Put a Fireplace in the Home

Every home can now have an indoor fireplace without affecting air quality and with minimal work involved. Even the tiniest spaces can accommodate a small fireplace. As the world turns and life changes, more people have come to understand that home is truly where the hearth is. The hearth of a glowing, warm, meditative fire produced by an ethanol fireplace. Now as the smart fireplace begins to appear on everyone’s want list.

The technology of ethanol burning fireplaces are expanding exponentially. Along with the expanded safety of efficiency technology being research by the industry many new fireplace types are being introduced. Freed from the venting and chimney chains of the past, the ethanol fireplace can now light up places never thought of before. A desk, a bedroom, a bathroom, a family room can now all enjoy the benefits of a bio-ethanol fireplace without affecting air quality or costly chimney installations.

The kerosene fireplace was once thought of as fulfilling this need a few decades ago. The problem was the no vent kerosene fireplace drastically affected indoor air quality. Although when working at its most efficient the kerosene fireplace appeared to be a clean burner, it was not. Its exhaust seriously affected air quality in homes.

Now ethanol, clean burning, sustainable fuel made from organic plants, is filling the void of providing a smart fireplace for any home. Everyone forced to spend more time at home during the 2020 events became reacquainted with their living spaces. Some sought new space and moved while others decided it was time to turn their house into a home. Nothing quickly adds to turning a house into a home by changing its mood and ambience that the glow of a fire in a hearth.

Discover the Right Fireplace to Turn a House into a Home

Choosing the right fireplace for a home can be a monumental decision and cost depending on the selection. Many think of major construction when considering adding a fireplace, knocking down walls, building a chimney, or attaching a vented one. Then there is the apartment, and condo dwellers where no construction is allowed. These problems are easily solved by choosing a bio-ethanol fireplace, the no construction needed smart fireplace that won’t affect indoor air quality.

The growing list of manufacturers in the ethanol fireplace space are constantly introducing new styles, colors, and functional fireplace types. Traditional recessed wall fireplaces with front tinted glass, together with tabletop, freestanding, wall hugging, wall mounted, corner and hanging are all a part of the wide selection of ethanol fireplace models.

Along with the recessed modern style of the glass fronted fireplace for a traditional living room setting, bio-ethanol fireplaces are also available for interior walls because no chimney or venting system is needed when installed. This changes the fireplace game drastically. The bio-ethanol smart fireplace which burns clean and does not affect air quality are ready to change any room, in any home with the bright, or muted glow of warm inviting real flames.

Along with the many choices of self-contained smart fireplace choices available now are a few other choices that won’t affect air quality.

  • Electric Fires and Stoves – Also an industry with innovative manufacturers who have adapted to the future, electric fires and stoves have become more effective and efficient because of applied technologies. The electric fireplace and stove, especially popular in the UK and across the EU offers apartment dwellers and homeowners a cost-effective option for installing a fireplace without the expense, upkeep and added work of the real fireplace. Like the bio-ethanol fireplace, like the ethanol burners, the electric fireplace is capturing a market with a wide selections of colors, styles, and décor. 
  • Gas Stoves - In reimagining an existing fireplace with a working chimney or ventilation system, the new energy efficient gas stove inserts are a viable option. When the infrastructure, gas lines, and chimneys are readily accessible at minimal costs, the gas stove is an exciting fireplace choice. Designed with a rustic or modern look, the gas stove retrofit fireplace is an exciting option. The bi-ethanol fireplace in complete units or sold separately as burner inserts are also a great choice when redesigning an old in place or recently uncovered fireplace mantle. 
  • Wood Fireplace – When the heart is set a hearth filled with traditional burning wood, these fireplaces have also been influenced by the technology of the times. Now more efficient and cleaner than ever, the heat generated by the modern wood fireplaces and stoves can not be beat for their heat. For homeowners willing to invest in the infrastructure, the new selection of low profile and statement fireplaces with built in technologies can change the look and feel and any home.

From the smart fireplace of ethanol to modern gas, wood, and kerosene fireplaces with added technologies for efficiency and effectiveness, there is a fireplace to turn any house into a home with hearth.