Industrial Kitchen

    You do not have to frequently create culinary masterpieces for large dinner parties to want to have an industrial kitchen. Besides, when your kitchen is suitable for a top chef it will naturally inspire creativity. You may find yourself suddenly wanting to tackle those challenging recipes you have had your eye on. There is no concrete list of things your space must have to offer an industrial kitchen feel, but adding a few elements on this list will help you achieve the look with a little less effort.

    fireplace-like surround above the kitchen counter

    • Faux Fireplace Surround - A hot look this expected to become quite popular in upcoming years is creating a fireplace-like surround above and on either side of your grill, flattop, etc. Choose subway tile or something similar that can easily be wiped clean.

    a smokeless fireplace will create the right ambiance without the smoke, odor, or mess of wood-burning varieties

    • Smokeless Fireplace - While on the topic of fireplaces, a wall-mounted smokeless fireplace is ideal for a kitchen. After all, this is where you probably gather with friends and relatives even if you have a dining room table. A smokeless fireplace will create the right ambiance without the smoke, odor, or mess of wood-burning varieties.


    • Island - An island is definitely essential and it should be big enough to be functional. A large island that can welcome bar stools will become your gathering place. You may want to consider having your flattop and/or sink right on the island, depending on how large is. Slate and marble are warm and inviting, and add a certain level of charm to a space, or you can stick with stainless steel for a true industrial look. Stainless steel and wood paired together is a combination that has become quite popular. Do not forget to hang pendant lights above your breakfast bar, too.

    see-through refrigerator

    • See-through Refrigerator - If you are still nervous about removing cupboard doors and exposing the mess to everyone, then you may struggle to jump onboard the see-through refrigerator idea. You will definitely want to stock up on some nice glass Pyrex containers to be on display.

    kitchen design with industrial concept with natural wooden cabinets and indoor plants

    • Plants - Plants are often overlooked in the kitchen, which is unfortunate, because this is one of the best places for them. Plants symbolize life and freshness and colorful blooms will wake your kitchen up. Not to mention, some types of plants do a great job at removing odor and cleaning the air. So, when you burn something, and your fire alarm goes off, the plants will do a great job of getting the air quality back to normal.
  • Mistakes Most Often Made Decorating a Home Office

    You would think that individuals who work at home or simply use their home office a lot would put a great deal of thought into decorating this space. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. For the most part, folks tend to do the bare minimum to this room because it's the room least likely to be seen by guests. If this sounds like you then you simply are not realizing your self-worth. It doesn't matter if you are the only person to see it; you are the only one who matters. Below are a few mistakes you want to avoid when decorating this room.

     put the desk in a control position, so your back is to a wall and you can see everything going on around you

    Placing the Desk at a Wall

    One of the most common mistakes made is with desk placement. Is it really inspiring or motivating to look up from your work and see a wall? Not to mention, according to Feng Shui practitioners, you don't want your back facing a door either. Put the desk in a control position, so your back is to a wall and you can see everything going on around you.


    gorgeous home office with desk lamp

    Not Using a Lamp

    Overhead ceiling lights are the worst lighting option for a home office. Sure, it lights the entire room, but you may still be straining to read documents in front of you. A desk lamp is the best option because you can target the light's placement.


    Villa Wall Mount or Recessed Bio Ethanol Fireplace

    Using a Space Heater

    You are probably thinking that you will freeze without your little heater under the desk. Well, if you are someone who always has icicle toes then by all means keep using the space heater, but also add a more exciting heating element. Fireplaces that use bio ethanol are ideal for offices. They are relaxing and generate a fair amount of heat. Fireplaces that use bio ethanol make you look forward to going into your office every day.


    a table fountain will help moisturize the air around

    Not Moisturizing the Air

    You spend hours in this room every day, so the air you are surrounded with and breathing in should not be bone dry. This makes the space uncomfortable and leaves you with dry skin, chapped lips, brittle nails, and dull hair. A small fountain will make a huge difference in your comfort level.


    use colors that motivate you

    Sticking with White Walls

    You would think there must be a rule somewhere that says you have to stick with white walls because people seem to be terrified to use a paintbrush in this room. Certain colors can be very motivating. Yellow and orange can make you happy, blue inspires creativity, and soft green shades are very soothing. Of course, you can always use that one color you absolutely love, but doesn't match the rest of your living space. No one sees this room anyway, so who cares of it complements the rest of the home?

  • Tips for Creating the Coziest Living Room Possible

    Have you ever visited someone's home for the first time, and couldn't wait to leave? They were a great host. They offered fabulous appetizers and had a fantastic bottle of wine, but there was just something about the home that made you feel uncomfortable. If you have been in this situation then you have probably also went home and gave your own living space a good long look. Is that how people feel visiting you? If you want to create a living room that is so cozy folks won't want to leave, consider including these elements in the space.


    floor fireplace that burns bio ethanol fuel

    Floor Fireplace

    You will have a hard time finding a single person who doesn't love curling up next to a warm fire. You don't need to have a wood-burning fireplace to create this inviting and comforting ambiance though. A floor fireplace that burns bio ethanol fuel is a much better option. This type of floor fireplace won't create smoke or demand to be fussed over every 30 minutes with a poker either.


    faux fur blanket, shaggy rug, and medley of velvet pillows

    Mix-and-Match Materials

    A faux fur blanket, shaggy rug, and medley of velvet and bamboo pillows are things that are soothing to touch. If you are leaning against a blanket on the back of the sofa that scratches your neck every time you move, you are not going to want to sit there very long, are you? This is how your guests feel. Now, imaging you are sitting on the same sofa with a soft pillow next to you and a faux fur throw behind you. You'll never want to get up.



    Create Candle Clusters

    You don't have to actually light candles to put them to good use. You can find pillar candles in different sizes and colors on clearance all the time. Put them in small clusters. Simply looking at them creates a warm, familiar feeling.


    using books as art pieces

    Decorate with Books

    As the population has shifted to electronic readers the charm of old books isn't appreciated as much anymore. Rather than having contemporary art pieces on your bookshelves, consider replacing some elements with books. You can often buy hardcover books for less than $1 at flea markets and yard sales. Old encyclopedias add an unexpected charm, and they can help mix things up, in terms of size.


    pillows on top of pillows to create a look of beautiful mess

    Mess the Pillows

    Pile on the pillows. Add pillows on top of pillows. Just don't take the time to make them perfect. This makes people wonder if they should even move one out-of-the-way to sit down. Leave them a little messy, and they look like they are waiting for someone to put them to good use.

  • Easy Ways to Make Your Living Space More Current

    If you look around your home, and feel as though it would be the perfect place to film an episode of "The Brady Bunch," then maybe it is time for a little updating. Don't worry; you don't have to get rid of that old sofa and décor though, unless you want to. The eclectic look is very in style right now. You can add a few modern elements to your space that will make it look a little more current without sacrificing its unique personality that has been created through the years with all your old treasures.

     decide what to keep

    Decide What to Keep

    If you are going to add a few new pieces then you might need to get rid of a few, too. However, if you have a really large home maybe you can just add a shelving unit or another piece of furniture. Otherwise, you are probably going to need to decide what you are willing to part with.

     furniture covers on that old furniture to cover the paisley design or stains

    Furniture Covers

    Maybe all your home needs is furniture covers on that old furniture to cover the paisley design or stains. There is no point buying new furniture, if the stuff you have still has some life in it. Furniture covers are an easy fix.


    Modern Freestanding Fireplace

    Adding a modern freestanding fireplace to your home will definitely get across the look you are going for. Then, décor pieces really look spectacular on an angle in a corner. Nearly everyone has an empty corner they stare at day-after-day trying to decide what to put there. A modern freestanding fireplace that burns bio ethanol fuel will turn that eyesore corner into the room's focal point.

     interesting track lighting

    Upgrade Lighting

    Now is the time to hang pendant lights over the breakfast bar, switch the chandelier in the dining room and buy new lamp shades. If you really want to draw attention to certain décor pieces, install track lighting to shine on these elements.


    Art Fountain

    Fountains are pretty timeless elements. So, if you already have one, you certainly do not need to replace it, but you can just expand your collection. If you don't have one this is your chance to get something no one you know has. Art fountains combine art with a water element for a unique and soothing display. A lot of people don't even know they exist, so the one you have is sure to be the topic of conversation at your next gathering.

  • 4 Essentials for Decorating Your First Apartment on a Budget

    There are few things more exciting than moving into your first apartment. Just the idea of having your own space where no one can tell you what to do or eat your leftovers you purposely hid in the back of the fridge is enough to look forward to. Of course, it also means that you are starting from scratch. You have an entire apartment to decorate, and if you are like most, you probably have limited funds.

    The most important thing to know is that you don't have to max your credit cards trying to buy everything right away. Get your essentials and then buy something new every couple weeks. Besides, you don't want to make rush decisions, so take your time and watch for sales.

     select light paint colors for small room and same color on roof, ceiling and floor make this more spacious.

    • Paint - If you are moving into an apartment property, you probably will not be able to paint. Don't even think about painting without asking. However, if you are moving into a private rental, duplex, loft, etc., the landlord may have no problem with you changing the wall color. Paint is cheap and it makes a dramatic difference. Besides, you can use the leftover to paint old furniture pieces you find at yard sales.

    nothing creates ambiance better than a warm dancing flame of a tabletop fireplace

    • Tabletop Fireplace - You may be quite surprised at how affordable these functional and beneficial art pieces are. You probably do not have the funds to splurge on an expensive piece of art yet, but you need a focal point. A tabletop fireplace will serve this purpose whether it is lit or not. Plus, it will bring a level of sophistication to the space.

    inexpensive treasured gems that can be found in a flea market

    • Hit the Flea Markets - If you can manage to get out of bed bright and early on a weekend morning and hit a flea market you will be able to get a lot of stuff without spending a fortune. The early bird certainly gets the worm at these places. If you wait until noon all the inexpensive treasured gems have been scooped up. Keep an open mind, too. Those hideous pillows can be covered with fabric and that scratched up table can be sanded and painted, or even wallpapered.

    Mixing elements is much more desirable and it allows you to take advantage of those one-of-a-kind sales while giving your space personality


    • Don't Insist on Matching - You don't have to spend your whole paycheck on a matching sofa and chair or dining room table and chairs. Mixing elements is much more desirable and it allows you to take advantage of those one-of-a-kind sales. Besides, this gives a space a lot more personality.

  • Creating the Ultimate Bar Area in Your Home

    For years, you have been talking about having a home with a bar. You would be the place where everyone wants to watch the big game or gather around holidays. So, now you have either bought a new home with a bar that needs decorating or you are finally ready to start remodeling the basement to add one. Either way, you may need a little help when you start decorating and stocking it. This last of must-haves will help.

     cool expandable wooden home bar cabinet set

    • Keep Liquor Safe - If you have children in the home, you will definitely want some sort of locking cabinet to hold the liquor bottles. It is also crucial that you protect the liquor from long periods of exposure to sunlight. Obviously, if the bar is in the basement the sun's rays won't be a concern. However, if you are building a bar in a sunroom, enclosed porch, or summer kitchen, you will need tinted glass or something along these lines to protect the liquor.

    elegant home bar with a modern fireplace

    • Smokeless Fire - Regardless if you are gathering with friends, entertaining family, or having a date night at home, a fire can set the right mood. You don't need to burn wood and spend all your time poking at an inconsistent fire though. A smokeless fire from a bio fuel fireplace is just what you need. Bio ethanol burns clean and consistent, and doesn't create smoke or emit toxins in the air.

    reusable ice cubes

    • Reusable Ice - Why deal with ice that water down your perfectly crafted cocktails? By the time you shake that martini to the desired temperature it is water logged. Reusable ice cubes are the perfect solution. They are a fun conversation piece, too.

    comfortable high-backed stool for a home bar

    • Comfortable Chairs - It can be tempting to just buy stools with no back, but if you have ever sat on one of these for an extended period of time, then you know firsthand how uncomfortable they are. Spend a little extra on high-backed stool. You'll be grateful for the support, as will your guests.

    Ohio sports theme bar by Deon Brugmann

    • Consider a Theme - You don't have to decorate your bar with a theme, but it is fun to do. Plus, if the bar is in the basement or an area not connected to the main part of the house, you don't have to worry about a matching. If you are a sports fanatic, create a sport- or team-inspired bar. Great Gatsby or a vintage theme can be fun, too.home bar essentials


    • Buy Essentials - Aside from your reusable ice cubes, you are going to need short, tall, stem, and shot glasses. If you plan on making a lot of margaritas or sangrias, you may want appropriate glasses for these drinks, as well. You might also want to get cocktail shakers, bar spoons, straws, muddlers, and jiggers. You will also want simple syrup, tonic water, lime soda, and juices for mixers.

  • 8 Creative Things to Do with a Fireplace You Don't Use

    If you have a fireplace in your house, and you don't use it, it is probably either because you are concerned about polluting the environment or you are avoiding the health problems associated with a wood-burning fire. Maybe the fireplace simply can't be used because it needs repairs. Whatever the case is, there is no reason why it can't continue to be the centerpiece of your home, as it should be. Below are some creative ways to put it to good use.

     ethanol burners

    • Ethanol Burners - Do you miss curling up next to a warm fire on a cold night? Thanks to ethanol burners, you still can. These get placed right inside your clean fireplace. They don't create smoke, so there is no harm to the environment, and they don't compromise your health. Plus, they require no venting, so even a broken fireplace can accommodate one.

     a great way to repurpose an old, out-of-commission fireplace is to turn it into a unique bookcase

    • Bookshelves - If you are handy with a hammer and nails, you can get some wood and create shelving. You can put a piece of wood directly behind the shelves and wallpaper it with a unique pattern for an interesting display.

     potted ferns inside and around a non working fireplace to add dramatic interest and style to your home décor

    • Plants - Fill the area with potted plants. You will just need to make sure you choose plants that prefer shade, if they are going inside.

     old non working fireplace with wood logs

    • Wood Logs - Sometimes, the element most missed is the pile of logs. Get a bunch of logs in different sizes and pack them in there with the cut edge facing out towards the room.


    • Holiday Display - Do you really get into decorating for every holiday? This space can be used as a holiday display. If you have kids this can be a fun craft project to do together every time a new holiday is approaching. You can also change the display according to season.

     if you have a vintage or Victorian theme in your home the space might be perfect to showcase some antiques

    • Antiques - If you have a vintage or Victorian theme in your home the space might be perfect to showcase some antiques. A stack of old suitcases or a bunch of frames and mirrors placed kiddie-corner might be perfect.

     dramatic fireplace filler

    • Pillar Candles - Create a tower out of pillar candles. You probably will not ever light this unless you want to deal with one giant glob of wax, but it will still look pretty cool.

     an old fireplace used as a pet house or bed

    • Pet Bed - If you have a cat or a smaller dog, you can turn that unused space into a bed. Clean it out really well, and add a bed and blanket. You can even create a little curtain, so they have more of a den-like environment.
  • Ensuring Your Home Makes a Positive First Impression

    Whether you are meeting your future in-laws for the first time or having your boss and their spouse over for dinner, you may be feeling a little more anxious and stressed than you thought you would be. You are a fabulous cook, and you are preparing a dish you can make in your sleep, so the food is not causing the stress. It's your environment. You know how important it is to make the right first impression, but maybe you are just not sure what message your home is sending. After all, there is a fine line between elegant and stuffy.

     78.5 Wide One-Sided Ethanol Burning Firebox3

    A Cozy Fire

    Nothing screams, "Welcome!" like a warm fire. It is a feature that can complement any space with any color scheme or theme. That being said, even if you have a wood-burning fireplace, you probably don't want to send the message that you don't care about the environment or your health. Bio fuel wall-mounted fireplaces are perfect. Since bio fuel wall-mounted fireplaces are environmentally-friendly and create no smoke, they can be put in any room in your home. Also, since they are mounted at eye level, they create the strong focal point that every home needs.

     make sure your home is clean but not sterile

    Clean the Clutter

    Having your future mother-in-law trip over a pile of shoes after walking through the door is not how you want to start this relationship. Make sure your home is clean, but not sterile. You want people to feel invited and comfortable, not scared to touch anything or sit on the furniture.

    welcome your guest with a unique Enter Key Door Mat

    Spruce Up the Outside

    Visitors to your home judge you long before they get in the door. You might as well "wow" them early, so they are prepared for a positive experience. A thoughtful welcome mat is important. It can have a funny quote or pretty picture; just make sure it's an extension of your personality, not what you think others expect to see. Solar lights, wind chimes, potted plants, and even a gnome can all give your space personality.

     a combination bench and storage piece transforms this entryway into a handy mudroom that keeps daily clutter out of the living spaces

    Welcoming Entryway

    Now that they got past the door, the real judging begins. This is when their eyes being scanning in circles, taking in every detail. The entryway is where they make the split second decision whether they like your home or not. A coat rack, rug, and mirror are all essential here. If you have the space, a chair is a nice addition, so they have somewhere to sit and remove their shoes or put them back on later.

  • Feng Shui: 5 Tips for Beginners

    Many years ago, you probably heard people beginning to talk about Feng Shui, but you didn’t pay much attention because you assumed it was a fad that would soon pass. Now most people you know swear by the benefits, so you are finally ready to give it a try. The problem is that you are totally out of the loop, and you might not want to seek advice from a friend, so you don't have to hear the dreaded "I told you so!" Well, there are a lot of layers to Feng Shui, so don't expect to learn everything in a day. Getting started is the hardest step, but these five tips will at least get you prepared and put you in a good position to move forward with your decorating.

     Feng Shui 5 Tips for Beginners

    Open Your Mind

    You can't begin the decorating process, if you are still thinking that Feng Shui is some fad. You need to go into the process with an open mind. Everything is made of energy. You are the ruler of this energy in your home. You need to be able to identify and relate to it, so you can ensure the energy is working for you and not against you.


    Identify Your Intentions

    Why are you incorporating Feng Shui into your home? Are you just doing it because everyone else is? If so, you may have a hard time connecting with your space. Maybe you are feeling sluggish or having trouble sleeping lately. Perhaps you are looking to invite wealth and success. Your intentions will play a role in the process, so be true to yourself.


    Get Rid of Things

    This is often the hardest step. You want to get rid of things you don't need that are just adding to the clutter. You also want to get rid of things that pollute the environment or create too much negative energy. For example, a ton of electronics in the bedroom could be creating the busy feeling that is preventing your mind from resting. Do you have a wood-burning fireplace? Toxic smoke has no place in a Feng Shui environment. You can enjoy a clean fire instead. Bio ethanol burners and fireplaces create clean fire. They can be enjoyed in any room in your home because they need no venting.


    Clean and Organize

    Now that you have removed the clutter, it is time to start with a clean slate, literally. Dust, dirt, and disorganization can negatively influence chi. No need to wait till spring to do a deep cleaning. Now is a good time!


    Transition Journal

    Some people jump in and try to make major adjustments to an entire home. Feng Shui should be applied slowly, so you can determine if an action is working for you. If you redo your entire room and end up feeling lost, you have no way of knowing which element may be causing the problem. Keeping a transition journal can be quite helpful. Adjust the area where you spend most of your time first, and then move on with other areas of your home.

  • 6 Vintage and Modern Elements that Coexist Nicely

    Gone is the day when you had to choose a specific theme for a room you were decorating and stick with it. Today's style is all about personalization. So, if all this time you have felt like you have been forced to choose between modern and vintage, you don't have to anymore. There are many elements from two eras that coexist beautifully in a space together.

    elements from two eras that coexist beautifully in a space together

    • Bio Fuel Wall Fireplaces - These are some of the most contemporary pieces of décor you can put in a space yet they look fantastic next to charming aged elements. Bio fuel wall fireplaces burn an eco-friendly fuel source that does not create smoke, smell, or fumes, so it's safe to use in virtually any room in your house.


    lighting can be used to balance a space

    • Chandelier vs Pendant - Lighting can be used to balance a space. If your room is mostly modern, but you want more vintage elements, opt for a wrought iron chandelier. If you need a modern piece to offset all the cottage charm, then shop for a contemporary pendant, or cluster several small pendants together.


    wall fountain

    • Water Fountains - Here is another balancing piece of art that can go both ways. You can buy a black spider marble wall fountain that offers an extremely contemporary look or you can choose one that looks a little dated. Copper and slate together play it safe, striking a balance in the middle.


    dining room with Loire dining table, ghost chair and antique mirors

    • Mirrors - A mirror is the best friend of any interior decorator because of its versatility. However, if you are going to use mirror in a room like this, make sure it represents on era of the other. A plain mirror will do nothing for the space. Frame it with old window shutters to date it or add modern elements to make a plain mirror more current.


    mixing furniture from different eras can really create a unique space

    • Mismatched Furniture - Mixing furniture from different eras can really create a unique space. A raw wood 19th century carpenter's workbench can be used as a console table, an old weathered rocking chair complements a large bean bag chair, and aged wrought iron tables can be made modern with a glass top.


    little elements can add finishing details to a space

    • Other - Wicker baskets can be used a variety of ways, including being painted and mounted as art. Architectural elements, such as pine ceiling rafters, columns, and antique molding can add finishing details to a space. You can even take old scroll molding and fasten it to floating shelves or shelving units. Be sure to also welcome a variety of fabrics. Velvet and linen or wool and silk are a few examples of contrasting textiles.
  • Tips for Creating a Gothic Bedroom

    Many years ago the word "gothic" became associated with people who went out-of-the-way to have pale skin, which provided a perfect contrast to their black wardrobe. Gothic began to take on a meaning that was dark and even creepy. This is no longer the case. A gothic theme is now being appreciated for how mysterious, beautiful, and enchanting it can be. Can it still be dark and scary? Absolutely! If that's the look you are going for then take some of these tips and put them to use. If you want a dark Victorian theme, these tips will help you, too.

     awesome gothic bedroom

    Clean and Declutter

    A gothic theme can turn into a hot mess, if the space is dirty and/or cluttered. This may be a good time to finish filling that donation box you have been meaning to drop off at Goodwill.

     purple accent in a gothic bedroom

    Pick Your Color Palette

    Although gothic is typically associated with black, you are not restricted to this one color. Maybe you want to add royal blue and silver accents. A deep purple shade with black accents can pull off the look well, too. You could also create a fantasy-like room with silver walls and whimsical but slightly dark elements.

     stylish impressive gothic bedroom design

    Add Bedding

    The bedding you choose will obviously be influenced by your color palette. Many prefer to stick with black because it is simple, and it will match any décor pieces added. However, black doesn't have to be two-dimensional. Velvet, silk, and lace are nice to mix together. Maybe you even want to do a colored comforter, and add black lace over it. Hanging sheers from a canopy above the bed is a must.


    Consider New Furniture

    You certainly do not have to buy new furniture, but if you are in the market anyway, maybe you want to look at a black wrought iron bed. Alternately, you can go with white Victorian pieces with excessive ornamentation, too. Four poster beds are perfect, as well.


    Add Décor

    Antique shops and oriental stores are often the best places to find things like metallic frames, candle stands, large mirrors, and unusual statues. A bio ethanol fireplace is a must for the room. The glow of the flame will cast a shadow on the walls for the perfect finishing touch. Plus, if you choose a black one it will fit right in with the rest of your décor. You can buy a bio ethanol fireplace in a freestanding, tabletop, or wall-mounted variety, so finding one to complement your current décor won't be difficult.


    Colored candles look great in metal candle holders. Go ahead and splurge on them. As long as you have a bio ethanol fireplace, you won't be tempted to light them, so they will just act as décor.

  • 7 Must Have Ecofriendly Home Accessories

    You want a stylish and comfortable home, but you also want to be kind to the environment. Well, years ago, you may have had to make a decision and choose style "or" the environment, but today you certainly don't have to. Designers and manufacturers are focusing on ecofriendly accessories for the environmentally-conscious consumer. Whether you consider yourself a true environmentalist or you are just starting to take steps to reduce your carbon footprint, this list of must-haves will come in handy!

    • Ecofriendly Fireplace - Is it even possible that you can really have a safe fire? You know how toxic wood-burning fires are, but you still miss the comfort and ambiance of a dancing flame. Now, you have a solution, an ecofriendly fireplace that burns bio ethanol won't create smoke or emit toxins. It's warm, cozy, and maintenance-free.

    warm, cozy, and maintenance-free fire

    • Natural Bamboo Screen - Add serenity to a reading nook or provide a studio apartment with a bit of separation with a natural bamboo screen. Make sure it is made from pesticide-free plants. Some are even flexible to create any shape you want.


