What is the Recommended Position for Your Ethanol Fireplace?

What is the Recommended Position for Your Ethanol Fireplace?

A lot of people have been wondering which is the right position for their ethanol fireplace. Since this furnace does not require a chimney or a vent, one has the freedom to install an ethanol fireplace wherever they wish. There are freestanding units which can easily be re-positioned according to one's wish. But how about wall installed ethanol fireplace? Is there a standard way to mount a furnace on the wall, without obstructing the rest of your decor and appliances?

The modern, wall-mount ethanol fireplace presents a classic, timeless approach in having a furnace. Think of it; the traditional stove is now replaced with a beautiful, metal framed unit with glass sections, highlighting the beautiful ethanol-fueled fire inside the burner. Since most of these units are made with minimalism and versatility in mind, the ones on retail can easily fit into one's interior. When it comes to design, an ethanol fireplace easily belongs to a theme, however rustic or contemporary it is.

Linear-designed fireplaces are always a visual treat when done the right way. There are a few rules of thumb that could help you from making a disastrous decision of mounting it wrongly. Follow these guides below and mount your cherished ethanol fireplace with skill and confidence like a pro.

First is to consider the primary eye level viewing. You can view your furnace in different positions, but in most cases, it is most enjoyed when seated. This means that the suggested eye level is somewhere between 40-42 inches from the floor. It is best to place the top edge of the furnace at an eye level height, so that you and your family can look down into the unit comfortably.

If you have chosen to place your fireplace from a standing position, then your eye level will be somewhere between 60-65 inches from the floor. With this, you have many options. You can choose a series of artworks to share the highlight with your furnace. Or perhaps place your fireplace along with your entertainment console. You can also mount your ethanol fireplace as the single focal point. If this is what you wished, place the top edge at an eye level. To avoid too much plainness, add some variation that matches the horizontal lines in your furnace.

We have talked about the top edge, but what about the bottom end? If you are placing your furnace at the bottom, make sure that it is not lower than 15 inches from the floor. Why? Because you don’t want to make it appear like a freestanding unit. A few space from the floor offers a visual lift.

You’d be surprised to discover that a few inches make a huge difference in your overall design. As much as possible, have it measured correctly before you mount it. You may also want to sketch it beforehand and check whether it is the appearance you want. Easily do this by taking a photo of the space and drawing an imaginary unit added to it.

Find these tips helpful? Stay tuned to this blog and learn more about the best ways to maximize your ethanol fireplace!

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  • Caris Cruz