The Minimal Cons of Ethanol Fireplaces

The Minimal Cons of Ethanol Fireplaces

If you are in the market for a fireplace, you probably have explored the idea of ethanol fireplaces. These are fireplaces that use bioethanol for fuel. This means that there is no need for a chimney for venting. Overall these fireplaces are more energy efficient than regular ones, and have less negative impact on the environment. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Hold on a minute, before you run out and buy one, let’s go over some of the not so nice things about ethanol fireplaces.

Amount of Heat Produced

An ethanol fireplace will not produce as much heat as a traditional stove. It takes approximately 1kW to heat 20 square meters. An ethanol fireplace will typically only be giving out 2.5-3.5kW of heat when it is operating. This will function if you just have a small area, or if you are just using the fireplace for show. However, this is not likely to satisfy you if you are relining on ethanol fireplaces as your primary heat source.

Dangerous Models Can Be Sold

If a product is much cheaper than you have ever seen, would you expect top quality? No, of course not. Some ethanol fireplaces are being sold for incredibly cheap prices to entice buyers. The reason they are so inexpensive is because the manufacturer wants to make as much profit as possible. So they would outsource the product, have it made as cheaply as possible, and sell it to customers. This might result in fireplaces not being able to stand the heat that they product. Then the liquid ethanol will ignite and cause a dangerous issue in the home.

They Use Up Oxygen

These fireplaces use up the oxygen in the air to operate. This might not be a huge issue because we have a seemingly endless supply of oxygen. However, it is important to remember that you need to have a fresh supply of oxygen coming into the room every once in a while. If you do not have that, you should not run an ethanol fireplace for more than about an hour at a time.

The Expense

When considering the price of an ethanol fireplace, you need to consider the cost of the actual model plus how much the fuel will be. Depending on what type of model you get, the fireplace could initially cost between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. The fuel can range from approximately $10 per 1 quart, to $20+ per 1 quart. How often you want to run your fireplace will also need to be factored into the price while deciding if this is the most cost effective option for you.

To Conclude

Ethanol fireplaces really are great inventions. They provide more options for people and are less harmful to the environment than other products. However, you should still think about all the factors before you decide to make a purchase. What is right for one person may not necessarily be right for you and your family.  

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