    • Reclaimed Wood - It is fine to have a wood table, chest, cabinet, desk, etc., as long as it is reclaimed wood. Even places like the Pottery Barn are making these pieces. You can also have a local artist custom make something for you.

    reclaimed wood kitchen island using rectangular clear glass top table

    • Recycled Fabric - Everything gets reused today. Old sheets can be transformed into café curtains. Old blankets or sweatshirts can get sewn into pillow coverings, pet bedding, and even fabric gift bags (even though this is not a home accessory).

    recycled fabric

    • Chandelier - Chandeliers are once again a hot option for lighting, but it is no longer cool to buy a new one made of shiny crystal. A chandelier crafted from recycled encyclopedia pages, silverware, and other reused items are lighting options that are attracting all the attention.

    wooden chandelier with metal flatware

    • Recycled Seatbelt Cushions - Finally, all those seatbelts that would simply sit, rotting in landfills are being put to good use. Weaved cushions give you an extra seating option.

    recycled seatbelt cushions

    • Natural Elements - An old bowl or basket can make a brilliant piece of art by simply filling it with rocks, pinecones, driftwood, seashells, and other natural elements. Even fruit can make a nice centerpiece, and in the autumn you certainly can't go wrong with using pumpkins and gourds as art. Leave them as-is, or paint them.

    an old basket can make a brilliant piece of art by simply filling it with pinecones

  • Essentials for an Industrial Bistro Kitchen

    There is no denying that the industrial bistro-style look is very hot in kitchens right now. You might not even ever cook, but you are confident you will be inspired to at least tackle a recipe or two in this type of trendy and totally sophisticated environment. So, if you are ready to start the remodel, here are a few tips to help you create the look you are after.

    industrial bistro kitchen with an island

    Floor Plan

    If you are doing a full remodel then you have the opportunity to create the perfect floor plan. It needs to be functional. You absolutely need an island, and if there is a sink on the island this is a definite bonus. The island is where friends and family will likely gather around,, so make it functional, and hopefully big enough for a few chairs.

    for a true industrial look, stick with gray-on-gray, with chrome and black accents

    Color Palette

    You can go with a lot of different looks, but for a true industrial look, stick with gray-on-gray, with chrome and black accents. Rotate between shiny metal and muted black chairs and add wrought iron pendant lights over the island. It should look durable and tough with a flirtation of pizazz and sophistication. The look says you are ready to work, but you have time to enjoy your surroundings. Limestone flooring, nickel-plated cabinetry handles, marble counters, and ceramic tile backsplash are a few other elements to consider.

    excalibur dehydrator


    An industrial kitchen demands high-end, high-performance, and efficient appliances. This does not only include the fridge, range, and oven either. A Mushiki or Japanese Seiro steamer, Vitamix, Excalibur dehydrator, and cappuccino machine are a few other ideas.

    cooking utensils

    Cooking Utensils

    A chef is only as good as his utensils. Splurge on some of these items and folks will actually believe you know what you are doing in there. A screwpull corkscrew, cherry pitter, microplane grater, digital thermometer, hygienic cutting boards, and quality knives are a few things you will need.

    ethanol wall fireplaces

    Add the Décor

    Choosing the décor in an industrial-style kitchen needs to be done carefully. The wrong elements will take away from the look you are trying to achieve and some will simply look out of place. Ethanol wall fireplaces should be at the top of your shopping list. They are modern and sophisticated yet warm and inviting. Plus, ethanol wall fireplaces create no smoke or smell, so no venting is needed. Keep your centerpiece simple. A stainless steel bowl with fresh fruit is ideal. If you want, you can add a splash of color with fabric napkins. Yellow and tangerine are both popular with a gray-on-gray color pallet. Or, you can opt for a rich wine or deep plum shade for a completely different look.

  • Easy Ways to Add Cottage Charm to a Modern Space

    Just because you happen to live in a newer home with modern amenities does not mean that you can't warm your living space with a little cottage charm. You do not necessarily need to decorate with a rustic theme to pull this off either. There are just certain cottage-inspired elements that naturally have a way of making a space warm and inviting.

    the last thing you expect to see in a modern space is an old vintage light

    • Chandeliers - Sometimes a contemporary space just needs a vintage chandelier to become a lot more interesting. You probably have some type of gorgeous pendant lighting that looks great, but it is totally expected. The last thing you expect to see in a modern space is an old vintage light.


    using a window shutter as a table runner

    • Shutters - Old shutters can serve a few purposes inside your home. First, you could actually attach them to the walls to make them functional inside. This is a lot less predictable than modern window treatments. You can also use them as a frame around a mirror or picture, or place several next to one another to create a charming headboard for your bed.


    bio fuel fireplaces give you the ambiance you are looking for without the threat to your health or the environment

    • Bio Fuel Fireplaces - The warmth and comfort of a roaring fire does have a place in a modern home, only it is safer and more sophisticated. Bio fuel fireplaces are available in freestanding, wall, and tabletop varieties. They give you the ambiance you are looking for without the threat to your health or the environment.


    decorative column

    • Columns - A column does not have to actually serve a structural support to be appreciated in a room. You can install one just for show. This is something that you will probably need to have made. If you prefer, you could also go with wood rafters instead. In this case, pine is very popular.


    repurposed grain bin

    • Grain Bin - You may not be old enough to remember grain bins from old general stores, but if you can find one or have one made it will certainly attract a lot of attention. You don't have to actually store grains in it. Pasta, candy, dried beans, and a long list of other things can be stored in them. You may just want to fill the bins with something that matches the space.


    set the inviting tone before guests even enter your home with plants and flowers

    • Outside Elements - You can set the inviting tone before guests even enter your home. Paint the front door a pretty color, plant rows of boxwood shrubs, and line your walkways with solar lanterns.
  • Tips for Creating a Cozy White Condo

    So, you found a condo you can actually rent for a decent price on a coveted building. The only catch is that the owner does not want you to paint. The home is all white, and he is even including white high back chairs for the breakfast bar. How are you going to make this space appear and feel a lot cozier? Well, believe it or not, plenty of people have a predominately white color palette (including furniture), and still manage to create a space that is warm and inviting. Although white is often considered cold and disconnected, folks are proving this color (or lack of) actually has a lot to offer.

    the  easiest way to bring warmth to a space is to add a modern fireplace

    • Modern Fireplace - The easiest way to bring warmth to a space (literally) is with a modern fireplace. It is not just the heat that changes the feel of the room though. The dancing flame of a modern fireplace is inviting and comforting, just like old wood-burning fireplaces only without all the health hazards and safety risks. You can buy a modern fireplace that stands on the ground, mounts on a wall, or sits on a table.


    modern white room

    • Make the Most of the White - Some people choose to use a color palette that is bold or bright in an attempt to mask some of the "whiteness." This is totally fine! However, you should not feel as though this is your only option. You can actually stick with white furniture, shelving, etc., and just add depth by incorporating in cream, light gray, and other extremely light colors. You can get plenty of definition from a light or muted palette.


    a show-stopping modern fireplace that can actually work as a focal point

    • Have a Focal Point - Focal points are important in all spaces, but they are an absolute must in all-white spaces. Otherwise, your eyes will just get lost in a sea of white. A show-stopping modern fireplace can actually work as a focal point. A large wall or freestanding water feature is another great option.


    ventless fireplace idea plus simple metal wall decoration hanging on plain white wall

    • Decorate with Metal - A little metal can go a long way in a white space. Brushed nickel fixtures in the kitchen, a wrought iron chandelier or table, or a copper piece of art can completely change the dynamics of this type of room.


    Oversized Fabric Garland Chandelier

    • Have Fun with Fabric - If you really just can't find your happy place in a white room and you can't paint the walls, get creative with fabric instead. You can actually cover an entire wall in strips of fabric using thumbtacks that will barely leave marks. If that is a little too bold for you, use strips of fabric to create a border instead.
  • 6 Guestroom Essentials

    If your home is always welcome to both expected and unexpected guests, then your guestroom is probably filled more than it is empty. You want everyone who stays in your home to feel comfortable and you certainly won't mind if you hear that they told other folks just how cozy your guestroom is. If you want a room that will have friends and family planning their next visit before they even leave make sure you have the following essentials.


    • Super Comfy Bed - Okay, you don't have to spend a small fortune on the bed, but guests shouldn't wake up with a backache either. You can actually buy a decent memory foam mattress at a pretty affordable price. If you have an old hand-me-down bed, just use that and buy a mattress topper.

    quality bedding

    • Textiles - If you wouldn't sleep on scratchy cheap sheets don't expect your guests to be thrilled about it. Quality bedding in this room will last a really long time unless your guestroom is getting used every day. You may also want to make sure you wash bedding with a detergent free of fragrance and coloring in case you have guests with sensitive skin.


    inviting and cozy guest bedroom

    • Seating - A chair is essential. They may only use it to lay their suit across or put their purse on, but at least it is there.


    impressive guest bedroom with wall mounted TV

    • Entertainment - Even in a comfy bed and in a house you are somewhat familiar with it can be hard to fall asleep somewhere other than your own home. A small TV or DVD player with headphones would be a nice touch. Have a diverse stack of movies to choose from, too. Books, magazines, crossword and Sudoku books (don't forget pencils), and even a Rubik's Cube are great things to add to this room.


    Manhattan Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace - Anywhere Fireplace

    • Safe Fireplace - Whether the room is a little cold for their liking or if they simply want to create a relaxing environment, they are sure to appreciate being able to light a safe fireplace. Make sure it is filled with fuel and leave a little notecard with lighting and extinguishing instructions nearby. This is something they will definitely be talking about.


    wall fountain

    • Water Fountain - You may not think to add a water feature to a guest room, but the soothing sound will help your guests relax. Plus, strange homes make strange noises that can keep you up all night. This includes outside noises, too. A water fountain will create a sound barrier so traffic, trains, creaking floors, etc., aren't so noticeable.
  • 6 Environmentally Friendly Finds for Your Bedroom

    Until you actually surround yourself in an environment fully of eco-friendly items, you can't appreciate how good it feels to know you are making a huge difference. You probably already have Energy Star appliances and energy efficient lighting throughout most of your home, but what about your bedroom? Do you look around and see inspiring pieces that are kind to the planet before you go to sleep? if not, you will love this list of must-haves for your bedroom.

    platform bed made of reclaimed wood

    • Haiku Designs Platform Bed - If you are not in the market don't feel as though you have to buy a new bed. You certainly do not want that mattress ending up in a handful prematurely. If you do buy a new one, find someone who can use the old bed or donate it. If you are going to buy a platform bed anyway, Haiku Designs make luxurious ones from wood harvested from managed forests. All glues and paints are nontoxic, too. Be prepared to reach deep in your pockets for a bed from this Italian company though. The good news is you can find more affordable ones made of reclaimed wood.


    bio ethanol fireplace

    • Bio Ethanol Floor Fireplace - There is nothing more relaxing and comforting than a warm fire. Of course, you know that burning wood is bad news for your health and the environment. Fortunately, you can buy a bio ethanol floor fireplace and enjoy a smoke-free, odor-free, and maintenance-free fire.


    Natural Comforter

    • Natural Comforter - Skip the pesticide-ridden cotton or cruel down-filled comforter. Natural comforters look and feel gorgeous and you won't be compromising your health every time you go to bed. Choose one made from cotton that is undyed and grown without pesticides, chemicals, and synthetic fertilizers. There are even super warm ones with filling made from plastic bottles.


    jute rug

    • Jute Rug - If you want a stylish rug, choose one made from jute, which is a renewable natural fiber that grows super-fast.


    unbelievably soft bamboo sheets

    • Bamboo Sheets - Not only is bamboo one of the fastest growing plants on the planet; it's also generally grown in a pesticide-free environment due to its resistant properties. Sheets made from organic bamboo are super soft and incredibly durable.


    soy candles

    • Soy Candles - A bio ethanol floor fireplace will create ambiance, so you don't need candles, but sometimes it is just nice to fill the space with a beautiful scent. Opt for soy candles with a lead-free wick, made from natural ingredients. You don't want to add chemicals to the air you are breathing.
  • 5 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Bathroom

    If you are remodeling a bathroom, adding one somewhere in your home, or building a new house, you have the chance to create the ultimate bathroom. This doesn't necessarily mean you need to invest a crazy amount of money on marble counters or a frameless shower, but you can create a space you will actually want to show off to guests.

    • Have a Plan - Before you have a tub, shower, toilet, or anything else installed measure and create scaled jigsaw pieces of things you are adding to the space. Then, you can try a few different scenarios with them to see which layout makes the best use of the space. Regardless if the bathroom is big or small, you don't want to waste any valuable real estate.


    brushed nickel

    • Choose Materials - What material are you using for the flooring, counters, etc.? Do you want materials that will complement one specific color palette you have in mind or would you rather stick with finishes that will look good with a variety of colors for flexibility? What about fixtures? Brushed nickel is very popular right now.


    soaking in the tub by a warm glowing flame of a modern fireplace is a pretty nice way to end a day

    • Add Heat - There is nothing worse than a cold bathroom. You will need some type of heat source in there, even if it is just a space heater. You may also want to consider adding a ventless fireplace as a secondary heat source. It is not practical for a primary source, but soaking in the tub by a warm glowing flame is a pretty nice way to end a day. Plus, if the power goes out at least you can light your ventless fireplace to warm the bathroom, whether you are using it or just trying to keep your pipes from freezing.


    ambient lighting

    • Lighting - You want a bright light for getting ready for work in the morning, especially if you are putting makeup on. However, you don't want that to be the only light you are stuck with when you are relaxing in the tub or you get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Add ambient lighting, too. Recessed lights under the medicine cabinet will be perfect. Alternately, you can put your bright light on a dimmer.


    bathroom accessories

    • Accessories - You already know you need a shower curtain, rug, trash bin, soap holder, etc. What about the bathroom accessories that will make your room unique?  A towel warmer, monogrammed hand-blown glass jars with lids, and a water fountain are a few ideas.
  • Create a Bold Living Room with a Small Budget

    Do you have expensive taste, but not the budget to quite back it up? Join the club! Most people dream of their living room looking a certain way, but can't figure out how to create the look they want on a smaller salary. Well, before you settle for a look you feel disappointed with, put these tips to use. You can create a bold space on a small budget that will have friends and family thinking you must have gotten a raise you didn't tell anyone about.

    use covers to breathe new life into your furniture

    • Furniture Covers - If you can use covers to breathe new life into your furniture, then you can use that extra money saved from not having to buy furniture towards other elements. Obviously, if you have springs poking through your sofa and you have already super glued the leg back on your chair then you need to invest in furniture. Bean bag chairs and hammock swings are cool pieces that are affordable and manage to make a space a lot more interesting.


    a dancing flame from a tabletop fireplace will totally change the look and feel of your living room

    • Tabletop Fireplace - Most people see a modern tabletop fireplace and assume it must have cost a small fortune. You may be thinking the same thing. However, manufacturers are now creating smaller varieties that look expensive, but are budget-friendly. A dancing flame from a tabletop fireplace will totally change the look and feel of your living room.


    decorative glass box with hinged lid

    • Glass Boxes - A decorative glass box with a hinged lid simply brings a touch of elegance to a space. Plus, you can put something on display inside. Some people like to use two, and stack a smaller one on top of a larger one. Use these to display seasonal décor, and they will become a fun, ever-changing focal point. Paint shells or rocks to put inside, and fill one with pink and red foil-wrapped chocolates on Valentine's Day. People who visit you regularly will look forward to seeing what you have on display next.


    industrial vibe plank accent wall in neutrals and turquoise

    • Paint an Accent Wall - Although paint is fairly cheap, an accent wall naturally makes a space look and feel more sophisticated. Use leftover paint on the old table you find at a garage sale.


    sheer panels add a beautiful soft glow when natural light shines through

    • Sheer panels - Even if you have blinds, you can mount a rod and hang sheer panels. You can find them super cheap and they add a beautiful soft glow when natural light shines through.


    Window Box Frames

    • Window Box Frames - Rather than mount traditional shelving or buy an expensive shelving unit, buy window box frames. They offer a unique twist on shelving, and you can find great deals on them.


    a coaster that is sure to spark conversation

    • Coasters - Nearly every person who sits in your living room is going to reach for a coaster. So, make sure the coasters you have are worth reaching for! Skip the generic ones and opt for some that will raise an eyebrow.
  • 7 Hot Fall Trends for the Home

    If you love keeping up on the latest home trends then you are probably just itching to give your home a facelift for the fall/winter season. This is especially true if the holiday season for you starts with Halloween and seems to go nonstop till after the new year. You probably can't wait for guests to notice your new additions to your home! Below are a few hot trends you don't want to be caught without.

    a freestanding fireplace showcases a dancing flame in a modern display

    • Freestanding Fireplaces - One of the hottest things you can showcase in your home this season is a dancing flame in a modern display. Freestanding fireplaces come in an array of styles, and they are a lot more affordable than you might think. Fill an empty corner with one or pull it up next to your sitting area when you serve tea to keep everyone cozy.

    for a dramatic statement, consider marble

    • Marble - Technically, marble has always been in style, but it is very trendy right now. Marble clocks, coasters, candle holders, and shelves are easy additions to your home. For a dramatic statement, consider a marble water fountain.

    gray pumpkin

    • Gray - Okay, technically gray is not an object, but it is one of the hottest colors this season. Shades of gray are ideal. If you want to add a splash of color, designers are saying yellow or plum are ideal, depending on if you are after a cheerful or sophisticated look.

    metal floating shelves

    • Metal Floating Shelves - Yes, you could pay a fortune to buy metal floating shelves, or you could just buy metallic wallpaper and create your own out of shelves you have or cheap ones you find at the craft store.

    Farmacia Bottles

    • Farmacia Bottles - What are Farmacia Bottles? Quite honestly, they look like old, ugly medicine brown bottles that have been partially melted into wrinkled and unusual shapes, which make them quite fascinating. Set them on a shelf or use them for a vase. They will get noticed wherever you put them. Anthropologie is the creator, but they are pricey.

    mixed metals

    • Mixed Metals - How many metals can you squeeze into one space? Well, there is no wrong answer. The more the merrier. Puckr Vases from CB2 in gold or brushed copper will complement your wrought iron chandelier or brushed nickel kitchen fixtures nicely. Copper serving trays are ideal, too.


    • Velvet - You probably never thought you would see a day when velvet would be back in style, right? Well, don't dig out your old bell bottoms quite yet, but velvet pillows are a must on the sofa. You can buy covers for the pillows you already have, or if you're handy with a needle and thread, you can always make your own.
  • Getting Your Garage Game Day Ready

    Having a television, an old sofa, and a few chairs in your garage is fine, but why stop there? If you are going to have a "man cave" to watch football all season, you might as well go all out and really make the most of this valuable real estate. If you have a family, everyone can take turns using this space. Mom's book club or friends who stop by for tea might like a private space to retreat to, and when your kids have friends over, this would be the perfect place to let them hang out. Of course, it is still your man cave, you are just sharing. Even if you don't share, the essentials on this list will ensure everyone will want to hang out at your house during the big game.

     Garage Conversion to Man Cave for Game Day

    • Multiple TVs - Rather than flipping channels so everyone can keep up on all the games playing, mount a few flat screens on your wall. You can have one large one for the main game, and then a few smaller ones scattered around. You can pick up smaller ones really cheap around the holidays.

    Mini Fridge for Drinks Only

    • Refrigerator - There is no need to walk all the way into the kitchen to grab a beer. Besides, there is never enough room in the kitchen fridge to hold all the beer everyone brings. A refrigerator in the garage is essential.

    Garage Conversion to Game Day Ready Room

    • Furniture - Old sofas and chairs are fine to use, but you can pick up furniture covers fairly cheap. Suddenly that old furniture looks new again. If you need to buy extra seating, consider bean bag chairs and hammock swings. Most importantly, you need a few small tables. Everyone needs a place to put their drinks, snacks, and cellphones.

    nothing creates ambiance better than a warm dancing flame of a tabletop fireplace

    • Smoke Free Fireplaces - Unless you are one of the few people who have the pleasure of having a heated garage, it is probably pretty cold out there in the winter. A couple smoke free fireplaces will keep the garage nice and toasty. When the power goes out during a storm, hook your television and cable box to your generator, light your smoke free fireplaces, and invite everyone over to watch the game.

    Garage Organization with Shelves

    • Shelves and Organization - This space may be serving as your game day getaway, but it is still essentially a garage. This means you likely still have garage-like things in there, such as tools, sporting equipment, etc. Some industrial shelving and storage bins will get everything organized and hidden, so the space feels more like an extension of your home rather than a garage.

  • Finishing Touches for Your Nail Salon

    If you are planning to open a small nail salon, you might be torn on how to decorate it. If you already have a salon, but are feeling the effects of the new spa that opened down the road, then you may just need to give your space a facelift to compete. One of the reasons people flock to spas and pay top-dollar for services is because of the environment they offer. Adding a few calming elements or making some tweaks to the décor can go a long way in maintaining your current clientele and earning new loyal ones. Adding one or all of the elements on this list could prove to be very beneficial to you.

      Bio Ethanol Freestanding Fireplace

    • Smokeless Fireplace - Fire is one of the main elements that create a welcoming and calming fireplace. You can buy a smokeless fireplace in wall, freestanding, and tabletop varieties. They burn bio ethanol, which does not create smoke, odor, or toxic fumes. If you buy only one thing on this list, let it be a smokeless fireplace.

    Start to let go of your worries in a dreamy room accented by reclaimed antique wood and green bamboo and a cascading curtain of water surrounding you.

    • Water Fountain - You can go in any spa in the country, and there is a very high chance it will have at least one water fountain. The sound of cascading water instantly soothes and relaxes the mind. Although you can add a few throughout the salon, you absolutely want to make sure you include one in the waiting room to calm nerves as soon as people arrive.

    Compact Beverage Station

    • Beverage Station - If people are going to have to wait for their appointment, having a beverage station for them to enjoy is ideal. This doesn't have to be anything fancy. A small table with a coffeemaker, electric kettle with hot water, a pitcher of filtered cold water, and an assortment of tea and sweeteners will keep people happy for a bit.

    Twig Coat Rack

    • Coat Rack - In many cases, when you enter a spa, someone either takes your coat or you are directed to a room to change where you can leave your coat or put it in a locker. Having a simple coat rack at the door will at least allow people to shed their hot jacket, so they can be more comfortable during their stay.

    Sensu Decorative Wall Mirors

    • Mirrors - You really can't have enough mirrors in this type of environment. The person who just got windblown walking through the parking lot does not want to sit there guessing if their hair is standing straight up, or if the hem of their skirt is tucked under, revealing a little too much skin to the world. Thoughtfully placed mirrors will definitely be appreciated by those who visit your establishment.

  • 8 Centerpiece Ideas for Fall Gatherings

    Whether your door is constantly welcoming friends and family, or if you are planning one spectacular dinner party, you probably want the centerpiece on your table to represent this spectacular season. It will be the focal point, and the one element every guest will see. Depending on how often you entertain, you may want to rotate a few centerpieces all season long.

    for a homey yet elegant centerpiece give dried corn a shimmer with gold glitter

    • Glittered Corn - For a homey yet elegant centerpiece give dried corn a shimmer with gold glitter. Arrange them in a large glass bowl. You can include a couple gourds with gold glittered stems, too.


    nothing creates ambiance better than a warm dancing flame of a tabletop fireplace

    • Tabletop Fireplaces - Nothing creates ambiance better than a warm dancing flame. Bio ethanol tabletop fireplaces are available in a variety of sizes. If your table is too small to comfortably welcome one, place it on a side table and use a different centerpiece idea, so you still enjoy the ambiance, without it being in the way. Bio ethanol creates no smell or smoke, so it is ideal to use in this type of environment.

    assorted flowers in a basket

    • Flowers - Most associate flowers with spring and summer centerpieces, but you really can't go wrong with a medley of crimson dahlias and orange and yellow chrysanthemums. Place the arrangement in a ceramic bowl or pot, and then put it inside a basket or tin mold for a rustic feel.

    nothing represents fall better than pumpkins

    • Pumpkins - Nothing represents this season better than pumpkins. Use a variety of sizes. You can even hollow out a white pumpkin to use as a vase for roses, ranunculus and daffodils in autumn colors.

    a lovely table centerpiece

    • Produce - A white ceramic bowl can be brought to life with a variety of fruits and vegetables in orange shades, such as baby pumpkins, bell peppers, squashes, kumquats, persimmons, oranges, and carrots.

    because autumn is not just red, orange and yellow

    • Greens and Browns - Autumn centerpieces do not have to be red, orange, and yellow. A wood bowl piled high with green pears and brown shelled walnuts creates a very inviting and soothing display.

    pumpkin candle holder

    • Pumpkin Candle Holders - Have you picked up a bunch of mini pumpkins at the store, and now you don't know what to do with them? Cut a hole in the top to anchor taper candles in them. Leave some pumpkins alone. Display them in clusters down the center of the table.

    corn husk votive

    • Corn husk Votive - Buy dried corn husks at the craft store. Cut them to be just a little taller than your votive holders and use double-sized tape to secure it all the way around. Finish with a deep purple, green, or earthy red ribbon.
  • Tips for Designing the Ultimate Game Room in the Basement

    If you put some thought into designing your game room it is pretty much guaranteed that it will become the most popular space in the house. Whether you are designing it for the kids, so they always have a place to hang out with friends or if you and your friends are still big kids at heart, the game room is sure to become the room where some of the best memories are made.

     choosing a theme for your basement will bring a fun vibe to the environment

    Choose a Theme

    You do not necessarily need a theme for a game room, but it will bring a fun vibe to the environment. You really can't go wrong with a casino theme, especially if you plan on playing some poker down there, but a few additional options to consider include golf, rock n' roll, racing, log cabin, beach, yacht, surfing, western, ski lodge, 50s, medieval, and sports.

     if you enjoy playing cards then a poker table might be in order

    Game Idea

    Having a television with video game consoles is probably already on your list. If you enjoy playing cards then a poker table might be in order. You might want to consider a covetable poker table with a top that can be used as a regular table for board games. A few additional games you may want to add include darts, golf putting green, ping pong, foosball, arcade games, billiards, and air hockey. You could even have a bowling alley installed, if you really want to. Do you have a tall ceiling? Install a half court for basketball.

     fire truck drink station

    Mini Kitchen

    Having an actual kitchen area with running water would be ideal, but you certainly do not have to commit to such a large project to make the most of this space. A fridge is essential, but your kitchen area could simply be made up of folding tables for snacks, shelves for storage, and trash and recycle bins. If you are creating a more adult-like game room, feel free to add a bar, and maybe even a cooler to hold kegs for draft beer.

     basements are generally cold, so you will need at least one ventless fireplace to provide heat

    Make it Comfortable

    Basements are generally cold, so you will need at least one ventless fireplace to provide heat. Obviously, if you have a large basement you may want a few. A ventless fireplace that mounts on the wall will be ideal, because it will be out of the way. Large rugs will be warmer than walking on concrete, too. Humidity may play a role in comfort, as well. If your basement is generally damp, buying a dehumidifier is a must.

