How to Choose and Install a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

The wall mounted electric fireplace has quickly become one of the most popular models of these new must have decorative items that add to the ambience of any living space. As more time is spent at home because of changing times, the need to add to the comforts of home have taken on a new relevance. Since the beginning of recorded history, the fire pit has been a sign of home. Cave dwellers and beyond gathered round the fireplace to share warmth, food, stories, and a good night sleep.

As humankind evolved, the fire maintained its significance as a sign of shared civilization. The modern world and the television set change that, and the primeval fire which was the center of family life was replaced by television, and now social media. As the living space once again becomes the center of attention in most lives, the need for comfort is taking a lead.

Gathering around a wall mounted electric fireplace isn’t the same as a raging fire in a cave, at a campsite or in a settler’s cabin, but it is the modern equivalent. Modern electric fireplaces are available in many styles shapes, sizes, colors, finishes and materials. Among the most popular are the wall mounted electric fireplace. There is a size for any room in the house, even a small electric fireplace for living spaces without much available wall surface area.

Wall mounted or recessed into the wall are some of the most popular ways to incorporate the new modern efficient electric fireplaces into any living space. Even a small electric fireplace can add a cozy inviting simulated fire to the comfort of home.

Steps to Install a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Although today’s modern efficient safe electric fireplaces do not need venting or a chimney, they do of course need a safe proper power supply. A professional mason, contractor, or plumber is not needed to install a wall mounted electric fireplace. An electrician might be needed if the power supply needs to be upgraded. An outlet in good working order with the proper voltage needs to be present below the where the wall mounted electric fireplace will be installed.

The electric fireplace should be plugged directly into the power receptacle that offers the recommended voltage. Most wall mounted electric fireplaces require a 120-volt outlet with a three-prong receptacle. Do not use or plan to use an extension cord or circumvent the third prong of the plug.

Decide on the spot for the wall mounted electric fireplace before purchasing so that some key requirements can be verified.

A checklist for purchasing an electric wall mounted fireplace.

  • Measure the size of the wall for the wall fireplace
  • Check the clearance distance from all combustible materials, this includes curtains, papers, books, bedding, pillows, furniture, coat racks, pet beds, bird cages etc. Even a small electric fireplace should have a three-foot clearance from anything combustible. Although the wall fireplace does not have a fire in it, there is a heating element that gets hot enough to cause flammable items to combust when heated long and hot enough. Be safe. Plan a safe distance slightly more than the recommended three feet.
  • Do not hang a top heat wall fireplace below a TV. Be sure when hanging even a small electric fireplace below a TV that it is a front heat unit and not a unit with the heat coming from the top.
  • Consider where the heat is emitting from in all hanging decisions, top, bottom or front.  
  • The location for the electric wall mounted fireplace must be within reach of the cord, remember, do not plan on using or use an extension cord. Also, the outlet should be below the wall fireplace, not above it. With a cord above the electric wall mounted fireplace it could melt, burn, or fray from the heat. Keep the cord going down to an outlet not up.
  • Once all the safety items are checked off, unpack the wall mounted electric fireplace and its hardware from the carton.
  • Most electric wall mounted fireplaces will have the needed brackets included. Follow the instructions to securely mount the brackets to the wall. Then attach the wall fireplace.
  • The process of attaching the mounting brackets and attaching the wall fireplace is similar to mounting a flat screen TV to the wall.

Once everything is mounted, check that everything is securely attached, plug in the unit, and begin to enjoy the warmth, comfort, and tranquility of a wall mounted electric fireplace.