Things to Keep in Mind When Using an Ethanol Fireplace

Things to Keep in Mind When Using an Ethanol Fireplace

Your ethanol fireplace is built to match your needs. Many homeowners are switching over to this type of furnace for clear, positive reasons. One, the ethanol fireplace produces no ashes, smoke or soot, and therefore requires no flue. Two, it produces real flames as well as tempered heat that sustains the warmth in the room. Three, it is affordable to purchase, and is easy to install and use.

With the housing scene changing, not every loft is designed for a chimney. Apartment dwellers, building renters and other limitations make it complicated for one to enjoy their own fireplace. Ethanol fireplace, due to its ventless features, has become the most prominent alternative. It makes use of bioethanol, which does not produce any toxic fumes or soot. This is opposite the gas and wood-burning furnaces. Clean flames emerge from the alcohol, which allows the fireplace to be lit without the need for a vent.

Ethanol fireplace flames are authentic, unlike electric fireplaces, which only produce an illusion of flames on the screen. Ethanol flames produce about 2-3kW of thermal heat, equal to a radiator on its full mode. And since no flue is involved, the heat is completely distributed inside the room and is not lost through the vents.

Compared to a traditional fireplace which produces about 6-9kW of heat, your ethanol fireplace may not be substantial enough to become your main source of heating. It, however, amplifies your already installed heating system and adapts to the temperate warmth inside the space. You will, in turn, benefit from lower utility bills as your HVAC will not be working as hard.

With this mentioned, your ethanol fireplace works well in an average room of 20 to 50 square meters. The heat depends largely on the size of your ethanol fireplace. Some variants can be installed recessed on your wall while others can be conveniently placed atop a small table. However, while venting is not required, you need to be cautious in using your furnace. That said, you should keep a window open for a few minutes once the fireplace has been burning for some hours. This is to let air circulate inside the room.

Using your ethanol fireplace is quite easy; you just fill the burner with pure liquid ethanol and turn on the furnace. You won't get the heating rays produced by normal stoves, but you'll have the advantage of gaining warmth instantly, as the flame gets hot fast. These flames are distributed along the burner and create hot air flowing from the furnace. You can enjoy the fire for an average of two to three hours. When the fuel has run out, the fireplace won't be giving any heat. If this happens, you can always refuel your ethanol fireplace.

Keep in mind that the quality of fire can also be affected by the quality of fuels you use. Make sure you use pure ethanol; diluted products, no matter how generous the amount you pour in the burner, will only produce subtle flames. Make sure you buy your ethanol fireplace products from the pros. Head over our store today and find the right products for your fireplace!

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  • Caris Cruz