  • 6 Ways to Give Your Home a Fall Makeover

    In the spring, people everywhere clean their home from top to bottom. Sometimes, they apply a fresh coat of paint, and it is common to incorporate in a few new brightly colored décor pieces for a more cheerful feel. Why isn't this done in the fall? If you are like most, you spend significantly more time inside the home during fall and winter, so it only makes sense to give it a quick makeover, so you can get cozy and hibernate the next few months.

     bio ethanol freestanding fireplaces

    • Freestanding Fireplaces - The great thing about bio ethanol freestanding fireplaces is you can enjoy them inside all winter, and then you can carry them out to the patio to stay warm on those cool spring and summer evenings. Bio ethanol is a clean burning fuel source that does not create smoke or release fumes into the air, making them safe for you and the environment. Freestanding fireplaces also come in handy when you lose power on those cold winter nights. Some heat is better than no heat!


    • Paint - There is no reason why you can't paint that lime green or turquoise accent wall a brick red or plum color for half the year. In the spring, paint it back the color it is now.

    luxurious throw blanket


    • Blankets - It is time to dig out the throw blankets or perhaps purchase a few new ones. Aim to have blankets that are made of a variety of materials, colors, and patterns, so they will create depth in the room.

    decorative pillows

    • Pillows - If you do change the paint color in the living room, bedroom, etc., then you will want new decorative pillows to match. Of course, you can just buy or make pillow covers, too.


    • Plates - If you do a lot of entertaining, you might want to consider a set of plates, bowls, etc., that represent fall. Artisanal-looking plates in an olive green or deep burgundy color will be great.

    Harvest Bouquet

    • Centerpieces - You can buy fall centerpieces, but you can also make them from odds and ends that you get from the craft store. Plus, you have natural elements to include, such as gourds and pinecones. Even freshly fallen leaves can be used. A bowl of ripe apples will even work for a last minute centerpiece.

    Fall color schemes

    If you are changing your color scheme for fall, a few hot shades to consider include butternut orange, pale yellow, deep crimson, chocolate brown, gold, rich red, olive green, burnt orange, and earthy red.

  • 6 Autumn Mantel Ideas for Your Eco-Friendly Fireplace

    If you are like many others, you have already transformed your wood-burning fireplace into an eco-friendly one with fireplace burners. If you haven't done this yet, now is the time. Fireplace burners simply get placed in the fireplace instead of wood. You enjoy heat and ambiance without smoke, odor, and toxic fumes. This allows the fireplace to continue to be the centerpiece of your home, as it rightfully should be. Since it will continue to attract all the attention, you will want to make sure your mantel is perfect because it will definitely get noticed.

     Dried Flowers

    • Dried Flowers - Usually, dried flowers are considered a "no-no" in decorating, especially if you practice feng shui. However, dried golden rod, wheat, and allium in white ceramic vases create a nice display. Of course, you can add a few gourds, acorns, and dried leaves, if you want.

    Birch Bark Candle.jpg 2


    • Birch Bark Candle - A simple three or four-wick candle can be turned into an intriguing display by wrapping birch bark around it. Use leather string to hold it in place. You don't even have to light the candle for it to attract attention.

    painted gourds.jpg


    • Painted Gourds - This classic concept never goes out of style. You can create two-toned gourds using painter's tape. You can also use a foam brush to create a dripping effect. Jewel or harvest colors are ideal. You can also use metallic paints for a more contemporary home.

    Harvest Bouquet2


    • Harvest Bouquet - This bouquet will have guests leaning in for a closer look. Use bird seed or fresh seeds and nuts to fill a large clear vase. Then, create a bouquet with feathers, cattails, flowers, leaves, and branches.

    framed leaves for thanksgiving mantel

    • Framed Leaves - If you have a child, you can actually do this project with them. Collect leaves to glue on cardstock. You can also glue on twigs to create a frame. Make one, or create several to space out across the mantel. You might want to write the type of tree the leaves come from on the cardstock, if you want. If you prefer, you can paint the leaves and branches with metallic paints before gluing them.

    Pinecones and Moss

    • Pinecones and Moss - If you have a white mantel, space white pots of moss across and scatter large pinecones around the pots. You can also string a clothesline and use clothespins to hang colored leaves. The simple colors against the white will look brilliant.

  • Tips for Creating a Transitional Kitchen

    Who says you need either a classic or contemporary home? The transitional look is very in style right now, so if you are drawn to both timeless and modern pieces this might be the best theme for you. Transitional style marries contemporary and traditional finishes, furniture, fabrics, and materials in one space to create a timeless look. Below are a few elements you may want to include, or use for inspiration.

     breakfast nook can really come across as classic or modern as you want it to be

    • Breakfast Nook - A breakfast nook can really come across as classic or modern as you want it to be. Wood benches create a farmhouse feel, but what if you cover the seating with a zebra banquette, and add a classic chandelier and some modern throw pillows? You now have old and new in one inviting space.

    a bookcase that doubles a storage

    • Bookcases - Bookcases are not reserved specifically for books. Although, if you add one to your kitchen this would be a good place for your recipe books. A contemporary kitchen can be softened by bookcases that hold metal tins and baskets, which can also double as storage.

    tremendous amount of depth created by the different materials

    • Mix of Materials - If you combine hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, subway tile backsplash, white cabinets, and granite counters, you have a foundation for a transitional space. You also have a tremendous amount of depth created by the different materials.

    the warm dancing flame of an ethanol fireplace provides ambiance would be a welcome addition to any kitchen

    • Ethanol Wall Fireplaces - You rarely see a fireplace in the kitchen, but there is really no logical reason to not have one. Chances are good that friends and family typically gather in this room, so a warm dancing flame that provides ambiance would be a welcome addition here. Ethanol wall fireplaces are generally incredibly modern, so add one to a classic space to mix things up a little.

    a boring ceiling light is definitely not what you want in a transitional space

    • Lighting - Choosing your lighting can be tricky. A boring ceiling light is definitely not what you want in a transitional space. If you have a mostly modern kitchen, opt for a classic chandelier or a hanging light made of antlers or burlap. If your kitchen is lacking modern décor, choose a bizarre pendant light instead.

    you might not think your kitchen faucet will play too big of a role, but it is a final detail that can make a huge difference

    • Faucets - You might not think your kitchen faucet will play too big of a role, but it is a final detail that can make a huge difference. Faucets, sink stoppers, soap dispensers, and other accessories should defy aging. Natural and organic forms should be used for inspiration. One might think chrome or stainless steel would be the material of choice, but brushed nickel and Venetian bronze are quite popular, as well.

  • Transforming your Basement into a Luxury Spa

    If your dream is to have a spa-like environment in your home where you can escape the stress of your day and the chaos of the world, but have a small bathroom, you may think you are out of luck. Well, this is not necessarily true. Have you considered transforming your basement into a spa? You can really get creative with that valuable real estate, especially if you have a large budget.

     plan your layout to make sure you get the most out of every inch of space

    • Determine the Layout - You really need to have a plan for such a large scale project. Once you determine everything that you want to include down there, plan your layout to make sure you get the most out of every inch of space.

    wouldn't it be nice to come home and have a little swim after work

    • Pool - Obviously, adding an in-ground pool will require a professional installation, but it certainly would be nice to come home and have a little swim after work, wouldn't it? You can even have a lazy river built that wind around the basement.

    a hot tub in the corner placed against natural rock with soft lighting

    • Hot Tub - A hot tub is going to be a little easier to install than a pool. Imagine a hot tub in the corner placed against natural rock or brick walls with soft lighting come from sconces. This will become your favorite spot in the house.

    sauna room with wooden floor to ceiling and glass panels

    • Sauna or Steam Room - You probably do not need both, and quite honestly, a sauna will be a lot easier to build in the basement than a steam room, but ultimately, it is your decision.

    massage table

    • Massage Table - When you have your masseuse come over once a week they won't have to bring their folding table. You will already have one set up.

    place one eco-friendly fireplace by your hot tub

    • Eco Friendly Fireplace - You can't have a spa without being able to be hypnotized by a dancing flame. Place one eco-friendly fireplace by your hot tub and another by the massage table. A larger basement may want a couple more than this. These fireplaces burn bio ethanol fuel, so they do not create smoke or fumes. This makes them perfect for basements.

    if you meditate daily, you might as well dedicate a space to the practice

    • Meditation Space - If you meditate daily, you might as well dedicate a space to the practice. Buy meditation cushions and blankets. You may also want mediation music handy.

    keep bottles of water or pitchers of filtered water handy  especially if you're having friends over

    • Fridge - Keep bottles of water or pitchers of filtered water handy. You may also want to stock the fridge with fresh fruit or healthy snacks, especially if you're having friends over.

    the sound of cascading water is an essential in a spa-like atmosphere

    • Fountain - The sound of cascading water is an essential in a spa-like atmosphere. Fountains come in wall, floor, and tabletop varieties. Make sure there is one by your meditation space.

  • 7 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

    The only thing you probably want to do in the fall in your spare time is visit apple orchards and jump in piles of leaves. While it is important to take advantage of this wonderful season, you also want to take the time to make sure your home is ready for the arrival of Old Man Winter. He is one his way, and will arrive before you know it. Use this checklist to make sure you are ready to welcome him.

     You don't necessarily need to put plastic on all your windows, but if you have a few large ones that you can literally feel cold air pouring through, plastic will put a stop to it.

    • Plastic Windows - You don't necessarily need to put plastic on all your windows, but if you have a few large ones that you can literally feel cold air pouring through, plastic will put a stop to it. This will cut down on energy bills and keep your home more comfortable. When done properly, you shouldn't even be able to tell the plastic is there.

    if you stock up on  bio ethanol fuel, you will have plenty to help keep the home a little warmer when the power goes out during a storm

    • Stock up on Bio Ethanol Fuel - There is absolutely nothing better than a warm fire on a cold night. If you don't already have a ventless fireplace, now is the time to get one. Bio ethanol fuel creates no smoke, odor, or toxic fumes when it burns. Plus, if you stock up you will have plenty to help keep the home a little warmer when the power goes out during a storm.

    Before you turn that furnace on for the first time; make sure you change that dirty filter.

    • Furnace Filter - Before you turn that furnace on for the first time; make sure you change that dirty filter.

    the blades on your ceiling fans should be rotating clockwise for winter.

    • Reverse the Fan - The blades on your ceiling fans should be rotating clockwise for winter.

    If you have a lot of debris in your gutters, water that backs up against your house can damage siding and roofing, and cause ice dams and leaks.

    • Clean Gutters - If you have a lot of debris in your gutters, water that backs up against your house can damage siding and roofing, and cause ice dams and leaks. While you are up there replace or repair damaged or missing gutters and fascia boards.

    Water left in your pipes can freeze. Water expands as it freezes, which can cause pipes to burst.

    • Turn off Exterior Faucets - Water left in your pipes can freeze. Water expands as it freezes, which can cause pipes to burst. Shut the valve off inside your home, unless you have frost-proof faucets.

    stock up on emergency essentials

    • Buy Winter Essentials - That cracked shovel that just barely made it through last season will need replacing. You will need salt, as well. You should also stock up on emergency essentials. As mentioned, you will need bio ethanol fuel. You might want to pick up gallons of water, hand warmers, solar lanterns, a crank radio, and solar phone charger.

  • 4 Benefits of Installing a Kitchen Island

    Whether you are planning a kitchen remodel and considering adding an island, or if you are thinking about buying a house that already has one, but you are not quite sure if you will use it, you may want to become familiar with the reasons why they are so popular. Although often associated with gourmet, chef-inspired spaces, you certainly do not need to be a master of the kitchen to appreciate this versatile addition.

     Everyone loves to gather around the island anyway, so you might as well put a few tall chairs on one side, and make this an informal seating area.

    • Informal Seating - Unless you are having a planned formal meal, you probably avoid sitting at the dining room table. If a friend stops by for coffee, it is unlikely you will direct them to such formal seating to just sit and chat. Everyone loves to gather around the island anyway, so you might as well put a few tall chairs on one side, and make this an informal seating area.

    a kitchen island gives you an extra prep space


    • Increased Prep Space - If you love to cook, and all your friends know that they can stop by pretty much any day and be guaranteed a fresh meal or homemade baked goods; you can probably use the extra prep space. Just think of all the cookies and pastries you can roll out with your rolling pin on the island, and not feel the least bit cramped. You can roll out dough, and prepare dinner on your other counters at the same time.

    When you add a few tall bar stools or chairs to the island, you get more space where everyone can lay out their school books, notebooks, and supplies.2


    • More Homework Space - When there are multiple children in a home, there is always a shortage of homework space. If you happen to work at home or are simply always using your desk in the office, you probably do not want things moved around in there. When you add a few tall bar stools or chairs to the island, you get more space where everyone can lay out their school books, notebooks, and supplies.

    Islands become a natural focal point, but you can maximize this benefit by addition a dynamic piece of art to the counter.2

    • Focal Point - Kitchens often lack a focal point because a lot of folks just don't think to add art to this space. Islands become a natural focal point, but you can maximize this benefit by addition a dynamic piece of art to the counter. A bio ethanol fuel fireplace is ideal. Everyone is gathering around the island anyway, so you might as well make it warm and inviting with a dancing flame. Plus, if you use the island for informal seating, your bio ethanol fuel fireplace will be a great centerpiece that will create an abundance of ambiance.

  • Tips for Setting a Formal Table Worthy of Entertaining

    Many decades ago, meals were generally enjoyed in a formal setting. Today, most people are either so busy that they are lucky to eat half a meal standing at the kitchen counter or they are so laidback that they are content to just find a comfy spot on the floor or sofa. If this sounds like you, this is perfectly fine. However, if you want to set a formal table for guests you may not know where to even begin because it's not something you do every day. These tips will help you set a table sure to impress your guests.

     if you have an absolutely gorgeous table, then you might not want to cover it up. if you do use a table covering, choose one that inspires the palate and complements the occasion.

    Start with the Table Cover

    If you have an absolutely gorgeous table, then you might not want to cover it up. If you do use a table covering, choose one that inspires the palate and complements the occasion. For example, a floral print is perfect around Easter while a lacy tablecloth is ideal or an intimate setting. Whether you use a table covering or not, you may want to also add a runner. This is a narrow covering that runs the length of the table, right down the middle.

     proper place settings

    Proper Place Settings

    If you have your grandma's silver, but you are not quite sure what to do with it, you are not alone. Many people do not even know which side of the plate gets the spoon or fork.

    • Stemware goes above the dinner plate, just to the right.
    • Bread plate sits above the dinner plate, slightly to the left.

    • Flatware is in line with the bottom of the dinner plate.

    • Flatware is laid in order of use, forks to the left, and knife and spoons to the right.

    • The number of utensils is dictated by the number of courses. For example, you don't need an appetizer, salad, and dinner fork, if you are serving soup as an appetizer. Your forks will start with the salad one.

    you can place a bio fuel fireplace for the table on the actual dining room table as a centerpiece, or on a side table.

    Create Ambiance

    Purchase a bio fuel fireplace for the table to create the best ambiance. These ventless pieces offer a warm, cozy, realistic flame that won't compromise air quality. You can place a bio fuel fireplace for the table on the actual dining room table as a centerpiece, or on a side table.

     formal dining table setting

    Using China

    If you are buying your first set of china, buy a pattern that is easy to mix-and-match with others, so as your needs change (or if something breaks) you can expand. White china is excellent as a base. Then you can buy a print for bread plates, dessert dishes, soup bowls, etc. This assortment creates a table far more interesting than using one pattern for every piece.

     creative dining table centerpiece

    Get Creative with Centerpieces

    Even if you use a bio fuel fireplace for the table as your centerpiece, you can add a small element on either side. If you put the fireplace on your side table, then you will have more creative flexibility for your centerpiece. A few elements that create an intriguing display either in a vase or dish include manzanita branches, bamboo, fresh flowers, seashells, pumpkins and gourds, shelled nuts, natural or painted rocks, twig balls, cacti, vintage items, and clear hurricane jars filled with just about anything.

  • 6 Great Bathroom Design Areas

    After the home office, the bathroom is generally the second most neglected room in the house. This is kind of odd, considering nearly every one of your guests will end up in this room at some point. Plus, there are so many cool things you can do with this space, even if it is small. Not to mention, redecorating a small room is effortless, so you can change the look frequently. Below are a few ideas to inspire you.

     If you are going to have a white bathroom, everything should be white, just add a splash of super bold color as an accent

    • Splash of Color - If you are going to have a white bathroom, then have a truly white bathroom. This includes a white decorative pendant light, trash bin, soap dish, etc. Now, add a super bold splash of color. A hot pink shower curtain or a pumpkin orange accent wall should do the trick.

    bathrooms are the perfect environment for bio fuel wall fireplaces because they are totally unexpected

    • Bio Fuel Wall Fireplaces - Bathrooms are the perfect environment for bio fuel wall fireplaces. They are totally unexpected. Most people expect to find bio fuel wall fireplaces in a living room, dining room, or bedroom. A guest at your dinner party walks into your bathroom and is greeted by a dancing flame. Suddenly you just became a lot more interesting.

    If you are fortunate enough to have a spacious bathroom, put that extra floor space to good use and add a statement piece

    • Add a Statement Piece - If you are fortunate enough to have a spacious bathroom, put that extra floor space to good use. A display cabinet with glass doors can hold décor pieces along with towels or a chaise lounge will make guests feel as though they are in a five-star dining restaurant or the VIP bathroom at the hottest club.

    large floor to ceiling tiles trick the eye into believing the space is much larger than it is

    • Floor to Ceiling Tiles - Imagine large tiles floor to ceiling (including the tub), in a spearmint green color. Then, you accessorize with white and silver for a contemporary look, or wheat and beige for a more natural look. The tile will create a very cool rejuvenating vibe and you will never have to repaint. Plus, large tiles trick the eye into believing the space is much larger than it is.

    a contemporary bathroom in neutrals with a modern twist

    • Neutrals with a Modern Twist - A neutral color palette does not have to be boring. In fact, it can be extremely modern. Picture walnut wood surrounding your tub and toilet, caramel mosaic towels in the shower, and some funky art.

    since you never did get around to doing that 50s diner theme you wanted in the kitchen, you might as well use it in your bathroom for a playful, retro vibe

    • Retro Vibe - Since you never did get around to doing that 50s diner theme you wanted in the kitchen, you might as well use it in your bathroom for a playful, retro vibe.

  • Furnishings for a Small Bedroom

    You finally find a home in your price range that is close to your job and in a good school district for the kids. The problem is that your bedroom is so small you are not quite sure what to do with it. You may even be tempted to not decorate at all, and keep the door closed all the time. Well, before you start holding a grudge towards that small space, put these furnishing tips to use to see if you can fall in love with it instead.

     double duty beds may not have an official name at all, but if you get one it will likely become your favorite piece of furniture in the whole house

    Dresser Bed

    Okay, this probably is not the technical name. In fact, these double duty beds may not have an official name at all, but if you get one it will likely become your favorite piece of furniture in the whole house. A bed is perched on top of dresser drawers. These are most commonly found in twin size beds. Quite often it will get placed against a wall and have four drawers on one side. However, you can also consider a queen or king platform bed with drawers all the way around.

     these nightstands have a leaf so they can double as a computer desk, craft table, or sewing station

    Nightstand with a Leaf

    Most people do not even know these handy creations are available, so if you are just discovering them you are not alone. As the name implies, these nightstands have a leaf. So, they can double as a computer desk, craft table, or sewing station.

    an ottoman serves as useful bedding box or occasional stool, ideal at the foot of your bed



    You really cannot go wrong with ottomans that open up for storage. You are probably thinking that you don't even have room for a chair, so why would you need an ottoman, right? Well, place a few side-by-side in front of a window and now you have a nice reading spot. This will also double as a bed for your cat when he wants to lie in the sun. Best of all, inside the ottomans you can store linens, shoes, purses, or anything else you don't have room for.

     TV Lift Cabinet

    TV Lift Cabinet

    If you are going to have a TV in your room it will increase the risk of the space looking cluttered. Since you probably only use it once a day at the most, buying a TV lift cabinet is a good idea. It will double as a dresser, and keep your flat screen hidden until you need it.

     Holly and martin Arch Gel-Fuel Fireplace

    Keep Décor Simple

    It is easy to overdo it, when it comes to decorating a small space. You see a painting you want for one wall, then you start adding shelves and knickknacks, and suddenly the space is a busy mess. Keep your décor simple.

    A bio ethanol fireplace will allow you to enjoy a safe and clean fire while you are watching TV or in bed reading. Since bio fuel creates a clean fire without producing any smoke you don't have to worry about air quality being compromise. A wall water feature is another décor piece you can add. Water and fire create a perfect balance in a room and really eliminate the need for any other décor.

  • 6 Unique Tabletop Decorations for Your Easter Table

    You probably have a nice assortment of centerpieces for most holidays. After all, you look forward to creating a display of pumpkins and gourds for Thanksgiving and you can hardly wait to have some fun with pinecones for Christmas. However, if you are like many others, you find yourself stumped for Easter. Below are a few ideas that will dress up your table for your Easter celebration.

     obviously, you are not going to add a real bird nest to your table, but you can buy or make one out of twine

    • Bird Nests - Obviously, you are not going to add a real bird nest to your table, but you can buy or make one out of twine. Then, you can paint speckled or colorful eggs to sit inside. If you have a long table, two small nests could go on either side of your main centerpiece.

    easter egg tree

    • Easter Tree - Similar to a Christmas tree, these decorative trees have ornaments, but they resemble Easter eggs. These can be purchased, or if you are feeling crafty, you can make your own.

    metallic eggs

    • Metallic Eggs - Easter eggs do not have to be pretty pastel colors. If you are having a more formal dinner party, coat eggs with a few different metallic paints and display in a decorative dish or hurricane vase. You don't have to use real eggs either. You can usually pick up wood or plastic ones at the craft store.

    fireplace mantel easter decoration

    • Fireplace - A bio fuel fireplace that burns eco-friendly fuel is perfect for a more formal gathering. One of these pieces would look nice as a centerpiece with dishes of the above mentioned eggs on either side. Since eco-friendly fuel does not create smoke, there is no smell, mess, or toxic fumes released into the air.

    you can really never go wrong with fresh cut flowers

    • Floral Display - You can really never go wrong with fresh cut flowers. Lilies, daffodils, tulips, and daisies are popular picks for Easter. If you don't want a tall vase blocking the view of guests, you can float blossoms alongside floating tea lights in a shallow dish. Always use open blossoms. The best floating varieties include peonies, ranunculus, asters, roses, pansies, and Gerbera daisies. A little moss around the edge and sides of the dish will be a nice finishing touch.

    lighted easter egg garland

    • Easter Egg Garland - Paint wood eggs a few different colors and lay them down the length of the table like garland. It is easier to create a winding design. If you lay them in a straight line it will be too noticeable when one gets bumped out of place. Don't be afraid to include a few metallic and/or speckled ones, too.

  • 5 Ways to Create a Healthier Living Environment

    Your home should be your sanctuary. It is the one place you can retreat to where you shouldn't have to worry about air quality. Every day you are exposed to countless toxins from vehicle pollution to pesticides to abrasive cleaning products used in the workplace. When you go home your body should be able to breathe a sigh of relief that the air quality is not diminishing your health with every breath you take. Just because your home is spotless does not mean the air quality is healthy. Below are some tips for creating the optimal environment to live in.

     ethanol burners make it simple to transform that toxic fireplace into an eco-friendly one

    • Stop Burning Wood - Are you still burning wood in your fireplace? This is one of the most damaging things you can do to your home environment. You don't have to say goodbye to your home's centerpiece though. Ethanol burners make it simple to transform that toxic fireplace into an eco-friendly one. Ethanol burners require no maintenance either. All you do is pour the fuel in and ignite, and you are rewarded with a hot, consistent, dancing flame.

    vacuum daily

    • Vacuum Daily - If you are like many you probably already vacuum daily, especially if you have pets. However, only vacuuming the floors is not enough. Cloth furniture needs to be vacuumed, as well. Plus, once a week it is a good idea to vacuum the walls, corners, fan blades, window blinds, lamp shades, etc.

    there are a ton of affordably priced cleaning products available today, or you can make your own with a solution of white distilled vinegar and water

    • Use Natural Cleaners - Cleaning products do not need to be so strong that they burn your nose and make your eyes water, in order for them to work. Keep in mind that the product you spray on your kitchen sink or use on your floors is also lingering behind in the air. There are a ton of affordably priced cleaning products available today, or you can make your own with a solution of white distilled vinegar and water.

    clean bedding

    • Clean Bedding - Sheets and blankets need to be cleaned in hot water frequently. Your hair absorbs pollution, secondhand smoke, pollen, etc. When you go to sleep that gets transferred to your pillow, which you then inhale all night. It is also a good idea to buy dust mite-proof mattress and pillow covers.

    a water fountain cleans the air like an air purifier, plus it moisturizes and looks a lot nicer than an unattractive appliance

    • Air Purifier - There are a lot of air purifiers on the market, many of which are very effective. However, many people prefer to just use a water fountain. It cleans the air like an air purifier, plus it moisturizes and looks a lot nicer than an unattractive appliance.
  • 10 Elegant Ideas for Your Dining Room

    An increasing number of people are once again starting to use their dining room more and more. The population may have traded in the formal environment for a TV tray and sofa for a while, but the dining room is quickly becoming the most popular and most redecorated room in the house. Whether you are gathering around the table for a family dinner or hosting a weekend party, you are sure to be able to make use of at least a few of these elegant ideas.

