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Ethanol Fireplaces That can be Placed Indoors or Outdoors 0


It’s summer, but that doesn’t mean that the heat will last all night long. Keep the party going into the wee hours and don’t let the best season slip through your fingers. Let’s get down to brass tacks early: we’re talking about fireplaces, and not just any old flickering flames. We’re talking indoor and outdoor ambiance machines that can not only warm a room with a snap of a lighter, but add a calming, relaxing glow to any area you choose to place them in. You don’t want to waste time hauling in wood, fumbling with tinder and lighter fluid, then dealing with the smoke, soot, ash, and toxic burn-off that traditional fires can bring with them.


Give yourself a break with an eco friendly option in a bio ethanol outdoor fireplace that works indoor as well. No venting necessary, no splitting or buying wood, or twisting up old newspapers in the hope they’ll catch tinder before the flame reaches your fingers. The only byproducts of a bio ethanol fireplace are CO2 and a minute amount of water vapor. All you have to do is fill the reservoir with fuel, light it, and enjoy. Sound good so far? Good! Because there are a few options that you will fall in love with as soon as you see them.


Nu-Flame Sparo Indoor/Outdoor Table Top Ethanol Fireplace


Clean lines and solid angles define the Sparo Fireplace, the demure option for those seeking a classy option for a bio ethanol tabletop fireplace. The tempered glass and premium quality stainless steel in black work together to create an elegant addition to your existing décor, both on your porch and in your home. It’s a simple, almost traditional design that evokes the image of a warming lantern with a contemporary flair. Standing at 12.06" high, 9.5" wide, and 9.5" deep and weighing a gentle twelve pounds, it’s a useful addition to any home that won’t take a lot of work to transport from place to place. You can customize the internal plate surrounding the circular burner however you wish with fire-resistant ceramic pebbles, making it yet even more simple to bring out your personal style however you wish.

Nu-Flame Irradia Noir (Black) Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace


Where the Sparo was solid and elegant, the Irradia Noir is a whole different beast of fanciful elegance. The block of black steel seemingly floats between two tempered glass windscreens, protecting the flame while remaining visible from all angles. Because there’s no implied coloration in the clean design, the Irradia Noir looks great with every possible setting and can be transported from the porch to the kitchen to the living room, even to the bedroom as long as safety guidelines are observed. The 0.8 liter capacity burner offers up to two hours of burn time, and refilling is as simple as funnel, pour, light. No fighting with removable lids or hot gel canisters. This is one of my personal favorites, simply because it has a style that would be difficult to achieve with any other kind of fuel. Clean burning and with a small footprint, the Irradia Noir is likely to become your favorite piece of functional decor.


Bio-Blaze Kaslik Biofuel Fireplace


Like the Sparo before, I fell in love with the cubic design of the Kaslik almost immediately. This freestanding design is a perfect modern take on a classic firepit, visible and casting warmth to all sides while the high-quality powdered steel and tempered glass ensure that no air currents will interrupt your flickering flames. Because biofuel burns clean, you can place the Kaslik central in your living room, backyard porch, and anywhere in between, wherever you desire the relaxing, soothing ambiance of an eco-friendly flame. The modern design looks simply stunning, unique enough to be a conversation starter for any home. The Kaslik carries a 0.5 liter fuel capacity, giving it about three hours of burn time. Choose black or white, it’s up to you, and customize the inner panel with whatever heat-resistant stones or accents you desire to make it even more your own.


Eco-Feu Paramount Biofuel Fireplace


We’ve entertained the smaller, tabletop options, and now it’s time to look at the really nice attention-getters. Larger and requiring a couple pairs of hands to move, the Paramount Fireplace has a unique freestanding design that makes it a perfect option for dividing a room when installed permanently into a wall, or under a canopy outside. While it can’t be left out in the rain, it can work perfectly well under a porch roof or wherever you need it. Carry it out to the backyard and bring it in before it gets too drippy and you have a strong, bold bio ethanol outdoor fireplace that brings a sleek, contemporary style to whatever surroundings you desire. Featuring Eco-Feu’s patent pending automatic convection system and shutter mechanism, the full steel construction promises the most effective use of fuel and heat with no sacrifices to safety. With an adjustable 1.42 liter capacity burner, the Paramount can burn for four to six hours. Clean burning and convenient, no matter where you decide to place it, the Paramount is a bold-looking accent that will ensure hours of comfortable relaxation.


