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Top Ethanol Wall Mounted Fireplaces under $1000 0

When looking for the perfect fireplace to complete your living space with, it can be overwhelming to say the least. With all the different designs and prices out there you want to know that you’ll be getting the best quality product for the price you are paying. Well, we’re here to make the process a little easier for you, getting you a quality ethanol fireplace without breaking the bank. Why ethanol, you ask? There are many benefits to having an ethanol fireplace, the first being that the maintenance and cleaning is very minimal. A traditional fireplace produces ash, shoot and requires a chimney and flue. Not only do ethanol fireplaces produce zero ash or shoot, they produce zero smoke and do not release any toxins into the air, so you can rest assured that your family and guests are still breathing good clean air. They also require no flue, only ethanol fuel, and many of the fireplaces are actually portable, so you can move them to whichever room you want to add a little ambiance and warmth to! Still not sold? Well, here’s the final reason to try an ethanol fireplace: they are gorgeous. There are so many designs and most of them are completely customizable so you never have to fear that the fireplace will clash with your existing décor. Any one of these beautiful features will complete the look of any room, and provide you with warmth and comfort for you and your guests all year round while keeping your pocketbook happy.

Bio-Blaze Diamond 1 Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

This smaller fireplace feature boasts high-quality materials of steel, cast iron and tempered glass, making it both durable and sleek. At just 31.5” in width and a height of 24.4” it would be perfect for a smaller room that you are looking to add a contemporary element to. The heat resistant white marble stones add some contrast to the black and silver while still making the overall look of the fireplace complimentary to any colour palette. There is no installation required and attaching this wall fireplace to the wall is simple with the easy-to-use manual. Enjoy a 3 hour burn time between refills either indoors our outdoors and know that you will not be exposed to any toxins or harsh odors.  Make you indoor our outdoor space warm and inviting with this stylish wall feature and have guests wanting to stay cozied up by the fire all evening!

Nu-Flame Finestra Wall Mount Fireplace

If your style is a little more traditional then this beautiful fireplace may be right up your alley. Constructed from powder-coated stainless steel and covered with a lovely, warm walnut finish, this wall mounted fireplace would be the perfect focal point in a dining room or bedroom. The Nu-Flame Finestra also features different sized models with two, three, or four burners which will keep you nice and toasty on cool summer evenings no matter what size the room is! The clean look of this simple design is maintained by not having any loose cords hanging out the bottom. Because these are ethanol fireplaces they do not require any type of venting or electrical outlets; you can simply mount it to the wall, load it up with fuel, ignite and enjoy the warm flames for up to 3 hours before refilling. With the varying sizes and handsome finish, this fireplace is sure to fit somewhere in your home, making any room inviting and adding traditional elegance to the space.

Ignis Optimum Recessed Bio Ethanol Fireplace

So, you already have a beautifully decorated space and you want a fireplace that isn’t going to draw too much attention away from the rest of your décor but is still going to provide a chic design element. The beauty of this fireplace is in its simplicity. Lustrous stainless steel against the black interior would look stunning on any wall and with any style of décor. At 59” in length and 27.5” in height it’s perfect for filling up a vacant wall space, and it has the capacity to heat up to 750 square ft. for 5 hours. This recessed fireplace is as simple to operate as it looks due to its ethanol burner and there is little to no maintenance required. Customization is easy with the add on of ceramic fireplace wood logs, or coloured ceramic pebbles, but if you enjoy the simplistic look of this beautiful piece then set up is as easy as mounting it on the wall and lighting it up!

Bio Blaze Columbus Wall Mount Bio Ethanol Fireplace

If you’ve been looking for a fireplace that you can customize to be as unique as you and the space you’ve created then look no further. The Bio Blaze Columbus can be made in a huge assortment of colours so matching this room feature to your existing décor is a cinch and due to the fact that this fireplace is 23.5”X23.5” it fits perfectly onto even smaller side walls, making it suitable for any room in your home and providing comfort and warmth to you and your family year round. Featuring high-quality brushed stainless steel and clear tempered glass this product is as attractive as it is durable and the addition of ceramic pebbles or logs would make it even more of a focal point in the room. Keep even your smaller rooms warm and cozy with this tasteful and classic design.

