Wall Fireplaces

Wall Fireplaces

A wall-mounted bio-ethanol fireplace is one of the most beneficial pieces of modern art you can add to your living space. Even when there is not a flame to enjoy they still bring a heightened level of elegance to the room they occupy. As their name implies, these fireplaces mount easily on your wall of choice. Since this odor-free, clean-burning ethanol fuel source does not create smoke, you do not need a chimney to enjoy the fire.


Wall fireplaces are useful year round. They are wall decorations even when not in use, and not just any wall decoration. These elegant structures with clean lines and angles are like modern art pieces gracing your wall and the space around it.

These fireplaces come with matching mounting brackets and dampener tool. Use the dampener tool to adjust the height of the flames or to put them out. Some of the advanced models also come with built-in adjustable flame/heat settings. Installation will require power tools for hard walls and more than one person for the bigger models.

The clean-burning bio-ethanol fuel requires no ventilation. The combustion is odorless, smokeless, and residue-free.

Many Possibilities

The beauty of art is its endless imagination and possibilities. You can choose from many sizes and designs of wall fireplaces. There are two-sided and one-sided fireplaces. The colors include stainless steel, matte black, gloss red, gloss white, matte white, and even wood finishes. There are on-wall and in-wall designs, recessed fireplace designs, long firebox designs, tall firebox designs, curved fireplace designs, wall torch designs, and some like the Eco-Feu Paramount is too unique to categorize. We even have fireplaces that can be controlled by your smartphone!

Have a look at our collection of fireplaces and one or more of them are certain to jump out at you. Like art enthusiasts, you can’t wait to discuss them with people whose opinion you have come to value. Sometimes it can be even more helpful to discuss with strangers, who can potentially look at things from entirely new perspectives. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help in choosing a fireplace.  We’d love to hear from you.

The Collection

We carry the best wall fireplaces from Ignis, Eco-Fue, Bio-Blaze, Nu-Flame, and Anywhere Fireplace.

Among our best-sellers are recessed fireplaces by Ignis. The Ignis Ardella, Lata, and Accalia share the same stainless steel look and feel like their top-end models. The Ignis Villa adds a stylish thick border of black glass.
The top-selling Nu-Flame Finestra is an on-wall fireplace finished in dark walnut. If your space can only accommodate a small wood-finished wall fireplace, the Nu-Flame FocolareMuroNoce is just the right ticket.
Anywhere Fireplace names their products after famous Manhattan neighborhoods and landmarks. The curvy Chelsea by Anywhere Fireplace is a perennial best-seller.

Our most popular large fireplaces are the 59” long Bio-Blaze XL I and XL 2. They present the best value for the money of all large fireplaces. The XL 1 comes with 6 burners and the XL2 has 3 burners. Each burner can be adjusted or turned on or off individually.

Wall Fireplaces