    • Patterned Roman Shades - If you have a neutral, all white or black dining room, consider adding Roman shades in a modern patterned fabric. It will add a little depth and excitement without taking away from the simplicity.

    patterned roman shades will add a little depth and excitement without taking away from the simplicity

    • Oversized Candelabras - Be inspired by Liberace with a centerpiece of oversized candelabras. Just try to refrain from wearing an extravagant costume please.

    oversized candelabras

    • Ethanol Fuel Fireplace - Create the right ambiance for your dinner party with an ethanol fuel fireplace. Wall-mounted ones are the most popular option for dining rooms, but freestanding and tabletop ones are also available. Your ethanol fuel fireplace will not create smoke or emit toxins into the air, so it is safe to use in any environment.

    create the right ambiance for your dinner party with an ethanol fuel fireplace


    • Chair Covers - You can instantly change the dynamics of a dining room with decorative fabric chair covers. Don't play it safe. This is your chance to really take the level of sophistication to the next level. If you have a black contemporary room, consider gray pinstriped covers with bright yellow bows. Be bold!

    instantly change the dynamics of a dining room with decorative fabric chair covers

    • Natural Approach - Elegant does not have to mean contemporary. You can easily create an elegant space with natural elements. Hang wreathes above the table like pendant lights and decorate with bamboo cutting boards on the wall.

    create an elegant space with natural elements

    • Don't Be Scared of Bling - Many people are scared of crystal chandeliers. Are the appropriate? Will adding one be overkill? Are they too dated? Go for it! If you are not sure if the crystal chandelier will complement your modern space, opt for a black crystal one or choose a crystal pendant.

    if you are not sure if the crystal chandelier will complement your modern space, opt for a black crystal one or choose a crystal pendant

    • L-shaped Corner Bench - Your dining room does not need to have a traditional dining room table. A farm-style table or breakfast nook can be equally as elegant, and a lot more comfortable.

    a farm-style table or breakfast nook can be equally as elegant, and a lot more comfortable

    • Mix-and-Match Seating - There is no rule that all chairs have to match. If you are buying fabric chairs or adding covers consider half striped and half floral. You could also paint the trim around the windows bright blue, lime green, or any other color, and then paint half the chairs that color.

    mix-and-match seating

    • Play with Black - If you are going to use black, avoid being predictable. Black can be very boring when used incorrectly. Black fringed curtains paired with zebra print chair covers should make things a little more interesting.

    black fringed curtains paired with zebra print chair covers

    • Layer Linens - You can dress up a table and change the look of a room by layering linens in contrasting colors, or use one solid and one printed linen.

    you can dress up a table and change the look of a room by layering linens in contrasting colors, or use one solid and one printed linen

  • Seasonal Depression Causing the Blues? Redecorate Your Home

    Do you just not feel like yourself in the winter months? Maybe you are suffering from seasonal affective disorder, more commonly known as winter depression. Scientists are still puzzled by this condition that affects a surprisingly high number of people. The lack of sunlight and shorter days can directly influence your mood. So, how are you supposed to deal with it until the days get longer again? Redecorating is a good place to start.


    Why Redecorate?


    There are many ways to deal with depression, such as walking, taking an art class, or enjoying a new hobby. However, changing your surroundings is equally as beneficial. First, redecorating will give you a project to work on. The busier you stay the less you will go crazy from being cooped up indoors. Second, having a fresh environment is exciting and uplifting. If you have been looking at the same surroundings for years, this could be contributing to your state of mind.

     seasonal depression

    Change Your Color Scheme

     change your color scheme

    Many people associate winter with darker colors. Unfortunately, as attractive as a darker palette can be, this will do nothing to help a depressive state. Now is the time to paint that lime green or bright orange accent wall. Not ready to go quite that bold? Consider just lightening the palette a little. Maybe just add one brightly colored furniture or décor piece.


    Move Around Furniture

     create a whole new layout with what you have

    Redecorating does not have to mean splurging on all new furniture. Create a whole new layout with what you have. Try pulling the sofa to the middle of the room for a while. You can also find furniture covers that are quite affordable. So, you can turn that beige sofa into a hot pink one, and then remove the cover later when you don't need something quite so cheery.


    Add a Modern Bio Fuel Fireplace

     a modern bio fuel fireplace will create a cozy and relaxing environment

    Your space heater in your living room is a constant, noisy, and unattractive reminder that it is cold outside. A modern bio fuel fireplace will create a cozy, relaxing environment. Not to mention, these smokeless and ventless fireplaces sure are nice to have when the power goes out. At least you have some sort of warmth to curl up next to.


    Consider a Fountain

     a water fountain help create a calming environment, so your mind can be soothed

    A water fountain is the perfect complement to a modern bio fuel fireplace. It will help create a calming environment, so your mind can be soothed. Plus, the water evaporation will combat that dry, uncomfortable air you are dealing with every time the furnace kicks on.

  • Decorating Tips for a Bed & Breakfast

    Whether you live by a popular ski resort and want to start renting out your guestroom to travelers or if you are opening a large scale bed and breakfast, the décor needs to be chosen thoughtfully. A person's environment influences their mood. You definitely do not want the guestrooms so "loud" with patterns, art, and colors that they affect sleep quality, but you don't want your visitors to feel like they are just in some average hotel either. Below are a few decorating tips that should come in handy.

     bed and breakfast

    Decide on a Color Scheme

     if you expect to cater to older travelers stick with neutrals or soft muted colors

    When choosing your color scheme, you should take your potential guests into consideration. If you expect to cater to older travelers stick with neutrals or soft muted colors. If you are positive your guests will be young and hip, then maybe you can incorporate that lime green wall into your scheme. If the rooms are on the small side, stay away from darker colors that will dwarf the space. Of course, you can have some darker décor pieces, but you definitely don't want to paint the walls dark gray or have an oversized black sofa in the room.

     if you are positive your guests will be young and hip, then maybe you can incorporate that lime green wall into your scheme

    Choose Furniture Thoughtfully

     choose furniture thoughtfully

    It can be tempting to go with a smaller bed to make the room appear larger. However, your guests won't appreciate it when they can't get a good night's rest. The mattress should not be overly firm or soft. Opt for something in the middle and leave your personal preference out of the decision.

     chair is easy to squeeze into a corner of even a small room

    If you are adding a dresser, choose a material that won't easily ruin when a guest leaves their sweating water bottle on top. You need quality pillows and everyone will likely appreciate a full length mirror. If you have room for extra furniture, by all means feel free to add it, but not at the risk of cramping the space. A chair is easy to squeeze into a corner of even a small room. However, don't add a sofa, chaise, or anything similar unless you really have the space.


    Smokeless Fireplace

     having a smokeless fireplace in each room could be the distinguishing factor you need to be more appealing than other bed and breakfast venues in the area

    Having a smokeless fireplace in each room could be the distinguishing factor you need to be more appealing than other bed and breakfast venues in the area. A wall-mounted one is ideal, so there is no risk of it getting knocked over. A smokeless fireplace will burn bio ethanol fuel, which is perfectly safe to use in nearly any environment. You can fill the burner at turndown and light it for them when they retreat to their room for the evening.


    Interesting Yet Simple Décor

     you want the décor to be interesting enough to not look like just an average guestroom, but you don't want to add so many elements that it appears cluttered

    Decorating your bed and breakfast will be the most exciting part of the whole process. However, it can be really easy to overdo it. You want the décor to be interesting enough to not look like just an average guestroom, but you don't want to add so many elements that it appears cluttered. Choose wall-mounted pieces and maybe one décor item to rest on the dresser or nightstand. Small pieces are too tempting to steal. You also want to avoid holiday themed directions; unless you are sure your guests celebrate the same holidays as you.

  • Decorating with Orange - You Can Do It!

    Various shades of orange have literally exploded in popularity in the world of interior design. There is a good chance that you recently opened a magazine or watched a decorating show on TV where this bold color was the primary focus. If suddenly you have a yearning to introduce orange to your home, these tips will help.


    Choose Your Shades

    Sherwin Williams Orange

    First, you don't have to stick with one shade of orange. You certainly can opt for only one, but using a few shades can create an interesting display, as well. If you have a black or white room, choose bolder shades. If you are adding orange to a room with a neutral palette, consider deep or light shades, or a combination of both. If you are not sure which shades are considered hip, check out popular favorites by Sherwin Williams, such as Knockout Orange, Invigorate, Mandarin, Sunset, Outgoing Orange, and Daredevil.


    Paint One Wall or All?

    Paint One Wall or All?

    Now that you picked your color you need to decide what you are painting. Do you prefer to do one accent wall or make a statement painting them all? If you are not adding any large orange furniture or décor pieces to the room you can easily paint all the walls. If you plan on showcasing this color in the décor, then stick with one wall.


    Add a Ventless Fireplace

    orange is a modern, creative, inspiring color that happens to be complimented exceptionally well by a ventless fireplace, especially when it is lit

    Orange is a modern, creative, inspiring color that happens to be complimented exceptionally well by a ventless fireplace, especially when it is lit. Just imagine a gorgeous silver and black ventless fireplace mounted on an orange accent wall. Your room will look like it belongs in a magazine.


    Decorate with Orange Furniture

    having an orange chair in an opposing corner or an orange shelving unit on the adjoining wall will create a nice balance

    Orange can quickly consume a space, if overused. If you paint an accent wall, you don't want to rest an orange sofa directly in front of it. Having an orange chair in an opposing corner or an orange shelving unit on the adjoining wall will create a nice balance.

     if you decide to not paint any of the walls then you can easily make a large piece of furniture in this color your main focal point

    If you decide to not paint any of the walls then you can easily make a large piece of furniture in this color your main focal point.


    Start Small

    start small by simply introducing the color in small décor pieces  a  pillow, rug, or throw blanket is a good place to start

    Do you love the idea of an orange room, but are not quite sure you are ready for such a dramatic change? Start small by simply introducing the color in small décor pieces. A pillow, rug, or throw blanket is a good place to start. Chances are good you will receive so many complements you will be inspired to go just a little bolder.

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  • Be Ready to Entertain When it's Unexpected

    In a perfect world, you will always know when guests are going to stop by at least 48 hours in advance. This gives you the chance to get to the grocery store, prepare snacks and dessert ahead of time, clean, decorate, and maybe even grab a bottle of wine and fresh flowers for the table. As you know, this perfect land does not exist, at least not in your world anyway.

    If you are like most, the doorbell rings at the most inconvenient time. The house is a mess, you haven't been to the store in a week, and you certainly don't have dessert prepared. You do have wine, but you were drinking out of the bottle while soaking in the tub earlier, so it's probably not the best option to share. These tips will help you be prepared for guests at any time.

     Set the alarm on your phone or the timer on the stove and power clean for 15 minutes. You may be surprised at how much you get accomplished when you are racing against the clock.

    Power Clean 15 Minutes Daily

    Don't wait and do all your cleaning on one day. Not only do things get out of control, at this point it takes you half the day to do. Set the alarm on your phone or the timer on the stove and power clean for 15 minutes. You may be surprised at how much you get accomplished when you are racing against the clock.

     have a go-to outfit only for emergencies, these can be casual lounge clothes you can slip into fast but they will always be clean and free of holes

    Go-to Outfit

    Do folks always come by when you have the most distressed old sweats on or days when you haven't done laundry in a week? Have a go-to outfit only for emergencies. This can be casual lounge clothes you can slip into fast, but they will always be clean and free of holes.

     try to resist drinking the bottle of wine you buy for unexpected guests so if guests come over,  you use them

    Bottle of Wine

    It may be tempting, but try to resist drinking the bottle of wine you buy for unexpected guests. Get one or two bottles and put them away. If guests come over and you use them, make sure you restock.

     a tabletop fireplace makes an instant centerpiece no fresh flowers needed

    Bio Ethanol Fuel

    Are you scratching your head trying to figure out why you need to stock up on bio ethanol fuel? Well, hopefully you already have a bio fuel fireplace. If not, it is time to get one. As long as you have bio ethanol fuel on hand you can create ambiance. You will never have to dig for candles. Plus, if you have a tabletop fireplace then you instantly have a centerpiece. No fresh flowers needed.

    designate a shelf in the pantry to hold your emergency entertaining stash

    Pantry Items

    Designate a shelf in the pantry to hold your emergency entertaining stash. Chocolate covered graham crackers can be quickly put on a nice tray. If you have a can of whipped cream and some sort of berries you can quickly dress them up. Have an assortment of nuts, pretzels, and other easy snacks handy. Make sure you have coffee, tea, sweetener, non-dairy creamer, and bottles of water, too. A box of crackers and a jar of raspberry preserves can also be turned into a snack. If you rob your stash at any time, just make sure to replace what you use.

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  • Easy Tips to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

    Many people do not realize what an important role air quality plays on their health. You are exposed to countless toxins every time you walk out the door. Your home should be a safe place where your lungs can be filled with air that is as clean as possible. When air is clean it also means there are no offensive odors present. Rather than spray products that smell good but fill your space with chemicals, take steps to improve the air quality instead. Everything else will fall into place.

     microfiber mops are great for capturing dirt and dust without the need for harsh cleaning solutions


    Just because everything in the house is in its proper place does not mean that it is clean. Vacuuming and washing the floors is crucial. Allergens and chemicals can accumulate in dust. A vacuum with a HEPA filter is recommended. When you vacuum, make sure you do the walls, upholstered furniture, and carpet edges where dust builds up. Mopping will get everything the vacuum left behind. Microfiber mops are great for capturing dirt and dust without the need for harsh cleaning solutions.

     check your paint if your home was built prior to 1978 , there is a very good chance that lead paint still exists on your walls

    Check Your Paint

    If your home was built prior to 1978 there is a very good chance that lead paint still exists on your walls. Lead can also be present in pesticides, so get in the habit of taking your shoes off at the door if you have been anywhere pesticides or other toxins could have been walked through.

     keep allergens under control if you keep the humidity between 30 and 50 percent

    Monitor Humidity Level

    Mold and dust mites love moisture. You can help keep allergens under control if you keep the humidity between 30 and 50 percent. An air conditioner will help reduce humidity in the summer. Vent the clothes dryer outside, fix leaky pipes, empty drop pans in the dehumidifier, and do not overwater plants.

     a bio ethanol fireplace will provide you with an odor-free fire and it will not be full of dangerous toxins

    Smoke-free Zone 

    Some people are very strict about not allowing smoking in their home. Everyone knows the smoke from cigarettes is full of harmful toxins. Not to mention they make the house smell awful. What is confusing is that many of these same people still have a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Does this sound like you? If it does then you have to know that the smoke from your fireplace is just as dangerous, and it smells just as bad. Enjoy an odor-free fire instead. A bio ethanol fireplace will provide you with an odor-free fire, and it will not be full of dangerous toxins. If you already have a fireplace, you can convert it with an insert.

  • Essentials for a Contemporary Patio

    Even if you have a modern environment indoors you may still need some decorating ideas for your outdoor living space. However, you certainly do not need a modern home to showcase this theme outside. You can have a country cottage kitchen and a safari-themed living room and still decorate your patio with contemporary furniture and décor. Below are a few ideas to get your started with the shopping process.

     a covered patio with a modern ventless fireplace

    • Outdoor Fireplaces - Shopping for outdoor fireplaces must be at the top of your priority list. You absolutely cannot create a modern environment without at least one. These artistic pieces are beautiful to look at when there is no fire, but add a flame and magic is created. Bio ethanol burns clean, so you do not have to worry about polluting the environment and you do not have to maintain a dirty wood pile.

    the furniture is the heart and soul of your patio, so pick pieces you can see you and your guests lounging on

    • Conversation Set - You do not need to buy a traditional round or square table with chairs. Conversation sets are much more modern. There are even sectionals with chaise lounges on either end. The furniture is the heart and soul of your patio, so pick pieces you can see you and your guests lounging on.

    there is something very mysterious and intriguing about these urn fountains

    • Urn Fountain - Although any water fountain will certainly provide benefits and bring beauty to the space, there is just something very mysterious and intriguing about those in the shape of an urn. You may find this unusual, but urn-shaped art has become very popular. If you are not sold on the urn idea, choose one made of a sphere, square, or other geometric shape.

    Prince AHA Stool by Kartell can indeed be used for seats when extra guests come over, but they also make fantastic tables to scatter around so everyone has a place to rest their beverage

    • Prince AHA Stool - Who says contemporary can't be functional? The Prince AHA Stool by Kartell will argue this theory. These unique stools can indeed be used for seats when extra guests come over, but they also make fantastic tables to scatter around so everyone has a place to rest their beverage. When not in use, you can stack them as art.

    eva solo bird table

    • Eva Solo Bird Table - Do not forget your feathered friends. When you think of birdhouses you probably picture rustic, charming things. Well, the Eva Solo Bird Table Standing is nothing short of fabulous. It looks like a cool piece of art, but it is actually made to pour bird seed inside. It has its own stake, so you can place it in the ground anywhere.

    Viento Curved Pinwheel

    • VIENTO Curved Pinwheel - If you have a flowerbed next to your patio or at least a large planter then you must check out the VIENTO curved pinwheel. You are going to add a spinner anyway, so it might as well be one that looks like art. VIENTO makes several styles that will create a nice conversation starter.

    a patio umbrella keeps the sitting area shaded and more comfortable, however, a California Umbrella also adds an artistic element to the space

    • California Umbrella - A patio umbrella serves the very important purpose of keeping the sitting area shaded and more comfortable. However, a California Umbrella also adds an artistic element to the space. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles and well worth the investment.

  • Make Your Finished Basement Cozier with These Elements

    It has taken you months of working in your spare time, but you have finally got the basement finished. Since you moved into the house you have dreamed of having a cozy place to entertain guests, watch movies, or have family game night. The space is finished, but your work is nowhere near being done. You need to finish and decorate still. Now, maybe you have had your colors picked out all along and already have a vision for the space. However, if you are like many you have switched ideas in your mind several times and just cannot settle on one. It is a little more challenging than decorating the rest of the home because you have exhausted a lot of time and energy into the space. It has to be perfect. You will need to choose your colors and/or theme on your own, but the following list should help with your decorating decisions.

     Eco-Feu Santa Cruz 2-Sided Biofuel Fireplace, a recessed wall fireplace that will provide you with heat while also creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere

    Recessed Wall Fireplaces

    Recessed wall fireplaces should be at the top of your shopping list. First, they will provide you with heat. Most basements are quite cold. It is rare to find one with a heat duct and if you have an older house that you are refinishing then you likely do not have any forced heat down there. Even on a mild night the basement can be considerably colder than the rest of the house. Recessed wall fireplaces will provide you with heat while also creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Plus, they are so attractive that one will act as a focal point even when it is not being used.

     bean bags in the basement game room because this space shoul have the most comfortable seats in the house

    Bean Bag Chairs

    This space should have the most comfortable seating in the house. Whether you are enjoying a bottle of wine, playing video games, or having a movie marathon, you want seating that you can melt into for hours at a time. Bean bag chairs fit this description. Be sure to buy some with machine-washable covers.

     basement tract lighting

    Thoughtful Lighting

    It is very unlikely that you have high ceilings. It does not matter if you hang a pendant or ceiling light in a place you think no one will hit it; they likely will. Choose track lighting that sits close to the ceiling or go with wall lighting instead.

     ottomans that double as storage, then you can hide blankets, games, boxes of tissue, etc. inside


    Everyone loves ottomans. There is nothing better than putting your feet up after a long day. If you buy ottomans that double as storage then you can hide blankets, games, boxes of tissue, etc. inside.


    Recycle Bin

    If you are really going to do a lot of entertaining then buy a recycling station. Of course, you will have a regular trash can, too, but there will be no excuse for cans and paper products to "accidently" end up in the trash, if there are clearly marked recycle bins.

  • Tips for Hosting the Perfect Outdoor Dinner Party

    Whether you are throwing a larger engagement party, or if you are simply having another couple over for dinner and drinks, the event can either be very successful or go really bad. If the party was inside, you wouldn't have as many potential complications to deal with. However, if you weren't using your patio to entertain you might not be inviting everyone over to begin with. There is something about the warm weather that makes people more social. If this sounds like you, then you will find these tips very helpful to ensure your gathering is a success.

     citronella candles

    Prepare for Mosquitoes

    The one thing you do not want invading your party is a swarm of thirsty mosquitoes that infiltrate the second the sun goes down. Tiki torches are probably the first thing coming to mind. These are a nice start but they can use a little help. First, you can spray the yard with an organic bug repellent product a few days prior. If you have standing water, mosquito bits work wonderfully to kill larvae. They can even be put in birdbaths without worrying that they will make your feathered friends sick. Mosquito repellent lanterns are also quite helpful. They run on batteries and emit a fragrance mosquitoes hate while also masking carbon dioxide so these pests can't find you.


    Bio Fuel Fireplaces

    It is amazing how cold it feels when the sun goes down after a warm summer day. The easiest way to keep your guests comfortable is to add bio fuel fireplaces to your outdoor living space. If you have a small patio, then a large fireplace will probably be fine. However, if your entertaining area is rather significant you will want to scatter a few around. This way, people will not have to cuddle up in a circle around the flame of one trying to get warm.

     pathway lighting help will help your guests find their way around

    Light the Path

    You know where the steps to the deck are, and you can find your way around the edging of the flower beds with your eyes closed. Keep in mind though that guests are likely to trip and fall because of something they do not see. Solar lights are perfect.

     cups with lids are decorative and logistical

    Cups with Lids

    You may want to serve cocktails in fancy stemware, but this really is not practical. First of all, glass can get dropped and broken, and then you have to worry about someone getting cut on glass in the dark. Plus, you never know when a spider or some sort of flying insect has ended up inside the drinks. Opt for cups that have lids, and they should be made of a durable material, so they don't break. If you are leaving snacks out to munch on, use Tupperware or serving platters with lids.

  • A Guide to Creating an Eco-Friendly Living Room

    If you are like many others you are taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint. You use cloth shopping bags, turn the water off while brushing your teeth, and even recently purchased energy efficient appliances. So, if you are itching to redecorate your living room, you may be feeling a little torn over the decision. Sure, you want your space to have a makeover, but you cannot help but feel like you are disappointing Mother Nature with your decision. Well, you do not have to. You can redecorate without having a huge impact on the environment.

    Donate and Recycle

    The first thing you need to do is figure out what you are getting rid of and what you plan on keeping. The last thing you want to do is throw anything away that still has some life left. Furniture and home décor items can be donated. If you have time to plan a garage sale, this will make you some extra money to spend on new furniture. Of course, you can always give old stuff you don't need to friends or family who can use it.

     eco friendly furnitures are free of all the toxic stuff, strong and durable


    Years ago, someone would have looked at you like you were crazy if you said you were buying eco-friendly furniture. Today, it is the latest trend. From certified sustainable wood to recycled glass to reused metal springs, finding eco-friendly furniture is not as challenging as you might think. Some manufacturers even use organic fabrics, natural glue, and latex foam.

     an ethanol fireplace burner allow you to transform that toxic, wood-burning fire into one that is eco-friendly

    Ethanol Fireplace Burners

    You will never have a "green" living space if you are still burning wood in your fireplace. Ethanol fireplace burners allow you to transform that toxic, wood-burning fire into one that is eco-friendly. Ethanol fireplace burners are placed in the open space where the logs would usually go. You simply pour in fuel and ignite. There is no smoke, no toxins, and no mess. You can even buy logs and pebbles to make the display more natural looking.

     make a statement with eco-friendly décor pieces

    Décor Pieces

    You may be quite surprised at the selection of eco-friendly décor pieces you will find. Rugs made of sustainable jute fibers are very popular. They are recyclable, biodegradable, and free of synthetic dyes. You can buy recycled glass vases, blankets made from organic fabrics, rattan hanging pendant lights, recycled metal sculptures, soy candles, and so much more. You may even want to get crafty and turn something you have into something new so you are essentially recycling it.

  • Tips for Decorating with Gray

    If you have not noticed lately, gray is the new hot color of interior design. Some believe that the gray craze is going to surpass even the love for neutrals that most of the population has shared at some point. Now, you may be thinking that gray is such a drab and depressing color you would never decorate with it. Well, when used properly it is also mysterious, sophisticated, and even a little enchanted.


