The Realistic Electric Fireplace with Mantel

A realistic electric fireplace with a mantel can change the look and feel of any living space. The modern electric fireplace is available in a variety of mantels made to resemble retro and modern incarnations of coal, wood, and gas fireplaces. Now gaining in efficiently with technological upgrades including remote and wi-fi controls, the electric fireplace with mantel can enliven any living space.

Without the need for ventilation or a chimney hook up, the modern electric fireplace will fit comfortably in any room in a house, apartment, condo and even offices and public eateries. Easily change up the ambience in a café, restaurant, or bistro with the addition of the most realistic electric fireplace, one set in a replica mantel.

To add an element of classic ambience to an office waiting room, an electric fireplace with a mantel will change the atmosphere from stark boring to elegant dynamic. The modern electric fireplace simulates realistic dancing flames without any chance of guests, visitors children or pets getting burned.

 Air quality in homes, offices and public eateries are not affected by the no vent modern electric fireplace. The most realistic electric fireplace does not emit smoke, ash, or air pollution. Turning an apartment, leased space, house, or condo into a home is quick, easy, and affordable with the purchase and installation of an electric fireplace with a mantel.

Top 5 Realistic Electric Fireplaces with Mantel

It is always a dilemma when trying to compile a top 5 list of the best of anything. It is even more daunting when the category is filled with competitive manufacturers all trying to one up the other. Each day that the design and technology teams of the modern electric fireplace go into the office they are trying to make their products more dynamic, responsive, and realistic.

More efficiency, a better built cabinetry, a better flame simulator, whatever it is there are many companies competing to make the most realistic electric fireplace. So, in no particular order based solely on consumer reviews and industry accolades these are the Top 5 Realistic Electric Fireplaces with a Mantel right now.

  • MagikFlame HoloFlame Holographic Electric Fireplace w/ Touchscreen and Sound and Bluetooth (Bright White) – Featuring a fire simulated by holographic technology, this complete electric fireplace with mantel offers a show of realistic flames. Coupled with the sounds of crackling logs this holographic technology morphed from 3 D movie technology has it all, sights, sounds and the warmth of a highly efficient electric heater built in. Available in an Alpine wall hugging unit or with a corner mantel package. Features include:

  • Bluetooth
  • Thermostat
  • Smartphone App
  • LED Lights
  • Infrared Quartz 
  • MagikFlame -Trinity White Mantel – This model features white mantel which replicates the programmable sounds of 30 different crackling burning logs couple with its proprietary HoloFlame technology. It offers a most realistic electric fireplace experience with the sights, sounds and warmth of a real fireplace. Change the look of the flame and change the mood in the room. Choose from a classic wood-burning fireplace look for a rustic wilderness look. Each is paired with the ultra-realistic hologram technology which matches detailed lifelike sounds with a realistic fireplace presentation. MagikFlame offers a variety of complete electric fireplace mantels or just the insert to retrofit an old or newly built fireplace. 
  • Darby Home Co. Trommald Simulated Electric Fireplace – A true classic look of stone and wood replicating the elegance of a grand Tudor or estate home. Complete with three-dimensional logs featuring the look of realistic flames. A drawn back is that unlike other realistic electric fireplaces this one is sans sound. It can provide enough warmth for a 400 square foot room. 
  • Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 Sheridan Mobile Electric Fireplace, Cherry – Its compact size makes it easily movable to change the look and feel of any room. Features a 5200 BTU heater which can warm a room as large as 1000 square feet. Of course, as a modern electric fireplace there is no venting, chimney or plumbing required. Just unpack it, plug it in and enjoy the simulated ambience of a realistic fire at a sensationally affordable price. 
  • Fieldstone Mantel Electric Fireplace by Dimplex – Made by a leader in the field this classic mansion style fieldstone and heavy wood beam mantel electric fireplace with faux logs offers a superb realistic electric fireplace experience. All the pleasures of a mansion or cottage fireplace with none of the work and maintenance. Pricier than most modern electric realistic fireplace models, but it has the stones to back it up. 

With the progress being made in efficiency and safety standards the electric mantel fireplace can be an affordable, useful, and aesthetic addition to any home.