Finding a beautiful fireplace that is eco-friendly, easy to use and made from high-end materials while staying on a budget can be difficult if you don’t know where to look, but shown here are 4 stunning ethanol fireplaces that range anywhere from simple and understated to grand and eye-catching, all while staying under $1000. Fireplaces don’t need to have the sole purpose of providing heat anymore. If you aren’t into art work then a wall mounted fire place could be the perfect wall occupier to bring together a space and create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while also serving the function of warming your home without the electricity cost, and making time spent indoors enjoyable while the summer nights get cooler and autumn looms.

New Smart Fireplaces that Can Be Controlled by your Smart Phone 0

Technology never ceases to be amazing, especially when it comes to matters of convenience and safety. We’ve seen some incredible things with home automation, and now you’ll be able to bring that same sort of functionality into your home fireplace.

Ignis has stepped up its game with some incredible features which can be found in its new line of Smart Bio Ethanol Electronic Burners. Unlike the ethanol fireplaces of old, these contain additional technology to keep you and your family safe while still being able to enjoy the benefits, with a few extra conveniences thrown in.


Safety First


The new Smart Bio Ethanol Electric Burners, which come in Stainless Steel and Black, aren’t just regular ethanol fireplaces. Thanks to its internal computer, the device is constantly checking to make sure things are running as they should.

If it senses any fluctuations, such as an increase in carbon dioxide or heat output, or any sort of unusual motion, it will shut itself off. In this way, it is shock and earthquake proof, both good things when dealing with a liquid fuel. The burner also contains LED lights to let you know the battery and fuel levels, which is pretty handy.

In addition to the digital safety features, these burners also feature separate fuel reservoirs. Previously, you would get the fuel where it needed to be, then light it up. With these devices, fuel is sealed away and only a small amount is allowed to pass into the burning chamber. While this reduces risk of fire injuries, it also allows you to better store your fuel, making it last longer. It's important to follow these safety tips.




One of the best parts of the technological trends we’ve been seeing as of late is home automation. With the right setup, you can have your house lights turn on as you walk in the door. You can turn on music with your voice. And now, you can get your fireplace up and running using your smartphone.

With Ignis’ new Smart Bio Ethanol Electronic Burners, getting started is pretty easy. Instead of having to light your fireplace with a match or lighter, all you need to do is flip a switch, much like you would with a natural gas fireplace. Thanks to wifi-enabled controls, integrating these new burners into your home automation system should be a breeze.

I would love to come into the house, hang up my coat and keys, and kick on the fireplace with a quick tap of my smartphone. These kinds of things really make me feel like we’re living in the future while still being able to enjoy something as classic as a drink by the fire.




What’s the good of investing in something if you can’t have it the way you want it? These new burners from Ignis can be purchased as inserts to be put into any sort of situation you’d like. They come in six different sizes and in black and stainless steel, as I mentioned earlier.

If you don’t want to get crafty and build something  yourself, there are also some great other options utilizing these new smart burners. The Ignis 39.5" Wide One-Sided Ethanol Burning Smart Firebox, for instance, is a great way to integrate the new burners into a wall or cabinetry. With its front glass panel and stainless steel construction, it is designed to impress.

For those who want to go a bit bigger, the Ignis 52" Wide Double-Sided Ethanol Burning Smart Firebox may be a better fit. This incredible fireplace is designed to be recessed into a wall or put into a custom case, and it is really cool to see.

Even these fireboxes come with some additional safety features, like two layers of stainless steel sheets with stone wool fireproof insulation between.

On top of the physical customization, these new fireplaces also offer one more neat feature: adjustable flame heights. No matter which Ignis burner you choose, you have access to three levels of flame height.


Beautiful Bioethanol


These new burners from Ignis all use bio-ethanol. If you’re unfamiliar with what bioethanol is, here’s a quick rundown.

First and foremost, bioethanol is a renewable source of fuel. Unlike natural gas or propane, bioethanol is made from plants, which can be replanted after harvesting. Bioethanol also doesn’t produce as many greenhouse gasses as other forms of fuel, which is also good for the environment.

One of the downsides to a bioethanol fireplace is that it’s going to be mostly for show. It doesn’t burn as hot as other fuels, but that’s not to say it doesn’t burn hot. Bioethanol is still a fuel, and the fire it creates does still burn.

