Warm Up a Boring Office or Waiting Room with these Fireplaces


Considering clients, patients, and customers spend their valuable time in your waiting room it only makes sense to create a comforting environment. Regardless if you will be performing a root canal, doing their taxes, or defending them in a lawsuit, you are the person who has to deal with them after they have looked at the clock on their phone at least a dozen times. No one enjoys waiting, which is why it is puzzling that so many businesses fail when it comes to decorating a room that will essentially set the tone for their guest's experience. 

If you are looking to add one thing that will have a monumental impact on your waiting room, you will want to browse the wall fireplaces or recessed fireplaces here at Ethanol Fireplace Pros. Below are a few reasons why they are perfect for this type of space.

  • Focal Point - Does your living room and bedroom at home have a focal point? It more than likely does, whether you realize it, or not. Humans have the need for a strong point of interest, so their eyes can come to rest. Does your waiting room have a dynamic focal point? Probably not! Most don't, which is unfortunate because the need is there. Those walking through the door should immediately have an element that captures their attention. Our Eco-Feu Wynn Fireplace makes a great focal point.

  • Warmth - Every time the door opens in the winter, a cold draft comes rushing in. Our Eco-Feu Hollywood Bio Ethanol Fireplace sure would be nice to warm up next to. Even in the summer there are probably people always complaining that they are cold in the waiting room. These individuals who always seem to be cold while everyone else is hot will appreciate taking a seat near the fire.

  • Relaxing - As if waiting does not frazzle the nerves enough, if people are already sick, injured, or stressed before coming to your establishment, these feelings become stronger every second they wait. A dancing flame creates a calming ambiance, which will relax those who are in its presence. Our Ignis Antalia Fireplace helps create that relaxing atmosphere.

  • Out-of-the-way - One of the reasons why business owners choose wall, tabletop, or recessed ethanol fireplaces is because they are displayed in a safe location. It is a display that can be easily appreciated by everyone in the room.

Ignis Cube XL Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fireplace

This fireplace model is set on a table surface, and the flames are behind glass. It is very small, and only weighs 19 pounds. This means that you can use it as a tabletop fireplace in your waiting room. It would give your clients something interesting to look at while they wait. As well, this fireplace runs off bioethanol, so its bi-products are environmentally friendly. Clients do not need to worry about being so close to it, because bioethanol is a clean fuel source. Read more about this cute little fireplace here!


Nu-Flame Fiamme Floor Fireplace

This freestanding fireplace is larger than the first option we looked at. It weighs 30.86 pounds, and can be incorporated into your waiting room with ease. If you wish to move it to a new location, it is quite easy to do so. This fireplace also runs on bioethanol, and does not require venting. More information can be found here.


Bio-Blaze Qube Large Ethanol Fireplace

This large modern fireplace is sure to liven things up in your boring waiting room! It is in the shape of a cube, but the middle section has been hollowed out. In that space, an ethanol-fueled flame burns brightly. This product weighs 154 pounds, so try to find a good semi-permanent place for it to stay. It will not be easy to move it around afterwards. This fireplace can be read about here.

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