Ignis EBG1400 Fireplace Grate in Black

Product Description

Ignis EBG1400 Fireplace Grate in Black Specifications:

  • Grate: 14 1/4" x 11" x 4 3/4"
  • Burner: 13 3/4" x 7 1/4" x 3 1/4"
  • Product Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Material: Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Color: Black

    Do away with the need for gas lines or electrical wires and opt for a clean burning flame with Ignis EBG1400 Fireplace Grate in Black. No need to invest in expensive remodeling,  just set it in your existing fireplace and it installs in just minutes. With a 3 liter burner, it will provide up to fifteen hours of romantic 'fire art' in your home. 

    Ignis EBG1400 Fireplace Grate in Black Features:

    • Ventless - no chimney, no gas or electric lines required
    • Easy or no maintenance required.
    • Capacity: 3 Liters
    • Approximate burn time - 9 - 15 hours per refill
    • Approximate BTU output - 6000
    • Eco-Friendly - doesn't produce any smoke, sooth or dangerous gases
    • Easy Maintenance - just wipe it with a damp cloth once in a while
    • Comes with a 3 year Manufacturer Warranty

      Ignis EBG1400 Fireplace Grate in Black Includes:

      • EBG1400 Ethanol Fireplace Grate and Burner Set
      • Damper Tool - 1 pc. 
      • User's Manual - 1 pc. 
      $ 340.00

       Bio-Ethanol Fuel is an environmentally safe, clean burning product. It is safe for indoor burning as there are no toxic emissions, only small amounts of CO2 and water vapor are emitted. Clean burning also means there is no soot, no smoke and no residue that is normally associated with a wood-burning fireplace.  If you have any other questions in regards to Bio-Ethanol Fuel please contact us at info@ethanolfireplacepros.com.



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