Three Tips on Selecting Your Ethanol Fireplace Burner

Three Tips on Selecting Your Ethanol Fireplace Burner

An ethanol fireplace is a beautiful addition to any interior decor. Framed, wall-recessed units produce the same enchanting effect as the regular fireplaces, minus the need for the chimneys and vents. Burners and inserts, however, offer more versatility. These could be placed inside your old hearth as a replacement for wooden fuels, or design a customized fireplace which can be used to decorate any parts of the home. Since they're ventless, these stoves would not require any flue to run; just ensure there's proper air circulation within the area, and you're good to go.

Inserts are wonderful ethanol fireplace options for you, and you can maximize its use by knowing the hows and whys. Interested to recreate your fireplace with a modern, urban twist? Here are some of the things you should know before installing a fireplace insert.

First, you must choose the right ethanol fireplace insert to go with your home and lifestyle. There's an automatic insert designed with electronic safety sensors for more ease of use. These sensors secure the filling of the tank, preventing the flap of the fuel container to burst open when the burner runs too hot. These also detect operational issues, stopping the device automatically in cases of defects, such as combustion level, too much carbon dioxide, and overly heat. Manual ethanol burners can be used as basic decor outdoors, but these does not have safety measures and are less safe when used indoors.

Second, choose the ignition type properly. Old, traditional ethanol furnaces can be manually ignited with a lighter or a long matchstick. But for safer use, we recommend purchasing an insert with automatic ignition. This produces real flames in a switch, keeping your hands off the burner and thus, letting you enjoy the convenience. Many units come with added features such as this, and it is best to see what your options are before finally buying one.

Thirdly, you must know where the fireplace insert is to be insert. Inserts vary in sizes and heights, but the good thing is you can install as many as needed to fill an empty corner. Wouldn't it be nice to see a nice row of fire by the wall? Or how about a small burner that would be a great accent on the table? Take the right measurements when opting for wall installed burners. Positioning these units is important especially when merged in the decor. To be sure, design where to place the burner at first; if you're not much of a DIY enthusiast, ask a professional to help you.

Ethanol fireplace inserts are gorgeous options if you want something out of the box. You get the freedom to design your fireplace in many ways possible without the constraints of the common stove. One thing you must also consider is the material you would decorate the fireplace with. Will it be an open fire décor? You want the burner to be place in a non-combustible material such as marble or concrete top. For those recessed burners, keep it away from fabrics and other flammable items.

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  • Caris Cruz