Types of Ethanol Fireplaces

Clean burning no vent ethanol offers a variety of unique applications including a wall mounted fireplace. Wall mounted fireplaces were, in the past, costly and only available through a custom installation. Now ethanol wall mounted fireplaces offer affordable, easy solutions. Some are DIY right out of the carton.  A wall mounted ethanol fireplace is an affordable solution. Select from a complete ready to install wall mounted ethanol fireplace or choose the internal unit ready to retrofit into a wall designed space.

As a wall fireplace, ethanol offers more affordable choices than any other warming room solution. Wall mounted ethanol fireplaces can be recessed or attached to almost any wall in the home or office. A wall mounted ethanol fireplace provides an unmatched ambience. Clean, bright even flames add warmth to the air and spirit.

The eco-friendly fuel which comes in handy bottles in a variety of sizes is easy to light and maintain. Cleans like any wall mounted art, the ethanol wall mounted fireplace offers flexible design and minimal installation costs. Unlike traditional fireplaces which are restricted to a wall that faces the outside for a chimney, the ethanol wall mounted fireplace can be attached or recessed into almost any wall.  

Among the many types of ethanol fireplaces available for homes, apartments, offices, public spaces, and vacations spaces are:

  • Ethanol Wall Fireplaces – Slim and modern with a low profile, modern ethanol wall fireplaces are made for the smallest of spaces as well as the largest. Ready and easy to install to add warmth, light, and ambience in all sizes. From small footprints to large there is an ethanol wall mount fireplace for any room size.
  • Freestanding Ethanol Fireplaces – Vent free these moveable units can be placed in different spot to change the mood, lighting, and heat from day to day. The ever-expanding selection of freestanding ethanol fireplace models features a variety of shapes, sizes, and decors for every application.
  • Tabletop Ethanol Fireplaces – Offered in a variety of sizes, these easy to carry choices can be placed on a hard non-flammable surface just about anywhere in a home, apartment, or office. As a conversation piece, mood enhancer or for charming glowing ambience the tabletop ethanol fireplace offers light, warmth and mood in an adaptable unit. Desktop, tabletop, vanity or outdoor porch, small compact ethanol fireplaces are a go anywhere option.
  • Recessed Units – Offering the space saving option of in the wall installation – recessed ethanol fireplaces are elegant, compact, easy to light as well as maintain. No venting needed for these heat emitting units which add the elemental ambience of fire to living rooms, dining rooms as well as bedrooms and any room in the home, apartment or even offices.
  • Ceiling Mounted Ethanol Fireplaces – Ethanol fireplaces offer a choice that no traditional wood or coal fueled fireplace can, a ceiling mount. Incorporated into an elaborate chandelier, or simple hanging fixture, ethanol fireplaces with their no vent options, can go where no fireplace has gone before. Only with a hanging ceiling mounted fireplace can the experience of fire in the sky be brought home. 

Highly Rated Types of Ethanol Fireplaces

Among the most recognized brand and type of ethanol fireplace is Regal Flame's Indoor Lenox Bioethanol Fireplace. This highly rated ethanol modern design wall mounted fireplace has a controllable flame that can reach 14 inches of balanced light and heat. With a 6,000 BTU output, it can provide heat for the average sized living room or bedroom. Ethanol fireplaces are ventless. Even apartment dwellers can enjoy the ambience, mood, and warmth of the clean burning easy to install wall mounted fireplace.

Joining the Regal Flame's Indoor Lenox Bioethanol Fireplace in rounding out top 3 rated distinctive ethanol fireplace options are:

  • Planika Prime Fire 27" Black Automatic Ethanol Fireplace Insert – hailed as the best premium insert for the money, this 27 9/16” L x 9 5/8" W x 5.70" H can be placed on its own or housed in a custom designed fireplace. It is fully automatic with an LED lit control panel. This DIY ethanol fireplace insert includes BEV technology which eliminates contact between the fuel and flame, a significant safety feature on this modern advanced ethanol fireplace. Create a wall mounted housing for this workhorse insert for a distinctive home accent.
  • Decoflame Ellipse Ceiling Mounted Manual Ethanol Fireplace 44" – A exceptional 36 degree hanging fireplace manufactured in Denmark. At 14 inches high and a large 3-liter fuel capacity, this is a large ethanol fireplace that commands attention in large living spaces.

Types of Ethanol Fireplaces for Everywhere

As the market demand for the sustainable fuel fireplaces that burn ethanol increases exponentially the selection of units continues to grow. Once limited to inserts to replace and retrofit gas, wood and coal burning fireplaces the new wave of ethanol choices is increasing almost monthly. Tabletop to hanging, and everything in between ethanol fireplaces are capturing a new market which includes every room in the house, apartment, office, cottage, or vacation home. Even campers are turning to the simple easy affordable ethanol fireplace.