You cannot truly appreciate how easy and affordable it is to enjoy a safe and odor-free fire until you buy a biofuel fireplace. Here at Ethanol Fireplace Pros, we only carry fuel from trusted manufacturers. With this product you will never deal with fumes, smoke, soot, or smell.  The bio ethanol fuel sold on our website is suitable for all of our wall, floor or table bio ethanol fireplaces.



The fuel used in our fireplaces and burners is ethanol. Ethanol is one of the cleanest burning liquid fuels. Ethanol is an alcohol so the liquid itself smells like alcohol but its flame is odorless. In properly designed fireplaces and burners, like you’ll find here, the burning of the fuel is odorless and the only waste products are water vapor and CO2. There is no soot or any other residues. No ventilation is required because it is smokeless and free of toxic exhaust gases. CO2 is the only greenhouse gas emission but it is also plant food.

In this page, you will find the top 3 brands of bio ethanol fuel: Lumina Products’ SMARTFUEL, Nu-Flame, and Ignis. They are all made in the USA. SMARTFUEL and Nu-Flame come in 1-liter bottles whileIgnis comes in 1-quart bottles.

All products use child-proof caps and contain additives of bittering agent. The bittering agent is denatonium which makes the ethanol taste bitter to prevent accidental consumption by children and pets.


Bio Ethanol from Wastes

SMARTFUEL by Lumina Products, Inc. is perhaps the most highly rated bio ethanol in a bottle. For the longest time, it was the only product that comes with the Safety-Pour valve. It is a 2-way check valve that prevents flash ignition of the flammable liquid inside the bottle, especially when pouring. The newly upgraded Nu-Flame bottles also come with Safety-Pour valves.

Lumina Products markets SMARTFUEL as the world’s “Greenest Choice Ethanol”. The company claims that it is the only fully recycled ethanol fuel in the market. It is made from recycled food and other waste products that contain alcohol. Alcohol is a hydrocarbon that contains the –OH hydroxyl group so it can be found in many things.

On the other hand, Nu-Flame bio ethanol is also an eco-friendly fuel made from 100% waste. It is made from the fermentation of sugar and starch found in waste food products.

Normally the production of ethanol requires the fermentation of sugar – either found in plants or converted from the starchy parts of plants. For example, the United States is the world’s largest producer of ethanol and most of it comes from corn. Brazil is the second largest producer and most of it comes from sugar cane.

The production of ethanol from wastes does not use up edible plants but it is more energy intensive. This is why SMARTFUEL and Nu-Flame are more expensive.


Bio Ethanol from Plants

Ignis bio ethanol is cheaper because it uses the more efficient production method. According to Ignis, their ethanol is made from barley, sunflowers, corn, wheat or potatoes in renewable rotations and manufactured in an eco-friendly chain of processes.