Ethanol Fireplaces are Environmentally Friendly

In the quest for a clean burning fuel and an eco-smart fireplace, the race is on. Right now, far ahead of the field is the ethanol fireplace. Burning a sustainable sourced fuel with a clean and controllable flame, the eco-smart fireplaces use ethanol while offering a variety of sizes and shapes for all applications. From the ethanol wall mounted fireplace to those hanging from the ceiling, these ventless systems offer a wide range of usable options.

Outdoors, indoors, in private homes, public businesses, restaurants, cafes, campgrounds, and boats clean burning ethanol fuel made from sustainable organics are the best environmentally friendly fireplace today. Other manufacturers are pushing the idea of the clean electric fireplace for outdoor and indoor use.  

Reasons Ethanol Fireplaces are Environmentally Friendly

  • Organic Fuel - First and foremost, the fuel for the ethanol eco-smart is derived from sustainable organic material which can be grown and harvested over and over again. In fact, ethanol which is made from fermented plant material, grains and even scrap wood chips and tree material. Although in the United States most ethanol is produced from dry milled corn and fermented with other grains and carbon dioxide, around the world many organic products are used for their ethanol production. The United States and Brazil produce most of the world’s ethanol. As access expands for technologically advanced ethanol burning fireplaces, sustainable ethanol production can grow with demand within each country. 
  • Sustainable Metals- Most of the ethanol burning fireplaces are already serving those in need of clean fire around the world. Many countries that find it impossible to utilize an electric fireplace outdoors will be able to use ethanol fireplaces in a number of ways. In the United States both the sustainable fuel as well as the components of stainless steel and aluminum, both recyclable metals, the main components of ethanol fireplaces keep the environmental carbon footprint to a minimal. 
  • Clean Heat – For indoors and out the ethanol burning fireplace is a clean alternative for heat, and ambience. Whether a fire pit type rectangular, circular, or square floor model for gathering around or an ethanol wall mounted fireplace, all provide clean heat from pure burning ethanol. The electric fireplace outdoors and indoors cannot match the heat output of an eco-smart fireplace. When electricity is the fuel source, its sustainability and environmental carbon footprint come into question. With electricity supplied by the grid the source can be anything from a coal burning generation plant to an oil burner, gas burner or nuclear centrifuge. 

None of these electrical sources are helping eliminate the pressure on the earth’s climate. Although an electric fireplace outdoor may sound like an eco-friendly solution unless the electricity is produced on the spot from wind or solar it is not. Ethanol derived from organic material as the fuel source for eco-smart fireplaces shrinks the carbon footprint in large, small and a wall mounted ethanol fireplace.

  • No Chimney Smoke – Whether coal, wood or gas fireplace, smoke is the by-product. The smoking fireplace needs to be vented. This vented smoke adds to the smog while increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and damaging the fragile eco-system. Ethanol burning fireplaces along with the electric fireplace requires no chimney hookup. Outdoor electric fireplaces pose some hazards that ethanol fireplaces don not, especially in locations with water. The electric fireplace although more eco-friendly than other outdoor fireplace choices, should not be used near, fountains, pools or other water features that may be present outdoors. Although eco-friendly in many ways for indoor use, the electric fireplace outdoors needs safety precautions. Also the outdoor electric fireplace does not provide the amount of heat that the ethanol fireplace can outdoors and indoors. 

Clean burning ethanol used by the eco-smart new technology fireplaces that require no chimney installation do not emit dirty, sooty smoke. Not only are these new varieties which burn sustainable fuel burning available in many shapes and sizes from ceiling hanging to wall mounted ethanol fireplaces, they produce heat along with the aesthetically pleasing ambience of a clean burning fire.   

  • Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean – Most of these eco-smart fireplaces made from sustainable metals require little to no maintenance. Regular cleaning with a damp cloth or a mild cleanser is about all that is required. Unlike other fireplaces, the ethanol eco-smart clean burning fireplaces do not require a chimney sweep, because there is no chimney to sweep. No soot, grime, or smelly smoke.

Eco-Smart ethanol with ever advancing technologies provide the warmth, light, and glow of real flames from a clean sustainable fuel source.