Pricewise, bioethanol is in a pretty good place. It’s not as cheap as wood, but it’s certainly easier to load up, store and ignite. In my book, all of those things win out. Unlike wood, however, bioethanol doesn’t give you any satisfying crackles and pops or that great wood smell. Also unlike wood, burning bioethanol puts off little to no smoke, which is a great benefit and allows for bioethanol fireplaces to be used indoors without any extreme ventilation.



Smart stuff is cool. Technology is cool. Safety is really cool.

The new features Ignis has introduced with their line of Smart Bio Ethanol Electronic Burners are something people should keep an eye on. Not only do they make things convenient through the addition of some great wifi technology, Ignis has added some safety features I feel more companies should check out.

Allowing for fewer emissions and making sure fire-related accidents happen less often is a pretty big deal. When we’re relaxing by the fireplace, we don’t want to have to worry about anything other than enjoying its beauty and warmth. And we especially don’t want to worry about the safety of our loved ones.

Ignis is combining technology and beauty in a big way, and I think it would be a great idea for other manufacturers to get onboard.

How Ethanol Fireplaces are Created

How Ethanol Fireplaces are Created 0

The idea of ethanol fireplaces certainly is a popular one. Doesn’t it sound great to have a fireplace that does not produce soot, ashes, or cause a risk for out of control fires? The fact that ethanol fireplaces have grown so much in popularity is why people have set out to design their own ideal model. This is not an incredibly difficult project, but just not be undertaken if you do not have the required knowledge. You should also be working with a trained professional who knows whether or not your ideas are feasible. We will be talking a little bit about how ethanol fireplaces are made, and going over some of the more notable models that have been created.


Safety concerns

The first order of business is ensuring that you know exactly what it is that you are trying to create. An ethanol fireplace does not produce a real flame, but it requires that certain safety precautions be followed nonetheless. It is crucial that you follow any safety manual or instructions from a professional that you are given. As for constructing the actual fireplace, the components should be of very good quality. Do not choose cheapness over safety. Some burners are more expensive than others due to the fact that they are tested and certified for safety. As well, it is important to note that the burner should fit the fireplace that you are making. Do not try to force something that is not compatible. As well, if you are setting up an ethanol fireplace in your home, be sure that you have a good spot picked out for it. There needs to be enough circulation in the room so that the fireplace does not deprive the area of oxygen. Try to avoid putting a fireplace in a small and closed off room, because that might not be a good idea in the long run.


Built-in fireplaces

A built-in fireplace is made directly in the wall. They are relatively simple to install into your home. An example of a built-in fireplace would be the Ignis Lata Recessed Bio Ethanol Fireplace. This is a beautiful example of something similar that you could create for yourself. This model was made with powder-coated and stainless steel. It is finished with a black powder coat so as to showcase the classic flames. A feature that it has that you could use on your fireplace is a safety glass. This would be placed on the outside of the glass, and is just a little more peace of mind for you. The maintenance and installation are very straightforward, as no chimney or vents are required. If you are curious to see how this fireplace works, click here.


Open fire

Another option you could select is the idea of an open fireplace. You could use a single burner, or multiple. Choosing the fireplace surround is another choice to make. It is really all about what you want to see in your home. An example of an open fireplace would be the Ignis Mecca Freestanding Ventless Ethanol Fireplace. The ethanol flame is burning inside a freestanding box, which could be placed anywhere. There is a partial sheet of tempered glass over the fire for safety. Open fireplaces can be transferred around, and could be used inside or outside. The side without the tempered glass is warmer, if you prefer more heat on yourself. If you want to read more about how this fireplace works, click here.


CI burner

There are two different types of burners that are used for ethanol fireplaces. The first of which is the CI burner, which is usually meant for the built-in fireplaces. This burner is great because it can be integrated right into the unit. It can be fitted to blend in with tough materials such as granite. In the end, the result is seamless and classic. It is easiest to use this burner with built-in units because of the flexibility. However, if you wanted to, you could use the CI burner in an open fireplace as well. When installing the burner, there needs to be a cut-out in the fireplace ready for it. Certain safety measures have to be followed so that the flames never touch the inside walls of the fireplace. The material that you are integrating the burner into must be non-flammable. This includes materials such as granite or limestone. These materials also must be thick enough so they are not affected by the burner. If using more than one burner, there must be a minimum of 50 mm between them.


