How to Incorporate Ethanol Fireplaces at Home

“Home is where the Heart Is”, as the saying goes. It could easily be “Home is Where the Hearth is”. The welcoming glow of a clean burning fireplace can dramatically change a living space. As the times challenge us to rethink everything about how we work, school, live, commute and shop, Home is in the spotlight.

Homeowners, condo owners, renters and sharers are all spending more time at home. Making a living space a home includes adding essential elements that were ignored when less time was spent indoors. Today backyard fire pits as well as the outdoor fireplace have taken on new meaning for nightly entertainment.  

Inside the home, it is now easier than ever to add fireplaces without chimneys in almost any room of the house. Ethanol fireplaces for apartments, rentals as well as condos where HOA’s forbid outside additions are a quick easy DIY installation. Adding a Hearth to any home or office, public or private space is very accessible and affordable. Ethanol fireplaces are now available in so many shapes, sizes, colors and for specialized uses that there is one for the home office desk as well as large chandeliers for banquet rooms and restaurants.

Keep That Fire Burning

Fire is a primal essential element. Since the days of recorded history with drawings on the cave walls, fireplaces have been a significant part of human gatherings. Moving into the future includes tapping into the past with new technologies that allow a fireplace to be incorporated in homes, offices, on boats, at campgrounds, in restaurants, cafes, banquet halls and outdoor venues.

Using clean burning fuel, conveniently packaged in pint, quarts, half gallon, and gallon bottles, an affordable ethanol fireplaces for apartments are quick and easy to set up. Complete and ready to use straight out of the box or carton, these fireplaces without chimneys are ideal for adding a hearth to apartments and lofts. No construction, holes in the walls, gas lines, or ventilation systems, these fireplaces without chimneys now provide apartment dwellers with the primal element of fire.

Ethanol fireplaces for apartments, homes, offices, retail spaces, restaurants, cafes, and outdoor venues are as easy to use as unpack, fill and light. Complete with everything needed these fireplaces without chimneys can be set up almost everywhere. Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, office, den, basement, attic, anywhere with a sturdy, flat, fireproof surface can now have the glowing flames of primeval fire.

Ethanol fireplaces without chimneys are available in complete ready to use units or as inserts to finish a work of art or turn old, recessed wall spaces into an instant fireplace without chimneys.

How to Choose an Ethanol Fireplace

With so many choices in new ethanol fueled home fire solutions including an outdoor fireplace, fireplaces for apartments, fireplaces without chimneys, choosing one is the hardest part.

  • Safety FIRST- The first consideration when making the choice of where to place an ethanol fireplace is safety. Because these fireplaces without chimneys which burn clean ethanol can be placed almost anywhere, selecting a spot MUST include a Safety assessment. There are many spaces in the home that are perfect for a fireplace. The bedroom is definitely a room where the ambience of a warm glowing fire will be appreciated. It is also a room with hanging curtains, bedspreads, sheets, pillows, rugs, and other flammable objects. Because the ethanol fireplaces are without chimneys, one can be placed on a hard, flat non-flammable surface such as a marble topped vanity or hardwood floor. 

No matter where you place these fireplaces for apartments be sure that they are a good distance away from hanging curtains, clothes, sheets, and bedspreads. Take Child safety measures into consideration if children reside in the house or apartment. Keep the fireplaces without chimneys out of the reach of children. Fireplaces for apartments are great to provide warmth, change the mood, add ambient light and a hearth to feel at home. 

Affordable ethanol fireplaces without chimneys are clean burning making them usable throughout homes, apartments, condos, cabins, offices, restaurants, cafes and even on boats.  Many with multiple controls for flame heights also include new safety feature technologies. Even when the best safety technologies are included, when using fire,, it requires safety first. 

  • Selecting a Space – In line with safety is selecting the space for a fireplace without a chimney. Even an outdoor fireplace needs careful consideration when selecting where to put these clean burning warming ethanol units. Large home backyards should offer many excellent choices for the outdoor fireplace. For balconies, terraces, side yards and shared outdoor spaces, outdoor fireplaces fueled by ethanol offer a varied selection of sizes and shapes for a variety of situations. One sided outdoor fireplaces for placements against walls or in corners along with open-hearth four-sided centerpiece designs are two of the many outdoor fireplace options. 
  • Style of Clean Burning Ethanol Fireplaces – Along with the many shapes and sizes of apartment fireplaces and outdoor fireplaces these ethanol fueled fireplaces without chimneys offer an amazing array of style to blend, compliment, or contrast many decors. From sleek modern to rustic, the ethanol fireplaces without chimneys offer everyone a hearth for their home, apartment, office, or public space. There are hundreds of styles available in these clean burning ethanol fireplaces, along with the hundreds of sizes of self-contained inset burners. These inset burners can be used alone or as part of an elaborate creation. From tiny footprints for tabletop applications to large window box burners, complete ethanol burners with built-in control and safety fuel reservoirs are ready to place in any sculpture or recessed space inside or outside. 
  • Affordability – Its easy to choose the right fireplace without a chimney for inside or outside a home, apartment, condo, office, business, or boat by price. There is an ethanol fireplace for nearly every budget. Beginning at less than $100 USD up to thousands of dollars the latest offerings in clean ethanol fireplaces without chimneys has everyone covered, with the exception of the cave people. They would, however, be amazed at the simplicity of fire in an ethanol burning hearth.