Eco-Feu Santa Cruz 2-Sided Biofuel Fireplace


Similar to the Paramount, the Santa Cruz is also a perfect choice for a two-sided fireplace, and an excellent option if you’re looking to build a divider between rooms. The versatile design can be built into a wall if need by, and is a worthy replacement for a traditional option, or can remain freestanding for movement. As long as it’s kept out of the rain, the patent-pending automatic convention and shutter mechanism ensures that the warmth remains right where it needs to be: providing a comfortable environment for your utmost relaxation. The 3.65 liter capacity is easily refilled and lit, providing six to eight hours of use, adjustable to your needs. Don’t let the cool summer nights end your party, continue on into the wee hours with beautiful illumination provided by the Santa Cruz.

5 Unique Ways to Use an Ethanol Fireplace

5 Unique Ways to Use an Ethanol Fireplace 0

When we think about ethanol fireplaces in the home, they will typically be associated with good thoughts. Fireplaces remind us of love, warmth and companionship. There are many good stories of sitting around a cherry fire, talking and laughing with our loved ones. Ethanol fireplaces usually have a key placement in the home. They will be installed where people are more likely to be. Ethanol fireplaces will typically be put in living rooms or family rooms, so that they can be the focal point of parties and get-togethers. However, did you know that there are much more unique ways to use an ethanol fireplace? We will be discussing several of these methods in the article below. You might be surprised to hear some of them, perhaps you haven’t even considered all the different ways you can use an ethanol fireplace in your home!



Who would think that a bathroom is the place to put a fireplace? Bathrooms are small and impersonal, no place for a fireplace, right? Wrong! Bathrooms tend to be colder rooms in the house. They can be drafty, and neglected compared to the rest of the rooms in your house. However, they do not need to remain this way. You can easily fix this dilemma. The fact that they are cold and neglected is why they are excellent places to put a fireplace. An ethanol fireplace can cast a warm ambiance all around the bathroom, and the user of the room. This means that you can enjoy a nice relaxing bath while admiring the sight of beautiful flames. Bathrooms do not have to be cold and forgotten rooms in the house. You have the ability to make them a lovely place of luxury and relaxation.   


The entryway

This room might not be such a surprising place to put an ethanol fireplace. After all, what could be a better way to welcome guests into your home? Ethanol fireplaces have the ability to create a warm environment for all the people whom you invite over. They will walk in and immediately feel at home. Having a fireplace here will also make an immediate statement about your home. It will say that you are a homeowner who takes pride in how their house looks and feels to other people. As well, these fireplaces can take away the draft that comes in every time the door opens. Warmer houses will automatically make people feel more comfortable. They will be more encouraged to stay and chat in such a warm and cozy house.   



Basements usually tend to be the coldest area in the home. Even if people completely renovate and finish their basements, they will not be as warm as the rest of the house. They are at the lowest level of the house, and heat tends to rise to the upper levels. This can get annoying, especially if you are a person who gets cold easily. People sometimes avoid the basement, just because they do not want to shiver all evening long. Ethanol fireplaces can do wonders to warm up the basement of homes. People can easy adjust the temperature to an optimal level for their preference while they relax downstairs in their rec room. Once you have a warm and comfortable fire, the temperature of the whole space will rise correspondingly. You will eventually get so comfortable, that you may never want to come back upstairs!



The room that you are offering for your guests should showcase how much they mean to you. Putting some extra effort into your guestroom can be the turning point between welcoming and mediocre. Ethanol fireplaces can definitely assist in the conversion of a room into a great guestroom. As well, guestrooms tend to be colder than the rest of the house, because we keep the door closed most of the time. If you do not have guests over too often, then this is a room that will rarely ever be used. However, it will eventually need to be used, and should be ready and waiting to welcome your guests. Ethanol fireplaces can be turned on to quickly warm the room and get it ready for your guests. Guests will be impressed at the level of dedication that you will put into forming the room to perfection.   


On your patio

Ethanol fireplaces are great because they can be used inside and outside the house. Having an ethanol fireplace on the patio is a great way to embrace the outdoors. You can enjoy your beautiful backyard while staying warm up on your patio. In the daytime, this can be convenient especially for people who have children and pets in the house. You can watch them run and play in the backyard from your patio. And whenever they get too cold, they can come up onto the patio and warm themselves by the fireplace. This is also great for neighborhood get-togethers. You can host everybody outside on the patio, and turn the fireplace up for people to enjoy. If you have a barbeque on the patio, this can be even better. This is especially helpful during the spring and autumn, when the temperature is cooler. If you live in a mild area, you could even continue enjoying your fireplace and patio in the winter!

