Give Your Home A Fall Makeover 0

In the spring, people everywhere clean their home from top to bottom. Sometimes, they apply a fresh coat of paint, and it is common to incorporate in a few new brightly colored d├ęcor pieces for a more cheerful feel. Why isn't this done in the fall? If you are like most, you spend significantly more time inside the home during fall and winter, so it only makes sense to give it a quick makeover, so you can get cozy and hibernate next to the fireplace for the next few months. Freestanding Firepl...
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Hassle-Free, Smoke-Free, Odor-Free Fireplaces 0

Want the warmth and coziness of a traditional fireplace without the hazardous emissions that threaten yours and your loved ones' health? Bio-ethanol fireplaces is the thing for you! More than being a state-of-the-art invention, it is a versatile and fantastic solution for interior design challenges. Indeed, having a fireplace has become a love affair without the complications of construction, chimney or gas lines. You can choose from a variety of designs to compliment your home or office; an...
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Fireplaces: Wood-burning vs. Ethanol 0

If you have always loved a wood-burning fireplace, you may be skeptical about ethanol varieties. You might wonder if they create the same ambiance or you may just be curious about the fuel source itself. If you have recently been introduced to them or have read about the dangers of wood-burning fireplaces then you may simply wonder what makes ethanol such a popular pick with environmental enthusiasts. Smoke As you know, wood creates smoke when it burns. In order for this to even happen, it h...
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Ethanol Fireplaces: The Easiest Way to Achieve a Contemporary Look 0

Do you love the look of contemporary spaces, but simply do not have the funds to completely redecorate your room? Maybe money is no concern; you love your furniture and color palette, but wish the environment looked a little more modern. Perhaps you have tried to mimic the look of a room in a magazine, but your home just does not look as contemporary as the print one you are trying to copy. Whatever the case is you will quickly discover that an ethanol fireplace can be your best friend. These...
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Create the Ultimate Focal Point with a Recessed Wall Fireplace 0

As if a modern ethanol fireplace does not already create the most dynamic focal point a room could possibly hope for, now consumers have the option of adding a recessed variety to their space. If you are like most others you came to Ethanol Fireplace Pros looking for a traditional wall style, but then you stumbled upon the recessed options, and now everything has changed. Now you have no idea what you want! Sure, you have probably seen these gorgeous pieces in movies or even your favorite fiv...
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Electric vs. Bio Ethanol Fireplaces 0

Everyday consumers are faced with the huge decision of choosing between bio ethanol and electric fireplaces. If you were comparing an ethanol variety to a wood-burning fireplace, there would be no comparison at all, but electric is a worthy competitor in the fireplace industry. However, although there is not necessarily a right or wrong product, there are a few reasons why many people do choose ethanol instead. These reasons may help you make a more educated buying decision. Style There are ...
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