    Choose Your Shades

    The key to decorating with gray is to use multiple shades to create depth. Of course, it will look boring if you use all one shade; any color would.

     cool light gray

    • Cool Light Grays - These grays have a hint of blue undertone. They are zen, peaceful, crisp, and clean, and perfect on ceilings and walls.

    free standing island painted Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore

    • Cool Dark Grays - These are glamorous shades that add a bit of excitement. "Chelsea Gray" by Benjamin Moore is a fine example.

    warm light grays with its hint of yellow telegraph comfort, coziness, and earthiness

    • Warm Light Grays - The hint of yellow in these shades telegraph comfort, coziness, and earthiness. In sunny environments these grays can almost look taupe. Ideally, warm light grays are used in rooms without a lot of natural light. "Elephant's Breath" by Barrow Ball is a warm light gray.

    warm dark grays add a historic feel to your room


    • Warm Dark Grays - If you want to add a historic feel to your room you will use a warm dark gray shade, such as Farrow Ball's "Charleston Gray."

    introducing a variety of textures to the room will make the environment even more interesting

    Play with Textures

    Choosing a few shades will create depth, but introducing a variety of textures to the room will make the environment even more interesting. Dark sheer window valances, a light gray chenille blanket, and medley of shades on furry pillows all bring unique textures to the space.

     a firebox creates a focal point that captures attention immediately and draws the eyes in and this is crucial in a grey room

    Buy a Fireplace

    Every room needs a focal point, but it is crucial in a gray room. Even with several shades to look at, the eyes may struggle to come to rest on one particular object. A fireplace is the perfect solution. A dancing flame captures attention immediately and draws the eyes in. Plus, when not lit, a modern fireplace will act as a piece of art.

     a splash of color will ensure your grey room has the level of excitement you are hoping for

    Add a Color Splash

    Gray goes with nearly any color, which means you can add one or several bold secondary colors. If you want to add a turquoise wall and lime green rug, and then combine them in patterned decorative pillows, then this is exactly what you should do. A splash of color will ensure your room has the level of excitement you are hoping for.

  • Tips for Creating a Contemporary Bedroom

    Your alarm goes off and as you open your eyes, the first thing that comes to mind is how bored you are with your bedroom. Sure, you absolutely loved it years ago, but it is time for a change. You have wanted to make your bedroom a little more current, so it is time to give it a makeover with a contemporary theme. These tips will get you started.


    • Remove the Clutter - Piles of hair accessories on your dresser or the five ties draped over the doorknob needs to go. There is no room for clutter in a contemporary space. Everything should have a home.

    a modern bedroom with neutral or simple color palette, a mix-and-match of creamy off-white, sand, mocha, and espresso creating depth

    • Decide on a Neutral or Simple Color Palette - Although you can showcase a vibrant color in a few décor pieces, the majority of the room should be done in a simple color palette. Neutral is easy because there are so many shades to choose from. You can mix-and-match creamy off-white, sand, mocha, and espresso to create depth. Black or shades of gray are also ideal for a contemporary space.

    a modern bedroom should be gender neutral

    • No Frills - If you want to display a contemporary theme then you have to resist the urge to add frills to your space. This means no lace, pastels, or delicate floral. The room should be gender neutral.

    Manhattan Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace - Anywhere Fireplace

    • Modern Fireplaces - Most people struggle, when it comes to shopping for décor. They are not quite sure which painting or sculptures they look at are considered contemporary. They do not want to get the wrong thing so they simply avoid decorating. You cannot go wrong with modern fireplaces. They are available in wall, freestanding, and tabletop varieties, so finding one to complement your space will not be a problem. They are maintenance, smoke, and mess-free, and they add sophistication to any room they occupy, even when they are not lit.

    a platform bed with drawers underneath eliminates the need for at least one of your dressers freeing up a little floor space

    • Rethink Your Furniture - If your budget does not allow for the purchase of all new furniture, do not worry about it. If you can squeeze in the cost of a new bed, but need to keep your dressers for now, this is fine, too. A platform bed is ideal. In fact, these beds are defining characteristics to a modern theme. Some have headboards while others do not. There is no right or wrong style. Just pick one based on personal preference. You may even want to consider a platform bed with drawers underneath, so you can eliminate the need for at least one of your dressers. This will free up a little floor space, too.

  • Create an Outside Reading Nook

    If you love to read then you will agree that there is nothing more enjoyable than relaxing in the fresh air with a good book. You are probably satisfied to sit in a chair and wear a hat and sunglasses, so you are not blinded by the sun during the day. Alternately, if you are outside in the evening then you have to wear a warm layer and spray yourself down with bug repellent. None of these things are huge issues, but if you have a thoughtfully created and incredibly comfortable reading nook, then you will likely retreat there a lot more often.

     girl reading a book on a hammock

    • Comfortable Seating - If you have something to sit on that you can literally melt into for hours you will enjoy your reading nook that much more. You definitely do not want to end up complaining of a sore back every time you spend some time reading. Hammock chairs are ideal, if you prefer to sit. A regular hammock works great, if you like to lie down. A bean bag chair is also a fantastic option, but make sure it has a removable, machine-washable cover.

    a cool evening or a crisp fall morning will not hold you back from enjoying your reading nook  if you have a personal ethanol fireplace to keep you warm

    • Personal Ethanol Fireplace - You will never have to think twice about going out to read when you have a personal ethanol fireplace. A cool evening or a crisp fall morning will not hold you back from enjoying your reading nook, if you have a personal ethanol fireplace to keep you warm. You simply pour the fuel in and ignite. Even the smallest ones create a surprising amount of heat. When you are ready to go back inside, bring your fireplace with you to enjoy indoors.

    create a reading nook under the shade of a tree or a patio umbrella

    • Shade - This is an absolute essential. You do not want to be forced to strain your eyes while you are reading. If you have a big shade tree, create your nook near the trunk, on the side that sees the most shade. A patio umbrella also works great.

    small table

    • Table - A small table is more important than you might think. You can use this to place your beverage and snack on. Plus, if you plan on using a bug repellent lantern or citronella candle you will want something to put it on.

    clip-on lights that attach right to your book

    • Lighting - During the day you will not have a need for lighting, but on overcast days and in the evening you will want to be able to see to read. Also, lighting deters thieves, thereby making you feel a little safer. A few solar lights will be helpful.  You can also buy clip-on lights that attach right to your book, hat, etc.

  • Patio Décor Pieces You can Enjoy Indoors

    Some people avoid buying too many décor pieces for their patio because they are only enjoyed part of the year. Others simply do not have a garage or anywhere to store everything over the winter. If this sounds like you then perhaps you want to purchase items that you can bring inside to enjoy, as well. Some items you can bring in nightly while others you probably will not remove from the patio until mid-autumn.

     Lexington Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace - Anywhere Fireplace

    • Portable Bio Ethanol Fireplaces - These are essential for an outdoor living space. Portable bio ethanol fireplaces burn a clean fuel source that doesn't emit toxins or compromise air quality, so it is safe to use inside your home and on your patio. Portable bio ethanol fireplaces are available in an array of styles, so there is one to complement any space.

    outdoor canvas art mounted on an interior wall makes eye-catching  accent

    • Outdoor Canvas Art - You will love the look you see on the face of your guests when they first notice your outdoor canvas art mounted on an exterior wall. There is a very diverse selection of these masterpieces. They are just as eye-catching as canvases you display inside your home, only they are given a protective coating. This resists UV rays and other environmental elements, and it can be easily wiped clean. At the end of season mount the picture in your home office, finished basement, a boring hallway, or anywhere else you need to freshen things up a bit.

    bean bags are soft and roomy for hours of relaxation

    • Bean Bag Chairs - You may be surprised to learn that there are bean bag chairs suitable for outdoor use. These fun pieces of furniture are inviting, and your body literally melts into them. So, whether you are lounging with friends or reading a good book you will never find yourself in an uncomfortable position. Make sure you purchase one with a removable and machine-washable cover.

    get cozy under a super soft blanket

    • Blankets - Even if you have a few portable bio ethanol fireplaces scattered around sometimes it is just nice to get cozy under a super soft blanket. All you have to do is wash them and they are ready to enjoy indoors.

    cool mini fridge for your man cave

    • Mini Fridge - If you have a mini fridge outside that you use to hold bottles of water or other beverages, it can be put to good use elsewhere when the season is done. Grant it, this is an appliance, not a décor piece, but it is still something that can be used indoors and outdoors. It can always go in the game room, finished basement, home office, or man cave.

  • Tips for Making Your Home Safer

    You never want to be in a position where you wish you could rewind time because a tragedy has occurred. Although some tragedies are out of your hands, there are many that could have been prevented. It does not matter if you live alone or have a family, it is important to take steps to make your home as safe as possible. Below are some tips to get you started.

     functioning smoke alarms are life savers, make sure that all smoke detectors in your home are in proper working condition

    • Test Smoke Alarms - Assuming that you do indeed already have smoke alarms scattered throughout your home, they need to also be tested routinely. Pick a day each month to test them. Don't assume that they work. How will you know if your teenage son stole the batteries out of one if you don't test them? If you do not already have these in your home, it is time to get some.

    carbon monoxide alarm

    • Carbon Monoxide Alarm - It is surprising that many people have smoke alarms in every room, but do not even have one carbon monoxide alarm. This is the silent killer. Carbon monoxide is toxic, but it is also odorless, colorless, and tasteless.

    bio ethanol fireplaces produce a safe fire that does not compromise the air quality in your home

    • Safe Fire - If you are still burning wood in a traditional fireplace, it is time for a change. You can have a safe fire that is just as enjoyable and warm without introducing toxins into your environment or risking a chimney fire. Bio ethanol fireplaces are available in wall, freestanding, and tabletop varieties and produce a safe fire that does not compromise the air quality in your home.

    to avoid taking a tumble, clean up the clutter, cords, and other hazards that may cause you to fall

    • Fall Prevention - Walk through your entire home and address any elements that could cause you to trip and fall. This could include loose rugs, electrical cords, piles of clutter at the door, poor lighting on staircases, etc. You might even find toys on the stairs. Eliminate these hazards.

    control dust by vacuuming at least three times a week

    • Control Dust - You may be interested to learn that household dust does a lot more than look bad and aggravate allergies. It contains numerous hazardous chemicals, such as pesticides, lead, and fire retardants. Get in the habit of vacuuming at least three times a week. Many do it every day. It only takes a few minutes.

    avoid pesticides

    • Avoid Pesticides - If you use pesticides for insects, rodents, etc., you are compromising your health. These toxic chemicals are released into the air you breathe.

    safe drinking water

    • Filter Tap Water - You can have a picture perfect safe home, and still have dozens of contaminants in your water. Even if your tap water is considered good there can be traces of toxic chemicals. Bottled water is not the solution either. When the Environmental Working Group tested bottled water from the leading brands it found 38 contaminants, including bacteria, industrial chemicals, and fertilizer. Filtered water is better, but water from a reverse osmosis system is best.

  • Tips for Creating a Simplistic Home

    Displaying a simplistic theme in your house is a trend that has really grown in popularity. However, it is quite common for the environment to come across as boring. Simplistic should not equal boring! Many people assume that you cannot display much (or any) décor with this theme, but this is not true. Although you certainly do not want to go overboard your living space can welcome a little decoration without straying away from the simplistic theme.

     with a ventless fireplace like this, you can clear the clutter and keep the stuff that you really need yet still keep the room comfortable and inviting

    Clear the Clutter

    Getting rid of the clutter is the most important thing you will do. Sometimes, you don't really realize how much is in a space until you start evaluating if you need each individual item. Ideally, you will work on one room at a time. If you can, clear absolutely everything from the space to start with a clean slate.

    Really think about if you need each piece of furniture before returning it back to the room. Everything you are getting rid of can be sold, donated, or simply given to friends. You may even want to hold a yard sale to make money to buy new décor or furniture you might need.

     a smoke free fireplace is a focal point so simple yet so stunning

    Add a Focal Point

    Even a simplistic piece needs a focal point. In fact, it may need one more than a busy space does. Since there is not much to look at in one of these environments, there absolutely needs to be one dynamic piece for your eyes to come to rest on. Otherwise the atmosphere can actually feel a little uncomfortable. Smoke free fireplaces are perfect to use to add focal points to any room in your home.

    Smoke free fireplaces burn bio ethanol fuel, which is clean-burning, odor-free, and maintenance-free. Plus, bio ethanol does not create smoke, which means there are no toxins. There are an alarming number of toxins in smoke. Smoke free fireplaces are safe, clean, and convenient to use anywhere.

     don't be afraid to splurge on one piece that you really love

    Quality Over Quantity

    Whether you are adding furniture and décor or shopping for new pieces, the one thing to keep in mind is that quality is better than quantity. Don't be afraid to splurge on one piece that you really love. Since there is not a lot to view in the room whatever you do have on display will inspire people to take a closer look at the pieces that are there.

     to ensure the space doesn't get cluttered again is to make sure everything has a home


    Now that you reduced the clutter, you need to take necessary steps to keep it this way, and one way to ensure the space doesn't get cluttered again is to make sure everything has a home. When everyone in the house knows where things go, there is no excuse not to put them in their rightful spot.

  • Feng Shui Decorating Tips for Beginners

    You have probably been hearing about feng shui for a while now, but you are not too sure how to go about incorporating it into your living space. Well, it is not as hard as you may think. Feng shui is based on the simple idea that your home reflects what is happening inside of you. The purpose is to create an environment that is aligned with where you want to be in your life. Harmonize the energy in your home with your own energy to reap amazing rewards.

     Feng Shui

    How Do You Harmonize Energy?

    This is accomplished by carefully selecting every element introduced to your living space. Everything has energy; this includes inanimate objects. Feng shui guides this created energy to help it flow freely throughout your home.

     furniture should be close enough to inspire conversation, but not so close that guests feel like sardines

    Seating Tips

    Ideally, the sofa will be against a wall farthest from the entry. It should provide a clear view of the door. If this isn't possible, you can leave the sofa floating in a room, but it should have a sturdy console behind it. You may want to position a mirror on the wall across from the sofa, so you can see behind you. This naturally makes you feel more protected when a wall isn't present.

    Having an awkward seating plan is the worst mistake you can make. Furniture should be close enough to inspire conversation, but not so close that guests feel like sardines. Walkways need to be clear. Also, circular tables allow energy to flow around them.

     a window should have drapes or blinds to bounce energy back into the room so it doesn't escape


    There should be something on windows to bounce energy back into the room, so it doesn't escape. If you don't have drapes or blinds, position a reflective bowl or a plant there. If you prefer uncovered windows to welcome natural light, then cover them with sheers. This diverts attention and softens the view.

     adequate lighting is essential in feng shui because light activates energy


    Having adequate lighting is essential in feng shui because light activates energy. Dark corners and hallways are often addressed first. If an area is dark, it is said to symbolize an aspect of your life being neglected.

     your eyes should instantly be drawn to one object that brings you joy and provides warmth and creates a soothing environment-a smokeless fireplace

    Don't Forget the Details

    There is a fine line between adding details and creating clutter. When you walk into the room your eyes should instantly be drawn to one object that brings you joy. Many people choose to use a smokeless fireplace as this focal point. You can buy a smokeless fireplace in a wall, tabletop, or freestanding variety. When it is not lit, it will act as art, but when there is a fire it transforms the ambiance of the space. A smokeless fireplace will not emit harmful toxins into the air you breathe yet it provides warmth and creates a soothing environment. It is just like the real thing, only safer, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly.

  • Low Cost Living Room Decorating Ideas

    You are suddenly feeling very creative and you are ready to tackle the living room you have wanted to redecorate. You don't want to dip too much into your savings, but you do want to create a whole new look. These tips should come in handy, or at least inspire a few ideas of your own.

     be an artist yourself and make beautiful art for your home

    • Paint a Canvas - Okay, you don't even have to paint anything interesting on the canvas. You can simply paint it one solid color. This could be a contrasting shade to the wall color or it could be similar, but a few shades lighter or darker to create depth.

    modern wall decorating with wicker baskets

    • Hang Plates or Baskets - Forget buying expensive art pieces. Go to a garage sale or flea market and find a few unusual plates that are different yet similar hues, sizes, and patterns. Attach wire plate hangers and mount them using picture nails. Always put the most dramatic one as the centerpiece and hang the others around it. You can also do this with decorative baskets from the craft store. You may want to paint the baskets different colors.

    Lexington Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace - Anywhere Fireplace

    • Tabletop Fireplace - You need one transforming focal point that won't break the bank. A tabletop fireplace is perfect. It will create the same wonderful ambiance as a wood burning fireplace, only it is cleaner, safer, and eco-friendly.

    sew with a hidden stitch

    • Do Some Sewing - Before you spend a lot of money on new curtains, decorative pillows, etc., hit the fabric store and make them instead. They will cost a fraction of the price and you have a lot more fabric options to choose from. You do not need a sewing machine. It is a small amount of sewing that you can do by hand. It is highly unlikely anyone will examine your stitching this closely, and if they do it can be a great conversation starter that you will both have a good laugh over.

    mixing patterns

    • Mix Patterns - Mixing patterns is very popular right now. You no longer have to pick one pattern and stick to it. In fact, this is frowned upon. Go ahead and have a striped rug paired to both polka dot and chevron patterns. As long as the colors are cohesive, mixing patterns is perfectly acceptable.

    upcycled seating

    • Repurpose Furniture - You don't have to spend money on new furniture pieces. Pick up an old chest to refinish as a coffee table. Even an old kitchen chair can be made into a charming nightstand.

  • 6 Décor Pieces People Do Not Expect to Find in a Waiting Room

    No one arrives to your business hoping they will get to wait an extra-long time. Most people get annoyed after only five minutes of waiting. Some of this has to do with the fact that they have a dozen other places they would rather be. However, most is because décor is so uninviting that they cannot even stand to be in the room. Why not create a waiting room so exciting that they do not even feel the need to look at the time on their cellphone.

     Lexington Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace - Anywhere Fireplace

    • Smoke Free Fireplaces - No one expects to walk into a waiting room and be welcomed by a warm dancing flame. Smoke free fireplaces burn bio ethanol fire and are available in a large variety of styles. A wall one is ideal if you want to make sure it is out of the way.

    beverage center

    • Beverage Center - Would a coffee and tea center be too much to ask for? All you need is a small table where you can display tea, sweeteners, cups, etc. They are less likely to get irritated about waiting if they have something to sip on.

    great magazine selection

    • Great Magazine Selection - Most waiting rooms have three to five types of magazines. These popular ones do not necessarily appeal to every person who walks through the door. Besides, they probably read them already. Expand your magazine selection to make everyone happy. This is especially important if you have a waiting room that people sit in for quite a while. The service department at a dealership is a good example.

    wall water fountain

    • Wall Water Fountains - When folks walk through the door and are greeted by a wall water fountain they will instantly feel better about being there. Their mood is calmer and their mind simply relaxes. Instead of thinking about all the things they should be doing they are able to just enjoy the display provided by the fountain. Adding your logo to the piece is definitely recommended.

    Coat Rack

    • Coat Rack - No one should feel as though they have to sit there overheating with their coat on. Of course, you do not want wet coats and umbrellas placed on the furniture either. A large coat rack by the door is the solution.

    bean bag chairs

    • Bean Bag Chairs - Add these fun, comfortable chairs to your waiting room and watch eyes light up. You do not have to replace all your chairs with them, but at least have a few that people can melt into, if they choose.

  • 5 Things You Need to Make Your Office More Comfortable

    You spend about one-third of your life in your office, so this space really should be decorated as nicely as your home. Of course, you probably are not permitted to hang décor on the wall or change the paint color, but there are things you can do that will make your office a nicer place to be. Some of these ideas are really essential if you actually have meetings in your office. You want your customers, clients, etc., to feel comfortable, too!

    Metropolitan Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace - Anywhere Fireplace

    • Tabletop Fireplace - There is just something about being in the presence of a fire that makes the time spent in the office more enjoyable. A bio ethanol tabletop fireplace can be placed on a small side table out of the way. Since it does not get plugged in you do not have to worry about your boss putting a stop to it because of electrical usage. Simply pour in the fuel, ignite, and enjoy.

    quality ergonomic chair.jpg2

    • Ergonomic Chair - You sit in that chair all day long. Your body deserves to be supported in all the right spots. Low-quality chairs often lead to backaches, shoulder, neck pain, and headaches. Aches and pains make you less productive. Splurge on a quality office chair. You will definitely be glad you did.

    brook tabletop fountain

    • Tabletop Water Fountain - A water element will create a more tranquil environment, which in return will help reduce stress. This is a benefit anyone can appreciate. A small one can sit on the corner of your desk or on the table next to the fireplace. A large tabletop variety can sit in the corner on the floor.

    plants -a  living art will breathe life into your office

    • Plants - You are cooped up inside all day. Some living art will breathe life into your office. This is especially important if you do not have a window with a view. Not to mention, some species will improve the air quality. Considering you probably do not know how often your company or the building management cleans the vents and ducts you can use all the help you can get, when it comes to air quality.

    decorative snack box

    • Snack Box - Unless you own your own business you probably cannot have a mini fridge in your office. However, you can have a nice decorative box that hides all your favorite snacks. Fill it with healthy options and you will be less likely to hit the vending machine for a sugary treat when your stomach starts growling mid-afternoon.

  • Décor to Splurge on for Your Contemporary Space

    If you are trying to create the most contemporary space possible then ordinary art just will not do. You want pieces that are so dynamic they spark conversation. These are items that guests just stop and stare at when they walk in the room. You even get a flutter in your heart when you look at them, even though you see them every day. Below are a few ideas of such elements that will take your modern living environment to the next level.

     Eco-Feu Santa Cruz 2-Sided Biofuel Fireplace

    Two Sided Bio Fuel Fireplaces 

    If you did not even know these existed until just now you are not alone. Most people have never seen one, so just imagine how guests are going to react when they see one at your home. As their name implies, two sided bio fuel fireplaces can be appreciated from both sides. They are ideal to install in a wall that separates two rooms, such as a dining room and living room. You can even just place them somewhere they can be viewed from any angle.

     Wovin Wall

    Wovin Wall

    These installed three-dimensional pieces turn your entire wall into a piece of art. Just imagine a stainless steel one on a lime green wall. There are a variety of styles and many offer fantastic acoustic benefits.

     vertical garden

    Wall Mounted Planter Boxes

    Sure, you can place a few gorgeous planters around and call it a day. However, wall mounted Ipe planter boxes with stainless steel light fixtures will certainly give your room the "wow" factor you are looking for.

     large wall water fountain

    Large Waterwall

    Every room needs a water element, but a contemporary room is perfect for a large freestanding one. As the water makes its long journey down the fountain face the sound will create a soothing environment. Plus, a small amount of evaporation will occur, which will combat dry air. Slate and glass are both perfect options for this type of environment.

     LOFTwall Wave Room Divider

    Room Divider

    There are so many gorgeous room dividers available that it is really a shame not to incorporate one into your space. A LOFTwall Wave Room Divider is a good example of one you might be interested in.

     accent chair

    Accent Chair

    Do not replace your comfortable seating with chairs that guests do not know whether to sit on or admire. If you have a large room and a lot of extra floor space then go ahead and add an unusual accent chair as an extra seating piece. A few cool ones to check out include Panton Junior Chair by Verner Panton, Fun Arm Chair by Chintaly Imports, Eros Side Chair by Kartell, and Side Chair by Flux.

  • 5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Inviting

    Do you ever watch movies and find yourself secretly jealous of people who read in bed or simply hang out in their bedroom? If your bedroom was a little cozier you might say goodbye to the sofa in the living room and hang out in the bedroom a little more often, too. A lot of people neglect this room simply because guests generally do not see it. This is quite unfortunate because this is valuable real estate. Expand the living space you love to hang out in by creating an environment in your bedroom that is so welcoming and comfortable that you never want to leave.

     Color Palette

    • Thoughtful Color Palette - You may love the look of that red wall and black comfortable covered in dragons, but does it give you a cozy feeling? If it does, then great! If not, then it is time for a change. Now, if you are like many others you are saying "What color palette?" Some people neglect their bedroom so bad that they do not even have a color palette. There is a random comforter and white walls. No wonder the door gets closed when guests come over. Choose a couple primary colors and then add in a few accent ones.

    comforter and sheets

    • Soft Textiles - Go ahead and splurge on your comforter and sheets. You will be glad you did. You may even want to buy a super soft throw blanket to lie across the bottom of your bed. This way, if you are just relaxing with a book or a movie you do not have to actually get under the covers, if you don't want to.


    • Ventless Fireplace - This is an essential, if you are trying to create a cozy space. There is nothing more welcoming than a warm fire. Just being in the presence of one is relaxing. You can buy a wall, tabletop, or freestanding ventless fireplace that burns bio ethanol. This is a clean-burning fuel source that does not create smoke or release toxins. When you are ready to go to bed just extinguish the flame.

    wall fountain

    • Wall Fountain - If you think having a ventless fireplace creates the perfect ambiance then try having one that is also complemented by a water feature. The sound of cascading water will make your stress just disappear. Plus, it will help you fall asleep faster because your mind will be calmer.

    impressive bedroom

    • Lighting - If you are going to really enjoy this space then you need to have great lighting. A simple overhead light that creates a glare just will not do, especially if you like to read in bed. Choose a glamorous pendant or chandelier and make sure you have a lamp or a wall sconce by the bed for reading.

  • Wood Burning Fireplaces vs. Modern Fireplaces

    A fire is a fire, right? Wrong! For many years burning wood for a fire was a way of life. Most did not question what it was doing to their health or the environment. Then, modern fireplaces came along and some people embraced them immediately. Others were, and still are not quite sure what they are or what benefits they provide. If this sounds like you then this comparison between the two will help.