There is no end to the number of ways in which you could make your home unique. Deciding where to put your ethanol fireplaces opens plenty of options for you. By thinking of different rooms to put a fireplace, you can explore a much wider range of possibilities. The article above lists a few of the many unique places in a home where a fireplace can go. If you have some more ideas, feel free to try them out! Ethanol fireplaces are convenient because they can easily be taken out and installed in a different room. There is no need to fool around with ventilation and pipes! So simple!   

Using an Ethanol Fireplace for Camping 0


The design of fireplaces has improved greatly over the last hundred years. In the past, it was only possible to keep a fire burning by continually adding wood and monitoring the flames closely. Now, it is possible to feed a fire using bio ethanol fuel. Ethanol is a renewable fuel source that is produced by agricultural stocks. Ethanol fireplaces can be used indoors or outdoors. If you are fond of the outdoors, you will probably be pleased to hear that ethanol fireplaces are very handy for camping!



Ethanol fireplaces are typically built small and simply. This means that there are no confusing parts to assemble once you have selected a place to put it. All you have to do is add the fuel and start the fire with a match. The fact that they are so small is also good in terms of transportation. Carrying a heavy portable fireplace around with you wouldn’t be much fun at all! Ethanol fireplaces are also good because they are considered to be very safe. The fuel is not explosive, which is important if you are camping with children who are curious about adding random things to the flames. As well, the flames are easy to put out. This is an advantage when you want to quickly clean up and leave camp.



One big disadvantage to using an ethanol fireplace is the amount of heat that they produce. They will not be a major source of heat while camping. This means that if you have a large group with you, they will not all be able to keep warm while sitting around this fire. As well, if you are tending the fire, you will have to be more cautious around an ethanol fireplace. The flame is invisible, so you cannot tell where it is. Ethanol fireplaces do not function well in a cold environment. If there is snow or frost on the ground, the fire may not function at an optimal state. As well, the small size of the unit can also prove to be a disadvantage. This is because it may not be able to withstand harsh handling. If you drop the portable fireplace, or kick it by accident, it may not function any longer.


Overall, ethanol fireplaces can be great pieces of equipment to use while camping. They are easy to carry and will produce a functioning flame. However, you first must investigate whether this type of fireplace will work for your specific needs. If you have a large group, or if you are nervous working around an invisible flame, this may not be the best fireplace to bring on your camping trip.

Ethanol Outside the Home

Ethanol Outside the Home 0

A popular trend has arisen regarding the use of ethanol fireplaces. People enjoy the multitude of benefits that are included with them. These fireplaces burn bio ethanol, and do not require a chimney for venting. However, people do not always realize that ethanol fireplaces can be placed outside the home as well as inside.  


Portable Fireplace Units

If you want a beautiful focal point for the outside of your house, you may be thinking about installing some sort of fireplace. Ethanol fireplaces are good choices if you want to spruce up your patio or backyard. The portable units are small and compact, so as to be easily transported.

As well, there is no need for a plug or a utility outlet. The fireplace can operate self-sufficiently, as soon as fuel is added to it. There are no by-products being added to the atmosphere, so you can sit outside and enjoy your ethanol fireplace with no worries. Most portable ethanol fireplaces are made out of materials that are durable and sturdy. The glass is thick, and the unit is constructed out of weather-resistant materials. This is to ensure that you can use your fireplace outdoors through every season!



Do you really enjoy fighting with sticks and matches when you go camping? It can sometimes be a real struggle to set up a workable fire in the middle of the woods. Luckily, ethanol fireplaces are easier to handle. When you go camping, all you have to do is pack up your fireplace and take it with you. There are models that are specially designed so as to look like real logs burning.

Although ethanol fireplaces do not provide as much heat as regular fires, you can still enjoy the warmth and the sight. As well, when you are camping with an ethanol fireplaces, you do not have to worry about forest fires. Ethanol fireplaces will not ignite the surrounding trees, as long as you use it correctly. Be careful about spilling the fuel, and do not pour ethanol onto an already burning fire.


Ethanol fireplaces are handy when you do not want the bother of a real fire. They are cost-effective, and are quite safe to use. What is even better about them is that they are not restricted to one singular area. With a portable ethanol fireplace, all you need to do is pack it up and take it along wherever you want to go! This way, you can invite your neighbors over for a barbecue and show off your lovely modern fireplace. As well, you can bring it along on your next camping trip, and save yourself the bother of starting a real fire.     

Maintaining Your Ethanol Fireplace

Maintaining Your Ethanol Fireplace 0

Buying an ethanol fireplace is an investment you are not only making in your home but in the future of the planet.

These eco friendly, clean burning fires can heat your home efficiently and cheaply while also giving off hardly any waste product – unlike a traditional log or coal burning fire.