OF wide

The second type of burner is known as the OF wide. This type of burner cannot easily be integrated into a material. This means that it is only to be used as a freestanding burner. Typically, this product is less expensive than the CI burner. The installation for this burner is also simpler than that of the CI burner. This is because there is no need for integration. You can use this burner in open fireplaces with surrounds, or in hole in the wall fireplaces. The design element is then up to you. You could add components such as bricks so as to give the fire a retro feeling. 


Ethanol fireplaces are a new and improved method of providing your homes with supplemental heat. People are impressed by the small amount of maintenance and care that they require. If you are purchasing an ethanol fireplace from a manufacturer, make sure to get all the information that you need. The professionals are able to talk with you and give you knowledge about how ethanol fireplaces work. If you want to design your own model of ethanol fireplace, that is also a possibility. You can work alongside a manufacturer, and they will listen to your input. The benefit to doing it this way is that the manufacturer will be able to tell you if your idea is not workable. They can then make helpful suggestions for you to consider.

5 Unique Ways to Use an Ethanol Fireplace

5 Unique Ways to Use an Ethanol Fireplace 0

When we think about ethanol fireplaces in the home, they will typically be associated with good thoughts. Fireplaces remind us of love, warmth and companionship. There are many good stories of sitting around a cherry fire, talking and laughing with our loved ones. Ethanol fireplaces usually have a key placement in the home. They will be installed where people are more likely to be. Ethanol fireplaces will typically be put in living rooms or family rooms, so that they can be the focal point of parties and get-togethers. However, did you know that there are much more unique ways to use an ethanol fireplace? We will be discussing several of these methods in the article below. You might be surprised to hear some of them, perhaps you haven’t even considered all the different ways you can use an ethanol fireplace in your home!



Who would think that a bathroom is the place to put a fireplace? Bathrooms are small and impersonal, no place for a fireplace, right? Wrong! Bathrooms tend to be colder rooms in the house. They can be drafty, and neglected compared to the rest of the rooms in your house. However, they do not need to remain this way. You can easily fix this dilemma. The fact that they are cold and neglected is why they are excellent places to put a fireplace. An ethanol fireplace can cast a warm ambiance all around the bathroom, and the user of the room. This means that you can enjoy a nice relaxing bath while admiring the sight of beautiful flames. Bathrooms do not have to be cold and forgotten rooms in the house. You have the ability to make them a lovely place of luxury and relaxation.   


The entryway

This room might not be such a surprising place to put an ethanol fireplace. After all, what could be a better way to welcome guests into your home? Ethanol fireplaces have the ability to create a warm environment for all the people whom you invite over. They will walk in and immediately feel at home. Having a fireplace here will also make an immediate statement about your home. It will say that you are a homeowner who takes pride in how their house looks and feels to other people. As well, these fireplaces can take away the draft that comes in every time the door opens. Warmer houses will automatically make people feel more comfortable. They will be more encouraged to stay and chat in such a warm and cozy house.   



Basements usually tend to be the coldest area in the home. Even if people completely renovate and finish their basements, they will not be as warm as the rest of the house. They are at the lowest level of the house, and heat tends to rise to the upper levels. This can get annoying, especially if you are a person who gets cold easily. People sometimes avoid the basement, just because they do not want to shiver all evening long. Ethanol fireplaces can do wonders to warm up the basement of homes. People can easy adjust the temperature to an optimal level for their preference while they relax downstairs in their rec room. Once you have a warm and comfortable fire, the temperature of the whole space will rise correspondingly. You will eventually get so comfortable, that you may never want to come back upstairs!



The room that you are offering for your guests should showcase how much they mean to you. Putting some extra effort into your guestroom can be the turning point between welcoming and mediocre. Ethanol fireplaces can definitely assist in the conversion of a room into a great guestroom. As well, guestrooms tend to be colder than the rest of the house, because we keep the door closed most of the time. If you do not have guests over too often, then this is a room that will rarely ever be used. However, it will eventually need to be used, and should be ready and waiting to welcome your guests. Ethanol fireplaces can be turned on to quickly warm the room and get it ready for your guests. Guests will be impressed at the level of dedication that you will put into forming the room to perfection.   