    Eco-Feu Monte Carlo 2-Sided Biofuel Fireplace


    A wood burning fire obviously needs wood. This depletes forests and destroys habitat for wildlife. Trees do not grow back fast enough to be so careless with them. If you choose a modern fireplace that burns bio ethanol you are using a sustainable resource. Bio fuel is made from the fermented sugars of sustainable crops like potatoes and beets.

    Chantico Stone Bioethanol Fireplace

    Smoke and Toxins

    The most significant difference between the two is the fact that a wood burning fire creates smoke but a bio ethanol one does not. Do you have any idea how many toxins are emitted into the air every second smoke is created? Not only is this destroying the environment; it is compromising your health. It increases your risk for cancer, asthma, allergies, and other conditions.

    A modern fireplace does not create smoke nor does it emit dangerous toxins into the air. You can place one of these fireplaces in any room of your house to enjoy, including the bathroom, if you want to create a spa-like atmosphere.

    Tectum Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fireplace

    Mess and Maintenance

    There is nothing easy about maintaining a wood burning fire or fireplace. First, you have to keep a wood pile which attracts bugs and rodents. Keep in mind you have to constantly move wood from outside into the inside area, too.

    Getting the fire started is never a barrel of fun. It is time consuming and a lot of work. Then, you have to constantly poke at it and add to it to keep it going. Of course, the entire time you are either blasted with heat or chilled because the flame is dying.

    If all this is not enough work, you have to scoop soot and ash constantly. Plus, you have to scrub that layer of filth off the walls, furniture, floors, etc. Keep in mind that everything you are cleaning off the walls is also coating your lungs.

    A modern fireplace is essentially maintenance-free and it certainly does not create any amount of mess. The only thing you have to do to enjoy a fire is pour in the fuel and ignite. You are blessed with a consistent fire until it runs out of fuel or you extinguish the flame. Once you have it this easy you will never want to deal with a wood-burning fireplace again.

    EB1212 Bio Ethanol Insert

  • Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Home

    You have heard about all the great benefits to be received by incorporating feng shui into your home, but getting started can be a bit daunting. Many people are nervous to take the first step because they are scared they will do it wrong. Well, there is not necessarily a "right" or "wrong" way to feng shui your home. There are simple guidelines, as well as some elements that should be present. However, as intimidating as it may seem, it is a lot easier to pull off then you might think.

     clutter free space

    • Clean the Clutter - This is the most important step and it is one that you absolutely cannot skip. Yes, clearing the clutter can be incredibly time-consuming, but you will feel much better when it is done. Do not just stuff everything in a box in your closet or bedroom either. Donate things you do not need, or plan on having a yard sale. If you know you are going to have a sale you will be less likely to hold onto unnecessary items.

    Improve the Air Quality

    • Improve the Air Quality - You cannot have a healthy environment with unhealthy air. There are a number of plants that will purify the air and improve the look of your space. You can also use an air purifier, but the water fountain works just as well. The moving water creates negative ions which cancel out positive ones. Dander, dust, allergies, cigarette smoke, etc., are all positively charged.

    environmentally friendly fireplace

    • Add a Fire Element - An environmentally friendly fireplace is a crucial component to a feng shui space. You may want to consider shopping for fire water fountains. This allows you to include both fire and water elements into your home without the need for separate pieces. Fire water fountains are mess and smoke-free, as they burn bio ethanol, which is a clean fuel source.

    before choosing your color palette, consider finding out your birth element

    • Support Your Energy - Before choosing your color palette, consider finding out your birth element. You do not absolutely have to do this, but you may feed off the energy more in a room that features colors associated with your element. For example, if you were born at the end of July in 1973, you may assume you should decorate with reds, oranges, and yellows to represent fire. After all, you are a Leo so your sign is fire. Well, this is true, but your birth element is actually water. Your energy colors are shades of blue.

    creating balance feng-shui

    • Create Balance - Balance plays a leading role in feng shui. It is hard for the mind to relax or even feel comfortable in an unbalanced space. You cannot have all tall and large elements on one side of a room. They need to be equally placed throughout the north, east, south, and west quadrants. It is also important that you have a nice mix of round and straight edges. Chi cannot flow properly through a room that is solely full of sharp edges.

  • 5 Essentials for Your Lanai

    If you have a lanai then chances are good that you spend as much time in that open-sided veranda as you can. These architectural additions on homes originated in Hawaii and are named after the six-largest of the Hawaiian Islands. So, it only makes sense to decorate this space as though you are in one of the world's most beautiful tropical places. Unlike a regular patio, a lanai has a roof, so you have a little more decorative freedom of what you can do with the space. Below are a few essentials to get you started.


    • Ethanol Fireplace - This is one essential you absolutely cannot be without. An ethanol fireplace will allow you to enjoy your lanai after temperatures dip. This also means you can use the space earlier and later in the season. Plus, a dancing flame will create the perfect ambiance whether you are relaxing by yourself or gathered with friends. Do not worry about harming the environment because this is a clean-burning fuel source that creates no smoke.


    • Water Fountain - Speaking of ambiance, the perfect complement to your ethanol fireplace is a wall fountain. The sound of the cascading water will help create a soothing environment. Since the lanai will have at least one wall, you may want to buy a wall-mounted variety and make the most of that space.

    contemporary lanai with mini fridge

    • Mini Fridge - Sometimes, walking in the house feels like such a huge effort. Having a mini fridge stocked with beverages will save you a lot of unnecessary trips inside. This is a definite bonus if you have the air conditioning on inside the house, so you do not let all the cool air out every time you open the door.


    • Outdoor Rug - Although the lanai is covered you are probably walking outside, too. So, you do not want an indoor rug. Choose a large decorative outdoor one. When it gets dirty all you have to do is drag it out to the yard and spray it with the hose. There are some that are every bit as nice as those you decorate with inside your house.

    tiki torches

    • Thoughtful Lighting - In the evening you are going to need a little light. Of course, as you know regular lights are going to attract mosquitoes, the most unwanted guests. Consider hanging lanterns that you can burn citronella candles inside. Tiki torches are always a great idea, as well.

  • Your Guide to a Dream Kitchen

    Are you finally ready to remodel the kitchen that has left you uninspired all these years? Maybe you just bought an old house that has a little more character in the kitchen than you are prepared to deal with. If you are ready to indulge in the ultimate remodel you are probably looking for ideas to help you create a dream kitchen. This list should get you inspired.


    contemporary-kitchen with glass paneled cabinets


    • Glass-paneled Cabinets - For a while, rich wood cabinets were coveted in kitchens, but clean white cabinets are making a comeback, especially if they have glass panels.


    • Ethanol Wall Fireplace - Why is it that people are quick to add an ethanol wall fireplace to the living room and bedroom, but never consider the kitchen for such a purchase? You spend a lot of time in there, so if you want a dream space that will inspire gossip, add an ethanol wall fireplace to your décor.


    modern kitchen with glass front refrigerator


    • Glass Front Refrigerator - Remember the frenzy over stainless steel appliances? Well, that same crazed reaction is about to be experienced over glass front refrigerators. There are also glass-front garden coolers for homes that eat a lot of greens and veggies. Do not forget your glass-front wine cooler to match.


    contemporary kitchen with a functional island


    • Functional Island - A kitchen island doesn't only have to be for preparing food. If you have the space to make a dining area here then friends can gather while you cook. An extravagant range hood dropped from the ceiling over the range is a must, as well.


    kitcken with unique floor


    • Unique Floor - Skip the tile, laminate, or wood for your floor, and opt for cork, bamboo, or stone. If you must get tile, consider a checkered pattern, just to be different.


    kitchen with skylights


    • Skylight - As long as you are doing a remodel, now is your chance to add that skylight you have been dreaming of.


    modern-kitchen with ceiling soffit


    • Ceiling Soffit - If a skylight is not in the plans consider an organic-shaped ceiling soffit with pendants hanging from it.


    kitchen with herringbone tile work


    • Herringbone Tile Work - Do you want a backsplash that is different than what everyone else has? A herringbone-like design should do the trick.


    kitchen with a French connection


    • French Connection - If you want a French bistro atmosphere, creamy cabinetry with a gorgeous antique glaze will help achieve this look. Add stone walls and some iron work, too!


    beams to hang pots to


    • Beams - You do not need to have a "need" for wood beams to add them to your ceiling. Crown your room with these wooden gems, and hang your pots and utensils from them.
  • Beige and Beyond: Decorating Your Bedroom with Neutrals

    Are you hooked on beige even though so many people say it is boring? Beige gets a seriously bad rap, but in all fairness, it is one of the most versatile colors you can use for decorating. That being said, if you have nothing but beige items in your bedroom it could look and feel a little flat. If you love this color, then you should embrace it, but keep the room lively and interesting with these decorating tips.

    bedroom with neutral colors2

      • Skip the Bedroom Set - For many years, nearly everyone purchased full bedroom sets. In fact, it was challenging to just find a single dresser or bed, and when you did it was almost as expensive as the full set the salesperson tried to steer you towards. Now, there is nothing wrong with full sets, but mixed pieces allow you to give the room more personality. This is especially important if you are decorating with beige.


        • Introduce Color - Even if you are "scared" of color, you will likely have a change of heart, if you introduce at least one or two bold colors to the room. This could be as a throw blanket, lampshade, or rug. You can even create a headboard made from a canvas covered in fabric that is a bold color or pattern. A little color makes a dramatic difference in a beige room. If you are brave, you can even paint one wall a bright color. Any shade will match beige, but aqua, tangerine, lime green, and various shades of purple are hot for 2014.

    Manhattan Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace

            • Buy an Ethanol Fireplace - Every room needs a focal point, but the importance is increased in a beige room. If the eyes see a lot of monotone and nothing exciting enough to draw them in, it can be stressful on the mind. Plus, it is uninspiring. An ethanol fireplace will become the focal point your room needs to appear polished and cozy. Fuel for ethanol fireplace products is quite simple to deal with. You simply pour it in the burner and ignite. If you want to put the fire out, just extinguish it. It is mess and smoke-free.

    bedroom with plants

        • Don't Forget Metal and Plants - Metal and plants are the two elements most often forgotten in bedrooms. Metal adds texture and richness to a space. Copper is extremely popular right now and complements practically any color palette or theme. Plants are essential because every room needs living art. Many people have plants scattered throughout their home, but neglect the bedroom. You may want to consider those that are known to purify the air, such as peace lily, areca palm, Australian sword fern, dwarf date palm, weeping fig, and rubber plant.

  • Tips for Getting More Connected with Your Bedroom

    Does your bedroom just look like a mess? Not that it is actually messy by any means. You don't need to have anything out of place for a space to be labeled as a mess. Maybe you have a generic comforter and plain curtains that really are doing nothing to complement one another. Perhaps you even finally got the nerve to paint an accent wall, but now it feels more disconnected than ever. There is a good chance that you have already picked a fantastic color palette; you simply need a little help pulling it all together!

    Primary and Secondary Colors

    Primary and Secondary Colors

    Many people simply pick a handful of colors and try to incorporate them in their space without much thought. Ideally, you will take your chosen colors and separate them into primary and secondary categories. Your two primary colors will dominate in the room. The secondary ones will be used in small doses to add accent. If you are painting an accent wall it should be done in one of the secondary colors.

    cotton beddings

    Start with Bedding

    Your bedding will determine patterns or a theme used throughout the room. If you are having trouble deciding on a color palette, sometimes it is easier to pick your comforter first. When you see one you love, use its colors to inspire your palette.

    • Solid - If you have chosen a solid comforter in one of your primary colors then you can really have fun with patterns throughout because nothing will contrast the bed.
    • Print - If you picked a printed comforter then you may want to stick with solid curtains, sheets, etc. This is not a rule though. A striped comforter very well could welcome a floral, paisley, or patterned print used elsewhere in the room.

    Essential Décor

    Regardless what color palette or pattern you use, every room needs a few essential pieces of decor.

    • Personal Ethanol Fireplace - Every room in your home can welcome a personal ethanol fireplace. These modern art pieces provide warmth and ambiance, and the flame is smoke-free, so no toxins are released into the air.
    • Water Feature - A personal ethanol fireplace and a water feature will go together like apples and cinnamon. The cascading water will transform any room into a tranquil oasis while also cleaning the air.
    • Variety of Materials - An interesting room will have a variety of materials to create texture. Bamboo, copper, and porcelain are all very hot this year.
  • Designing a Bedroom On a Budget

    It does not matter if you are moving into your first apartment or you suddenly look around a space you once loved and can't find a reason to smile, you might assume there is not much you can do without a lot of money. Well, you may be quite surprised at what you can accomplish on a small budget.


    Paint is Your Friend

    Paint is pretty cheap, and will be a staple of your decorating budget. Unless you are renting and cannot change your wall color, there is no excuse to have white walls. Plus, paint can be used on plastic bins and drawers.

    platform bed

    Platform Bed

    Before you spend a fortune on a mattress, box spring, headboard, and frame, check out the selection of platform beds instead. This eliminates the need for a box spring, and some are quite affordable. If you really want to be frugal, there are metal frames made to use with just a mattress. Put a crisp bed skirt around the frame, and you achieve the same look.

    modern shelving

    Dressers and Shelves

    Okay, dressers and bookshelves can be pretty pricy. If you are on a really tight budget, buy those plastic bins with three drawers you can get nearly anywhere, and use Krylon plastic paint on them. Since the drawers are clear, you can also glue patterned scrapbook paper to the inside for a printed design to show through. As for shelving, plastic utility shelves can also be painted. If you are short on storage space, paint shoeboxes or cover them in fabric and ribbon, and stack them on the shelves. These can be used to hide a lot of odds and ends.

    Buy the Essentials

    Since you are not splurging on an expensive bedroom set, you can afford nicer bedding and a few décor essentials that will really make the room appear more sophisticated.

    • Bedding - Resist the urge to buy a cheap "bed-in-a-bag" set unless you have to. These products come with a cheap price tag, but they look awful after washing a few times and they rarely last very long.
    • Curtains - Even if you have blinds, you can dress your windows. You can also hang curtains behind or on either side of the head of your bed.
    • Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace - A fire element will add richness to your bedroom, even if everything is made of plastic. You probably planned on indulging on one bold art piece anyway, so this should be it. You can always create your own art for the walls by covering one large or several small canvases with printed fabric to mount. A tabletop ethanol fireplace will sit right on top of a hard surface and will not create smoke or a mess.
    • Water Fountain - If you still have a little money left over in your spending budget then a water feature will be the perfect complement to your fireplace, and it will keep create a soothing environment.
  • Weekend Project: Create a Contemporary Living Room

    Do you constantly look around your living room and wish that you had the time to transform the space into a much more modern environment? Maybe you want a contemporary space, but do not even know where to begin. Well, creating the look you crave is not as challenging or time consuming as you might think. Gather everything you need and order décor essentials ahead of time and you can bust out this project in a weekend with plenty of time to kick back and relax with a movie Sunday night.


    The first thing you will need to do is decide what elements will be removed from the room. "Less is more" is the motto to live by to achieve this look. Any décor or furniture pieces you remove can always be used in that home office that is so design neglected. Alternately, you can box them and save in case your taste changes in the future. If you know you do not need the stuff, donate it or sell it in your next garage sale.


    Pick a Palette

    Most people associate contemporary with black furnishings. However, neutrals can work just as well. Ideally you will incorporate one bold color into the room to really make the space dynamic. This is easiest done by painting a wall this contrasting color or purchasing a vibrant area rug. Whatever the case is, you will want to pick your color palette ahead of time. This will be your guide when you start shopping for your essentials. Remember that there are no rules. Do not feel as though you have to mimic a magazine photo perfectly.

    Buy Your Essentials

    If you are going to transform your living room space in one weekend then you need to buy and/or order your essentials ahead of time, so you have it ready. Obviously, if you are painting you will need paint and supplies. Additional must-haves include:

    ethanol fireplace in the living room

    • Wall Mounted Bio Fuel Fireplaces - No other décor piece can instantly give a space a modern feel quite like wall mounted bio fuel fireplaces. Ideally, the one you purchase will be scaled appropriately to the wall size, and it should be the only thing mounted on that wall.


    • Lighting - Pendants and sconces are perfect lighting options for a contemporary living room. Track lighting can also look fantastic mounted from a rafter or used to highlight an art piece.

    glass floor fountain

    • Glass Floor Fountains - Wall mounted bio fuel fireplaces are complemented beautifully by glass floor fountains. Glass will match any color palette you choose and offer a clean and polished look. If your décor is all black, then black spider marble would be another material worthy of consideration.

    green and white living room

    • Fabrics - Everything from curtains to pillows will need to be purchased. Do not be afraid to incorporate a pattern into the room. A watercolor floral pillow will add a variety of colors, and then you could choose one of those colors in the pattern to be your accent one for paint, rugs, curtains, etc.

    Young Woman Holding Wallpaper on Wall

    • Get to Work - This should be a fun project, so try not to worry too much about if your look is contemporary or not. Nearly everyone has their own definitely of this anyway. Paint early so you can see if there are any parts that need an extra coat while you still have sunlight. Mount your fireplace at eye level. Lastly, break the rules! Furniture does not have to rest against the walls. If you want to the sofa in the middle of the living room, and a display of plants with the water fountain on the wall behind it then this is what you should do.
  • 5 Quick Spring Spruce Ups for Your Home

    After a long winter it is time to do some spring cleaning. Interestingly, this is often the one cleaning session that no one complains about. It feels good to dust those cobwebs, open the windows, and get rid of the stale air. During your spring cleaning weekend, there are a few other things you may want to do to spruce up your home, as well.

    1. Screen Repair - If there is even a small rip or hole in a screen, bugs will find their way in. Very small repairs can be done with a large sewing needle, clear fishing line, tweezers, and super glue. For larger repairs you will need replacement screen material. This is not the most exciting job, but you will be glad you got it over with.


    1. Ethanol Grate - If you are scrubbing soot off your walls, then your spring cleaning may not be quite the fun event others are experiencing. Do not go through another winter dealing with a dirty, smelly wood-burning fireplace that destroys the environment and compromises your health. Clean it out for the last time, and buy an ethanol grate. This will allow you to enjoy your fireplace without the mess and hidden danger. Plus, on those chilly spring and fall nights an ethanol grate can be filled with fuel and easily lit without a second thought. You probably would not even think about putting forth the effort to start a wood fire during these seasons.

    EBG2100 Bio Ethanol Fireplace Grate



    1. Maximize Curb Appeal -You probably spend a lot of time creating a beautiful outdoor living space in the backyard; have you forgotten about the front yard. Some flowers, a new door mat, decorative solar lights, a bird feeder, and some garden statuary will improve curb appeal. If the budget allows, a tiered or wall fountain would also be a nice touch.


    1. Paint Your Cabinets - If you have old cabinets dating your kitchen, it is time to give them a facelift. You could sand and refinish them, but you could also paint them and add new handles. You might even want to consider removing some of the doors for an airy look.


    1. Refresh Your Walls - Since you can finally open the windows and you are washing walls anyway, you might as well give them all a fresh coat of paint. This will give you an excuse to try out that bold color you have had your eye on all winter!

  • Transform Your Balcony Into a Tranquil Oasis

    Who says you need a patio in a large backyard to enjoy the fresh air? Apartment dwellers often wish they had a patio yet their balcony goes unused. Now, you may be saying that you can't possibly do anything with that small balcony space, but you will be quite surprised. You can easily create a magical outside waiting area to read, enjoy your morning cup of coffee, or just relax. Below are a few essential elements that you will need.


    • Contemporary Seating - If you are single you could just put a beanbag chair or hammock swing out there. If there will often be two people sharing the balcony a small wrought iron bistro table with chairs will be perfect.


    • Outdoor Rug - You should be able to kick your shoes off out there in the summer, and have your toes welcomed by a soft outdoor rug. They are available in a huge variety of colors and patterns. When it gets dirty, simply roll it up, stick it in your trunk, and spray it with the power washer at the car wash. If you have a friend or family member with a yard and hose, this will work, too.


    • Ethanol Fireplace - You should not be restricted to only enjoying your balcony in the summer. Ethanol fireplaces make it possible to enjoy your balcony when there is a chill in the air. A small tabletop or freestanding one can be used inside your home, and when you want it on your balcony you just carry it out there. Since an ethanol fireplace does not need electricity, you do not need to deal with an extension cord.


    • Planters - You probably do not have space for several large planters. Fortunately, planters are now available specifically for balconies. They sit right on the railing, so you can have your own flower garden without taking up a lot of space. You could also use them to grow herbs and small vegetables.



    • Wind Chimes - As long as you have something to hang wind chimes from this is another soothing element to introduce to your space. Bamboo offers the most soothing sound while metal, glass, and other materials tend to have a more lively and sweet sound.


    • Umbrella - Unless you are on a second or third floor behind a tree you will greatly appreciate the shade offered by an umbrella. Just make sure to buy a cover to protect it when it is not being used.
  • Essentials for Your Outside Patio Bar

    You know that you are serious about entertaining when you have an outside bar in your backyard. Your house is probably the place where everyone goes after a night on the town or to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon catching up with tales of the week. So, now spring is here and it is time to make your outside bar area even better than before. Below are a few elements you may want to incorporate into this space before the arrival of your first official unexpected guest.

    • Umbrella - If you already have a covered patio then you have all the sun protection you could possibly need. Otherwise, a couple of patio umbrellas will be important. You will get a lot more use out of your space, if you know you can go to it any time of the day, and not fight the sun's UV rays. For a really small bar area one large umbrella would likely be fine, but if you noticed last season that guests had to shift around as the earth's position to the sun changed throughout the day, then one or two extra umbrellas may be necessary.


    • Ethanol Fireplace - When the sun goes down, the bar area can get quite chilly. Even a mild evening can feel cool after a super-hot day. An ethanol fireplace will provide a source of heat while also creating ambiance. Again, for a larger space you might need more than one ethanol fireplace, unless you go with a very large one.


    • Unbreakable Barware - Do you constantly cringe at the thought of someone dropping their margarita or wine glass? Not only would this leave you with a huge mess to clean up; you would have to be extra cautious, so no one steps on a stray piece of glass with their bare feet. Well, before you resort to unsightly and wasteful disposable cups check out the selection of polycarbonate unbreakable barware that is available. These pieces look just like glass, but they will not shatter when they get dropped or knocked off a table.


    • Fun Seating - After a few drinks, guests want to get cozy in welcoming chairs. Trendy bar stools look great and are fine when you start the evening off, but you know they become less comfortable the longer you sit in them. This space needs seating that folks will not want to even get out of. Bean bag chairs with removable and machine-washable covers are the best. Just make sure they have a waterproof liner. Hammock chairs and porch swings are also ideal.



  • Let Your Favorite Bird Inspire Your Living Room

    Are you longing to redecorate your living room, but you just do not know where to begin? Maybe you keep going back and forth over colors and patterns, but just cannot settle on something. Perhaps you are just waiting for something (anything!) to jump out at you. Why not let your favorite bird inspire your makeover?

    Pick a Bird

    Some people will immediately know what bird they want to use. If you don't, you may want to consider the snowy owl, puffin, lorikeet, bird of paradise, peacock, Hyacinth macaw, American kestrel, scarlet tanager, mountain bluebird, wood duck, kingfisher, painted bunting, resplendent quetzal, Gurney's pitta, long-tailed broadbill, and chestnut headed bee-eater. Spend a little time browsing species until you see one with colors or a pattern that speaks to you.

    Determine Your Color Palette

    If you have chosen a colorful species then you may want to use all of the colors, but you don't have to. If your bird is only two colors, this does not mean that you can't add additional colors to your palette. Remember, you do not have to take the bird literally; it can merely be an inspiration.

    Once you have chosen your primary and accent colors you should be able to decide which colors will be used for paint, fabrics, and décor. You could also do a sky blue paint for the walls and make shades of green and beige your primary colors to represent the sky and earth, and then incorporate the bird's coloring in your secondary colors.

    Decorate with Nature

    Although you do not have to, it does make sense to introduce natural and eco-friendly décor to your room, if you are using a bird for inspiration. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

    • Ethanol Fireplace Burners - There is nothing bird-friendly about a wood-burning fireplace that destroys habitat and pollutes the environment. Transform your fireplace into a clean and environmentally friendly one with ethanol fireplace burners. This will allow you to enjoy a clean, safe, beautiful, and guilt-free fire anytime that you want.


    • Bird Print - Why not have a print of your chosen bird enlarged and framed? It will be interesting to see how many of your guests actually make the connection.


    Shadowbox wall vase

    • Plants and Flowers - Plants are essential in a bird-inspired room. Fresh cut flowers are also certainly nice to add when you can.


    • Floral - You do not have to go overboard with floral, if this is not your cup of tea. Even one decorative pillow or the ribbon around your baskets will incorporate this essential element.


    • Texture - Nature boasts an abundance of texture, so try to incorporate a variety of fabrics to keep the room from becoming two-dimensional.


    • Fountain - There are few things birds love more than birdbaths. You do not want an actual birdbath with stagnant water in your home, so a fountain is the next best thing.
  • Create Quiet Place in the Attic

    If you have an attic just sitting there collecting dust, then you are not using your property to its fullest potential. You pay good money for the square footage of your home, so you should use very foot! As long as you can stand up there that space can be transformed into a reading room, office, or simply a place to sit and relax when you want some quiet time way from the kids. Here are a few essentials to consider adding to make this space as inviting and comfortable as it can possibly be.

    • Environmentally Friendly Fireplaces - You probably will not have a heat vent up there unless you do a serious remodel to add one. Environmentally friendly fireplaces are the perfect alternative to adding a vent. A tabletop or freestanding ethanol fireplace will keep you toasty when it is chilly, and this warm and inviting fire will not create smoke or a mess.

