Tabletop Fireplaces

Create a truly dynamic focal point with a tabletop biofuel fireplace. You can skip that potentially messy four-wick candle or the flower centerpiece on your dining room table and opt for a clean burning fire instead. We carry tabletop styles in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. Some are simple cube or rectangular designs that will look good in nearly any environment while others boast a more contemporary appeal for our shoppers with modern homes. For larger fireplaces, please see our freestanding fireplaces


Tabletop Fireplaces

Welcome to our collection of tabletop fireplaces, where head-turning is the name of the game. People can’t help but do a double take when there’s a tabletop fireplace in the room, turning their heads if necessary. And if you take the time to find a tabletop fireplace that is just right for your internal space? Drop-dead gorgeous.

How It Works
These fireplaces burn ethanol, which is a biofuel fermented and refined primarily from corn in the United States. Burning ethanol produces fewer emissions, including greenhouse gases, than gasoline. It is non-toxic and almost as clean-burning as propane while producing much more realistic flames. You will love the lazy yellow flame of the fireplaces in this collection. The benefits of indoor bio-ethanol fireplaces are endless!

As the name suggests, tabletop fireplaces are designed to be placed on solid furniture or stands. One popular application is to replace candles and other decorations such as flowers and bowls of fruits. Although candles and flowers are tried and true on their own, a tabletop fireplace packs a much bigger wow factor and it is permanent (with easy refueling).
The best is now within reach! It is rather affordable and convenient as well, and that would be the tabletop fireplace.

The Collection

Our tabletop fireplaces come in many sizes, shapes, and price points. You can always start with a small one and give it a try. We also have ethanol burners that can be recessed into a coffee table or almost any area of your home that you would like! Or better yet, contact us for expert advice on choosing a tabletop fireplace that is a match in heaven for your space.

There are flat, cylindrical, rectangular, triangular, arched and bowled fireplaces of different sizes and designs. The outers are safe to the touch so they are safe for kids and pets. The bigger flames are enclosed in fireproof glasses on either the main sides or all four sides. The smaller ones burn in the middle of oversized bowls.

The tabletop fireplace is incredibly sophisticated in looks and presence, but simple in design and established in technology. The biggest one is called the Vision III, a large flat fireplace that measures 51.25” in length and employs a large 3.65L adjustable burner. It is by Eco-Feu, a top manufacturer of ethanol fireplaces, and therefore it comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. The smallest one is the Ignius Harbor, a cute arched design with a footprint of 13.4” x 8.3” and available in four striking finishes. It also comes with a 3-year warranty, which is a testament of reliability. There is an ethanol place for every room in your home!

Tabletop Fireplaces