Two-Sided Fireplaces

A two-sided fireplace with a real flame is just about the most breathtaking thing that you can have in your home or office. These fireplaces are slim stainless steel fireboxes with see-through glasses on both main sides. Burning the ethanol fuel results in realistic, lazy flames that few if any electric or gas-powered fireboxes can match. The combustion is clean, with no smoke, soot, or toxic gases. These are functional fireplaces with highly usable heating output. 


Rationale and Applications

Sometimes when you see a car that you really like in the parking lot, you can’t help but look at it from more than one side. It’s the same with exceptional fireplaces. There are not too many material things in life that are as peaceful, comforting, classy (and some might even say sexy) than a fireplace with real flames. It only makes perfect sense that we would want to look at it from more than one side!

Two-sided fireplaces are freestanding fireplaces. Most of the designs are long but very thin, so they are also space savers. Not only is a two-sided fireplace breathtaking to look at when placed in open space, but it will also heat up the room more evenly. Converting to an Ethanol Fireplace may be easier than you think!

In addition, these fireplaces are versatile in terms of placement. Due to the flat design, many of them can be installed on the wall. You will not be wasting its two-sided feature this way. When hung on the wall, the back glass becomes a mirror and seeing the realistic flame burning within the reflected mirror image is quite sight to behold in its own right.

For example, click on the Eco-Feu Wellington. You will see that another installation option is in-wall. You’ll be able to see the scenery behind the wall since the fireplace is see-through. 

The Collection

There is a good range of possibilities in two-sided fireplaces. The price of the most affordable Tectum Mini is too good to be true. This sleek, well-built two-sided fireplace comes in 3 attractive finishes. It is also a fuel-efficient design. The heating output is 6,000 BTU but its 1.5L fuel capacity can last up to 9 hours between refills. The smallest one produces about 6,000 BTU, all the way up to the big ones with over 20,000 BTU that can comfortably heat large rooms of 500sq-ft or more.

The made-to-order Ignis fireplaces come in multiple sizes and configurations: wide rectangles, 3:2 horizontal: vertical rectangles, and 3:2 vertical: horizontal rectangles. The 52”, 64.25” and 78.5” Ignis fireplaces also come in smart models with Wi-Fi and smartphone connect capability.


Two-Sided Fireplaces