    • Bean Bag Chair - This is the room you will retreat to for lounging, so it makes sense to buy a chair that you can literally melt into. The beans in these chairs disperse around your body to cradle every inch of you. Seriously, you will crave your secret hideaway all day while you are at work!

    • Soft Blanket - Even with an environmentally friendly fireplace there is nothing that can compare to a soft blanket to curl up under.

    • Portable Air Conditioner - As long as you have a small window up there you can vent a portable air conditioner out of it. In the summer you will need something to cool you down.

    • Water Fountain - To create the most tranquil environment, you will need a water feature. A small tabletop or freestanding one will do just fine. The cascading water will relax your mind and help drown out the loud television everyone is watching downstairs.

    • Mini Fridge - Keep a mini fridge stocked with water, snacks, and cups of chopped fruit and veggies up there so you do not have to go up and down when you get thirsty or need a quick bite to satisfy your growling stomach.

    • Lamp - You probably will not have overhead lighting, so you will need a few lamps. Since you are using an environmentally friendly fireplace, you might as well complement this with solar lanterns for lighting. Stick them outside during the day, and when you are ready for them in the evening they will be charged.


  • Mother's Day Gift Ideas She is Sure to Love


    Do you struggle to come up with ideas for Mother's Day gifts every year? Of course your mother probably tells you that she does not need anything or that she just wants you to spend the day with her, but this does not mean she won't appreciate a heartfelt gift. Alternately, maybe you are buying for your significant other who is a new mother or a mom-to-be. You might be searching for Mother's Day gift ideas, as well! This list should help.


    Bio Ethanol Fireplace



    This is a present that is sure to blow her away. A bio ethanol fireplace is the perfect gift because it is beautiful, beneficial, and totally unexpected. Unless she actually hinted that she wanted one there is no way she will be able to guess what is underneath that pretty wrapping paper. This is a gift that is environmentally friendly, soothing, and comforting. They come in wall, tabletop, and freestanding varieties, so there is one to suit the taste of any mom.


    Water Fountain




    If mom does not have a water fountain in the home yet to soothe her mind she will need one of these, too. Ideally, water and fire will be displayed near one another. So purchase her the bio ethanol fireplace for Mother's Day, and add on the fountain for a different celebration.


    Gardening Supplies



    Soon, spring will fill the air, which means mom might be itching to go play in their dirt. Maybe she mentioned last year that she wanted a pop-up greenhouse or perhaps the fencing around the garden needs to be redone to keep the critters out. If your mom does not garden or plant flowers perhaps she would like a new birdbath, garden statuary, or a hammock for outside.





    If mom does not have an electronic reader or tablet of some sort yet, maybe it is time to get her one. If she will probably only use it for reading, stick with a basic Kindle. However, if you get a nice tablet she might find that it comes in handy to try out new recipes in the kitchen, which you will probably appreciate!





    If your mom volunteers or supports a certain nonprofit organization, she will likely appreciate making a donation in her name. If she loves a specific park you could pay for a park bench, of if she has been helping a family in need you could buy the family gift cards for groceries. It is not a gift that she will get to open, but it is sure to be one she loves. If you have a bigger spending budget you could always pair this up with one of the other gifts.


  • 5 Essentials for Staging Your Home

    If you are ready to put your house on the market then you are likely looking for ideas for staging. No one has to tell you that this is a buyer's market, so it is important that you have the small details that will make your house stand out from the many other competitively priced ones nearby. Alternately, maybe your house has been up for sale, but you haven't had much more than a nibble. Adding one or more of the following five things could help you seal the deal.


    Bio Ethanol Fireplace

    A warm dancing flame is inviting, and has a way of making people feel at home. You want buyers to imagine themselves living there, which is easy to do when there is a cozy fire going. A bio ethanol fireplace may be exactly what you need. They are super easy to use, so you can feel confident telling your realtor to go ahead and start a fire for the open house, or while showing the home to potential buyers. You may even want to install a recessed wall bio ethanol fireplace to stay in the home when you leave.


    Herb Garden


    The smell of freshly baked cookies does not sell homes anymore. For one, many people are making healthier food choices these days. Second, people may wonder what smell you are trying to cover up. An herb garden is a much better addition to your kitchen. It will make folks look forward to cooking there.


    Water Fountain


    Buying a home is just as stressful as selling one. If you can make potential buyers instantly feel relaxed when they enter your home they are more likely to fall in love with it. The sound of cascading water is very soothing. This is the perfect décor piece to put their mind at ease. Pair this with a bio ethanol fireplace and they may be ready to place a bid instantly.


    Coat Rack


    Although a rack that mounts to the wall is certainly nice, it is the freestanding variety that tends to make a house more interesting. Not to mention, people coming to look at your home in the winter are more likely to hang their coat on a freestanding coat rack than a wall-mounted one. Again, this increases their comfort level, which helps them feel at home.


    Welcome Mat


    The welcome mat at your front door gives the first impression of your home. Something as simple as the right outdoor rug can make more of a difference than you might think. You might even want to consider one with a funny message, so they are actually smiling as they walk through the door.


  • Decorate Your Home in Environmentally Friendly Décor Pieces

    Whether you are moving into your first apartment or remodeling a large home you have lived in forever, now is the perfect time to make a positive impact on the planet with your purchase. Every dollar you spend essentially dictates the type of world you want to live in. Make thoughtful, environmentally friendly decisions and you will feel at peace every time you look around your home. Not to mention, you will reduce your carbon footprint. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

    Environmentally Friendly Fireplaces

    Just because you want to protect the environment does not mean you have to give up a warm and relaxing dancing flame. There are environmentally friendly fireplaces available that are smoke-free and ventless. They burn bio ethanol fuel, so you do not have to worry about them compromising your health or the environment.



    Recycled and Reclaimed

    You might be surprised at what a huge selection there is available when you start shopping for recycled glass and reclaimed wood items. You can buy everything from lamps to wine racks that have been made from secondhand materials. By purchasing these items you have saved them from ending up in landfills.


    Bamboo is one of the Earth's most beautiful and eco-friendly materials. It is stylish and sturdy, and is used for everything from kitchen plates to furniture. If you are doing a remodel, you can even do your floor in this gorgeous material. Bamboo is a sustainable crop that grows ultra-fast over-and-over again in its original soil.

    Window Treatments

    Do not underestimate how huge of an impact the right window treatments can have on the environment. The right shades or curtains that keep the elements out can help keep a home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Therefore, your home will use fewer natural resources to cool and heat. Coincidentally, this positively affects your pocketbook, too.


    Recycled Art

    Today, gifted artists use everything from old vinyl records to seatbelts to design art. If you are going to purchase art anyway it might as well be something that is not biodegradable and needs to be recycled into something to avoid polluting the Earth.



    Cork has become one of the most popular materials ever. It is not quite near bamboo status, but it certainly is making its mark. Cork floors are just as gorgeous as wood, but a little softer to walk on. You can also by cork furniture, art, etc., as well.

  • Essential Elements for Your Home Bar

    Chances are pretty good that if you have a home bar it is probably in your finished basement. It is also very likely that this is the most popular place to be in the house when you have guests over. If you are finally finishing the bar area that you have been working on for a while, you are probably looking for decorating ideas. This list should help. Alternately, if you are remodeling your current bar, you should find this list handy, too.


    Ethanol Fireplaces

    Basements are generally a little colder than the rest of the house. Plus, if you are entertaining then you would probably appreciate elements that create a little ambiance. Ethanol fireplaces take care of both. They do not require venting and they don't produce smoke, so you don't have to worry about the air being affected. Ethanol fireplaces are available in wall, freestanding, and tabletop varieties, so you should have no problem finding one to perfectly complement your space.



    The right lighting is crucial in this type of environment. It is hard to kick back and relax when lights are too bright, but you don't want to have to grab the flashlight to see what bottle of liquor you are grabbing either. Recessed lighting is always ideal. Drop pendants can create a dramatic display, but make sure no one will hit their head on them. Since basement ceilings are typically low, you will need to really evaluate any lighting you consider buying, and make sure you keep your taller guests in mind.

    Bean Bag Chairs

    Not everyone enjoys sitting on a stool or in a tall chair. Not to mention, there may not be enough seats at the bar for all your guests. If you are going to furnish this area anyway you might as well do it with furniture pieces that everyone will look forward to sitting in. You really cannot go wrong with beanbag chairs. They are unbelievably comfortable, fun to look at, extremely durable, and some even have covers that remove and clean in the washing machine.


    High-quality Blender

    If you intend on making blended drinks you are going to need a high-quality blender. A cheap one is simply going to mix the liquid and half-heatedly chop the ice into somewhat smaller pieces. The blender you buy will ultimately dictate how eager you are to use it when guests arrive. If it is in the budget, Vitamix blenders are highly recommended. Plus, you can use it to make your morning smoothie, and it will double as a food processor.

  • Things to Do with a Wood-burning Fireplace

    If you are like much of the population, you have learned how harmful wood-burning fireplaces are to the environment and your health. So, now the question you are probably asking is, "What am I supposed to do with my fireplace?" This is likely the focal point of your living space, so to just leave it empty would essentially turn it into an eyesore. Below are three things you can do to put that centerpiece to good use.


    Add an Ethanol Insert

    You do not have to completely say goodbye to a dancing flame, you simply need a more environmentally-friendly option. By adding an ethanol insert you can still cozy up next to a warm relaxing fire anytime you want, but in a safer and cleaner way. All you have to do is clean the fireplace one last time really good, and then place the ethanol insert inside. Whenever you want to enjoy a fire you simply add ethanol fuel and ignite. It creates no smoke and no mess, and you don't have to worry about maintaining a dirty wood pile. Ethanol grates also make great housewarming gifts for those you know are moving into a house with a fireplace, especially if you know the person shares your protective views on the environment.


    Fountain and Plant Display

    If you do not have pets that will want to dig in the dirt or eat the plants, this is the perfect space to create a display of living art. Plants that thrive in shade include gardenia, herringbone plant, peace lily, Thanksgiving cactus, coleus, snake plant, prayer plant, fancy leaved caladium, and emerald feather. You can also place a tabletop fountain inside the bottom of the fireplace and add potted plants all around. However, ideally, the water feature will be situated just outside the fireplace so the evaporated water can go directly into the air of the room.


    Pet Den

    If you have a small or medium-sized pet, this space could easily be transformed into a den-like sleeping area for them. Again, make sure it is cleaned really good first. Add a pet bed or layers of warm fleece, and they will have a favorite place they can escape to whenever it's time to take a nap.



    If you miss the look of wood being indoors, you could always fill the space with logs, and place a bio ethanol fireplace somewhere else in the room so you enjoy the best of both worlds. You could also pull the wood out around a holiday to fill it with seasonal décor. Stuff it with pumpkins at Thanksgiving, gourds at Thanksgiving, and presents at Christmas.


    Things To Do With A Non-Working Wood-Burning Fireplace

  • Décor Pieces to Make Your Office More Comfortable

    Whether you have finally been promoted to have your first very own office or if you have been looking at the same boring walls for years, but have not got around to decorating, these décor ideas will help. You spend about one-third of your life at your job; so truthfully, it only makes sense to make this space as comfortable as you possibly can.



    Personal Ethanol Fireplace

    There are few things more soothing than a warm dancing flame. A personal ethanol fireplace is an essential in your office. The tabletop or small freestanding ones will be perfect. It does not create smoke, so venting is not needed. When you need to leave for lunch or you are done work for the day, you simply snuff the fire. Plus, office buildings are often chilly, so this will keep you toasty. Don't be surprised if your coworkers make excuses to stop in just so they can get warm.

    Tabletop Fountain

    Like a personal ethanol fireplace, a small tabletop fountain on your desk, a shelf, or the floor is another essential. It does not matter how stressful your day is or how horrible your morning meeting was, the soothing sound created by the water feature will help relieve your stress.

    Decorate the Walls

    Your boss probably does not want you hammering nails into the walls, but you don't have to. There are mounting supplies that stick to the wall and allow you to hang photos, light art pieces, etc., and then they remove from the wall without causing damage. You can even buy corner shelves that literally fit right into a corner and do not need any hardware to stay put.


    A plant is an absolute essential in an office. Living art will breathe life into a drab space, especially if you don't have a window to look out of. Place a few in the corner on the floor, or pick up a cheap plant stand at a garage sale. Cacti are great, if you get sunlight. If your office is dim, keep this in mind when picking your plants. You should not have to fight to keep them alive.

    New Chair

    A comfortable work chair is extremely important. It will affect how well you ultimately perform at your job. An uncomfortable chair can be distracting. It can also cause a sore back, aching in the legs, tension in the neck and shoulders, and a headache. If your boss will not buy you a decent chair, splurge on one yourself. You can always take it with you when you move to another office.


  • Tips for Decorating Your Summer Kitchen

    If you are building a summer kitchen or moving into a house with one then you might not be quite sure how to go about furnishing and decorating it. Anyone who has ever had one will tell you that this will be the most popular room in the home from spring through fall. When temperatures dip at night, or it starts to rain while guests are over, everyone will move into the summer kitchen to continue socializing. This room will ultimately probably end up getting used more than your regular kitchen.

     modern and rustic outdoor kitchen

    Have Fun with Color

    Since this room is separate this is your chance to have fun with color, patterns, and themes that won't match the rest of your home. Maybe you want to turn it into a French bistro or 50s diner, or perhaps you want the space to look like one giant picnic. Whatever the case is, you can really have fun with this room!

    outdoor kitchen with a modern fireplace

    Add a Heat Source

    Quite often, you are going to retreat to this room because it has cooled off. Alternately, in the spring and fall you might just try to make the most of this space, but you will need warmth to do so. Bio fuel wall fireplaces are ideal. They mount on the wall, so they are out of the way. The fuel is environmentally friendly and does not need venting, and they create ambiance. Bio fuel wall fireplaces are excellent to also add to your primary living space, if you don't already have one.

    outdoor kitchen with plants

    Bring Summer Inside

    Just because there are plants, flowers, and trees within view right outside the door does not mean that you shouldn't add some to your summer kitchen. If you are creating a seaside look don't forget sand dollars, sea shells, and natural sand.

    pergola summer kitchen with rug

    Don't Forget Your Floor

    Whether you have carpeting, tiling, or hardwood floors, you are going to want to add some rugs. This area will experience a lot of foot traffic. Don't assume you have to get boring dark rugs to hide the dirt though. There are light-colored and patterned outdoor rugs that are nice enough to pass for indoor ones, but simply get sprayed off with a hose.

    awesome summer kitchen design

    Stock it Thoughtfully

    You don't want to have to run to your main kitchen every time you need salt and pepper, dish soap, or a spatula. Furnish your summer kitchen with everything you need, and you will be able to relax and enjoy the space just a little bit more, without having to worry about what you have forgotten or what your guests might need.

  • Add Elegance to Your Outdoor Patio with These Décor Pieces

    Some people love decorating their outdoor space in fun colors and patterns. However, there is no rule that says your patio has to look like you are having a tiki party. If you prefer a more upscale look, you can certainly achieve an elegant look outdoors with the right décor. Below are a few elements to add to your space that will help create a classy display and sophisticated atmosphere.



    Tabletop Fireplaces


    If you only shop for one thing on this list let it be tabletop fireplaces. These are essential pieces to your outdoor living space for more than just aesthetic reasons. Sure, they help create an upscale vibe, but they also warm your guests, create a focal point, and help increase security in the dark.


    Outdoor Lighting


    since a lot of entertaining will take place after the sun goes down you will want to choose your lighting appropriately


    Since a lot of entertaining will take place after the sun goes down you will want to choose your lighting appropriately. Tabletop fireplaces will provide some light, but you might need more. Solar lights are really ideal. Rather than string Christmas lights around the patio and fencing, buy string lights made for year-round use, so you don't look like you are creating a confusing medley between a festive display and contemporary patio.


    Formal Settings



    Your patio table is worthy of the same settings as your indoor dining room table. Table runners and decorative placemats that complement cushions and rugs are ideal. You don't have to use plastic outside either. Consider hearty materials, such as bamboo, melamine, wood, or stainless steel. If you are buying pieces individually consider purchasing one extra of everything, so you have it in case you need it. Most importantly, don't forget the centerpiece regardless if it is inside or outside.


    Water Element



    The right water fountain will bring sophistication to the space. Obviously, a tiered one with frogs, birds, etc., will not help create the look you are trying to achieve. Don't be afraid to add a glass freestanding fountain to your patio. They are significantly more durable than you might expect them to be. If you have an exterior wall that you can mount something on you could always go with a wall water feature. Ideally, water will always be paired with fire, so the fountains should share the space of your tabletop fountain.


    Stunning Rug



    One element most overlooked by people when decorating their outdoor space is the rug. Many people are not aware that there is a huge selection of outdoor rugs that are nice enough to use in your home, but designed for the outdoors. A rug will essentially be the piece that pulls your space together.

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  • Heating Sources for Your Restaurant's Outdoor Patio

    As spring quickly approaches you are probably getting increasingly eager to open the outdoor seating at your restaurant. Now is the time to start hiring more staff to make sure everyone is properly trained for the busy season. Now also happens to be the time to start thinking about how you are going to keep all those customers warm when the sun goes down. Not to mention there are always customers eager to start sitting out there as soon as the temperature warms up just a bit, but then they realize how chilly it still is once they sit outside a while, and become a little miserable. If you have a sufficient heat source then you can keep them warm while they are getting a jump on spring. This will also come in handy in the fall when folks just are not quite ready to let go of their favorite season yet.


    Ethanol Fireplace Burners


    EBG2100 Bio Ethanol Fireplace Grate


    There are some ethanol fireplace burners that are designed to use indoors and outdoors, so you can place them in a fire pit and arrange seating so patrons can warm their toes while they sip cocktails. Ethanol fireplace burners use bio ethanol fuel, which is smoke-free, odorless, and environmentally-friendly. The flame is real, and it will even create ambiance. They are also very convenient because when it is time to close the restaurant for the evening or if it starts raining and you need to move guests inside, simply snuff the flame and you can light it again later.


    Patio Heaters



    They may not look as nice as a realistic flame, and they certainly do not create the ambiance of an ethanol fireplace burner, but they can provide heat to a fairly large space quite quickly. These are great to use alongside a fire element. There are some patio heaters that have small tables, which will be ideal if your customers tend to mingle, or if you offer more of a bar atmosphere in the evening. There are also some that can be mounted from a beam or inside a patio umbrella.


    Tabletop Fireplaces



    Decorative tabletop fireplaces can be scattered around your restaurant patio, and as their name implies they simply get placed on a table. They are available in bio ethanol and gel varieties in a wide variety of styles. These are also ideal to use as a centerpiece on large tables, and they will provide a little extra light, which enhances security.


  • Things to Always Have for a Cozy Winter

    Even if you love winter and you enjoy playing in the snow you likely appreciate being warm, comfy, and cozy when you come indoors. Below are things you always want to make sure you are stocked up on, so you can enjoy that "snug as a bug in a rug" feeling all winter.



    Soft Blankets


    Sometimes, it is nice to turn the heat down an extra degree while you are watching TV just so you can snuggle up under a blanket. However, scratchy blankets, or those that "ball up" when you wash them will definitely lose their appeal. Paying a little extra for a quality fabric that washes well is always recommended.


    SoHo Wall Mount Bio Ethanol Fireplace - Anywhere Fireplace


    Fuel for Ethanol Fireplace


    Hopefully, you have already purchased a bio fuel fireplace like most of your friends, family, and neighborhood have. These allow you to enjoy a warm dancing flame with no smoke, no mess, and no damage to the environment. Of course, the last thing you want is to go to light it on the coldest night of the year and realize that you are out of fuel. Keeping fuel for ethanol on hand should definitely be at the top of your list.



    Fuzzy Slippers


    If your feet are warm the rest of you will stay warm. Plus, if you work in high heels or if you are on your feet all day, a soft pair of warm slippers will feel wonderful when you get home. Keep a few extra pairs handy for when guests stop by.



    Hot Cocoa


    Even if you do not love chocolate you cannot pass up the opportunity to indulge in a cup of hot cocoa from time-to-time. Getting cozy under a blanket, in front of the fire, with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa is the perfect way to spend a day. Of course, this means you also need to keep a bag of marshmallows handy, too.



    Emergency Items


    There is nothing worse than losing power in the middle of winter. Of course, if there is a blizzard outside the last thing you probably want to do is risk driving to the store for water, batteries, candles, etc. Besides, by the time you get there nearly everything will have already been picked over. Stock up on emergency essentials year-round, so when you need them they are there for you. Get in the habit of buying one candle, jug of water, etc., every time you go to the store and you will always have more than what you need. Plus, if you have fuel for ethanol fireplace on hand, at least you will have one heat source to rely on when your furnace is not working.

  • The Contemporary Look – Interior Design Pieces

    Renovating and bringing a new look into home doesn't have to be tedious, time-consuming, and costly. Oftentimes, a new look is easily achieved by creating focal points in spaces.  Ethanol fireplaces easily become wonderful centerpieces. Without the need for gas lines and propane tanks, these nifty fireplaces is perfect for any home.






  • Enjoy an Environmentally-friendly Fire in Your Wood-burning Fireplace


    EBG2100 Bio Ethanol Fireplace Grate EBG2100 Bio Ethanol Fireplace Grate



    If you read that title, scratched your head and possibly even did a "head tilt" your dog is so famous for, rest-assured this is a perfectly normal reaction. There is absolutely nothing environmentally-friendly about a wood-burning fireplace. So, how are you supposed to enjoy a fire in one without worrying about deforestation and damage being done in the environment? Well, believe it or not, this is easily accomplished by using one of the grates or inserts we have available here at Ethanol Fireplace Pros.


    EB4800 Bio Ethanol Insert EB4800 Bio Ethanol Insert



    What are Grates and Inserts?

    The fireplace has likely long been the centerpiece in your home. You probably have a ton of memories you have enjoyed there, from warming up after sledding or ice-skating on the pond to opening presents in front of it Christmas morning. So, simply letting it go to waste is a little saddening. Fortunately, thanks to grates and inserts you don't have to!

    These products allow you to transform that beautiful wood-burning fireplace into one that can be enjoyed with a clear and safe fuel source, known as bio-ethanol. They simply get placed inside and you can enjoy a fire in an instant. You will never have to scoop soot and ash or have your chimney swept again because this fire is clean and maintenance-free.

    What is Bio Ethanol?

    Bio ethanol is a fuel source that has been popular with environmentalists for quite some time. Do not feel like you are "behind the times" though, if you are just learning about it. It has only recently become super popular in consumer-based products. Bio ethanol fireplaces were extremely expensive and limited in design many years ago, but thanks to such a high demand, there is now a huge selection to choose from, and one to fit in any budget.

    Ethanol is produced from agricultural feedstock, making it a quasi-renewable energy source. This feedstock use photosynthesis for growth and mature rapidly. Examples include sugar cane, barley, hemp, potato, hemp, sunflower, sugar beet, corn, wheat, and molasses. The cellulose part of the plant gets broken down to sugar and converted to ethanol.

    Getting Started

    There is no lengthy installation process to transform your fireplace. All you have to do is pick one of the ethanol grates or inserts we have here at Ethanol Fireplace Pros, and place your order. In the meantime, you can clean your fireplace out one last time and get rid of that wood pile. When your grate or burner arrives you place it inside, pour in the fuel, ignite, and enjoy your clean and odor-free fire.

  • Freestanding Fireplace | An Interior Design Piece

    Vitrum H Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fireplace Vitrum H Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fireplace Width: 31.5" Height: 23.5" Depth: 12"


    Imagine the possibilities of a freestanding fireplace-one that can easily be moved where you want it to be; from the living room to the next room. More than just warming up the home, a bioethanol freestanding fireplace is an interior design piece that can be a focal point of any space in the home without needing to make alternations to accommodate one. Besides the health benefits of having a bioethanol fuel such as no toxin and odor, these fireplaces need no logs to poke or soot to clean.


    Eco-Feu Wellington 2-Sided Biofuel Fireplace Eco-Feu Wellington 2-Sided Biofuel Fireplace Depth: 7.87" Width: 33.47" Height: 22.84" Weight: 58 lbs.



  • Ethanol Fireplaces: The Easiest Way to Achieve a Contemporary Look

    Eco-Feu Wellington 2-Sided Biofuel Fireplace Eco-Feu Wellington 2-Sided Biofuel Fireplace
    Depth: 7.87" Width: 33.47" Height: 22.84"
    Weight: 58 lbs.


    Do you love the look of contemporary spaces, but simply do not have the funds to completely redecorate your room? Maybe money is no concern; you love your furniture and color palette, but wish the environment looked a little more modern. Perhaps you have tried to mimic the look of a room in a magazine, but your home just does not look as contemporary as the print one you are trying to copy. Whatever the case is you will quickly discover that an ethanol fireplace can be your best friend. These stunning pieces of functional art are as modern as they get, and have the ability to completely transform the look and feel of an entire room. This is the element your room has been missing.



    Luna Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace Luna Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace
    Width 23.5" Height: 20.5" Depth: 7.25"


    You really cannot go wrong with a wall ethanol fireplace. Since it is mounted at about eye-level it will capture the attention of every person entering the room. If you take a look at our Diamond 2 Bio-Ethanol Wall Fireplace you will agree that it will demand attention, even when it is not lit!