On your patio

Ethanol fireplaces are great because they can be used inside and outside the house. Having an ethanol fireplace on the patio is a great way to embrace the outdoors. You can enjoy your beautiful backyard while staying warm up on your patio. In the daytime, this can be convenient especially for people who have children and pets in the house. You can watch them run and play in the backyard from your patio. And whenever they get too cold, they can come up onto the patio and warm themselves by the fireplace. This is also great for neighborhood get-togethers. You can host everybody outside on the patio, and turn the fireplace up for people to enjoy. If you have a barbeque on the patio, this can be even better. This is especially helpful during the spring and autumn, when the temperature is cooler. If you live in a mild area, you could even continue enjoying your fireplace and patio in the winter!

There is no end to the number of ways in which you could make your home unique. Deciding where to put your ethanol fireplaces opens plenty of options for you. By thinking of different rooms to put a fireplace, you can explore a much wider range of possibilities. The article above lists a few of the many unique places in a home where a fireplace can go. If you have some more ideas, feel free to try them out! Ethanol fireplaces are convenient because they can easily be taken out and installed in a different room. There is no need to fool around with ventilation and pipes! So simple!   

Warm Up a Boring Office or Waiting Room with These Fireplaces 0

Considering clients, patients, and customers spend their valuable time in your waiting room it only makes sense to create a comforting environment. Regardless if you will be performing a root canal, doing their taxes, or defending them in a lawsuit, you are the person who has to deal with them after they have looked at the clock on their phone at least a dozen times. No one enjoys waiting, which is why it is puzzling that so many businesses fail when it comes to decorating a room that will essentially set the tone for their guest's experience. 

If you are looking to add one thing that will have a monumental impact on your waiting room, you will want to browse the wall or recessed fireplaces here at Ethanol Fireplace Pros. Below are a few reasons why they are perfect for this space that plays such a huge role in your daily business activities.

  • Focal Point - Does your living room and bedroom at home have a focal point? It more than likely does, whether you realize it, or not. Humans have the need for a strong point of interest, so their eyes can come to rest. Does your waiting room have a dynamic focal point? Probably not! Most don't, which is unfortunate because the need is there. Those walking through the door should immediately have an element that captures their attention. Our Eco-Feu Wynn Fireplace makes a great focal point.

  • Warmth - Every time the door opens in the winter, a cold draft comes rushing in. Our Eco-Feu Hollywood Bio Ethanol Fireplace sure would be nice to warm up next to. Even in the summer there are probably people always complaining that they are cold in the waiting room. These individuals who always seem to be cold while everyone else is hot will appreciate taking a seat near the fire.

  • Relaxing - As if waiting does not frazzle the nerves enough, if people are already sick, injured, or stressed before coming to your establishment, these feelings become stronger every second they wait. A dancing flame creates a calming ambiance, which will relax those who are in its presence. Our Ignis Antalia Fireplace helps create that relaxing atmosphere.

  • Out-of-the-way - One of the reasons why business owners choose wall, tabletop, or recessed ethanol fireplaces is because they are displayed in a safe location. It is a display that can be easily appreciated by everyone in the room.

Ignis Cube XL Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fireplace

This fireplace model is set on a table surface, and the flames are behind glass. It is very small, and only weighs 19 pounds. This means that you can use it as a tabletop fireplace in your waiting room. It would give your clients something interesting to look at while they wait. As well, this fireplace runs off bioethanol, so its bi-products are environmentally friendly. Clients do not need to worry about being so close to it, because bioethanol is a clean fuel source. Read more about this cute little fireplace here!


Nu-Flame Fiamme Floor Fireplace

This freestanding fireplace is larger than the first option we looked at. It weighs 30.86 pounds, and can be incorporated into your waiting room with ease. If you wish to move it to a new location, it is quite easy to do so. This fireplace also runs on bioethanol, and does not require venting. More information can be found here.


Bio-Blaze Qube Large Ethanol Fireplace

This large modern fireplace is sure to liven things up in your boring waiting room! It is in the shape of a cube, but the middle section has been hollowed out. In that space, an ethanol-fueled flame burns brightly. This product weighs 154 pounds, so try to find a good semi-permanent place for it to stay. It will not be easy to move it around afterwards. This fireplace can be read about here.