Once you’ve bought your fireplace you will want to make sure it stays efficient and works well for years to come. That’s where regular maintenance and cleaning comes in.

We’ve put together a step by step guide to cleaning your ethanol fireplace to make sure it burns brightly and heats your home well all the time.

1.       Turn the burner off and leave it to cool

Don’t attempt to clean or repair your ethanol fireplace if it has been recently switched on. You should turn it off and leave it to cool down completely before starting work. If in doubt, leave it for one hour at least to make sure there is no residual heat left inside.


2.       Remove the burner

The most important part of your ethanol fire is the burner itself. You should remove the unit entirely and drain any remaining fuel from it. It’s best to carry out your repairs and maintenance when you know your fire is running low on fuel to avoid wastage. Use a dry, soft cloth to gently wipe away any fuel that may be left and make sure it is completely free from ethanol residue.


3.       Cleaning the burner

You should use a slightly damp, soft cloth to pick up any dust or dirt particles that have found their way onto the ethanol fireplace burner. You can use a soap but it should be very mild, such as dish soap, so you don’t risk corroding the working parts of your fireplace. It should be wiped over with kitchen towel and then set to one side so it can dry completely. It is very important your burner is thoroughly dry before you reassemble the fireplace. Never dunk the burner in water or submerge.


4.       Cleaning the insert

Wipe over the insert with a clean dry cloth and then use a slightly damp, soft cloth to wipe over the surfaces of the insert. Make sure you’re not getting the insert too wet and again, never completely dunk it in water. If it is stainless steel, you can use stainless steel polish to give your insert a gleaming look.


5.       Refilling

Reassemble your fire, taking care to make sure every part is thoroughly dried. Refill the burner with new bioethanol fuel and it’s ready to go. Make sure you use approved ethanol fuels for your fire as cheaper versions will not provide a clean burn and could damage your fire.

You only need to clean your fire maybe once or twice a year – depending on how much it is used. Take the time to inspect your unit for any defects or repairs that might need doing when you take it apart to clean it. There’s definitely less maintenance and cleaning required with a bioethanol fire than with a traditional log burner so once you know how to clean your fire, it’s a piece of cake!

Give Your Garden a Unique Twist with a Bioethanol Fireplace

Give Your Garden a Unique Twist with a Bioethanol Fireplace 0


Sitting outside under the stars is a lovely way to spend the long summer evenings. But as the chill draws in, you can end up retreating indoors to escape the cold.

Make the most of your garden and extend the amount of time you can spend out there by getting a bioethanol fireplace.

Fire pits and open fires have been common in back yards for decades but they are not safe for families with small children or even pets. An open fire needs constant supervision which can stop you relaxing and enjoying a family get together.

A bioethanol fireplace is the perfect solution. Not only does it give off enough heat to allow you to enjoy the outdoors for longer, it is also safer than an open wood fire or fire pit.

Coming in contemporary or traditional designs, you can get a freestanding fireplace which will give you the comfort you want without needing fossil fuels or constant maintenance.

It is also ideal for people who suffer from breathing difficulties or chronic conditions such as asthma because the fuel doesn’t produce any smoke, odours or ash. The lack of charcoaled wood or hardened coal means there is no more sweeping out an old fire pit or struggling to get rid of embers that haven’t cooled.

If you enjoy nature, then you can also rest easy knowing that a bioethanol fireplace only produces as much carbon dioxide as burning three candles.

As well as keeping you warm and cozy, an outdoor bioethanol fire will also create an instant atmosphere in your garden. Some are designed to sit atop columns giving your garden a Roman-esque feel and harking back to the days of the gladiators!

You don’t have to fit them to a wall, or worry about finding a place to inset the fireplaces, there are hundreds of freestanding designs. They can add a dramatic effect to your garden and are a brilliant focal point for decking or a patio.

For a smaller garden, you can get tabletop designs which emit heat as well as providing an interesting talking point.

With a bioethanol fireplace, the flame is usually contained within glass which makes it safer than a traditional fire. A glass surround also protects the flames from the wind helping it to burn stronger for longer.

You can even get bioethanol fireplaces built into tables. There are several designs which have a fireplace sunk into the middle of a table to give an incredible centrepiece. Another option is to have the fireplace on one end of a table with a long bench where you can eat and drink.

The partnership of furniture and fire is definitely an eye catching one. You can invite guests around for a meal outside or just settle down in front of the flames with a glass of wine and a good book.

So if you’re thinking about revamping your garden and not sure how to make it stand out from the rest, a bioethanol fireplace could be an eye-catching and eco-friendly way to get what you want.