    Another great thing about creating a contemporary space with a modern wall fireplace is that it will be out-of-the-way of little fingers and paws, making this variety very popular for homes with children and pets. These pieces can be mounted on virtually any wall because they do not need venting, and you are not restricted to a wall with an electrical outlet.



    Veniz Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Veniz Bio-Ethanol Fireplace
    Dimensions L 23.6’’ x H 5.1’’ x D 16.1’’
    Dimensions with Glass: L 25.5’’ x H 19.6’’ x D 16.9’’


    This type of modern fireplace allows you to warm your toes in unparalleled style! Freestanding ones can be placed anywhere on the floor. Some choose to keep them near a wall or at least out-of-the-way of foot traffic. However, if you are enjoying a bottle of wine with friends or lying on the floor, enjoying a movie marathon, you can always move one of the lighter ones close to you. Our Tectum S Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fireplace is a great example of one that can be moved where you want with ease. It is compact yet bold, and its 1.5-liter burner will generate approximately 6,000 BTUs for up to six hours.



    Nu-Flame Caldo Tabletop Fireplace Nu-Flame Caldo Tabletop Fireplace
    Height: 20.07" Width: 9.25" Depth: 9.25"


    Even if you buy one of our wall or freestanding fireplaces, you will want to check out what we have available in our tabletop category. Forget lighting four-wick pillar candles throughout your home that can create a wax mess; tabletop ethanol fireplaces are the way to go. These polite-sized pieces can be placed in every room of your home, even the bathroom! Our Eco-Feu Stratus Biofuel Tabletop Fireplace is an elegant option that will complement any of our larger styles nicely. Of course, they can be used as a standalone attraction, as well.

  • Fireplaces: Wood-burning vs. Ethanol

    If you have always loved a wood-burning fireplace, you may be skeptical about ethanol varieties. You might wonder if they create the same ambiance or you may just be curious about the fuel source itself. If you have recently been introduced to them or have read about the dangers of wood-burning fireplaces then you may simply wonder what makes ethanol such a popular pick with environmental enthusiasts.

    Eco-Feu Vision II Biofuel Fireplace


    As you know, wood creates smoke when it burns. In order for this to even happen, it has to rob the room of oxygen. Have you ever stopped to think about what smoke actually is? It is a collection of gas, liquid, and solid particles, including carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. This destroys the environment and compromises your health. Ethanol fireplaces do not create smoke. They use a clean-burning fuel source that does not have a negative effect on the environment or your health.


    Obviously, a wood fire requires a tree. Unfortunately, trees take a long time to grow. Every year, deforestation becomes a greater issue. These are needed to absorb carbon dioxide and provide oxygen. Not to mention, deforestation leads to animal habitat loss.

    Imagine warming up next to the flame provided by our Eco-Feu Santa Cruz 2-Sided Biofuel Fireplace. Not only is there no smoke or toxins to deal with; you do not have to be concerned with deforestation. Bio ethanol is produced from agricultural feedstock, such as potato, sugar cane, and corn. These are all crops that can be grown lightning fast.


    Have you ever noticed that as soon as you finally get comfortable or the movie starts getting good, you are suddenly cold? It is time to get up, poke at the fire, and possibly throw another log on. Then, you have to deal with it being overly hot for a while. This hassle does not even consider the time you spent getting the fire going to begin with.

    The modern pieces we have here at Ethanol Fireplace Pros allow you to enjoy a dancing flame with a consistent temperature. Plus, all you have to do to get it started is pour the liquid into the burner and ignite.


    There is nothing "fun" about a wood-burning fire. You have to maintain a dirty wood pile that attracts rodents and insects, and you have to scoop soot every day. Add the fact that you are forced to scrub a disgusting layer of filth off your walls when you do your spring cleaning. By the way, that layer of filth is also in your lungs.

    Bio ethanol fireplaces are maintenance-free. Pouring in the oil is all you need to do. It is the cleanest and healthiest fire you can enjoy.

  • Hassle-Free, Smoke-Free, Odor-Free Fireplaces


    Eco-Feu Vision II Biofuel Fireplace Eco-Feu Vision II Biofuel Fireplace
    Depth: 10.24" Width: 28.74" Height: 16.63"
    Weight: 70 lbs


    Want the warmth and coziness of a traditional fireplace without the hazardous emissions that threaten yours and your loved ones' health? Bioethanol fireplaces is the thing for you! More than being a state-of-the-art invention, it is a versatile and fantastic solution for interior design challenges. Indeed, having a fireplace has become a love affair without the complications of construction, chimney or gas lines. You can choose from a variety of designs to compliment your home or office; and choose to have it mounted on a wall, or have one that's freestanding or one that's tabletop.


    Eco-Feu Paramount Biofuel Fireplace Eco-Feu Paramount Biofuel Fireplace
    Depth: 13.78" Width:s:35.43" Height: 35.43" Weight: 99 lbs.
  • How Safe Are Freestanding Fireplaces?

    Eco-Feu Vision II Biofuel Fireplace Eco-Feu Vision II Biofuel Fireplace
    Depth: 10.24" Width: 28.74" Height: 16.63" Weight: 70 lbs


    You always remember the first time you see a freestanding fireplace. If you have recently been introduced to them at a cocktail party or simply visiting a friend, you were likely immediately drawn to its unique, contemporary design. You probably had an "I must have this!" moment, but then started wondering if one would really be practical in your home. Maybe you just now stumbled across them while browsing our site, looking for a different style.

    What is the Perfect Environment?

    Essentially, the perfect environment to add a freestanding ethanol fireplace to is one that could use warmth, ambiance, and a dynamic focal point. Right about now you are probably thinking that this describes just about every room in your home, right? Well, fortunately for you, they can be placed anywhere. These unique pieces have the ability to transform an ordinary space into one that is much more modern. Do you already have a contemporary theme? One of these fireplaces will be the finishing touch that ties the room together.

    Will it Tip Over?

    The biggest fear people have is that the fireplace will get bumped and tip over. Since it may be placed in front of the sofa or an angle by your favorite reading chair, you may think you will walk right into it. Why is this? You probably do not walk into the coffee or end tables, ottoman, pet bed, or any other obstacle, so why would a fireplace be any different? Besides, a small bump is not going to knock these things over. They are far more stable than they may look. Some are quite heavy, too.

    Are They Really Safe?

    When you think about it, with a wood-burning fireplace there is always a concern of hot sparks flying out on the carpet or nearby furniture when the fire crackles. Plus, a chimney fire is always a possibility, as well. These are not concerns with freestanding varieties.

    Ethanol fireplaces create no smoke and require no venting, so you never have to worry about a chimney fire because you will not be using one. These fires are generally contained behind safety glass, and if they are exposed, they do not crackle wildly like a wood fire. The flame they create is more predictable and consistent.

    If you have always avoided a wood fire in your home because you do not like the idea of going to bed with a fire still burning, then ethanol fireplaces are perfect for you. When you are ready to go to sleep, you simply extinguish the flame.

    It is also safe for your health because it does not dangerously diminish oxygen levels, and it does not release harmful toxins into the air you breathe. It is a safe, odor-free, and brilliant fire you can enjoy in an instant.

  • Wall Fireplaces | Perfect For Small Spaces

    A wall fireplace is perfect for homes with small spaces. It's ventless, smokeless and odorless. It requires no special installation, mounting is easy, operation does not need any special servicing. You don't have to spend the whole day trying to rearrange the furnitures to find the available space that is not there. All you have to do is pick a wall, have it mounted and instantly create a stunning focal point that will instantly add a warm and inviting ambiance to your home.


    Villa Wall Mount or Recessed Bio Ethanol Fireplace

    Create a serene and spellbinding décor with this Villa Wall Mount Or Recessed Bio Ethanol Fireplace. This unit has 2 burners, a black glass outer frame with a stainless steel inner frame and black powder coating inside. Its adjustable heat warms up your surroundings while a realistic looking flame adjusts to fit your mood. This ethanol burner can be recessed into the wall or hung directly on it – in the living room, bedroom, family room, and dining room alike.




    Luna Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace is a beautiful addition to any room. It has a modern look and style that will enhance any room. With its compact size you can place it almost any where.



    The Magnum Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace is a masterpiece! With a stainless steel frame and 3 burners this fire can burn for up to 5 hours. It is also available with optional safety glass. You can hang this fireplace on the wall or recess it.

  • Reasons to Add a Modern Wall Fireplace to Your Waiting Room

    Eco-Feu Wellington Biofuel Fireplace Eco-Feu Wellington Biofuel Fireplace
    Depth: 7.87" Width: 33.47" Height: 22.84"
    Weight: 53 lbs.


    Considering clients, patients, and customers spend their valuable time in your waiting room it only makes sense to create a comforting environment. After all, regardless if you will be performing a root canal, doing their taxes, or defending them in a lawsuit, you are the person who has to deal with them after they have looked at the clock on their phone at least a dozen times. No one enjoys waiting, which is why it is puzzling that so many businesses fail when it comes to decorating a room that will essentially set the tone for their guests' experience.

    Modern Wall Fireplaces Are Perfect

    If you are looking to add one thing that will have a monumental impact on your waiting room, you will want to browse the wall fireplaces we have here at Ethanol Fireplace Pros. Below are a few reasons why they are perfect for this space that plays such a huge role in your daily business activities.

    • Focal Point - Does your living room and bedroom at home have a focal point? It more than likely does, whether you realize it, or not. Humans have the need for a strong point of interest, so their eyes can come to rest. Does your waiting room have a dynamic focal point? Probably not! Most don't, which is unfortunate because the need is there. Those walking through the door should immediately have an element that captures their attention.
    • Warmth - Every time the door opens in the winter, a cold draft comes rushing in. Our Eco-Feu Infinity Biofuel Fireplace sure would be nice to warm up next to. Even in the summer there are probably people always complaining that they are cold in the waiting room. These individuals who always seem to be cold while everyone else is hot will appreciate taking a seat near the fire.
    • Relaxing - As if waiting does not frazzle the nerves enough, if people are already sick, injured, or stressed before coming to your establishment, these feelings become stronger every second they wait. A dancing flame creates a calming ambiance, which will relax those who are in its presence.
    • Out-of-the-way - One of the reasons why business owners choose wall ethanol fireplaces is because they are displayed in a safe location. Since they mount on the wall there is no concern of little fingers getting near the flame or someone knocking the fireplace over. Plus, since it is up on the wall, it can easily be appreciated by everyone in the room.
  • Benefits Of Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

    A bio ethanol fireplace is a versatile device designed for space heating purposes and a fantastic solution for interior design. A bio ethanol fireplace requires simple mounting and comes in a wide range of designs to suit any decor.  Because it is emits no smoke or odor and doesn't require any chimney, it can be installed in areas where mounting a traditional fireplace is impossible.


    10' Grande Fire Water Fountain - 2 Burners 10' Grande Fire Water Fountain - 2 Burners
    Dimension: 118"H x 48"W x 18"D
    Weight: 400 lbs


    Whether you are looking for a piece to add to your home or office to create definition between two rooms, or a wonderful accent for your outdoor space, look no further, the 10' Grande Stainless, Clear Glass with Dual Burner Fire Kit is the perfect choice. Made of Stainless Steel and tempered glass, these features are designed for years of use and enjoyment. Rated for all weather conditions, they can be used indoor or out. Water glides along the mirror and into the basin below, creating a wonderful, soothing sound. The burners have built-in dampeners to adjust the height of the flame or extinguish it completely using the included dampener tool.



    Bellezza Recessed Bio Ethanol Fireplace Bellezza Recessed Bio Ethanol Fireplace
    Width 47.25" Height: 23.75" Depth: 7.25"


    The Bellezza Recessed Bio Ethanol Fireplace can also easily be hung on any existing wall. to add an echo of sophistication to any space. It features 2 burners, black powder coating inside and stainless steel frame.


    Tab Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace Tab Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace
    Width: 13.9" Height: 11" Depth: 4.75"


    The Tab Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace features a stainless steel base and glass walls on either side with a 0.7 liter burner. Simple and elegant,it will give you at least 2 hours of burn time per filling with an estimated 2000 BTU Output.

  • Stay Warm during a Power Outage with Ethanol Fireplaces

    Eco-Feu Majestic Biofuel Fireplace
    Depth: 17.7" Width: :43.31" Height: 27.56"
    Weight: 104 lbs.



    As you have probably already noticed, power outages always seem to happen on the coldest, dampest, or windiest days. A winter storm is bad enough, but when the lights flicker once and then everything goes out and it is snowing out, you know you are going to be in for a long, cold night. Of course, if you have a couple ethanol fireplaces you may not be crying when you learn that your estimated restoration date is several days away.

    Are They Really Warm?

    Many people look at these modern fireplaces and assume they are only for show. This is absolutely not true. They kick off a significant amount of heat, so while one small one will not heat a whole house, it could keep the room you are occupying quite comfortable. If you have a few to light, you will be even warmer. For example, our Orlando Bio Ethanol Fireplace is one of the medium-sized freestanding varieties. Although it weighs nearly 100 pounds, its wheel base allows it to easily be moved where you need it. The burner holds 50oz of fuel, and will provide a heat capacity of 9,553 BTUs for approximately six hours.

    Are They Safe?

    If you are not familiar with ethanol fireplaces then you might be wondering how it is safe to have a fire in a home without it being vented to release toxins outside. Well, this is because there are no toxins to release. There is no smoke either. This type of fireplace burns bio ethanol fuel. This is an odorless, clean fuel source that allows you to enjoy a fire anywhere. This is good news for you and the environment.

    Are They Difficult to Operate?

    Enjoying a warm fire was never achieved so easily. All you have to do is pour the fuel in the burner and ignite. The heat is instant and remains at a consistent temperature. If you need to leave the house to go get takeout or a coffee, you can simply extinguish the flame and light it back up when you get home. It should also be noted that the flame will provide you with a little needed light once the sun goes down and the house gets dark.

    Helpful Tips

    If you only have one or a couple small fireplaces, the goal is to keep the room you are occupying warm. Closing the doors will help contain the heat in one area. If you have one of our tabletop ethanol fireplaces then you can easily move it into your bedroom with you. You may even want to light that one a little before bed and put it in your room with the door closed, so it will be warm in there when you are ready to sleep. Always keep plenty of fuel on-hand, so you have it available when you need it the most.

  • Tabletop Fireplaces for Every Room in Your Home


    Chantico Stone Bioethanol Fireplace Chantico Stone Bioethanol Fireplace
    Dimension: 16.30"H x 17.72"W
    Weight: 59 lbs


    Do you generally have candles burning in every room of your home? It is nice to have the ambiance welcome you as you walk from one room to the next, even if you are the only one home! Maybe you barely burn candles at all, but wish you could have a warm fire to enjoy after a long day. Whether you appreciate a fire for its ambiance or warmth, or a little of both, tabletop fireplaces should be a staple in your home.

    What Are They?

    Chantico Simple Commerce Bioethanol Fireplace Chantico Simple Commerce Bioethanol Fireplace
    Dimension: 16.46"H x 13"D
    Weight: 18l bs

    Tabletop fireplaces give you the warmth and calming atmosphere you love in a dancing flame, but in a safe, odor-free, and environmentally-friendly way. They are essentially "mini" fireplaces that burn bio ethanol. They do not create any smoke, so no venting is needed, and they will not diminish oxygen levels, so they can be used anywhere, even an apartment complex. This also means that you can add one to every room in your home.

    Decorating Ideas

    Eco-Feu Horizon Biofuel Fireplace Eco-Feu Horizon Biofuel Fireplace
    Depth: 15.6" Width: 13.47" Height: 16.93" Weight: 16 lbs.
    • Living Room -The room you probably spend the most time in either relaxing or entertaining is likely your living room, and therefore should have a tabletop ethanol fireplace. It will create the focal point your space might be missing! You can place one on an end table or the entertainment center, or for a dramatic display, check out our Planika Coffee Fire Long Bioethanol Fireplace. This gives you a coffee table and fireplace in one contemporary piece.
    • Dining Room - Skip the candles or vase of flowers on the table and opt for a centerpiece that will really have your guests talking! Our Eco-Feu Sunset Biofuel Fireplace just might inspire more frequent dinner parties.
    • Bedroom - Fire is very calming, which makes the bedroom the perfect room in the house for an ethanol fireplace. Whether you watch TV or do a little reading before bed, enjoy a fire to help calm your mind. You can extinguish it whenever you are ready to go to sleep, but if you fall asleep, it will go out on its own when the fuel is done.
    • Bathroom - Why not enjoy a spa experience right from home? You can place one of our smaller styles right on the vanity to enjoy while you soak in the tub. Of course, you will want to have this one lit when you do have guests over to create a nice element of surprise in a room that often lacks in décor. Our Mika Ceramic Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace would be perfect for this room.
    • Office - Whether you work at home or use your home office to check your email and read, this is the perfect room for one. It can go right on the corner of a desk or a small side table.
  • Create the Ultimate Focal Point with a Recessed Wall Fireplace


    Planika Shark Bioethanol Fireplace Planika Shark Bioethanol Fireplace
    Dimension: 648"W x 297"H x 177"D Weight: 16.5 lbs


    As if a modern ethanol fireplace does not already create the most dynamic focal point a room could possibly hope for, now consumers have the option of adding a recessed variety to their space. If you are like most others you came to Ethanol Fireplace Pros looking for a traditional wall style, but then you stumbled upon the recessed options, and now everything has changed. Now you have no idea what you want! Sure, you have probably seen these gorgeous pieces in movies or even your favorite five-star restaurant or wine bar, but who knew they were available for residential use?

    What Are Recessed Fireplaces?

    Recessed fireplaces are installed right into a wall of your home. An appropriate size hole is created, and the fireplace is put inside and secured in place using the included mounting hardware. You may be assuming that this is a monumental project, but it is a lot easier than you think.

    First, unlike an electrical fireplace, this variety needs no wiring, so you do not need to worry about hiring an electrician for the installation. Second, since ethanol fireplaces do not create any smoke they do not need a flue. So, unlike a traditional wood-burning fireplace, major structural changes to your home are not necessary. The frame of the fireplace keeps the heat from entering your walls. Some styles even come with optional safety glass.


    Obviously, the biggest benefit to be received by a recessed wall fireplace is the bold focal point it creates. Even an unlit one manages to draw the eye. If you have children or pets in the home, you could not ask for a safer option. The fireplace can be mounted at a level where there is no risk of fingers or paws getting burned. Plus, since they are generally at eye level, they can easily be viewed and enjoyed, regardless where you are sitting in a room.

    As mentioned, these fireplaces do not create smoke, which means there are not toxic particles released into the air that you breathe. This is good news for you and the environment. If you love the look of a fire, but hate the way they smell, you will appreciate that recessed ethanol fireplaces are odor-free.

    Also, since they require no floor space, they are ideal for small homes. Their clean-burning fire is inviting, calming, and environmentally-friendly. Plus, you may be quite surprised at how much warmth these pieces provide.

  • Decorating Your Business with Ethanol Fireplaces

    Vitrum L Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fireplace Vitrum L Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fireplace
    Width: 31.5" Height: 23.75" Depth: 12.5"



    It does not matter what type of business you have; it will benefit from an ethanol fireplace. A warm, inviting fire is something every person coming through your door will appreciate. Fire is calming, allowing the individual to immediately relax and start their experience with you in a positive way. So, whether you have a small consignment store, corner café, law office, or medical practice, you will have no problem finding a fireplace here at Ethanol Fireplace Pros that will complement your space perfectly.

    Determine Your Needs

    Sure, you say you are going to buy just a small wall fireplace for your waiting room, but it will not be long before you are adding to your collection. You may already know you want one for a couple walls and maybe a few for desks or tables, so you already have a list of your needs. You will find that the styles available here are quite contemporary and nearly all will complement one another. Do not feel as though you have to stick with one style. For example, if you prefer the elegant look of glass, and you really like our Nu-Flame Accenda Cylinder Tabletop Fireplace you could pair this up with the Irradia and Ardore, also by Nu-Flame, and all three tabletop varieties would look fantastic with our Melina Wall Mount Bio Ethanol Fireplace.

    If your budget only allows for you to get one for now, but you know you will want more later, start with your favorite and build on from there. Quite often though, it is easiest to buy the largest one that will be the focal point and add on smaller ones later.

    Where to Put Them

    Maybe you know you want a modern fireplace, but you are not quite sure where it should go. Well, as mentioned, the waiting room is always a recommended place. You might as well give your clients, patients, or customers a welcoming and comfortable environment to enjoy while they wait. If you have a customer service desk where people check in, pay for items, request information, etc., this is the perfect place for a tabletop ethanol fireplace. This is especially true if you accept payments at this desk, as the fire will relax them when they feel their wallet getting lighter or their credit card balance growing.

    Freestanding fireplaces are extremely stylish and provide a substantial amount of heat, but they should be reserved for mature environments. An accounting office, spa, and bridal boutique are good examples. Always make sure it is placed out-of-the-way of foot traffic. You may know to walk around it if it is placed in the middle of the floor, but those visiting your business for the first time could turn around and walk into it. When in doubt, wall varieties are always a safe pick, as there is no risk of them getting tripped over.

  • Electric vs. Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

    Everyday consumers are faced with the huge decision of choosing between bio ethanol and electric fireplaces. If you were comparing an ethanol variety to a wood-burning fireplace, there would be no comparison at all, but electric is a worthy competitor in the fireplace industry. However, although there is not necessarily a right or wrong product, there are a few reasons why many people do choose ethanol instead. These reasons may help you make a more educated buying decision.


    There are gorgeous styles available from both fuel sources. Both are available in wall varieties. If you are looking for a freestanding style then ethanol is the obvious pick. There are electric floor models available, but you do need to be close to an electric outlet, and you don't want to risk anyone tripping over the plug, so this style is generally placed right against a wall. If you are looking for one that offers a great amount of versatility, check out our Spectrum Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fireplace. It should also be noted that tabletop ethanol fireplaces are available, too!


    An electric fireplace is lovely to look at, however it does not offer a realistic flame. If you want a fire that actually looks like a fire, then ethanol is for you. There is nothing fake about it. These fireplaces provide instant heat, and the flames dance madly. Those looking to replace their wood-burning fireplace with an electric or ethanol one will be interested to know that we have grates and inserts here at Ethanol Fireplace Pros. So, you can essentially transform your home's beautiful centerpiece into a more enjoyable one that still offers a realistic flame.


    Both styles are far more environmentally-friendly than burning wood. That being said, ethanol definitely dominates this category. Some forget that electricity uses fossil fuels, which emits a lot of CO2 into the air. This is responsible for global warming. Ethanol is a clean-burning, odor-free fuel source that is created by fermenting agricultural feedstock, such as potato, corn, sugar cane, and beets. If you are looking for an option with the smallest environmental impact, it is ethanol.


    The great thing about these types of fireplaces is they are virtually maintenance -free. An electric variety can be operated with a remote control. With an ethanol fireplace, you simply pour in the fuel and ignite. There is no clean up.


    Here is another area where ethanol comes out ahead. If there is a power outage in the middle of winter, that electric fireplace is not going to do you any good, but you will have plenty of warmth from an ethanol one!

  • 4 Types of Ethanol Fireplaces for Your Modern Living Space

    If you have a modern home then you probably already know that a bioethanol fireplace will complement it exquisitely. They are essentially pieces of art on their own that just happen to provide a lot of great benefits. Although they have been around for a while, more and more people are being introduced to them every day. If this sounds like you and you have not begun to shop for one yet you are probably wondering what type of selection you can expect to find. Well, be prepared to be delighted; most have no idea such an extensive selection is available until they start browsing our site.

    1. Freestanding - As the name implies, these striking pieces can be placed anywhere on the ground, as long as they are not in a walking path. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes, so there is one to complement any modern space. Some offer a bold styling with the use of black, red, or white ceramic while others are almost entirely made of glass. The flame looks brilliant behind the glass due to its reflective nature. There are even some large enough to use as a room divider.
    Eco-Feu Vision III Biofuel Fireplace
    Depth: 10.24" Width: 59.06" Height: 16.63" Weight: 90 lbs.

    1. Tabletop - If you are looking for the highest level of creative flexibility, you want to check out the tabletop fireplaces. These pieces can essentially be placed on any flat surface, and they are light and compact enough to move around. They are also a great complement to a larger one. Put one on your dining room table as a centerpiece and another on your end table to replace that giant candle ready to drip wax everywhere. Put one on your dresser to relax you while you watch TV before bed and another in your bathroom to create your own personal spa.
    Eco-Feu Juliette Biofuel Fireplace
    Depth: 5.91" Height: 12.6" Weight: 11 lbs.

    1. Wall - Nothing can compare to the commanding presence of a wall ethanol fireplace. Since these pieces are mounted on the wall at eye level they are naturally the first thing you focus on when you enter a room. This is extremely beneficial. Fire has inviting, calming, and relaxing properties, so this really should be the first thing you and your guests see when you walk in a room. Plus, if you have children or pets, you do not have to worry about them getting too close to the fire.
    Eco-Feu Santa Cruz 2-Sided Biofuel Fireplace
    Depth: 7.87" Width: 47.24" Height: 22.84"
    Weight: 79 lbs.

    1. Recessed - These are just like wall varieties, but instead of being mounted on the wall, they are installed into the wall to provide an incomparable level of sophistication.
    Eco-Feu Wynn Biofuel Fireplace
    Depth: 8.07" Width: 35.83" Height: 31.9"
    Weight: 70 lbs.
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